Vind goedkope vluchten vanuit Dubai naar België

Vind goedkope vluchten vanuit Dubai naar België

Doorzoek honderden reiswebsites tegelijk voor vluchtdeals naar België. Combineer je vlucht + hotel en bespaar!

Dubai (DWC)
ma 2/8
ma 9/8
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Tips voor het vinden van goedkope vliegtickets naar België

  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopste maand om te vliegen naar naar België is januari.

Veelgestelde vragen - Vliegticket boekingen naar België

Hoe lang duurt de vlucht België Dubai?

Kan ik naar België vliegen? Zijn er bij aankomst in België reisbeperkingen?

Kan ik naar België vliegen zonder bij aankomst in quarantaine te moeten?

Moet ik een coronatest (Covid-19) doen voordat ik naar België vlieg?

Welke andere beperkingen naar aanleiding van het coronavirus (Covid-19) zijn er in België?

Hoe vindt KAYAK zulke lage prijzen voor vliegtickets naar België?

Hoe helpt KAYAK's vliegticket prijsvoorspellingstool me bij het vinden van het juiste moment om een vliegticket vanuit Dubai naar België te boeken?

Wat is de KAYAK Mix-functie voor vluchten naar België?

Wat is de "flexibele datums"-functie van KAYAK en wat heb ik hieraan als ik een vlucht zoek naar België?

Top airline voor vluchten van Dubai Al Maktoum Intl naar België

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

Gemiddelde score op basis van 8.680 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Voordelen: "Crew was so nice and food was pretty decent"

Voordelen: "The pilot is the best one I’ve ever flown with. There was not even a slightest bump when we landed!"

Voordelen: "the crew was good, seats - on the ok side of the regular economy class"
Nadelen: "there was no online check in available in Riga, which means i could not preselect a seat"

Nadelen: "We missed our connection because they did not have a jetway to a gate. By the time they bussed us from the tarmac to the terminal, many missed the plane, though it was still at the gate"

Voordelen: "Rapport Qualité/prix. Ponctualité. Confort."
Nadelen: "Personnel de cabine pourrait être plus serviable.."

Voordelen: "Hotess"
Nadelen: "More hotess"

Voordelen: "Flight was smooth, crew was nice"
Nadelen: "Our 3 luggages are lost. Three days in Italy, me and my 2 boys have no clothes and no toiletries. We’ve called Aeroflot everyday and still haven’t been found. This is the first time in my life I’ve lost my luggages."

Nadelen: "The organisation of the flight"

Nadelen: "Les foutus Boeing, les compagnies en profitent trop souvent pour diminuer le volume des sièges. Dans ce cas ci les quatre sièges centraux avaient au moins 10% de moins large que les deux rangées de sièges latéraux.. Fini Boeing dans mon cas..."

Voordelen: "Airbus À 320, on était capable de s' as soir au moins..."
Nadelen: "Je ne suis pas difficile, mais la cuisine Russe en avion..."

Nadelen: "Personnel antiphatique. Repas affreux et fonctionnement des écrans aléatoires."

Voordelen: "Rien."
Nadelen: "Personnel hyper désagréable. Propreté aleatoiee"

Voordelen: "Flight is over. Dreading return"
Nadelen: "Vulgar rude cabin attendants. Careless ground crew baggage arrived broken dirty and scratched Bus to plane stuck behind a plane in the snow. Not safe and led to over an hour delay. Cheap airline."

Voordelen: "The seats was more comfortable large,"
Nadelen: "The coffee is not good,"

Voordelen: "all good"
Nadelen: "luguages missed connexion"

Voordelen: "Love the hospitable warm stewardesses, the plane, just about everything. Boarding much much better in Moscow than at JFK NY."
Nadelen: "Very fat man next too me, who took up too much room."

Nadelen: "30 minutes de retard"

Nadelen: "Bloqué plus de 8h à Moscou. AUcune assistance. Lamentable."

Voordelen: "The service is awesome"
Nadelen: "It take some time to board as there is a need for a better birding procedure"

Nadelen: "Went to SVO at 6 AM on June 11th for flight at 8:10 AM to Brussels. Waited in line to check-in untl 7:23 AM Because of long lines at check-in (Russia Day, apparently) and inadequate staffing for the large numbers, I succeeded in getting through passport control and security ten minutes before flight time, only to be told "no Flight" I had to buy another ticket for the next day at a second fare, all because of Aeroflot' s inadequate staffing. Aeroflot service desk only told me to " go back into the city" where I found an Aeroflot office. After meeting three staff members in succession there, they made no effort to make good on their error. I will avoid AEROFLOT on all future travel. Brussels and Amsterdam airports were so much better set up to handle the crowds"

Voordelen: "Rien."
Nadelen: "Le fait que le terminal et la porte d'embarquement soient changés 35 minutes avant le départ. Résultat: vol raté. lah"

Voordelen: "I liked my long flight because I had an isle seat with no one in the middle. I liked the up to date movies"

Nadelen: "Les sièges trop petits"

Nadelen: "The staff is rude and the food is not fresh"

Voordelen: "Everything!"
Nadelen: "N\A"

Voordelen: "Great FA and very friendly. They'll strike up a conversation, move you about the cabin if need be to help get you more comfortable and provide EXCELLENT care for those weary travelers who find themselves in a different country every other week. Thank you Delta!"
Nadelen: "My butt gets sore in the delta EC / EC+ seats!"

Voordelen: "N.A."
Nadelen: "Rude air hostesses. 3 hours on taxi which I’m willing to forgive because of the weather. They took an extra three hours to send our baggage through to baggage claim because their crew “refused to work in that weather”. Get a hold on your recruiting. And then my baggage doesn’t show up. All my woolens were in there and I have nothing to wear and it’s freezing outside. They do not give me ANY compensation of any sort. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had and all just save a couple hundred dollars. Not worth the hassle! I’m still trying to get in touch with them to ask about my baggage but they’re unreachable."

Voordelen: "smooth ride comfortable seats decent leg space and amenities in the economy unbelievable price"
Nadelen: "food was tasteless and food service slow"

Voordelen: "Great service for families and gifts for kids. Excellent seating and leg room. Great 2 course food service with beer and wine included. Fast boarding and baggage. Great selection of programs/ entertainment. Best airline there is period!"

Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "they lost my bad trying to find someone that speeks English was a tourcher also the servis was bad"

Voordelen: "Nothing!"
Nadelen: "1 hour late, sitting in the plane in tel aviv, with no explanation whatsoever. Then when arrived to Moscow after plane taxiing, STILL 1 hour INSIDE THE PLANE without letting the people out!!! I Missed my train and I will have to stay a night in moscow for nothing!! Horrible experience. I will never in my life fly aeroflot again."

Voordelen: "Excellent service!"

Voordelen: "That I survived"
Nadelen: "I paid Kayak and it's intermediary extra money to sit in a window seat. I wound up sitting in the last row, middle seat, with a broken TV that was "rebooting" the whole flight. I couldn't recline my chair because I was up against the back wall. When I politely said that I paid more for a window seat, and asked to look for an empty seat, the flight attendant brought over a security guard, and warned me that if I continued to "complain", that I would be asked to leave the plane. I kept my mouth shut, and demanded my upgrade fee back from Just Fly after the flight returned. Very rude crew."

Nadelen: "Crew member named Alexander was very very rude with us and other family. When we asked for his full name to file the complaint he refused to give his last name I believe crewmembers should be trained well and know how to communicate with the customers .very very disappointed"

Voordelen: "Great airline, ticket found for a great price by a great service"

Voordelen: "Full service company. Better than an average European airline"

Nadelen: "Thanks"

Voordelen: "Flight attendants was great! I would give them A+ customer service and big props for their patience."
Nadelen: "Everything was great! I wish there was more A/C and more space in the sitting row"

Voordelen: "Service"
Nadelen: "No leg room and uncomfortable seats."

Nadelen: "Everything was better than other airlines I flew."

Nadelen: "Terribly uncomfortable plane! Entertainment system difficult to handle."

Voordelen: "Il faut que le personnel de cabine apprenne à sourire encore un peux mais on sent une amélioration par rapport à 2016."
Nadelen: "Toujours pas de divertissement sur les Airbus A321 entre Moscou et Genève et bagages n'ont pas suivis."

Voordelen: "Globalement correct, mieux qu'en 2016 sur le même itinéraire."
Nadelen: "Checkin fastidieux malgré un web checkin la veille. Il faut que le personnel de cabine apprenne à sourire encore un peux mais on sent une amélioration par rapport à 2016."

Voordelen: "Very good service. On time arrival."

Voordelen: "Food, service, leg space"
Nadelen: "No entertainment apart from magazines"

Nadelen: "Vous avez perdu mon baggage."

Nadelen: "Not friendly stuarders.."

Voordelen: "Plane was clean and looked newer"
Nadelen: "Airline lost my luggage and I am yet to get it"

Voordelen: "Seats were comfortable"
Nadelen: "No entertainment"

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Veiligheidsmaatregelen voor vliegmaatschappijen die vanuit Dubai vliegen

Vliegmaatschappijen die vanuit Dubai vliegen hebben aanvullende veiligheidsmaatregelen en een aangepast beleid ingevoerd om reizigers beter te kunnen voorzien. Het beleid verschilt per vliegmaatschappij.

Extra hygiënemaatregelen

Dagelijkse schoonmaak en installatie van HEPA-filters in de cabine op vluchten vanuit Dubai

Verplichte mondkapjes

Mondkapjes zijn aan boord verplicht. Deze worden verstrekt op vluchten vanuit Dubai

Zitplaatsen met sociale afstand

Middelste zitplaats niet beschikbaar op vluchten vanuit Dubai

Test voorafgaand aan vlucht

Testen op antistoffen en testen bij symptomen voor vluchten vanuit Dubai

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