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Turkish AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 23938 beoordelingen
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J’ai demandé plusieur fois qu’on m’aide avec mon bébé car je n’avais pas acheté les sièges avec couffin à l’avance mais personne n’a pu m’aider du coup 11h de vol avec le bébé sur les genoux

Lees meer over Turkish Airlines

J’ai demandé plusieur fois qu’on m’aide avec mon bébé car je n’avais pas acheté les sièges avec couffin à l’avance mais personne n’a pu m’aider du coup 11h de vol avec le bébé sur les genoux

J’ai eu trop d’informations différentes du personnel de Turkish Airlines concernant les sièges équipés de couffin pour les Bébés donc finalement nous n’avons pas pu en obtenir un

crew took too long to board and several people including myself missed our connecting flights

Best hospitality and cheerful staff so far, made the long trip soo much better. equipment a bit old and hard to use controls slow and archaic needs much overdue update, food selection was good, great hospitality probably fly with again



Voyages à 4 personnes , la totalité des bagages perdus , turkish airlines première et dernière fois .


L’embarquement top , Le service à bord, le repas distribué peuvent être largement amélioré

Super comme compagnie

Voordelen: "Flight was on time and flying even with COVID-19 restrictions"
Nadelen: "Food was cold and bland, sack meals both the same."
Nadelen: "Très bien à heure un avions trop propre"
Nadelen: "No social distancing‼️Service on plane just horrible"
Voordelen: "Seat was ok."
Nadelen: "Better food! Food sucked this time around"
Voordelen: "Outstanding and conscientious crew."
Nadelen: "Seats continue to get more narrow and rows are moved closer and closer. However, the Turkish Air seats are among the most comfortable, relatively speaking."
Voordelen: "All what you think :)"
Nadelen: "The place's we are sitting can be better"
Voordelen: "The crew and the food are amazing on Turkish airlines. The food is exceptional."
Nadelen: "Boarding could be better organized."
Nadelen: "It was a very long flight and the leg room is too small especially for a very tall person."
Voordelen: "The flight from Dubai landed late in Istanbul. TK had someone there to escort the business class passengers through security to make sure we made our connection."
Nadelen: "The temperature on the flight to NY from IST was a bit too cold."
Voordelen: "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. Très en écoute. Excellent ..."
Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "It was so smooth. Crew was so nice. Food was delicious. Airplane was so comfortable."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Unreasonably late, no explanations, no apologies, 90 minute flight instead of 50 as promised."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "It was warm on plane"
Voordelen: "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes"
Nadelen: "Pas de réseau à l'aéroport Pas de rappel de kiwi pour s'enregistrer"
Nadelen: "Bagage non reçu. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation"
Voordelen: "L'organisation."
Nadelen: "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi."
Voordelen: "That I arrived at my destination alive."
Nadelen: "Every staff person we had contact with made us feel as though we were not a priority in any way. We were constantly given misinformation. Our flight was two hours out when it was returned to our departure city due to a passenger health issue. It was not properly explained to us and we were in no way compensated for the inconvenience. Once back at our departure city (Miami) we sat there for an hour or more. They chose to feed us during that delay. Due to this we missed our connecting flight in Istanbul to Rome. This also caused us to miss our transportation from Rome to Compania, Italy. We were told by airline staff on the plane that we would be put up in a hotel over night. When we arrived at the terminal we had no idea where we should go or who we should see. Every representative we spoke to told us to go somewhere else. Truth is it felt like no one we spoke to knew what to tell us or really cared at all. One representative told us we were not entitled to overnight accommodations. We insisted we were told we were and it literally took hours on the ground to straighten the problem out and get to a hotel. By then it was so late that we only got a couple hours of sleep and had to be back at the airport for our next flight. The second flight from Istanbul to Naples, Italy was better. I do not think I would use this airline again. My entire party got an overall sense that people were untrained and lacking in any form of customer service. Not the flight attendants but all the people we had to deal with on the ground. My age plus health issues and walking problems made everything more difficult. We were sent al over the massive airlines terminal with all our carry on luggage only to find when we got to where we were going we had been sent to the wrong place. On top of all this each of us had to pay a VISA fee to get out of the terminal and to the hotel. Just a total nightmare. Prior to taking this flight I contacted Turkish Airlines and spoke to a customer service person and explained that I needed to take with me a small portable oxygen concentrator that I would need to use while in Italy. I needed to know the procedure for bringing that equipment on the airline. I was told that although he could not answer that question He would pass it on to his supervisors and I would receive an answer via email prior to my flight. I never received a response and as a result did not have my needed oxygen while abroad."
Voordelen: "The friendliness and the ease of flying alone."
Nadelen: "La cuisine est vraiment horrible"
Voordelen: "The check in was with a smile and a good service"
Nadelen: "The terminal was separated from the duty free and it was prostrating they all the shops were an available including the tax free refund."
Nadelen: "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada."
Voordelen: "Service from the crew at boarding and during the flight"
Nadelen: "The touch screen are old and not responding to the touch . Make it a little bit hard to watch, also quality is low."
Voordelen: "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Le personnel a été charmant et compète a l’aerop et pendant le vol !"
Nadelen: "They made us wait for 2 hours out in the open on a winter night. They wouldn't let us in the terminal. It was outrageous. Everyone was extremely rude."
Voordelen: "Tout a été excellent"
Nadelen: "Rien ne m'a déplu"
Voordelen: "Boarding on time. Decent food. Relatively clean aircraft"
Nadelen: "The staff was not great. An issue with a first class customers made them move around economy customers like they ' really not even people but utilities, all that for that one person. If they would have informed and talked with the other customers that would have been fine but being treated like a piece of furniture isn't nice. Plus, continuous strikes in Belgium see a joke, check-in luggages delayed for plenty of airlines. This country doesn't even know what strike mean anymore being so often..."
Voordelen: "The service was excellent and the staff was so professional and nice"
Voordelen: "gentillesse de l'équipage, propreté de l'avion"
Nadelen: "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte"
Voordelen: "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees"
Voordelen: "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons."
Voordelen: "Très pratique"
Nadelen: "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant"
Nadelen: "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant"
Voordelen: "Walking past the Turkish Airlines desk in Dulles and knowing I would NEVER have to interact with these monsters again."
Nadelen: "I am an experienced traveler. I've been to 17 countries and have flown over a million miles in both business and coach. My wife encountered a problem in Istanbul that involved an airport transit visa through Canada. I am certain that any other airline we’ve ever flown would’ve assisted us, since it was easily resolved. To Turkish Airlines, this is simply a part of their business model and a chance to make more money. It took about 8 hours of our time at 5 different airport locations to eventually buy new tickets to get back the next day. Our original tickets say: “REISSUE With 200.00 USD penalty. What I didn’t see was the fine print at the bottom: “Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change rules regarding ticket changes and refunds.”. They mean it. As bad as our personal experience was, the real reason we are so appalled is that we were there long enough to see this is the norm for them. In our single day there, we saw at least 100 other travelers going through similar things. The ONLY solution ever offered is to purchase another ticket. We witnessed several people weeping. Many losing control and shouting. Their own personnel were screaming at customers (in a separate office area though, it was all yucks and laughing). These were people of all nationalities. Africans, Asians, Europeans. We were lucky because we had the means to purchase new tickets. Others clearly didn’t. I really don’t know what happened to some of them. One moment was very symbolic of the entire experience. Another vanquished traveler was paying $843 for a new ticket with cash. He handed her $845 but she, of course, had no change. Instead of the $5, he gave her two $1 bills. I had one in my pocket so gave it to her as well. She held my $1 bill up and pointed to the corner which had a very small piece torn off…no ink was missing…and sneered “I can’t accept this. She did this simply because she could. We were powerless. She knew it and reveled in it."
Voordelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "we ware attisefy for are first time in bisness clas"
Nadelen: "It was fantastic"
Voordelen: "The Lounge at Istanbul airport is fantastic"
Nadelen: "Seating in Economy class is terrible. For tall persons like me it is a punshment to be squeazed in such a narrow space. Turkish airlines should add more space and comfort with their seating in Economy. Introduce a Premium Economy Class would solve that problem"

Boarded process could have been better. Overall excellent flight.

Petit avion, rien ne marchait, pas de télé, pas de wifi, tout en panne. Pas de compensation, auraient pu nous offrir quelque chose pour compenser, comme un sandwich ou un boisson gratuite. Très decu6

Voyage de san Francisco vers Honolulu à été mauvais. Petit avion pas de films (tous les écrans étaient en panne), pas de wifi. Il ne nous ont pas compensé, ils auraient pu nous offrir un sandwich ou une boisson gratuite.

The last leg of my flight did not exist so I was stranded in DC overnight.


So many minor delays, very little communication, and what there was, we couldn't even hear in the first place.

nous avons dû voyager par AIr France une journée plus tard le 26 juin 2022 vers 15h25. Lufthansa n'a offert aucune commodité en plus d'avoir perdu u de nos bagages

Le pilote a été super le service aux clients. Aucune information pour aider les passagers en correspondance. nous avons ratés notre vol vers Paris

Formalités d'embarquement simples. Le staff à bord sympathique. Assis à côté d'un homme a assez forte corpulence qui mettait en évidence la taille réduite des sièges. Le dîner et petit déjeuner pas fameux du tout, le niveau à encore baissé dans ce domaine.

La boufe et l’équipage très cool seulement il fallait payer une petite bouteille de vin à 7 euros

Les membres d’équipage ont été attentifs. La qualité de repas- à améliorer

Because we didn't have the AirCanada app downloaded in time, they closed the boarding door. After a big scene, they opened the door to let us in. Then we had a long delay on the tarmac which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Toranto. The next flight was a day later and is a 5 hour flight because of the connections which should have only been only a 1 hour flight. Never using Kayak, Lufthansa or Air Canada again.

Transit à Frankfort : horrible !

Encore et toujours du retard, nous avons du changer de vol puis d'avion, imprimer de nouveaux billets et n'avons connu nos places qu'au moment d'embarquer

J'ai manqué ma connection en dépit des assurances de l'équipage. 6 heures d'attente.

Vol retardé (+ d'1 heure), pilote qui annonce que les autres vols à Frankfurt sont aussi retardés, donc qu'il sera possible tout de même de continuer le voyage. Annonce qu'un employé de Lufthansa va nous attendre pour nous aiguiller. Rien de cela ne s'est passé. La seule chose c'est que j'ai manqué ma connection, à peu près 8 heures de retard. Inacceptable

Inwouldnt change anything on short flights within EU

Le fait de refuser de servir un deuxième verre de vin sous prétexte d’effectifs réduits à cause de la pandémie, Servir de l’eau ou du vin ce ´n’est pas plus difficile ! Aucun choix de repas et une bouillie trop cuite qu’ils osent appeler pasta. Personnel de bord particulièrement expéditif et antipathique. Le pire long courrier de ma vie.

Voordelen: "Nothing!"
Nadelen: "Racists bastards!"
Nadelen: "It was good enough."
Voordelen: "nothing really. There were so many rude staff members at this airline. I saw people get yelled at by staff members. They were just trying to get information on the late flights and missed connections. It happened repeatedly. this company has the worst customer service I have seen probably ever."
Nadelen: "They need to care about their customers and care for their customers better. They have a lot to be ashamed of."
Voordelen: "Great food and service."
Nadelen: "My seat did not recline. My movies did not play."
Voordelen: "Very smooth flight. Everything was perfect."
Voordelen: "Food was good"
Nadelen: "Should have been on time"
Voordelen: "Good crew, comfort and timing"
Nadelen: "I got what I expected"
Nadelen: "Canceled flight"
Voordelen: "The crew was okay. The seat was good."
Nadelen: "Better service but the flight was great."
Nadelen: "Retard"
Voordelen: "crew onboard and food/entertaiment."
Nadelen: "could do without the delays. transit time was reduced to less than an hour in Frankfurt because flight to Frankfurt was delayed by 45 mins. it is becoming very stressful to transit in FRA every time."
Voordelen: "Ben... Je cherche encore"
Voordelen: "le personnel"
Nadelen: "respecter l'horaire. la recherche a été faite pour un vol avec bagage enregistré inclus. seulement aprèes l'achat on a pu voir que c'était un light fare"
Voordelen: "Le service"
Nadelen: "La nourriture, le retard"
Nadelen: "Parfait rien a dire"
Voordelen: "Friendly crew, great food, comfy seats"
Voordelen: "La grande attention et disponibilité du personnel cabine"
Nadelen: "Quelques soucis avec le système de divertissement,"
Voordelen: "Voler pour la première fois sur un à 320 NEO !"
Nadelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "Très Correct"
Nadelen: "Rien !"
Voordelen: "Personel très pro"
Nadelen: "Films et divertissement"
Voordelen: "Personel très réactif"
Nadelen: "Les films et divertissements"
Voordelen: "Mauvaise information"
Nadelen: "L’embarquement"
Voordelen: "On a eu 3 h de retard ... l’avion n’était pas plein donc attendu l’autre vol"
Nadelen: "Mauvaise info"
Voordelen: "Confort de l'avion et amabilité de l'équipage"
Nadelen: "Un peu déçu par les repas J'en avais un meilleur souvenir"
Nadelen: "Le retard"
Nadelen: "Le retard"
Voordelen: "rien"
Nadelen: "les retards"
Nadelen: "Le vol est largement en retard !!!!!"
Voordelen: "Embarquement très rapide, vol ponctuel."
Nadelen: "Le repas était franchement mauvais. Il n'y avait pluplus de deuxième choix"
Voordelen: "Plane was comfortable, ample, with plenty of room, departed and arrived sharp in time"
Nadelen: "Boarding process was a mess, no one respected nor enforced priority boarding, they call for business and preferred access boarding and everyone rushed, and the airline agents just started to accept all people"

Muy buen servicio al cliente

Delay due to lack of personnel!

Queue énorme au contrôle et 1h30 de retard pour le départ

Aucun soucis, bon suivi et correspondance dans les temps Nickel

Problème de check in

Très bon service. Repas pourrait être amélioré. Personnel agréable. Hygiène respectée. Merci

Nice flight but from Entebbe to Amsterdam they didn’t get me what I requested for the baby.

Le repas est très ordinaire. Le reste c’est très bien!

Voordelen: "The crew is excellent but the seats are not comfortable enough. There should be a way to balance money and comfort,not just placing people in seats they do not fit into"
Nadelen: "Nothing,just the seats. Cleanliness was perfect"
Voordelen: "Everything perfect and arrive to destination on perfect time."
Nadelen: "All positive."
Voordelen: "Comfort"
Nadelen: "Internet"
Voordelen: "15 years ago I told myself not to fly Delta anymore. But these 2 flights Detroit to Amsterdam and back changed my mind. I enjoyed the flight very much and I'm looking forward to the next one."
Voordelen: "Almost everything, especially the crew."
Nadelen: "Don’t feel like anything should be better to be honest"
Voordelen: "Good amount of space on the plane, lots of movies to watch, good food and drink."
Nadelen: "Flight got cancelled"
Nadelen: "The flight from Manchester to Amsterdam has been delayed which led insufficient time for me to transfer to HK"
Voordelen: "Boarding was quick and flight was calm"
Nadelen: "The coffe and breakfast."
Voordelen: "Fantastic gate agents!"
Nadelen: "The food was terrible."
Voordelen: "The bed was comfortable. Entertainment selection and large TV screen was good. The KLM crew is amazing, as usual."
Nadelen: "Food quality was not so good."
Voordelen: "No delay and nice staff"
Voordelen: "The crew is really welcoming"
Nadelen: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Voordelen: "Personnel serviable. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié."
Nadelen: "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. En portant un pull et un polaire j'ai eu bien froid en cabine."
Nadelen: "Late departure. Rush to connect."
Voordelen: "Le vol était ponctuel."
Nadelen: "La classe business sur ce type de vol n’a rien de business si ce n’est d’être à l’avant de la cabine."
Voordelen: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."
Voordelen: "Crew was great and professional."
Nadelen: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
Voordelen: "Nothing!"
Nadelen: "We were told they were holding our flight, we ran 3 terminals and they’d already left."
Voordelen: "Le vol"
Nadelen: "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri"
Nadelen: "L’intégralité du voyage, pas de repas, retard de bagage"
Nadelen: "I called for a crew member 5 times and waited 25 minutes for anyone to help me with just some water. I had to get up and go to the very back of the plane to ask for some water. The plane was hot and no air to be found. This was all after we had to get back off the plane before takeoff. It was terrib"
Voordelen: "The crew was amazing and the food was great."
Nadelen: "Something did not go right with our booking so it took some work for the airline to get it figured out for us. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. But that was an unexpected stress."
Nadelen: "Need more leg room!!! Larger meals needed."
Voordelen: "The flight arrived a few minutes early."
Nadelen: "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. The seats were extremely close together. The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Even the wastebin in the lavatory was full and an extra bag was put on the floor."
Voordelen: "The crew were amazing and the flight was very smooth."
Nadelen: "Keep up the good work"
Voordelen: "The service"
Nadelen: "The food."
Nadelen: "lost baggage"
Voordelen: "Best airline in the business quick efficient and outstanding service What else can you say"
Voordelen: "The flight AMS to MEX was smooth, very helpful personnel on board, we enjoyed a bit more space and the seat seemed a bit more comfortable."
Nadelen: "Besides the seat relative comfort, it did not recline much at all, i wondered what the extra money (at least $5 or $600) got us. The food, wine/ beer service was same as regular economy, the boarding took place at same time as economy, no drink before take-off if only sparkling water. And the plane was old generation 747 and the entertainment was same vintage: screen was not very bright and the selection of films was poor. No plug to charge electronics. We were disappointed with KLM when comparing with other airline companies offerings when you book in Premium Economy."
Voordelen: "Nothing to mention"
Nadelen: "Crew was rude when I asked if there was a vegetarian option for the snack. I did request special meals for the trip. Even if they did not have a vegetarian option, they don't need to be rude!! Boarding was ridiculous. we were supposed to form a line and wait. Would have been a lot better if they boarded by seat numbers. Also they made me check in my fairly small and light carry on bag resulting in its contents arriving broken!"
Voordelen: "Friendly hostesses"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"
Voordelen: "Good and friendly services"
Nadelen: "I really don't like when at the gate the take your luggage and say you'll be the first to get it at arrival.. And now I'm still waiting.. That's really really annoying"
Nadelen: "Flight departed 35 minutes late"
Nadelen: "Nothing good to say about this flight. The plane was old with no entertainment. The sits where very compact and not comfortable at all. The food was a sweet bread and water. The flight attendants were rushing and will take a while if you needed anything. I felt like I was taking a bus with graffiti all over the place."
Nadelen: "Customer service"
Voordelen: "Great"
Nadelen: "Great"
Voordelen: "Service en business au top. Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France."
Voordelen: "Petit avion sans trop de place."
Nadelen: "Connexion un peu trop courte à Amsterdam. Génère du stress."
Voordelen: "Norhing"
Nadelen: "They have mabaged to lost my luggage"
Nadelen: "Actually the Welcome on board announcement. The part where they special welcome loyalty program members. I do not get that... I am an explorer holder my self, but really?? so other paying customers are not as welcome. This is leftovers from the older days.."
Voordelen: "Flight crew was fine. Food was good."
Nadelen: "Checking in was extensive for unaccompanied minor. But gate crew was very unnattentuve and though we showed up as first in line, they did not focus, and kept saying to wait. Ultimately our son was last person on the plane."

On a raté notre vol pour Los Angeles car le vol BA 305 pour Londres n existait pas !!! C est tout simplement scandaleux . Nos vacances sont gâchees!!! Nous avons eu de votre part ni excuses, ni compensations .

Plus de personnel afin de ne pas abolir une trop longue file d’attente !

Vol raté par manque d information sur le visa....aucune alerte de votre part.

Voyage épouvantable, retard de 3 heures personnel odieux

Ba ne peut pas être contacté par tel Ni mail Aucune réponse à nos demandes C’est pas fait d’avoir essayé Personnel néanmoins très gentil Avion bruyant peu de place La personne devant moi a baissé son siège J’ai eu l’écran des films à 20 cm de mon visage tout le long du voyage soit près de 9h d’affilée C’est une véritable honte. J’ai mangé la tête dans l’écran Je ne pouvais pas bouger d’un pouce mes jambes une fois là tablette dépliée. Je je volerais plus sur ba

Nous avons essayé de joindre British Airways pendant des jours. Aucun numéro de téléphone ne répondait on a perdu un temps fou pour rien. Aucune réponse à nos mails. Avion très bruyant très petit Pas de possibilité de modifier quoi que ce soit. J’ai l’habitude de voyager, c’était la première fois avec ba mais ça sera la dernière.

Bon accueil, un steward particulièrement sympathique. Du retard sur le départ

L’organisation de manière générale est rassurante, le personnel agréable. Le confort des sièges sur les longs courriers pourraient largement être amélioré…

I have not made it to Istanbul yet. After waiting 3 hours to talk to someone in Heathrow Airport I was rebooked with a layover for the next day.

Annulation du vol ORD-STL

Je n’ai pas pu avoir le vol à cause d’une annulation de mon premier vol

Pas reçu mes bagages

Done entertainment for the kids. It's a long journey. Bring back your old aeroplane food, I used to love your cooked breakfast when we had a really early start.

le personnel et les repas sont excellents... Le confort est relatif et à l'embarquement en peu d'attente du à un faible nombre de cabine de checking ouvertes... Les sièges sont un peu spartiates pour le vol, donc confort relatif, mais pour une ou deux heures c'est supportable.

Delay. Long wait in line. Poor communications.

Steward au top.

Voordelen: "Quick flight. Friendly cabin crew."
Nadelen: "Nothing."
Voordelen: "Great Friendly Cabin Crew"
Nadelen: "Entertainment System Poor choice of films - Bad Sound System"
Nadelen: "The cabin crew was quite stuck up and unfriendly"
Voordelen: "Siege correct sans plus, et non inclinable"
Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "Le procédé d’embarquement"
Voordelen: "RAS"
Nadelen: "L’embarquement n’était pas du tout organisé. Nous sommes partis en retard. Pas d’excuses. Pour le prix on aurait envisagé un meilleur service."
Nadelen: "Pouvoir décharger les boarding pass, le site de BA is not user friendly, heureusement t staff tres ftriendly à l’aeropor"
Voordelen: "La qualité de l’a380"
Nadelen: "L’espace dans l’a330"
Nadelen: "Presque 2h de retard et aucune explication, pas même un peu d’eau proposée pendant le vol"
Voordelen: "service de l'equipage"
Nadelen: "Les repas, sieges etroits entre LHR et YUL, longue duree de l'escale"
Voordelen: "Friendly crew,"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Une collation gratuite pendant le vol"
Nadelen: "The delay... We arrived 1 hour and more after the normal time, difficult to be sure to have the last metro in London..."
Voordelen: "la ponctualité, l'accueil"
Nadelen: "pas de boisson ou nourriture offerte"
Voordelen: "Not a lot. Just that the departure was on time."
Nadelen: "This Business-class seat is a proper rip-off. The only difference from Economy is the in-between seat is not used. No extra leg room whatsoever. Economy from Honolulu to Los Angeles I had more leg room then this one. Unacceptable response from the crew: "that's how it's been the last years"."
Voordelen: "Crew was so nice and seats were comfortable"
Voordelen: "La place aux jambes, la propreté de l'avion, les hôtesses serviables et souriantes"
Nadelen: "Vol British Airways opéré par American Airlines - Place aux jambes insuffisant, repas médiocre, hôtesses peu souriantes"
Voordelen: "Propreté et état général de l'avion"
Nadelen: "Des hôtesses plus souriantes"
Nadelen: "Une heure de retard au départ de Genève ."
Nadelen: "Pas de cash accepté. Aucune nourriture cadeau."
Nadelen: "Pas de cash accepté; Pas de petits "cadeaux" à manger ou boire."
Nadelen: "50 minutes de retard, très peu d'informations, boissons payantes à bord"
Nadelen: "25 min de retard pour le décollage"
Voordelen: "La sympathie de l'équipage"
Nadelen: "Pas de proposition claire pour un encas, c'était l'heure du petit déjeuner."
Voordelen: "Embarquement rapide au retour. Parfait"
Nadelen: "Vétusté de l'avion. Pas même de prise USB pour charger son tel. Toute la partie divertissement, écran complètement obsolète."
Voordelen: "Embarquement rapide"
Nadelen: "Pas un verre d'eau de servi, même pour mon enfant."
Voordelen: "It was short flight therefore no food no entertainment were ok to us"
Voordelen: "Bon équipage,pas de problème lors du voyage"
Nadelen: "J’ai demandé un changement d’horaire que je n’ai pas pris Car on m’a demandé 77€ pour prendre l’avion qui était 2h plus tôt alors qu’il n’etait Pas rempli intégralement."
Voordelen: "Le vol en general"
Nadelen: "3h de formalités pour sortir de l’aeroport L’obligation de récupérer ses bagages pour les reenregistrer"
Nadelen: "2 heures de retards Siege cassé Peu et médiocre choix de films et dessins animés Pas de possibilité de mettre des médicaments dans un frigo et pas assez de glace pour palier à ce manque Accoudoir de A380 ne lève pas totalement donc impossible de dormir sur les genoux des parents pour les enfts"
Nadelen: "1 heure de retard Plusieurs vols annulés donc bcq de monde à l'embarquement Nourriture payante alors que le vol faisait partie d'un vol paris-singapour"
Nadelen: "retard d'environ 2h donc plus de train pour pouvoir renter à domicile pas de compensations par la compagnie(mème pas un café ) hormis des excuses de l’équipage pour le retard"

Arrivée à 4h40 à l'aéroport Catastrophe à la douane, grosse panne, le quart des passagers bloqués, on a dû attendre qu'il rétablissent la situation. Lorsqu'ils annonçaient de rentrer dans l'avion, on ne pouvait passer la douane.. No comment. On a demander à de nombreux passagers si on pouvait passer devant car les autres passagers étaient à ce moment déjà dans l'avion

Bonjour Tout s’est bien passé, les hôtesses et l’équipage de bord sont accueillants. Il est un peu dommage que les sièges soient en mauvais état. Mon siège basculait en arrière et j’avais peur de déranger la personne assise derrière moi. Mais je précise très bonne qualité de vol et accueil agréable.

4 jours delay

Voordelen: "Trop de retard, Non respect des gestes barrières (avion plein pas de siège libre entre les personnes)"
Nadelen: "Ponctualité, respect des règles sanitaires"
Voordelen: "Equipage chaleureux, et arrivé à l'heure"
Nadelen: "Embarquement, repas à bord et divertissemnt"
Voordelen: "I like the schedule of flights it will be the same time as you wrote it and the stuff it will bitter then these"
Nadelen: "When you book for any people let them know about the delay of flights and about the foods it very poor"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "The flight delayed for more than an hour and have. They combined two flights and 2 destinations together. It went chaotic . People were confused about their seats. Many seats were assigned to 2 peoples... Yelling and loud on plane. Many missed their connection. Passengers were not happy at all"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed for 5 hours and the plane was older then me, it was so crappy. The food was the worst, everything is cold and tasteless, worst airplane ever. In conclusion it was the worst flight i ever token."
Voordelen: "Le personnel était pro ils répondent aux exigences des passagers mais tunisair ne nous a pas servi de nourriture entre Abidjan Niamey"
Nadelen: "Tunisair devrait servir de nourriture entre Abidjan Niamey"
Voordelen: "Le personnel a bord était pro mais tunisair devrait changer ces sièges"
Voordelen: "Le personnel de bord était vraiment impeccable mais les siège de l'avion sont vielle la compagnie doit songer à les changer vraiment"
Voordelen: "The Tunisian Airlines employee told me that there was a problem with this ticket and that me had to buy a new ticket. Now how do I recover my money?"
Nadelen: "Le respect des horaires je ne voyagerais plus jamais avec tunisair"
Voordelen: "Personnel pro, malgré le retard dans le départ du Vol , une organisation rapide pour l’embarquement et arrivée avec récupération du retard."
Nadelen: "Repas qui ne répond pas aux attentes"
Voordelen: "Bonjour Le vol est retardé une fois pour 16h45. En arrivant à l'aéroport je me suis rendu compte que le vol est encore retardé pour 20h35 pour enfin un dernier horaire 23h. Cela est fait sans aucune informations claires et sans prise en charge de tout les passagers. Cdt"
Nadelen: "Meme l'enregistrement pour le vol de 23h etait médiocre. !!! Aucun personnel de la compagnie est sur place pour réaliser cette tâche! L'affichage du comptoir d'enregistrement était faux. On nous a fait balader !"
Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Sans retard et de meilleures solutions"
Voordelen: "Nothing, only the facts that i arrived!!!"
Nadelen: "Don't ever work with Tunisair, there were 12 hours delays without a proper explanation or even sharing q single detail!!!"
Voordelen: "L'équipage est super et le départ et l'arrivée sont à l'heure"
Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Le service"
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Transit"
Voordelen: "Punctuality was very appreciated."
Nadelen: "Le repas est nulle"
Voordelen: "Full meal on a flight that was less than 2 hours."
Nadelen: "Take-off was 30 minutes late."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "6 hours late and the station manger a lady was not polite with the passengers. She was working against the reputation of tunisair."
Nadelen: "The delay of two Hours . A very pour VIP Lounge for which I paid US$30 with no drinks other than water and other soft drinks too rich in sugar to be good for healt !! Poor cold snak : local too salty cheese, very common white bread instead of local tasty one, poor choice of unsliced fruits , cold croissant and numerous noisy staff watching an egyptian football game on the only open TV screen."
Voordelen: "L'équipage"
Nadelen: "Le repas"
Voordelen: "The Hospitality of flight attendant"
Nadelen: "Poor toilet facility"
Voordelen: "La gentillesse du personnel."
Nadelen: "Devoir ressortir de la salle d'embarquement afin d'être inscrit a été très désagréable, car j'étais déjà au bon endroit, mais je suis arrivée tôt ce qui semble avoir été la raison de devoir ressortir de la salle. Ça été très long avant de pouvoir avoir accès à l'application de divertissement, rien ne fonctionnait. Lorsque cela a été fonctionnel mes écouteurs jouaient très faible et grichait énormément."
Voordelen: "On s'occupe bien de nous"
Nadelen: "Tout était cassé à mon siège, il faisait très chaud tout le long du vol..."
Nadelen: "Le retard"
Nadelen: "Retard dans l'embarquement"
Voordelen: "Le repas inclus dans le prix du billet"
Nadelen: "Le manque d'organisation Le retard La pagaille Le manque d'information Le prix élevé par rapport aux services L'enregistrement L'embarquement et la façon de faire"
Voordelen: "Vol avec 4h de retard son savoir pourquoi aucune info"
Nadelen: "Pas info sur le retard"
Nadelen: "Check in was unable online, they put me on 23rd seat near toilet."
Voordelen: "The boarding was smooth"
Nadelen: "One hour delay. Food very poor, it took staff a long time before taking back our plates, they were not strict enough with passengers that were walking around while flight on turbulence ..."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants and captain did an ok/good job."
Nadelen: "There was a 3 hour delay. The plane was disgustingly dirty, old , seats were abused and torn, gum stuck in seat pockets, A/C system releasing white air that looked Like white gas...for a full price ticket I would le expect a normal plane not a warn down machine..."
Nadelen: "Retard 2 heures sur vol retour"
Nadelen: "3 heures de retard !"
Voordelen: "Smooth flight, good service on board"
Nadelen: "Departure delayed by 1 hour and 40 minutes"
Nadelen: "1h30 de retard"
Voordelen: "From check-in until landing all was very good. I was suprised that food was offered on this 1houe flight."
Nadelen: "Don't have anything to write herw"
Nadelen: "trop de retard !!!! tjr la même chose avec les vols tunisair"
Nadelen: "Retard de 2h30, aucune information, aucun affichage, personnel absent"
Voordelen: "The food and choice of entertainment was ok."
Nadelen: "It was so hot in the plane, I was sweating and had to go several times to the back of the plane to get a bottle of water. Unfriendly personnel no notion of good service"
Voordelen: "The crew members came by after the meal with water"
Nadelen: "2 hour delay with no forewarning or any kind."
Voordelen: "Our flight was at 17;00 and when we check in our luggage’s it’s shows a delay on the screen till 18:55 which we understood but they change it again to 17:30 without any announcement or information and we used to miss our flight, fortunately my kid shows on the screen the changing and we could board"
Voordelen: "Vol à temps Équipage excellent"
Voordelen: "Le service rien a dire"
Nadelen: "Je n ai vraiment pas aimer le faite de passer mon séjour sans ma valise sans habilles ni médicament ni nouritures...."
Voordelen: "seat selection was good."
Nadelen: "Tunis Air seems to frequently be late for boarding and take off"
Nadelen: "Vol retardé de 3h la nuit"

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