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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopst vliegmaand naar België is januari.
  • Vul je favoriete vertrekluchthaven en reisdatums in in het zoekformulier hierboven en bekijk direct de meest actuele vliegdeals voor Lihue.

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American AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 46164 beoordelingen
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Voordelen: "Im usually not one to sleep on ttransport but I was very comfy on this flight and was able to sleep the whole three hours"
Nadelen: "The snacks."
Nadelen: "food & drink!!"
Nadelen: "Just doesn’t compare to the new 787’s"
Voordelen: "Our crew."
Nadelen: "Flying at supersonic sound."
Voordelen: "Crew were good"
Nadelen: "Way late. This flight has been over 45 minutes late 1/4 of the time in the last 60 days. Today was the 1 in 3 days."
Nadelen: "More leg room"
Voordelen: "Nice Crew. Very accommodating."
Nadelen: "The input for the headphones were not working properly at my seat location on the flight. Seat #10c on a A321 Airbus from Miami to L.A."
Voordelen: "There was a lot of entertainment choices"
Nadelen: "Seats are so crammed. Plane was late."
Nadelen: "Onboard entertainment was not reliable on one of our TVs, and the earphones ports barely worked, had to hold the plugs to hear. MinimL food choices, and you had to go to the rear of the plane to get it. Staff on plane was not super friendly."
Nadelen: "Have coach passengers prepay for meals"
Voordelen: "Fast boarding, flight relatively smooth, got to my destination pretty quickly as well."
Voordelen: "Crew bemoeide zich op deze korte vlucht met niemand. Bracht wat te drinken rond. Verder niet."
Voordelen: "Chicken wrap"
Nadelen: "No individual screens on back of seat rests. Old tube televisions in the ceiling, in the aisle walkway that don’t retract. No WiFi. Which means not even movies on your own device. And no power - neither usb nor 3 prong"
Voordelen: "The pilot made up for a lot of time. The flight was said to be 1 hr 40 minutes about but we touched down after about only 1 hour in the air. Deboarding was quick."
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed three times. We eventually boarded and then spent another 30 minutes waiting to taxi. Another narrow plane with not much room."
Nadelen: "They have very long and annoying credit card announcements"
Nadelen: "Delayed due to malfunctioning plane"
Voordelen: "Getting off the plane"
Nadelen: "3 hours late flight- customer care very insensitive and unhelpful"
Voordelen: "The Seats have a nice width and a nice forward-to-back pitch. They're also brand-new upholstery. Very nice"
Nadelen: "American Airlines concourse in Charlotte is awful. Standing room only, and under construction. No power outlets in the plane."
Voordelen: "Once aboard, LATAM is actually quite impressive. The logistical part of the company is horrendous, but the service onboard is exemplar."
Nadelen: "LATAM changed my itinerary without my authorization and despite my clear verbal directions to NOT change it. The airline took directions from a corrupt official with the Colombian immigration office and cancelled my return flights. I was forced to purchase an additional ticket, travel on and separate flight from my wife and children. I then had to spend several hours waiting to resolve the case in person. The customer service at LATAM is a joke. If I'd received this treatment in the United States, I would have filed a lawsuit for their infringement on my rights and collaboration with the discriminatory practices of the Colombian immigration office in Bogota."
Voordelen: "Easy boarding crew were friendly food was hot"
Nadelen: "Seating was a pain to try and get 2 seats together even though I booked it months in advance very noisy rude people couldn't sleep on a supposed overnight am exhausted"
Voordelen: "Our flight was delayed for almost 3 hours. They accomodated us with free snacks and sandwiches. The flight crew were very professional and were nice to us, because a lot of us were worried about making our flight. They kept us updated with all the changes. They had good entertainment selections. The pilot got us to our destination about 5 minutes early."
Nadelen: "Our flight was delayed about 7 times, we changed gates twice, and the I got to my second layover with 20 minutes to spare instead of the usual 2 1/2 hours. When I tried asked the stewardess if I could deplane with business because I was running late for my connecting flight, she said they no longer do that because passengers don't listen to them. Instead of trying, she juat said no. I felt like an inconvience to her, like it was my fault I didn't have enough time between my flights."
Voordelen: "De stewardessen in t vliegtuig waren erg aardig en hulpvaardig"
Nadelen: "Nieuwe regels waarbij je je koffertje onder je stoel moet plaatsen of extra moet betalen om hem in de ruimte boven je hoofd te mogen plaatsen. Er is wel 5x gevraagd of ik wel zeker wist dat die van mij onder mijn stoel paste!!"
Voordelen: "Got here early"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The entertainment system was very nice. The seats were comfortable!! The crew friendly!!!"
Nadelen: "Food was lacking!!!"
Nadelen: "3 hours delay, NOT entertainment at all, this is ridiculous! The dinner was regular, but breakfast was terrible."
Voordelen: "Excellent"
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "Tight seating"
Voordelen: "Largely unremarkable flight out of LIM."
Nadelen: "B767-300 used for LIM-MIA was exceptionally old with overhead monitors for inflight entertainment. Headphones not given until 20+ minutes into the only movie (the rest of the programming was stupid TV shows/profiles)."
Voordelen: "Despite a departure delay due to necessity to off load some passengers due to nonfunctional seats we arrived 20 minutes early."
Nadelen: "The seats are too narrow, which I can tolerate for about an hour."
Nadelen: "51/2 hour delay!! Should have brought in another plane."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Middle seat"
Voordelen: "Dat er qua breedte aardig wat ruimte was"
Nadelen: "Dat de gordel eigenlijk net te krap was"
Voordelen: "The individual screen options and wide variety to keep you entertained for the flight. Very clean. Staff very helpful kind and accommodating! Look forward to flying again with them."
Nadelen: "My party didn’t get to sit together. Split up on a long flight sitting in between two large and stinky men. Not really their fault besides not assigning seats for the two of us together"
Nadelen: "Either Webjet or BritishAir failed to notify our party in advance to allow a reasonable accommodation of our fully paid requirements."
Voordelen: "Really glad this segment exists!"
Voordelen: "Unfavourable crew. Pilot was very good and detailed though."
Nadelen: "The smell on airplane, was not offered any water to drink."
Voordelen: "Entertainment comfort crew food fligjt"
Nadelen: "Not 1 thing"
Voordelen: "Pretty much everything! Great service, staff was friendly, courteous, smooth trip."
Nadelen: "Not a thing!"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "7 hours late with only 3-4 updates the whole time."
Voordelen: "Very pleasant cabin crew. Flight right on time."
Nadelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "No wifi nor power outlets. The entertainment was okay at best."
Voordelen: "Clean, smooth flight, on time. Enjoyed the blankets and the inflight movie options were good."
Nadelen: "Cramped, and we didn't get seats together... Hate the system where you have to pay $30-$95 additionally to choose your seats before check in, just doesn't seem fair when the tickets are already crazy expemsive and you're paying for your luggage as well... if you don't pay extra, you (we) end up sitting across from the restroom for six hours of in and out excitement."
Voordelen: "Flight oversold. Couldn't use online system to book flight, so went 3 hours early to check in. Told couldn't check in still, had to do it at the gate. Then flight delayed two hours. No communication."
Nadelen: "I don't know if I need to contact american airlines directly or what. But this is the 3rd flight that has been delayed with no reason given or for whatever the reason was tonight. Its obsurd. I booked a flight on Alaska Airlines specifically because american airlines had the issue of delays. Then come to find out, the flight WASN'T on Alaska...but its affiliate. It would be really nice to get some answers."
Voordelen: "Crew was very upbeat and attentive to passengers. We sat in Main Cabin plus and there was a lot of legroom."
Nadelen: "1. Limited menu of food for purchase 2. wifi did not work over the Pacific--their wifi is ground based rather than satellite based."
Nadelen: "I can't remember the last time I flew to or from Europe on a plane with no in-seat entertainment options. On the "big" screen: Alice in Wonderland Part II? Wow, what a great movie, especially for a bunch of adults. The other, The Big Short, at least 6 months old and I'd already seen it. Really poor sound. Take some of your profits, American, and upgrade your equipment. I will really try my best to avoid flying on your airline again."
Voordelen: "Attentive crew,"
Nadelen: "Delayed flight, attendants were rude and unhelpful."

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