Vind goedkope vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu


Vind goedkope vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu

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Brussel (BRU)
Aeroporto Internacional de Foz do Iguaçu
za 31/7
za 7/8
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maartBeste tijd om de massa te ontvluchten met een gemiddelde daling in prijs van 30%.


decemberPopulairste tijd om te vliegen met een gemiddelde toename in prijs van 48%.

Gemiddelde prijs retour

€754(gemiddelde prijs in de afgelopen 2 weken)

Topdeal retour

€568of minder

Topdeal enkele reis

€293of minder

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  • Op zoek naar een goedkope vlucht? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft vluchten voor deze route gevonden voor €293 of minder voor een enkele reis en voor €568 of minder voor een retour.
  • Het hoogseizoen is in november, december en januari. De goedkoopste vliegmaand is maart.

Veelgestelde vragen voor vliegtickets van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu

Kan ik naar Foz do Iguaçu vliegen? Zijn er bij aankomst in Foz do Iguaçu reisbeperkingen?

Kan ik naar Foz do Iguaçu vliegen zonder bij aankomst in quarantaine te moeten?

Moet ik een coronatest (Covid-19) doen voordat ik naar Foz do Iguaçu vlieg?

Welke andere beperkingen naar aanleiding van het coronavirus (Covid-19) zijn er in Foz do Iguaçu?

Hoe lang duurt een vlucht van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu?

Welke vliegmaatschappijen bieden de voordeligste vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu?

Hoe vindt KAYAK zulke lage prijzen voor vliegtickets van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu?

Hoe kan de vliegticket prijsvoorspellingstool van KAYAK me helpen bij het kiezen van het juiste moment om mijn vliegticket van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu te boeken?

Wat is de KAYAK Mix-functie voor vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu?

Wat is de "flexibele datums"-functie van KAYAK en wat heb ik hieraan als ik een vlucht zoek van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu?

Top airlines voor vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Aeroporto Internacional de Foz do Iguaçu

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

Gemiddelde score op basis van 9.018 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Voordelen: "Crew was top"
Nadelen: "45 min delay , shame ..... always the same problem with Frankfurt airport..."

Voordelen: "Geweldige luchtvaartmaatschappij, geweldige service!"

Voordelen: "My husband was on a business trip and his company booked him in business class. Economy was overbooked they cave me a free upgrade so I could sit with him!"
Nadelen: "Cost of extra bag. Also size limit for overhead carryon"

Voordelen: "Crew was very nice and responsive."
Nadelen: "The flight was so hot. No personal air controls. Economy was horribly small."

Voordelen: "Seating was good. Crew was good"
Nadelen: "Food could be better"

Nadelen: "Flight was delayed an hour so we were rebooked. Spent extra day in Zurich, and missed our hotel reservation in San Francisco. San Francisco was not our final destination. We had to fly for more than 24 hours in one day(time change). We missed part of our family function. It's been an exhausting trip"

Nadelen: "The connection time was too long"

Nadelen: "Haven’t got there yet!!"

Nadelen: "Check in was annoying in Paris as we had to go to ticket counter, and then go to a different counter to pay for luggage. Annoyed in the first place to have to pay for 2 checked bags on international flight, but to have to go into three separate lines in order to do so was pouring salt into a wound."

Nadelen: "45min of delay due to defrosting of the wings and crowded airspace at the destintion"

Nadelen: "missed connection in Zurich because flight left one hour late, and connecting flight didn't wait the extra five minutes which would have allowed us to get on flight. Transfer desk was unable to get us to Bari same day although it was only noon; rebooked for 6:55am next day... Significant financial loss to us."

Voordelen: "Staff, food, on board entertainment all very impressive. Great flight."

Voordelen: "The seats would recline too far so that people behind would get their range of motion uncomfortably limited."

Nadelen: "Seats are very cramped"

Voordelen: "Dinner was excellent. Staff very friendly. Bathroom toiletries (facial spray and hand cream) appreciated."
Nadelen: "Seats are pretty tight (lucky if you don't have one of the metal boxes in your foot space)."

Voordelen: "On time. Friendly employees. No issues at all."

Voordelen: "Who knows hope to actually get on it and make it to destination"
Nadelen: "Not sure just know leaving 10 hours late"

Voordelen: "My own seat had ample legroom, good crew."
Nadelen: "Faulty headphone jack and person who kneed me in the back whenever I recline my seat. 8 kilo limit on carry-on luggage."

Voordelen: "Food was good and staff was nice."
Nadelen: "Touch screens didn't work very well, poor entertainment selection compared to other airlines, poor sound quality"

Voordelen: "Nothing!! And by the way this is the last time I travel with you guys. I couldn’t travel because of my itinerary doula -Bruxelle - Zurich- Washington Dulles . I was not told when I bought the ticket that I will need a visa to transit between Bruxel to Zurich. Now they told me that my only option is to buy another ticket . Thank God éthiopien Airline was more affordable."
Nadelen: "Nothing!! And by the way this is the last time I travel with you guys. I couldn’t travel because of my itinerary doula -Bruxelle - Zurich- Washington Dulles . I was not told when I bought the ticket that I will need a visa to transit between Bruxel to Zurich. Now they told me that my only option is to buy another ticket . Thank God éthiopien Airline was more affordable."

Voordelen: "Food was better than some other long-haul flights I’ve been on. Plane fairly clean and comfortable."
Nadelen: "Entertainment options more limited than Delta or Virgin, who I’ve usually flown intercontinental. Boarding in Zurich was a mess. No order to it and they didn’t start boarding until 20 minutes before takeoff. Nearly every intercontinental flight I’ve taken needs closed to 45-60 minutes to do a full board. Sure we made up the time in the air but the process to get on the plane was frustrating."

Voordelen: "I am very satisfied and I will recommended it to my friendships"

Voordelen: "Crew was friendly. Food was good"
Nadelen: "Crew was slow to pick up dishes and trash after meals. Passenger in front of me reclined seat leaving little room for me to watch the video screen or read."

Voordelen: "The woman who checked in my baggage was very helpful and patient. I had to re-arrange some weight and she assisted me in maximizing weight and minimizing cost. The flight attendants we very kind in trying to assist me in finding appropriate food. The flight was very comfortable and the flight attendants were wonderful all-around."
Nadelen: "Boarding of the flight was delayed which impacted our arrival time in Zurich. I had a connecting flight- but so did at least 10 other Swiss flights at that time. The queues for customs were incredibly long and the only reason I made my flight was because I ran through the airport. I also had a challenging time with food. I am celiac and often cannot eat the standard fare on planes. I called in advance of my flight to notify someone of my allergy - and they told me the only way I could ensure such a meal was by purchasing a meal that cost $30. I was not willing to pay such a hefty surcharge for food because I had already payed a bit extra than budgeted because my partner had recommended the excellent service of Swiss. I have traveled on several airlines for intercontinental flights between Boston and Europe - and have always had my allergy accommodated at no extra cost. Once on the flight - I was offered an orange and banana for dinner and a small yoghurt for breakfast. I will be flying Swiss again in December and I sincerely hope they will be better equipped to provide for my dietary requirements."

Nadelen: "I didn't get on the flight because they lost my luggage and they refuse to give me a new ticket. I was back and forth on the phone with Swiss and still no good word"

Voordelen: "Very attentive to children at boarding and in-flight."

Voordelen: "It was a good short flight, with good service"

Voordelen: "The food was really great! And the crew was very friendly. Was pleased that everything went smoothly."

Voordelen: "flight was on time"
Nadelen: "insufficient AC during boarding endlessly screaming baby"

Voordelen: "Excellent service, comfortable, clean, on time."

Voordelen: "Passengers completely ignored the commands of the crew and crew was unable to take control of the crowd (passengers refused to follow crew's multiple demands to sit down during the high turbulence, finally crew gave up to force passengers to take a sit). Several times, standing passengers fell on the sitting ines. When at the end of the flight, the issue was pointed out to the captain and supervising flight attendant, both became aggressively defensive to the point of being rude."

Voordelen: "Flight attendants where very nice and attentive. Good choice of movies and shows for adults and kids. I usually don't eat airplane food but it looked fresh and my kids enjoyed the breakfast very much with fresh baked bread and croissant. My flight was delayed by one hour but it was a problem caused by the airport not the airline. I still made my connection and I received my suitcaises right away."
Nadelen: "Boarding was a little chaotic"

Voordelen: "good service"
Nadelen: "late departure, stressful to make the connection, had to check in hand luggage even though there was lots of space"

Voordelen: "Crew; polite helpful and professional."
Nadelen: "Seating, and the pre booking process. The cost of endless add for a decent flight. Ex. buy a ticket but you didnt buy a seat, luggage, meals, wifi,"

Nadelen: "Too narrow seats."

Voordelen: "2 Long flights. Friendly, efficient crew. Plane was clean. Price was good."

Voordelen: "Vlucht was snel naar NL, maar"
Nadelen: "boarden duurt altijd zolang."

Voordelen: "Mooi vliegtuig, met alle gemakken voorzien."
Nadelen: "Helaas, helaas, heel veel turbulentie gehad."

Voordelen: "my wife needed a wheelchair, so we were whisked between terminals. but if we had had to negotiate that long distance by ourselves we would probably have missed the connection because there was only an hour layover and the distance between gates was great"

Voordelen: "The food,crew and flight were flawless. Our flight scheduling had us connecting within a thirty minute period in zurich and we had to run to catch the flight. Probably would have missed the connection if our 26 year old son didn't run ahead. Too much drama and no one from swiss air to help. Suggest more time for transfer in the future or someone to guide passengers. We were nit the only ones. However, we did make it as did the others ( luggage too!)so kudos to swiss for waiting"

Nadelen: "Unorganized and hectic at the gate; personnel were rude and unhelpful. I was asked numerous times to Leave and let them do their work" when I asked why I was on standby and what that meant."

Voordelen: "At list 2 attendants were extremely not polite . Air condition was turned on 2 minutes before landing . To collect food plates from passengers took more then 2 hours . When passengers asked attendants, to evaluate when it going to happen the answer was very rude ״ you should fly business in case you want it faster " . It was a night flight and it took 3 hours to turn off the lights . One of the girls attendants told me that I have too many hand handbags with me , only 1 piece allowed . I was with 3 pieces but we were 3 persons my wife and my Childe . I was trying to explain her, but she was unable to listen . It is not Swiss I know , I like to flight Swiss , but this flight was extremely disappointing .It was many confusions with other passengers as well. wrong meals , wrong seats , no air condition, ... the flight was a nightmare"
Nadelen: "In this flight nothing , one of the worst I have ever had ."

Voordelen: "Terrific flight. All on schedule"

Voordelen: "The crew was excellent. The food was pretty good and service was frequent even in economy."
Nadelen: "The seats are too close to each other. The couple in front of use reclined the entire flight and they were nearly in our laps. We could not get in and out of our seats to stretch. The flight attendant needed to ask them to sit up during meals so that we could eat."

Voordelen: "The flights were Just as schedule, the arrival time was even earlier than planned. The crew is always available and tries to make the flight as comfortable as it can be. The food is brilliant in comparison to other airlines. To sum up, always a good choice. * this is my 8th flight with Swiss."
Nadelen: "Nothing."

Nadelen: "Checking in we had a nasty representative, but other than that, all was well"

Voordelen: "You upgraded me unexpectedly to business class and it was so nice to have some luck and luxury after 6+ weeks of solo backpacking. It was such a lovely experience and I slept like a baby. Thank you so much!"

Nadelen: "I wasn't on it so I wouldn't know."

Voordelen: "Left and arrived on time"
Nadelen: "Seat cramped"

Nadelen: "Vol pas très cher mais pas trop confortable et vraiment low cost sur la partie Nantes-Madrid. Horaire respecté mais confort et repas vraiment très limite surtout sur le vol principal entre Madrid et Sào Paolo. Mais on ne peut pas tout avoir..."

Voordelen: "Crew had christmas ware on."
Nadelen: "Food did not taste good. Better wine."

Nadelen: "Low cost, no frills, but on time. It's what we want and they delivered that today."

Voordelen: "Good entertainment on board and the crew was fairly attentive, but not as attentive as on other airlines."
Nadelen: "Food was not great, but at least it was edible. Thought the crew could have also asked about refills more often."

Voordelen: "Seats were fairly comfortable. Almost all seats on planes are tightly crammed together."
Nadelen: "More options of TV shows to watch."

Voordelen: "Seats are fairly comfortable. Almost all planes have seats crammed too close together."
Nadelen: "More choices of TV shows to watch."

Nadelen: "The boarding in Rio de Janeiro was great, the land crew was very helpful. In Lima it was below par, the crew was not helpful at all, and no warnings or communications to when to board. Had to wait an hour inside the plane for some sort of maintenance."

Nadelen: "Space!!!!"

Nadelen: "Delay by an hour"

Voordelen: "The flight itself was fine. The flight attendants were friendly and solicitous. The food was good on the long haul leg of my trip. The trip itself was nice."
Nadelen: "It seems LATAM changed the way they charge fees in July. The ticket for my return trip included no allowance for checked bags, and that detail wasn't obvious on my reservation information. Imagine my surprise when I check-in for an international flight and I'm told I can't check any luggage because it isn't included on my ticket. I ended up paying $210 to check two bags. Also expect to pay a bit more for decent seat assignments. My default seat assignment was at the very back of the plane, right against the rear bulkhead where seats often can't recline. So, another $60 to move elsewhere."

Voordelen: "the crew was not friendly on boarding, or during the trip. I like it when they great you and say welcome aboard."
Nadelen: "long long line at check in... long line at the TSA late getting to the gate. Flight left an hour late did not meet my connecting fight no help in SP no ground crew for directions. long long line at customs then long line to rebook flight had a 7 hour layover in SP before Rio."

Nadelen: "Mon siège ne s’inclinait pas"

Voordelen: "Wonderful people, great attitudes, and the experience I’ve come to expect."

Nadelen: "Tout"

Voordelen: "Good crew. Pretty new and clean airplane."
Nadelen: "I would like to know and would have booked A little more than 2 hours time in transiting at the airport; since we had to wait and retreive our luggage, re-check in, get boarding pass, and go through security checkpoint again."

Nadelen: "airport in pereira held the flight for two hours, so I missed both my connections in bogota and miami. LATAM was nice to give me a hotel for 3 hours of sleep, but I arrived a day later and had to buy a new ticket"

Nadelen: "Smell at shit all the flight. Horrible."

Nadelen: "More efficient check in. Long wait at gate."

Voordelen: "Food was pretty good"
Nadelen: "The seats are so freaking small and packed together!!!"

Voordelen: "Food"

Voordelen: "Perdonnel sympathique."
Nadelen: "Plus de place sur les sieges. Petite collation."

Voordelen: "excellent avion, neuf. Divertissement à bord de qualité"
Nadelen: "Repas vraiment minimal"

Voordelen: "Said Paulo airport was chaos but flight was great"

Nadelen: "No entertainment. The airplane seems to be an older model."


Voordelen: "Entertainment and extra seats everywhere"

Voordelen: "Good service"

Voordelen: "The food was really good. You can tell they have made an effort improving this subject. The plane is a beauty, silent, smooth, but when you flight in tight seat, with a minimal reclination, it all goes to the trash. Good entertainment service, modern, but the missed a few movies they should have."
Nadelen: "The uncomfortable seat. It doesn't recline much, very small space between them."

Nadelen: "La compagnie a perdu ma valise! Depuis ce temps elle. À pas été retrouvée!!!"

Voordelen: "Smooth flight good staff"
Nadelen: "Very cramped seating"

Nadelen: "A little food"

Voordelen: "Courteous, gracious service; efficient and comfortable flight. Thank you!"

Voordelen: "Courteous, gracious service; efficient and comfortable flight. Thank you!"

Nadelen: "Moved us to a smaller plane and gave us new seats, didn’t even get to sit next to my husband."

Voordelen: "It was dreamlined. So much leg room . Flight was one of the most comfortable one ina long time"

Voordelen: "Speed of service, friendly personnel, food"
Nadelen: "Flight left one hour late-stressful as I had short connection, but airport didn’t announce that we’d still arrive approx on time due to strong tailwind. Less stress all round if they’d have told us"

Voordelen: "The airline and crew were all excellent and a real pleasure to travel with them."
Nadelen: "Upon looking at the flights out of Peru we found that there were a lot more choices for returning to Tampa. We were looking at 37 hours of lay over between Lima and Miami. Upon finding the flights with less lay over time we changed our flights and were hammered with $400 change fees. Seemed a bit deceptive that all the flights were not listed when we originally booked. Will use a travel agent next time to make sure we do not run into this situation again."

Voordelen: "Everything except for the middle seat"
Nadelen: "The middle seat"

Voordelen: "Entertainment is ware out, headphones jacks don't work well."
Nadelen: "Headphones jacks Food can be better and warmer"

Voordelen: "nice space in business. Great airline !"
Nadelen: "the meal I chose was too small. I landed in Bogota hungry. But it was my fault"

Voordelen: "Flight was fine once it git underway, and food was good."
Nadelen: "Departure was delayed an hour and a half for mechanical reasons."

Voordelen: "I have bought a ticket from To Aeroparque Jorge Newvery; and they cancelled the flight and sent me to Ezeiza without prior inform, concent and without any compensation."

Nadelen: "Food was rubbish!"

Voordelen: "Simple, efficace. à l'heure."
Nadelen: "Rien."

Voordelen: "Every employee is super helpful and the airline is family friendly. Airplanes are always new and clean. The meals are always good as far as airplane food goes. They have a generous baggage policy and unlike other airlines the airport departure tax is included in the fare. They serve the customers unlike the domestic airlines."
Nadelen: "Overhead bins on the inside rows are a bit on the small side."

Voordelen: "Le prix et l'efficacité. Le reste était tout à fait accessoire compte tenu de la durée du vol. En conclusion tout était parfait."
Nadelen: "Rien le rapport qualité prix est excellent."

Voordelen: "Service"
Nadelen: "It was delay. 2 hours."

Nadelen: "We waited over an hour at the baggage claim carousel to collect our luggage. We received no communication or announcement about what was going on. Unnecessarily appalling customer service."

Nadelen: "The flight was delayed in LAX, and consequently I missed my connection to Cuzco. My luggage was also misplaced"

Voordelen: "Felt very safe"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

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Veiligheidsmaatregelen voor vliegmaatschappijen die van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu vliegen

Vliegmaatschappijen die van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu vliegen hebben aanvullende veiligheidsmaatregelen en een aangepast beleid ingevoerd om reizigers beter te kunnen voorzien. Het beleid verschilt per vliegmaatschappij.

Extra hygiënemaatregelen

Dagelijkse schoonmaak en installatie van HEPA-filters in de cabine op vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu

Verplichte mondkapjes

Mondkapjes zijn aan boord verplicht. Deze worden verstrekt op vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu

Zitplaatsen met sociale afstand

Middelste zitplaats niet beschikbaar op vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu

Test voorafgaand aan vlucht

Testen op antistoffen en testen bij symptomen voor vluchten van Brussel naar Foz do Iguaçu

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