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BRU — België
2 nov. — 9 nov.1
1 volwassene
wo 2/11
wo 9/11

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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopste maand om te vliegen naar vanuit Brussel is januari.
  • Een ochtendvlucht is gemiddeld* 24% duurder dan een avondvlucht.
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TUI Fly BelgiumGemiddelde score op basis van 58 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

rien ne m'a plu.. pas assez de place au niveau des sièges pour un vol à 800 euros c'est abuser plu jamais je prendrai un vol chez tui

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rien ne m'a plu.. pas assez de place au niveau des sièges pour un vol à 800 euros c'est abuser plu jamais je prendrai un vol chez tui

On aurait voulu être prévenu que l on décollerait d Ostende au lieu de Lesquin. A 9h30 au lieu de 6h comme prévu. On nous dit de venir 2h avant 1h30 de bus en plus il s est perdu dans la ville, il ne trouvait pas l aéroport du grand n'importe quoi.. Du coup en retard pour la voiture de location, le loueur n a pas voulu donner la voiture on a perdu plus de 200€ et on a du louer une autre voiture à 460€

Check in of hand luggage was efficient, crew was helpfull

Je n’ai pas encore récupérer mon bagage qui était en soute !!!! J’attends des nouvelles de l’aéroport de Marrakech

Le pilote était super il nous a bien expliqué par où nous allions passer. C’est très rare!

Pas de problème particulier juste une information comme quoi notre vol de départ était annulé. Réception d’un sms en fait le départ a bien eu lieu .

The flight was canceled and we lose our train to Paris, we had to pay $225 for new tickets Brussel-Paris and we lose our hotel night in Paris for $221 !! It is not fair that’s the airline didn’t assume his responsibility! I hope TUI refund all these expenses.


The checkin was not allowed until 2 hours before the flight, which is fine, except that I wanted to check my suitcase sooner. Then the gate was not announced until 15 minutes before the flight, which seemed late, particularly since the gate was the very last one on the terminal (D-68). It would be difficult for people with mobility issues to get there in time. The flight was fine. I wish the seats reclined, but this is a budget airline, so no expectations. Overall, I would do it again if I needed to fly Tui Airlines.

Voordelen: "Supero mis expextativas. Si el servicio se mantenga la voy a utilizar otra vez."
Voordelen: "That we reached our destination!"
Nadelen: "Check in was awful"
Nadelen: "Impossible to travel correctly in this shithole of airport The dirtiest souk is better organised and better and cleaner Nightmare and very last time i travel true charleroi"
Voordelen: "I loved it! It's so spacious and comfortable."
Voordelen: "The entertainment side is great. TV show and movie options leave plenty to do for long flights."
Nadelen: "The seat had no cushioning whatsoever."
Voordelen: "Nothing possitve to say here."
Nadelen: "I've flown hundreds of flights, and this was my first time with Justairfly (TUI), and it will be my last. In Brussels there was a mechanical failure and the flight was delayed. The problem was that it was delayed 14+ hours. Now sometimes things happen, I understand that, but how you handle those situations is something else. Jetsirfly handled this very very poorly, with complete disregard to its passengers. They would require us to return to the gate almost every 2 hours for the next 14 hours. Then when 200+ people return to the gate Jetairfy and their representatives would not be there. They violated many EU statutes regarding passengers rights. And when this was brought to their attention, they would become hostile, and violate more! For instance, by law, when the delay is five hours or longer, passengers may opt for reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket together with, when relevant, a return flight to the first point of departure. I specifically requested reimbursement and to be returned to my point of origin, and was flat out denied for Jetairfly! By law, if a flight is delayed by four hours or more and the final destination is over 1500 kilometers, the passengers are required to compensation. Not only did they not compensate us, they failed to notify us, as required by law, of this compensation. In general, they did an extremely poor job of handling the situation and myself, and 100+ other passengers have reported them to the authorities. I'll never fly or use Jetairfly or TUI again. And I suggest you avoid this. Airline at all costs."
Voordelen: "The plane was pretty nice with eqch person having their own TV with multipe options for movies. Other than that, it was just a typical flight with nothing great or nothing really bad."
Nadelen: "Again, nothing really poor, but nothing great either."
Voordelen: "Service with a smile. As our flight was redirected to Ostend, the signage was clearly marked to get to the transfer bus to Brussels and the water that was given to passengers before boarding the bus was a nice and welcome touch."
Nadelen: "It was not clear in Dalaman Airport why they were shouting "Izmir" as if they were looking for passengers to Izmir, and it appeared as though boarding was to a flight to Izmir, yet we were all travelling to Ostend. Strange! I thought I was at the wrong gate as I couldn't see a sign indicating Ostend at the boarding area. When I asked if the plane went to Ostend they said yes and took my ticket--but this was never announced."
Voordelen: "The flight crew was very courteous, professional, and attentive. The prepared meals were tasty, nutritious and filling. Also, the selection of free in-flight entertainment (mostly the movies, and tv shows) were satisfiying. They were even able to shorten the flight time by 1-1/2 hours. I would probably fly with them again if their prices remain reasonably low."
Nadelen: "The only issue have with being on an 8 hour flight is being confined to about .5 meter of space. I couldn't move my elbows for the most part."
Voordelen: "The price is unbeatable"
Nadelen: "You can expect high end entertainment and food went you pay a half of the price of the competitors"
Voordelen: "It's not high-end, and does lack some luxuries, but for the price, you get everything you need."
Nadelen: "Lack of electrical outlets and no wifi."

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