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Vind goedkope vluchten van Brussel naar Cuiabá


Vind goedkope vluchten van Brussel naar Cuiabá

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Brussel (BRU)
Cuiabá M. Rondon
wo 23/6
wo 30/6
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Top airlines voor vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Cuiabá M. Rondon

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

LATAM Airlines
Gemiddelde score op basis van 5.464 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Voordelen: "The crew was very warm."
Nadelen: "Seats very tight."

Voordelen: "The variety on the LATAM Play."
Nadelen: "There was no vegetarian food. I do not eat meat and the only available sandwich had ham. Having an only cheese option is not that expensive or complicated..."

Nadelen: "Low cost, no frills, but on time. It's what we want and they delivered that today."

Nadelen: "Bad"

Nadelen: "They always on time"

Voordelen: "Crew is friendly, plane is new and clean"
Nadelen: "they charge to choose seats before hand, shouldn't be a privilege to do so"

Voordelen: "On time, friendly staff"
Nadelen: "Bigger seats, better coffee"

Voordelen: "Not much I can think of"
Nadelen: "Undisclosed charges for bags and a check on that lasted over 30 minutes and my entire family ogn6 people were scattered throughout plane with absolutely no effort to put young kids next to parents"

Voordelen: "The crew was amazing"

Voordelen: "Everything was amazing."
Nadelen: "The service and food excellent!!"

Nadelen: "No retrasos"

Voordelen: "Boarding was easy."
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Nadelen: "Everything was great. Maybe more modern movies if anything"

Voordelen: "I liked that there was plenty of friendly, professional help along the way."

Nadelen: "Plane broke. Hearded across ramp to another plane. Missed my international connection for a one day delay. I had a 3 hour connection and couldn’t get on the flight. No help from Latam!"

Nadelen: "Apparently you need to be at the airport 2hrs before your flight leaves otherwise you cant print your ticket and have to wait in a 1-2hr line to have them tell you you have now missed your flight and charge you $30USD to change to another flight. When it only takes literally 3min to get through security and to the gates. not sure why they couldn't give us our tickets when we were then an hr early. Then they said we were at gate 5. We went and waited there. About 20min before departure we noticed the flight info had changed and wasnt ours. No announcement. Nothing. We had to run upstairs to our new gate and barely made that flight. Extremely dissatisfied with customer service and lack of communication. Basically a company looking to get money wherever they can at the expense of foreign travelers."

Voordelen: "About as comfortable as it could be given a 10 hour flight and a pretty full plane."
Nadelen: "Boarding at LAX was unpleasant. Waited in a crowded shuttle bus for at least 20 minutes then long drive to a remote boarding gate."

Nadelen: "We flew Latam to go snowboarding in Argentina. The moment we arrived at the desk to check in, it was chaos. We waited in line for almost 2 hours to check in. When we got to Buenos Aires, our snowboard bags had not made it on the flight. Having to deal with Latam agents who hardly spoke English and were not helpful at all was intensity frustrating. Our bags finally got to our destination 2 days later. We had to drive to the airport to pick them up because they were not going to deliver them for another day, so we would have been 3 days without our snowboard gear. Latam did nothing to compensate us for the days lost no did they even seem to care. This is one of the most frustrating companies I have ever dealt with. I booked a return flight on Delta and lost $1000 just so I don’t have to deal with Latam again. Any money you save on a flight is not worth having to deal with this company. Stick with reliable American-based companies with customer service that is up to American standards."

Voordelen: "Courteous, gracious service; efficient and comfortable flight. Thank you!"

Voordelen: "The flight was great! The attention getting the boarding pass in Chicago was wonderful! I believe that isabela was the name of the person that helped me with my bags and she was extraordinary"
Nadelen: "When I was boarding the plain... the people in charge was very rude. I had to give them my carry on bag because there was not space and the way in which they asked for it was very unpolite."

Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "Boarding started 30’ late. Boarding itself was awful, two Lin’s of people where it was supposed to be one."

Voordelen: "Jet blue was late so I miss my connecting fly to Uruguay"
Nadelen: "They send me with avianca and that was a nightmare disaster 4 days later still waiting for my luggage"

Voordelen: "Rescheduled on to a different airline."
Nadelen: "Delayed"

Nadelen: "Hidden baggage fees. Extra fee to check in a bag was not disclosed at the moment I purchased my ticket. This airline doesn't even provide water to passengers. It's as stingy as it gets among all other airlines I've flow and value for money is poor."

Nadelen: "Seats very small. And I’m only size 33!"

Voordelen: "We had 3 high-school classes that traveled with us and the crew managed them extremely well (especially Luis) and made that trip unforgettable and most entertaining."
Nadelen: "Breakfast food was really bad; dinner food was between mediocre and ok."

Nadelen: "Due to technical problem in the lavatories we have been told."

Voordelen: "Great food at Tanta restaurant in the public area."
Nadelen: "Inadequate signage - especially for passengers arriving on a domestic flight and departing on an international flight. Why are you writing to me in Dutch? How do I change to English?"

Nadelen: "They didnt check my bag from DCA to BOG, so I had to check out my bag in MIA and then run to check in the next flack. I couldnt. They gave me a seat in another flight from another company, so it was OK."

Voordelen: "Personal on board is always great in LATAM"
Nadelen: "Personal at gate always suckin LATAM They lie in order to push their policies"

Nadelen: "Boarding was disorganized and confusing, no where to sit at gate."

Nadelen: "space between seat is terrible, isn't enough to one person travel with confortable."

Voordelen: "In-air service was excellent. My international flight was very smooth, flight attendants were kind and attentive, food and drink was provided free of charge, and onboard entertainment was available for the duration of the flight."
Nadelen: "It helps to be flexible when booking with LATAM, as my return flight itinerary was changed several times before being finalized."

Voordelen: "Was pleasantly surprised to find more legroom, more storage and a great selection of entertainment.."

Voordelen: "Kindness of the crew"

Voordelen: "were rescheduled for the flight Lima La2800. Scheduled departure 8.40a.m. Delay 2 hours - aircraft maintenance problem!? Still sitting in the plane in Lima."

Voordelen: "flight hostess attention"

Voordelen: "Great airline"

Voordelen: "Short flight, everything on time"
Nadelen: "As we had two lines for boarding and only one lady attending us, boarding was kind of messy"

Nadelen: "When buying a flight price and the airline on which I fly are the two most important factors.... LAN transferred my flight to AVIANCA and the food was terrible and the flight attendants weren't very friendly in general. The experience was not very enjoyable"

Voordelen: "comodidad normal camareras normales"
Nadelen: "divercion y comida"

Voordelen: "Buena aerolínea salidas y llegadas en tiempo. Personal amable. Sin problema alguno."

Voordelen: "Plane was nice, good entertainment, good onboard staff. Very cool looking interior plane, and service"
Nadelen: "HORRIBLE pre flight, and in airport staff. Incompetent, zero clue as to handle a delayed flight forced every passenger to hand over passports into communal plastic bags and took them for 2 hours somewhere in the airport unknown to us. I should never have to give up my passport into plastic bags/strangers EVER. They lost my customs paper, and then proceeded to accuse me of "selling it"--They took it after I passed through customs initially and if they put it back in passport after they threw them all in plastic bags- god knows where it is, or who's hands it was in who may have took it. They would not give us food vouchers, or water. They couldn't figure out how to get buses and hotel rooms for people- basic simple business skills-- add number of passengers going to hotel, calculate number of seats per bus and that will get you the number of buses needed--- they couldn't figure that out. I will call and give more detail, I promise."

Voordelen: "Fabulous staff"
Nadelen: "Long boarding times waiting too much"

Voordelen: "Overall the flight was excellent and the crew were very charismatic and always with a smile."

Nadelen: "It was cancelled with little explanation from the airlines or airport. And with little help afterwards."

Nadelen: "Food was horrible. Justo a sort of cupcake as breakfast."

Voordelen: "Attention to passenger"
Nadelen: "Boarding was crowded and slow"

Voordelen: "Everything except the cramped, smallish seating and the narrow cramped aisles."
Nadelen: "The cramped, small, tiny seats and the narrow cramped aisles."

Voordelen: "Yes"
Nadelen: "Yes"

Nadelen: "There was no entertainment in first class for a cross country flight"

Voordelen: "Thanks Jennifer, my flight attendant"
Nadelen: "Under the current health emergency the whole crew went above and beyond. Thank you!"

Voordelen: "One of the cabin crew was very kind and friendly."
Nadelen: "No entertainment, seats hardly went back, no place to charge any device"

Voordelen: "Flight got in early. Boarding was easy"
Nadelen: "Bags could have been brought onto the plane instead of being checked in. There was space in the overhead bins. The space wasn’t utilized efficiently. It would be nice if there were a few choices for the snacks."

Voordelen: "Great crew with positive attitude. Boarding was non chaotic and plane was clean and new."
Nadelen: "Food could be much better"

Voordelen: "Boarding was super easy. Great entertainment."
Nadelen: "Overall comfort. Space to relax."

Nadelen: "It took only 20 minutes to fly there but 20 minutes waiting to get off the ground in 25 minutes to circle around Philadelphia before landing. Not good when they reduce the size of the seats to 17 inches most people shoulders are wider than that. No food service no snack no drink and just snarky empl"

Voordelen: "This flight was fine"
Nadelen: "A bit too much taxiing but that's understandable at least"

Voordelen: "The seating, the comfort, the entertainment, the complimentary food, the drinks. Everything was great with American Airlines."
Nadelen: "Nothing."

Voordelen: "It was a red-eye flight and the crew kept the lighting low and the cabin quiet."
Nadelen: "More snack variety than pretzel nibbles."

Voordelen: "comfortable plane."
Nadelen: "Kay&k was awful. Never use them again."

Nadelen: "The service, and the smile on employee’s faces. Rolling their eyes at people because we want to know why we’re being delayed is disrespectful"

Voordelen: "nothing since i was not able to make it on time"
Nadelen: "Flight between fort myers and charlotte was stuck on the tarmac for more than 1h. I missed my connexion and was rebooked next day at 11am. I missed one full day of work. Next time, the flight could wait 15 o 20mn to allow passengers to reach the gate"

Voordelen: "Juste la rapidité du vol.les pilotes étaientt très bien autour du vol..."
Nadelen: "Le vol a accusé un retard de une heure et en plus on n'a changé du lieu d'embarquement qui est passé du 77 au fallait que chaque voyageur se renseigne."

Voordelen: "one of the crew members (Ana) was not only rude and bumping the food cart everywhere, she apparently did not learning as kid the basic of thank you and please. In addition her personal manners of cleaning her nose with her hand, was not only disgusting but unhygienic."
Nadelen: "Food, boarding and some training for some of the crew"

Voordelen: "Le personnel est parfait"
Nadelen: "Vraiment pas beaucoup de place dans le siège pour les bras et jambes"

Voordelen: "Presque tout."
Nadelen: "Le prix du bagage à payer en plus du prix"

Nadelen: "Le vol a ete annulé et j ai ete bloque sans voucher ou support"

Voordelen: "Visiter l’aerairport de JFK"
Nadelen: "Ponctualité, service à la clientèle, accommoder pour changement de siège, courtoisie, service à bord, efficacité des mesures de sécurité"

Nadelen: "Le déclassement en classe économique sans prévenir et une indemnisation impossible vol British opéré par American et donc les deux compagnie se renvoie la balle pour l’indemnisation (trois cents dollars par siège....) Plus jamais de voyage sur cette compagnie"

Voordelen: "L’equipage ne répondait pas à nos questions et le service laissait à désirer. Les sièges étaient confortables mais nous avons dû se faire réassigner parce qu’on nous avait séparés sur tous les vols."
Nadelen: "Le service à la clientèle"

Nadelen: "Une heure de retard au décollage"

Voordelen: "The crew was amazing on our American flight from DFW to PV"

Voordelen: "Mon avion est parti de SF à Miami pendant une heure puis à fait Demi-tour. Nous avons attendu 2h à l’aéroport. Nous n’avons pas été pris en charge. Terrible expérience. Je n’ai pas été remboursée."

Voordelen: "Very good service"
Nadelen: "Ok"

Nadelen: "Flight was cancelled. Zero accommodations"

Nadelen: "Restes 1 heure dans l'avion sur la piste pour partir en retard du meme delai. Pour un vol de 90 minutes, decevant."

Voordelen: "A l'heure"
Nadelen: "Sièges inconfortables. Assis trop haute."

Voordelen: "Tout s’est bien passer, c’etait facile."
Nadelen: "La temperature durant le vol était mouvementé"

Voordelen: "X"
Nadelen: "Le vol a été annulé personne ne nous a averti c’est kayak qui nous a dit de vérifier. Ils nous ont mis sur aucun autre vol jusqu’au lendemain."

Nadelen: "The flight attendant closed all the overhead bin doors...even though there was room in them and she INDICATED as why did she close them DURING the ongoing boarding process. Very strange and very dumb!"

Nadelen: "Least comfortable flight I've ever been on. It is hard to mess up the boarding process so that was okay, but the seats were cramped and awful. there was no crew around to offer water or anything. No snacks or anything to do for a 5 hour flight. long lines for the bathroom. Luckily I brought a tablet, but having no room whatsoever to move and never even seeing a flight attendant that i could ask for water made for a miserable flight."

Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Retard d’une heure"

Voordelen: "La bonne ponctualité pour un vol intra US"
Nadelen: "B757 dépourvu de système de divertissement à bord. Sûrement du au court trajet"

Nadelen: "Aucune des télé ne fonctionne pendant la totalité du vol Biscuits food ridicules Le prix des bagages et la queue pour obtenir son ticket puis refaire la queue pour déposer bagages Double paiement bagages mémé en transit / inacceptable"

Voordelen: "All good."
Nadelen: "No movie."

Voordelen: "tout le service en général."
Nadelen: "rien"

Nadelen: "notre vol a été retarde retarde!!au lieu de décoller comme prévu à 8h30 notre vol a été finalement annulé vers 23h30. On m'a relooké sur un vol pour LONDRES le lendemain à 19.h. Nous sommes restés plus de 24 h dans cet aéroport sans que nous soit proposé un hôtel. on nous a donné une couverture et un oreillé!!d'autre ont pu etre rebooké sur d'autre vols sur NY ou chicago le matin meme. Nous avons perdu une journée de travail mon époux et moi-meme. Lui a du annuler une formation impliquant 10 personnes qui venait de toute la France."

Voordelen: "Fast"

Voordelen: "Friendliness of crew"
Nadelen: "Fourth roundtrip flight where I have been unable to use my upgrades to upgrade to first class on any of the four segments. What good are the upgrades?"

Voordelen: "Very courteous crew.pilot was amazing!! Landed in tough wind"
Nadelen: "Turbulence"

Voordelen: "Thankful for the pilot..."
Nadelen: "I'm not a fan of being bribed into credit cards, and the whole class system... Everyone is a human passenger"

Voordelen: "It was great! I got an entire row to myself."

Voordelen: "On time, food service, good communication"
Nadelen: "Employee got us in the wrong terminal"

Voordelen: "The flight attendants."
Nadelen: "I was sitting in an aisle seat, a guy with a backpack hit my forehead. I was massaging my forehead and felt wetness. I was bleeding, the passengers next to me gave napkins and I pressed it to stop the bleeding. The flight attendant gave napkins and ice, the pilot was informed. He had Atlanta fire and rescue meet me at the gate upon landing."

Voordelen: "Our trip home was pleasant. Staff was very nice. No problems boarding. Overall enjoyed the flight."
Nadelen: "Can't say there was anything that i didn't like."

Voordelen: "Les hôtes étaient aimables"
Nadelen: "Une barre tendre comme déjeuner! Ils auraient pu faire mieux"

Nadelen: "un vol de sept heures sans un écran individuel, une première pour moi après de nombreux voyages. un vol transatlantique n'est pas un vol intérieur, pouvoir se distraire avec un film de son choix est un minimum surtout au prix du billet."

Nadelen: "Décollage en retard et arrivée avec plus de 40mn de retard Pas de classe premium eco et pas de possibilité d’avoir un espace avec un de place pour les jambes au comptoir Pour information générale , les places en économie sont très exiguës et généralement j’essaye de ne pas prendre de vol AA si je ne peux pas prendre à l’avance un siège sur les sortie de secours ce qui n’a pas été possible cette fois"

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