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12 aug. — 19 aug.1
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Top airline voor vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Oradea

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Blue AirGemiddelde score op basis van 293 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Brand new machine arriving in time to destination, everything went smoothly

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Brand new machine arriving in time to destination, everything went smoothly

The flight was loud, seats uncomfortable, but the flight attendant’s we’re nice 👌. Very poor in terms of comfort or food. Also really expensive. I would advise everyone to eat and drink before the flights. It’s really bad.

Flight delayed without explanation

No food or entertainment. Reasonable seats

We couldn´t get the boarding pass on line although we tried many times during the previous 24 hours. They made us to pay a suplement of 30 euros in the airport. We have felt cheated.

announcements in english. 5 hour delay, asked twice (and so did other passengers), but no updates in any other language.

Nadelen: "could not be delayed"
Nadelen: "I missed my flight because my previous flight was delayed 2.5 hrs"
Nadelen: "One hour delay"
Voordelen: "To be going home!"
Nadelen: "Female crew taking orders then taking ages to ring drinks a d they move on to others instead of finishing what they were doing. Then you're lucky if you get given 1 sugar and no spoon lol."
Voordelen: "Food was excellent; boarding a litlle bit crowded, but didn't notice as had been busy; crew has been kind and helpful"
Nadelen: "Unconfortable chair seats; seatbelt too short; tables too low for tall ppl"
Voordelen: "The flight departed on time and arrived the same. The seat was a tad bit narrow for me but then I am a tall guy at 6'5". Crew was very professional. Ticket cost was a third of what the other airlines were offering for a Sunday fare. I'll definitely use BlueAir again!"
Nadelen: "I was not allowed to take the push chair on board even though on the inbound flight was ok to do so. I have purchased the push chair especially so I can take it on board. Disappointed."
Voordelen: "I canceled the flight 6 weeks ago, no refund issued."
Nadelen: "I canceled the flight 6 weeks ago, no refund issued."
Voordelen: "Boarding was quick and we arrived on time."
Nadelen: "When getting to Bucharest we were taken by bus and didn’t have a gate."
Voordelen: "Everything was quite fast, we were like 15 min before the plan ready with boarding, but then somebody needed medical assistabce and we left 15 min delayed. But that's ok, it's nobody's fault. Baggage arrived very fast in Hamburg."
Nadelen: "A minus for the Crew because when we arrived in Hamburg, people started to open the baggage boxes although we were still rolling (like 5 min too early) and they didn't say anything, so more people were following. When we arrived, almost all the people who could, had the baggage already with them. This happened in the past but the Crew stopped the people on time."
Voordelen: "Stupid survey can’t eliminate category that doesn’t ajgpply"
Nadelen: "Appareil très dal, non nettoyé entre deux vols. Équipage peu aimable, services de restauration payant, ultra cher et sans possibilité de payer en carte bancaire"
Voordelen: "Clean enough"
Nadelen: "Charged £60 for hold luggage because the airline’s unstable website wouldn’t allow me to book in advance (£20 extra in the airport). Plane was delayed because they were late allowing passengers to board and missed the runway slot. Seats were uncomfortable - it was an older airframe."
Voordelen: "They are more professional and helpful. Really seemed like they knew what they were doing. The flight crew was accommodating and polite. The plane was very comfortable"
Nadelen: "7hour delayin onnecting flight! Seats on plane torn and very uncomfortable, meal booked but no food available."
Nadelen: "Flight was rescheduled for 3 hours later than original departure. Check in opened less than two hours before the rescheduled flight time so everyone was stuck waiting at check-in for hours. We couldnt even go in and relax inside at restaurants or the gate because online check in wasnt available. Then the flight was further delayed with no news about when the new take off would be or why the delay. Finally boarded a tiny plane that had propellers and a loud take off, if you easily fright on planes probably not the best choice for you. And then someone started smoking on the flight and the attendants had to announce again that smoking wasnt allowed. On and off throughout the flight it smelled like someone was smoking so I wonder if it was even coming from the cockpit."
Voordelen: "The free snack (biscuits and drink). The hard-working attendant (having to stuff all the baggage into the overhead lockers). Boarding at the rear door enabling me to get to my seat early."
Nadelen: "A slight whistling noise coming from the rear of the cabin, not too bothersome but it's there (I think the plane is getting a bit old). Not being able to disembark from the rear."
Voordelen: "Le service et le personnel au top"
Nadelen: "Le personnel qui ne parle pas français L'embarquement par une seule porte"
Nadelen: "It was very hot on the plane. There was no legroom in my seat, it was very uncomfortable."
Nadelen: "It was very hot on the plane. There was no legroom in my seat, it was very uncomfortable."
Voordelen: "Crew, polite and friendly"
Nadelen: "delay of more than 6 hours and incorrect information"
Nadelen: "They change the fly departing time with 12 hours before I was flying"
Voordelen: "Easy to book on phone no problems getting boarding passes etc."
Nadelen: "Could not amend my booking tried to check a bag online after printing out boarding pass. Had to pay £46 for a 11k bag each way."
Voordelen: "On time ,clean aircraft..."
Nadelen: "Crew was very serious...a smile can make a difference....."
Voordelen: "The flight went well."
Nadelen: "Bag drop off was terrible and stressful. We arrived 2.5 Hours early to drop the ONE suitcase and have brunch. We queued for 1.5 Hours to then be blocked as all six counters were given over to another flight and people who arrived LATER then us for our flight got to go first. It was incredibly stressful and frustrating especially when I checked in online before arriving at the airport. We had to rush and run through the airport and board at final call. In fact it would put me off flying with Blue Air again."
Nadelen: "Flight was cancelled a week before and didn't get a replacement flight. Got half of my money back. Will never book a blue air flight again !"
Nadelen: "The actual flight was good, but to try and check in on line is murder..the website needs a totally new revamp, both to & from Larnaca I was unable to check in on line. You enter all your details press confirm and it is supposed to go to the next instruction, but a message appeared then took you back to your previous page and you had to input all your details again..this happened many times before I eventually gave up."
Nadelen: "I had to make my own way home from Manchester.. plane diverted due weather."
Voordelen: "The food they offer to purchase. Easy check in at the airport."
Nadelen: "Better seat pitch. I'm not a tall man, but the space is very small."
Voordelen: "On time , crew good... no complaints"
Voordelen: "free breakfast great staff"
Voordelen: "Free drinks, cheap flight and fairly comfortable!"
Nadelen: "No allocated seat."
Voordelen: "Cheap in price, unexpected free snack on outbound flight, relaxed attitude to luggage, both hold and carry on, chartered unscheduled flight after original was cancelled"
Nadelen: "The fact our original flight was cancelled and we were delayed by 7.5 hours. They communication from the airport crew was little to non and flight time changed 4 times. They even told us difinitively that we would board at a certain time only for us to actually board nearly 2 hours later. They, without a doubt, knew the rescheduled flight time but strung us on anyway - I believe this was so they could save money on hotels"
Voordelen: "staff very friendly and polite ..airplane wasnt full so i get the chance to have a nice fly with my 2 little sons"
Nadelen: "-"
Voordelen: "Everything was awesome!!! I am going to buy only from you my next flights."
Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "The agent lady on the desk did nothing to help us get on our flight. She refused to identify herself. We intend to sue the company for the damages caused to us because of this bad attitude."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Reliable and friendly staff. Even offered a free soft drink and sandwich on a short haul flight."
Voordelen: "Can't say that I liked anything at all."
Nadelen: "1. Poor coordination by the crew members. 2. Been treated with arrogance and superiority by crew members. 3. Disgusting food."
Voordelen: "Leaving more or less on time serving food & beverages on a low cost flight Even though I didnt eat (carb free, there were'nt any friut or vegtebles) yet the idea was thoughtfull."
Nadelen: "Seats rather narrow"
Voordelen: "am ajuns chiar mai devreme, personalul foarte dragut si amabil , scaunul comod , mancare si bauturi bune."
Nadelen: "No online check-in. 1 hour waiting for nothing."
Voordelen: "First time flying with them. Strongly recommended!"
Voordelen: "I was surprised and pleased as well that the flight attendant listen to me when I mentioned that it's very cold in the cabin and in less than 30 minutes the temperature was changed and bearable"
Nadelen: "Not applicable"

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