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Vind goedkope vluchten van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal


Vind goedkope vluchten van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal

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Cebu (CEB)
wo 23/6
wo 30/6
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februariBeste tijd om de massa te ontvluchten met een gemiddelde daling in prijs van 17%.


augustusPopulairste tijd om te vliegen met een gemiddelde toename in prijs van 16%.

Gemiddelde prijs retour

€700(gemiddelde prijs in de afgelopen 2 weken)

Topdeal retour

€570of minder

Topdeal enkele reis

€422of minder

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De beste tips voor het vinden van een goedkope vlucht

  • Op zoek naar een goedkope vlucht? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft vluchten voor deze route gevonden voor €422 of minder voor een enkele reis en voor €570 of minder voor een retour.
  • Het hoogseizoen is in juli, augustus en september. De goedkoopste vliegmaand is februari.

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Hoe lang duurt een vlucht van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal?

Welke vliegmaatschappijen bieden de voordeligste vluchten van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal?

Hoe vindt KAYAK zulke lage prijzen voor vliegtickets van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal?

Hoe kan de vliegticket prijsvoorspellingstool van KAYAK me helpen bij het kiezen van het juiste moment om mijn vliegticket van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal te boeken?

Wat is de KAYAK Mix-functie voor vluchten van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal?

Wat is de "flexibele datums"-functie van KAYAK en wat heb ik hieraan als ik een vlucht zoek van Cebu naar Brussel-Nationaal?

Top airlines voor vluchten van Cebu Mactan Internationaal naar Brussel-Nationaal

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

Gemiddelde score op basis van 4.650 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Voordelen: "On time departure and earlier arrival of the airline Thumbs up for the pilot for smooth landing and take off Food is so delicious Stewardess are very respectful Will fly again with ANA"
Nadelen: "None so far"

Voordelen: "Time is good."
Nadelen: "With long flight these two are a must ! Food is very limited and needs to have more movies."

Nadelen: "Mid night snack can be improved, it’s too small a portion."

Voordelen: "Crews are friendly"
Nadelen: "Need more food"

Voordelen: "Crew was nice"
Nadelen: "Food"

Voordelen: "Seating was fine"
Nadelen: "If flight cost less lol"

Nadelen: "Lousy food taste bland out of date movies"

Voordelen: "Logjam Manila traffic, confusion at MNL, late for check in, but staff got me on the plane. Then my suitcase was busted open at Chicago O'Hare on the conveyor belt and ANA issued me a replacement on the spot. Two problems [ not their fault ] handled beautifully. ANA is truly amazing. Thank You !!"

Nadelen: "Retard. Aucune explication ni excuse"

Voordelen: "J'ai réservé et payé mon billet chez Ana : vol exploité par Swiss, dont la qualité est moindre. Impossible de réserver un siège à l'avance. Je ne volerai plus jamais avec Swiss !"
Nadelen: "Les repas étaient franchement mauvais. Brocolis à l'aller et au retour... pas de baguettes sur un vol en joint-venture avec ANA et plein de passagers japonais"

Voordelen: "Avion vétuste et service minimum, pas même un verre d'eau !"
Nadelen: "35 minutes de correspondance entre deux vols, aux deux points opposés de l'aéroport, c'est clairement trop peu,"

Voordelen: "Le repas principal, le choix de films, la route par le nord ( magnifiques paysages de banquise)"
Nadelen: "J'aurais aimé pouvoir prendre connaissance à l'avance des menus à choix. Là il fallait choisir au moment du service"

Voordelen: "I enjoyed the flight because the flight NH9 wasn't fully booked, I used my next seat too. Also, the crews are generally better then usual, more smile. Food also better than last severity trips."
Nadelen: "Even so, food can be better. I want more western drama on entertainment."

Voordelen: "The staff is friendly with attention to detail"

Voordelen: "Service Quality"
Nadelen: "Seat does not recline"

Nadelen: "Nice trip"

Voordelen: "The service was exceptional"

Voordelen: "I would definitely fly ANA again they have a fenomenal service and I love the politeness of the crew"
Nadelen: "Noisy passengers, no paper towels in the toilets only thin napkins. Limited food options."

Voordelen: "Service was great"
Nadelen: "Sound on entertainment system did not work"

Voordelen: "Great service, on time."
Nadelen: "Seats were designed for Japanese folks. Nothing like being stuffed into a center seat with narrow seats."

Voordelen: "The service...the food...the entertainmrnt....tq tq tq"

Voordelen: "The food and courteous flight attendants."

Voordelen: "Food tasted great, flight attendants were super nice love the food holders under the seats to rest your feet"
Nadelen: "Nothing really to Complain about. Selection of movies could have been a little better but it’s a Japanese airline didn’t expect a lot of American Content"

Voordelen: "The extra inches were nice. Fairly comfortable seat. And the ice cream was a nice treat."
Nadelen: "I thought I would get a little more than a few extra inches in Economy Plus. Maybe an overnight packet (ear plugs, eye mask, toothbrush?) and/or a foot rest for the extra money, but it was literally only a few extra inches of space."

Nadelen: "Not enough space to put my luggages"

Voordelen: "Ana est loin devant Air France"

Voordelen: "La compagnie est géniale! Rien à dire!"

Voordelen: "Great service."

Voordelen: "I enjoyed the hospitality and attention to detail."

Voordelen: "Configuration of your 787-800 Busn./ Class,was nothing more than an updated 707 from the past. Crew was good food was average. A flight I may avoid."

Voordelen: "La puntualidad absoluta, la amabilidad de la tripulación y los baños impecables durante las 13 hr de vuelo."
Nadelen: "Creo que la comida podría mejorarse un poco pero es un detalle mínimo"

Voordelen: "Movies"
Nadelen: "Food needs improvement"

Voordelen: "Very convenient and generally positive experience on this flight. Modern aircraft as well."
Nadelen: "Small seats, what do you expect from economy."

Nadelen: "The flight was delayed 9 hours! I had to make other arraignments so I wouldn't miss my conference. I lost money because of the great delayed."

Nadelen: "Delayed 2 hours and people where freezing in terminal. They eventually brought blankets and snacks."

Voordelen: "Generous for portions. Crew were awesome. The interface was easy and had lots of options"
Nadelen: "Main food dish was combinations of flavors I would never put together. Lack of leg room."

Voordelen: "Courteous and friendly staff, clean aircraft and on-time schedule."
Nadelen: "There was nothing I did not like."

Voordelen: "Crew and service was awesome"
Nadelen: "Not enough choices of entertainment"

Voordelen: "Excellent service!"

Voordelen: "There was a delay"

Voordelen: "Messed everything up!!!"
Nadelen: "Messed everything up!!!"

Nadelen: "Could not fall asleep as the chair would not recline enough"

Voordelen: "ANA is always prompt, even when there are delays. The flight attendants are always kind and polite."
Nadelen: "Today's flight was delayed and set back arrival by twenty minutes."

Voordelen: "Almost everthiny good job keep it up, excellent !"

Voordelen: "Nice new plane"
Nadelen: "Delayed boarding"

Nadelen: "Person sitting next me passenger wanted fight with me. She told me this is her space arm rest I can not use for over 9 hours. She smelled alcohol and perfume. which made very uncomfortable bad bad"

Voordelen: "Hassle-free luggage check-in process. Amazing hospitality led to a great in-flight experience. Empathy and kindness of staff was exemplary. Every crew member goes above and beyond one's expectations. My wife and my kid had a lovely time and comfortable journey. Will definitely try to book this flight again in future."
Nadelen: "There was no Indian or vegetarian food. Luckily, my wife carried home-made food."

Voordelen: "ANA have, as usual, good service throughout, very good entertainment selection and food is good. The 787 is fairly spacious and comfortable."
Nadelen: "Flight actually has a later departure slot than the headline departure time; being Narita, there is a significant risk of extra delay due to runway congestion. Arrived late at BRU and nearly missed connection due to combination of this (nearly 1 hour delay) and adverse jet stream."

Voordelen: "Very friendly crew both on the ground and in the air."
Nadelen: "Entertainment options (movies/TV) are rather limited and mostly not to my taste. Entertainment was also the same on the flights there and back, meaning that on the second flight, there was even less choice."

Voordelen: "Late departure but kept informed. Food good."

Voordelen: "Everything and everyone are Good and Nice ."
Nadelen: "For a long flight ( 16 hours or more ) , if someday I can afford First Class , that’s make my life . Thanks"

Nadelen: "Only the toilets very small"

Voordelen: "Cathay Pacific and crews were really good."
Nadelen: "I suggest no seating reservation online."

Voordelen: "no!"
Nadelen: "They need to smile and respect the passengers"

Voordelen: "Seats are alright... good thing I don’t have a seatmate so I have a little bit more room to move."
Nadelen: "I miss the free giveaways or little travel gifts that they used to give."

Voordelen: "Nice plane. Crew was great. Seat not bad for economy."
Nadelen: "Only complaint was the 5 or 6 hour delay because of the weather."

Nadelen: "The staff very accomadating and helpful"

Nadelen: "1h30 delayed as usual"

Voordelen: "The crew on Cathay Pacific is always first class."
Nadelen: "These particular planes did not have outlets to charge my smartphone. Only USB chargers which didn't work very well."

Voordelen: "Reverse herringbone seating is always one of my business class seating favorites. The crew was quick and efficient. We arrived on time for both the outgoing and return flights."
Nadelen: "Food was lacking. Our outgoing flight had much better food than our return. For example, they provided two or three snack options on the outgoing flight. They only had an asian soup for our return. Since we left at 1:00 am, I slept through the dinner and woke up about six hours later quite hungry."

Voordelen: "flight attendants were very sweet."
Nadelen: "Food, late both from and back ways."

Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Lots of room, excellent service, decent food. Boarding was uneventful as was the flight itself. We were late taking off, but made up time and landed on time. Only had 1 hour 25 minute layover so was a bit concerned."
Nadelen: "Cathay Pacific doesn't do a beverage service before serving dinner. I find it odd to get served a cocktail after the first course is served."

Voordelen: "On this trip being able to sleep huge a huge benefit"

Nadelen: "The plane couldn’t take off on time. Delayed arrival at HK and our connecting flight didn’t want to wait for us."

Voordelen: "On time departure and arrival, in flight service and comfort."
Nadelen: "Entertainment system seems old, latest movies are not there and the flight maps interface looks like as of it is from the 2000s."

Voordelen: "The cabin attendants were excellent in carrying iut their work and responsibilities. They were friendly too."
Nadelen: "I tried to check in online a day before the flight as per email advisory but most of the seats were blocked already and whatever seats left open were only a few and those were tbe ones in the middle or the ones that you need to pay additional. so I decided to check in at the airport but their staff didn’t help much. They still gave us seats away from each other even if I explained that we have some health issues that’s why we need to stay together."

Voordelen: "The food are great."
Nadelen: "Bathrooms are not as clean."

Voordelen: "Smooth flight and I sleep well, excellent service , it was a long flight but can’t complain ,"
Nadelen: "I didn’t like that I was seating next to the toilet coz I can smell when someone is using it"

Voordelen: "Excellent all around. The A350 is much quieter than older jets - a real asset on a long flight."

Voordelen: "Crew was nice food was great"
Nadelen: "All good"

Voordelen: "The new airplanes have usb plugs and had more pockets on the seat in front of you to place small personal items such as glasses, etc. Appreciated the crew’s offer for assistance when my lap toddler had a tantrum mid flight."
Nadelen: "Inconsistent with what was offered for the children. One flight provided food , juice and toiletries for my infant. The long haul flight didn’t give anything at all. I just had my lap toddler and my toddler share food since my toddler couldn’t finish all the food provided."

Voordelen: "Boarding and staff"
Nadelen: "None"

Voordelen: "caring flight attendant went extra mile to move people into better seats if they were available."
Nadelen: "people in lowest economy seats (back of plane) did not get an amenity bag (ear plugs, toothbrush, eye mask)."

Nadelen: "The check in crew were not very helpful. I was asking for help but he didn’t even suggested a solution. Instead he kept ok saying he can’t do anything which is really disappointing. He is in a customer service area, he should be more accommodating."

Voordelen: "Punctual, service"
Nadelen: "Price more expensive"

Voordelen: "The usual Cathay Pacific service"
Nadelen: "On time departure and arrival."

Voordelen: "Crew is great"

Voordelen: "The new Airbus A350-900 is phenomenal. Big screens, spacious, great food selections"
Nadelen: "Absolutely nothing."

Nadelen: "Hard to just get out of seat to go to bathroom, it’s to cramped"

Voordelen: "Food was good and seats were comfy :) Quick boarding and timely departures which I really like coz it got me to the destination pretty on time compared to other airlines."
Nadelen: "Staff seemed a bit stressed at times. Service seemed rushed but acceptable."

Voordelen: "The Attendants were excellent"
Nadelen: "I am a big man and found the seats a bit tight"

Voordelen: "Staff and crew were good. Boarded on time. Landed safe."
Nadelen: "Seats are cramped and small."

Voordelen: "מסך וסרטים ברמה טובה, המטוס עצמו חדש ובאיכות טובה. מרחק קטן בין הכיסאות מרגישים ברכיים בגב."
Nadelen: "היינו המומים - רגע לפני העלייה למטוס, בשרוול עצמו, לקחו את הנוסעים הצידה ועשו להם בדיקה גופנית ידנית. הכוונה מישושים מלאים בכל חלקי הדוף האינטימיים, ולפני שאר הנוסעים. החברה שלי היתה בשוק. הרי עברנו שיקוף בכניסה לטרמינל. ואין לי מושג אם זה בגלל שאנו ישראליים, אבל זה היה וולגרי ופולשני. הימנעו מטיסה עם החברה הזו."

Voordelen: "service was excellent"
Nadelen: "boarding took very long."

Voordelen: "Overall good experience"
Nadelen: "I booked an isle seat for flight to Hong Kong and Cebu and was not given one. I called with request for isle and was assigned very far in advance. But was not given one"

Voordelen: "Arrived 40 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time. Food and drinks on board were above expectation compared to other airlines like KLM, China Southern. Cathay delivered a smooth and great service throughout this trip as per usual."

Nadelen: "In Canton (Guangzhou) aangekomen was er een zeer lamé wachttijd bij de douane van ongeveer anderhalve uur voordat ik aan de beurt was. Dit heeft verder niets met Cathay te maken maar wel met de vluchthaven."

Voordelen: "Vriendelijkheid en flexibiliteit personeel, goeie app van Cathay en keurige aansluiting op vervolgvluxht."

Voordelen: "I like the service and the foods are so delicious."
Nadelen: "The charging port when I was on my way to Hong Kong from Los Angeles, it wasn't working so that's the only thing that I didn't like."

Nadelen: "flight took off 27 min late,sat in plane for over an hour waiting to go"

Voordelen: "Great food, free, and also free snacks, lovely staff, extra pillows and blankets provided. Roomy, loved it, plan to use then again !"

Nadelen: "Hindi movies not that many choices."

Voordelen: "Enough space for legs, great VOD, good food, excellent service."

Voordelen: "Easiness to oil a flight with Kayak. Price is much cheaper as compared to other travel websites!"
Nadelen: "None."

Voordelen: "Speak in Hindi language with lndian passengers"

Nadelen: "I had a cumulative 10 hours of delays on this trip and missed important appointments because of this"

Voordelen: "Staff Food"
Nadelen: "Delayed due to rain (stopped us boarding, held in skyway for 15 minutes, had to run to another gate) Poor communication on delay/flight info."

Voordelen: "Overall service excellent."
Nadelen: "The gap time between the connecting flight is short u have to pass the security and after that a long walk going to the gate of the next flight other than that it's excellent. My concern is if the passenger has a health problem he/she going to have a shortness of breath. The crew/staff who assist me excellent."

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