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11 sep. — 18 sep.1
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Aer LingusGemiddelde score op basis van 6366 beoordelingen
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The flight crew was very accommodating and the seat was comfortable.

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The flight crew was very accommodating and the seat was comfortable.

There was no indication on e tivket which terminal I flew from so I had to walk a long distance to a new terminal….. then getting checked in took about an hour because the airline was clearly short staffed and the staff didn’t seem to know what to do efficiently. All my flights have been late so had to rush for my connections and arrived late at my final destination and to top all that off my suitcase hasn’t arrived so I have no clothes at all and I’m supposed to be working which I now have to cancel because I don’t have anything…… so this airline is now affecting my income and costing me a lot of money. It’s ridiculous

Nadelen: "The food. We waited too long to take off and there was no announcement why we were sitting on waiting..."
Nadelen: "The first plane was absolutely filthy. I paid for Wifi and when connection was spotty put my laptop down still with half of the data I purchased unused, but then it wouldn't let me back on later. Food was awful. On the first flight they skipped me for drink service entirely."
Voordelen: "Seats were better than the international leg."
Nadelen: "Everything. Offer at least a drink - all drinks were a charge. Staff was rude. Also they lost our luggage."
Nadelen: "The flight was canceled hours before departure. I waited for 30 minutes on hold to see if I could get on a different flight. But they couldn’t get me to my destination for 2-3 days after my originally-scheduled arrival."
Voordelen: "Crew were amazing. The cabin had the new lighting system which was an unexpected bonus, love it."
Nadelen: "Everything was simply perfect"
Voordelen: "Des infos ont été données par le pilote ou l'équipage"
Nadelen: "Propreté de l'avion Ponctualité à l'atterrissage et au décollage"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were great!"
Nadelen: "Roomier seats, include a beverage (soda, juice, and at least water), child free section"
Voordelen: "Pilots were very smooth with the controls, especially on landing unlike Ryanair!"
Voordelen: "Left on time."
Nadelen: "Everything else. Utterly confusing answers to questions."
Voordelen: "Nothing since I’m still in dublin"
Nadelen: "There was minimum help. Wait actually, in Manchester there was none. No one at the gate until 2:15pm when the flight was already 20mins late! No one updated an incoming flight with passengers needed to make connections."
Nadelen: "No food or even water boarding on time but delayed for no reason"
Nadelen: "my seat wouldn't stay up, kept sliding back seat27a."
Nadelen: "Delayed as always"
Voordelen: "Same as above"
Nadelen: "Same as above."
Voordelen: "No delays. Reasonably comfortable"
Nadelen: "Not a single vegetarian option on the flight ??!?"
Voordelen: "Easy boarding"
Nadelen: "Arrive a day later no sleep to LOST MISSING bags for both myself and my daughter."
Voordelen: "They had vegetarian options for food."
Nadelen: "I couldn't check in until I got to the airport so I was stuck in a middle seat. Boarding went smoothly but we sat on the run way for an extended period of time. The screens weren't working for the first 45 mintues and when they were finally reset the movies kept skipping which made it unwatchable, the 7 hour flight from hell."
Voordelen: "The crew was very pleasant. The food was actually good! The flight was exactly on time! And they didn’t loose my luggage! It was perfect"
Voordelen: "La rapidité"
Nadelen: "Les repose tête"
Nadelen: "retard conséquent sur l'aller comme sur le retour. Tout est payant à bord."
Voordelen: "Great service at the airport from Iberia, once in the plane, slow service with the drink cart, but comfortable seats and pleasant flight."
Nadelen: "Signed up and paid for luggage when checked in online. Paid 30 euro total... found out did not need to pay for luggage when checked in at airport."
Voordelen: "La place et le.vol.."
Nadelen: "Humeur du personnel de bord"
Voordelen: "Great flight"
Voordelen: "Fast boarding"
Nadelen: "No food or drinks offered"
Nadelen: "Pas de snacks, tres cher pour mon billet"
Nadelen: "Vol de souvenir dans bagages en soute"
Voordelen: "That it only lasted 50 mins"
Nadelen: "Packed with low class beer drinking plebes."
Voordelen: "fauteuils confortables, personnel trés aimable, transit à dublin rapide et bien organisé"
Nadelen: "la nourriture, mais comme pour toutes les compagnies aeriennes"
Voordelen: "Vol avec du retard au départ. Mais une volonté à décoller au plus vite pour compenser ce retard. Accueil chaleureux."
Voordelen: "Polite crew and on time as scheduled"
Nadelen: "No breakfast offer"
Voordelen: "Bagages misent en soute gratuitement."
Nadelen: "Pas de traductions des consignes aucun effort des hôtesses vols avec 30min de retard"
Nadelen: "Paying for coffee??"
Nadelen: "Short flight so N/A on food and entertainment. Crew were much nicer and friendly than our first leg of the trip."
Voordelen: "The staff was very courteous and nice. The dinner and breakfast were good quality. Highly recommend Aer Lingus"
Nadelen: "We had a crying baby behind us and the parents didn't do anything to alleviate the situation"
Nadelen: "Too cold on the plane"
Nadelen: "There was no food or entertainment provided"
Voordelen: "Everything on time, check-in was easy, connection in Dublin went smoothly,"
Nadelen: "Don't like that anything to drink or eat costs money. I understand that's the competition with other airlines but still don't like it."
Nadelen: "Pas de note pour le divertissement ou les repas car pour les 1er il n y en a pas et pour les second je n ai rien prix ."
Voordelen: "On board staff is very nice."
Nadelen: "Ticket counter agent at SFO placed wrong tag on suitcase. This created lost luggage 4 four days. Boarding gate time posted on boarding pass from DUBto SFO as gate closing at 10:25 am when flight left at 12:30pm. We ran to gate to be told the gate won’t open for boarding until 11:40. While at DUB going to LHR none of the Aer Lingus staff told us we were to go to British Airways terminal until we got to counter. Why couldn’t there be advance notice?Aer Lingus is lame. This was my first & last time I fly Aer Lingus."
Voordelen: "Please see end of negative comments."
Nadelen: "Four hour delay that started out as a one hour delay, then we were told it would be a two hour delay. Ended as four hours. First mechanical and then fuel spill. Since the delay was so long the hallway lights in gate area seemed pre-set to turn off; so they did turn off, leaving travelers in the waiting area in semi-darkness. On the positive, we were each given 7euro food voucher and closest food vender remained open for us. Ground crew maintained their professionalism and good humor... even when all could see jet fuel leaking out of the fuel truck lines attached to the aircraft and runway/taxi/apron staff scrambling as the fire trucks pulled up. Fuel pooled around the truck and formed a riverlet flowing about forty feet .Yikes! ...but in the end we got home safe!"
Voordelen: "Why are they flight atendants. So nasty"
Nadelen: "The aircraft was too old and poorly kept."
Voordelen: "ils ont accepté une valise en soute gratuitement"
Nadelen: "aucune collation gratuite , pas même un verre d'eau ou un thé"
Nadelen: "Food & not enough water served. The seats had very little leg room on flight from Dublin to Lisbon and people had to maneuver their bodies to get into the seats."
Nadelen: "Need Fruits, vegetables, salads, fresh fish,"
Nadelen: "Lack of leg room, I know it's the safe in economy on all airlines, but it's tough!"
Voordelen: "Pleasant, courteous staff. Average room in economy. Less pressure and bustle at Dublin than bigger airports."
Voordelen: "I had the whole row to myself so I was able to catch up on my sleep which was nice. The"

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