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Populairste tijd om te vliegen met een gemiddelde toename in prijs van 7%.
Vlucht van Windhoek Hosea Kutako Internationaal naar Brussel-Nationaal
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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopste maand om te vliegen naar vanuit Windhoek is januari.

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Top airlines voor vluchten van Windhoek Hosea Kutako Internationaal naar België

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Ethiopian AirGemiddelde score op basis van 2485 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

C'est le top 🔝, rien à dire

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C'est le top 🔝, rien à dire

Pour un voyage, je crois qu'Ethiopians fait le maximum. Ils sont au Top 🔝.

I checked in online but I have to wait on queue at the airport again. Abuja airport should be digitalized.

Le respect des stewards

I had an excellent experience with Ethiopian Airlines.

La business class n’est pas assez considérer lors de l’embarquement, on paye plus chère pour avoir la priorité, néanmoins des personnes hors business class sont pas passés devant mes enfants et moi…conclusion: travaillé votre service ethiopian airlines!

La business class n’est pas assez considérer lors de l’embarquement, on paye plus chère pour avoir la priorité, néanmoins des personnes hors business class sont pas passés devant mes enfants et moi…conclusion: travaillé votre service ethiopian airlines et considérer les personnes qui payent au prix fort pour voyager tranquillement

La prestation des hôtesses étaient bien. Mais le respect des sièges doit être suivi

Les numéros n'était pas correct nous avons pas plus embarqué et impossible de vous joindre par mailsou téléphone, mais encaissé l'argent aucun soucis😡😡

L’éventail de film auquel on a accès est assez désuet

Dans l’ensemble le service est agréable, mais j’ai surtout déploré le rationnement de l’eau. On est servi dans des sortes de petits gobelets .

The selection of movies has not changed in a very long time. Other than that... All was excellent

Stay away from flights going through Lome if that is not your final destination. The agents at the Accra airport are also thieves. They held onto my boarding pass for my upgraded ticket which I paid an extra $800; untill I paid $260. for excess baggage, when I was entitled to 3 free because of my upgraded ticket. I could have kept my economy seat and paid only $260, instead I paid $1060!. The agent held onto my boarding pass untill I had paid and had only 20 minutes to clear TSA. Pleasw do not fly Ethiopian Air via Lome to Ghana!!!!. You will regret this very e expensive experience.

Voordelen: "Great crew, Food."
Nadelen: "Reduce baggage charges."
Voordelen: "Tout ce ok"
Nadelen: "Vraiment ce complet leur service"
Nadelen: "Better veg food, Ask and provide water to drink when flight is 10 hrs long. Not just provide lunch and dinner."
Voordelen: "Helpful, friendly crew. Comfortable plane"
Nadelen: "In flight entertainment could be a little better. Perhaps let passengers know about the inflight entertainment available via WiFi"
Voordelen: "Pleasant check-in staff. Friendly flight attendants."
Nadelen: "Travelers should be told that Gate 2 to Kumasi will be empty when you get there and that you should go around the corner to the transit area and wait for your flight there. They should let you know that they will announce the flight from the transit area."
Voordelen: "The crew were fantastic! The one meal from Athens to Cairo was excellent, the other two meals weren’t too bad but not as good as the first one."
Nadelen: "The security in Cairo was really a joke."
Voordelen: "Asked for water that I never received. Wasn’t allowed to bathroom although still 20 min until landing and other people still got up"
Voordelen: "Airrbus A350 confort"
Nadelen: "Crew professionalism and food to be improved"
Voordelen: "Nice aircraft and comfortable seating in economy with a good selection of music and movies on the seat back entertainment. Business class was mostly empty and looked very nice and roomy. They should upgrade their frequent flyers the way other airlines do to fill those empty seats and generate the good PR that results. The food was good in my opinion, and the Ethiopian coffee is great. Affordably priced tickets was the selling point for choosing them. They are a young airline and while they go through the motions of being a modern service-oriented airline, but alas for the most part they aren't there yet."
Nadelen: "We've flown a few Ethiopian Air flights now and while the flight attendants are nice, they aren't always on top of things and paying attention to the needs of the passengers. Not as helpful or attentive as we're used to. Boarding is chaotic and the overnight transfer at Addis Ababa is a total mess. If you get to leave through the airport in the early morning things are relatively painless, but what a nightmare of pushing and shoving chaos when it's busy. The hotels they put you up in are mediocre at best. Last week we enjoyed a long wait for the bus ride to the hotel, cold food when we arrived, and a nice hard bed to "sleep" in. We probably won't fly Ethiopian Air if we have to overnight in Addis Ababa again. I'm willing to pay up to fly another airline and skip the overnight as it's just not worth the hassle."
Voordelen: "seat not comfortable"
Nadelen: "more drinks along the way"
Voordelen: "Crew was helpful, everythinf fine"
Nadelen: "The food was not so good. Bit cold.."
Voordelen: "The crew was amazing. The crew is an asset to the airline"
Nadelen: "Boarding is chaotic."
Nadelen: "No Gin & Tonic Bus transfer to airplane for international flight? Twice...?"
Voordelen: "Crew was very nice, very helpful"
Nadelen: "3 hour delay in flight from Chicago to Ethiopia due to ‘mechanical issues’ made me miss my connection. I was put up in a hotel, but woke up in the middle of the night to roaches all over the place. Not the best experience"
Nadelen: "Crews could have greet and serve passengers with a warm smile. Food was acceptable but not as good as Japan / Korean airlines . I suppose the low airfares reflect its Servicr."
Voordelen: "The crew were ok but took ages to help you"
Nadelen: "faster service in the plane"
Nadelen: "flight was cancelled and i only got to know it after traveling first leg of the tip - then got rerouted for next 36 hrs. Now acceptable for both KAYAK and ET Airline"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Très bien en général"
Nadelen: "RAS"
Voordelen: "Très bien en général"
Nadelen: "RAS"
Voordelen: "Tout en général"
Nadelen: "Ce serait bien que l'équipage parle Français sur des vols pour Paris"
Voordelen: "Service"
Voordelen: "Agreablement surprise de la qualite de la compagnie."
Nadelen: "We are stuck at the airport because Ethiopian Airlines sent out false and miseading update stating that it’s flight was leaving at 6 PM as opposed to the scheduled 7:30 AM. Because of that no one showed up for the flight and there are no direct flights tomorrow that they would put us on! My father recently had a heart attack and this is causing him immense suffering! Additionally patient with emergencies are waiting to see my husband tomorrow and Tuesday but will not be able to because he stuck at the airport! They are refusing to put us on an airline us direct flight tomorrow! Also we have spent at least seven hours on the phone and misleading (and that’s to put it kindly) statements have been told."
Voordelen: "la prise en charge surtout lors du changement du vol ou j'ai recu la notification"
Nadelen: "les repas qui sont dans la monotonie"
Voordelen: "Oui j aime"
Nadelen: "Oui"
Voordelen: "Landing on time"
Nadelen: "Limited choice of food- no vegetarian options, only meat."
Voordelen: "Cheap fare, no frills."
Nadelen: "Too hot, crew isn’t friendly (could be cultural difference), jam packed flight with tons of small children so was unlikely to ever be super pleasant."
Voordelen: "Everything was on time, high quality, and enjoyable"
Nadelen: "There was a fight on the llane but it was because a passenger with mental issues was provoked by a couple so ahe beat up the wife. This was not caused by ET and crew at all, but they stopped it."
Nadelen: "Rude flight attendants and desk staff that were not trained to do check in well. No entertainment available."
Voordelen: "The crews"
Nadelen: "The food"
Voordelen: "The quality of the planes"
Nadelen: "The food"
Voordelen: "I like that the bulkhead seats (typically where the baby bassinet is placed) have electrical outlets which I used to easily charge my phone; and that there is nice legroom space."
Nadelen: "Economy is a bit tight; the bidding process for Cloud Nine (business class) has reduced the chance of passengers being upgraded for free especially as a means to reward frequent flyers, or help passengers with special needs/accommodations."
Voordelen: "The flight crew was nice. We received a hot lunch even though it was a short flight which was nice."
Nadelen: "Boarding was interesting. It should have been an easy boarding as it is a small regional airport. Instead it seemed they went out of their way to make it as confusing as possible. Instead of going through security over here lets have you wrap around the hallway to just have to come back to where you were before?"
Voordelen: "Excellent food, very friendly and helpful crew e"
Nadelen: "Entertainment center did not work Limited storage place in business class for items like mobile devices etc"
Voordelen: "I took a roundtrip to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia from Washington, DC. The trip was 13 hours there and 16 on the way back (I think that included a refueling stop in Dublin). There was plenty of food and beverages provided throughout the flight - usually every 3 hours or so. Blankets, pillows, and several movie/entertainment were provided."
Nadelen: "I would prefer the the main cabin lights be kept off longer."
Voordelen: "Les facilités accordés lors du transfert à Addis"
Nadelen: "Pas de divertissement pour les enfants"
Voordelen: "Leg space was great and bathrooms were wider than usual."
Nadelen: "The entertainment center was falling, the touch screen was not working well, and the movies were all very outdated. There was no USB charger."
Voordelen: "I’m time"
Nadelen: "The check in failed as I request the exit seats. No headphones to listen the entertainment! Maputo Luanda plain is old and dirty."
Voordelen: "Punctuality of the flight and the pilots did an amazing job"
Nadelen: "There was not in flight entertainment few broken handsets, broken seats"
Nadelen: "Old plane with no entertainment. The flight was schedule for 7:10pm then changed to 8:20pm then changed again to 11:50pm."
Nadelen: "Plane is old and had no entertainment"
Voordelen: "The flight was really cheap. Although you get what you pay for. My seat didn’t have entertainment working. This is not the first time that it happens and the crew only look at your face and say sorry. Doesn’t do anything about it."
Nadelen: "Entertainment working, better food, not allowing passengers with 3 big luggages as carry on."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Never fly TAAG again"
Nadelen: "Planes need to be better maintained especially the in-flight entertainment."
Voordelen: "Punctuality"
Nadelen: "Crew was so friendly"
Nadelen: "bad food and the people were not nice."
Voordelen: "All service on time"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seating. Was able to get some sleep."
Nadelen: "No WiFi in Luanda lounge !"
Voordelen: "Large seats , plenty legroom. Decent service."
Nadelen: "No WiFi in Luanda lounge !"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Nothing- dirty, old craft, your seat - someone is seating on your seat, and you need to find another seat"
Nadelen: "The plane delayed for more than 2h30min and explanation for it. I informed the crew I have diabetes and needed water/food. No answer, they attended me and heard my concerns when they were informed by a friend I was with "Hypoglycemia." I had vomit and a bad trip. I will think twice before doing it again!"
Voordelen: "Spacious ,new planes . Friendly crew . Great value for a relatively cheaper flight than other airlines ."
Nadelen: "Entertainment system lacked content , they should consider loading a greater variety even if it is older content . Food was decent but received some rock hard rolls and crossiants."
Voordelen: "The plane from Capetown to Luanda was a slightly older refurbished plane which meant more leg room which was really nice . The food was good and service friendly."
Nadelen: "The entertainment system had very limited preloaded content."
Voordelen: "Crew and staff excellent"
Nadelen: "food not good and no movie access"
Voordelen: "The staff at Cape Town and Lisbon were excellent and helpful"
Nadelen: "Luanda airport not traveler friendly...long queues, very hot and our passports and hand luggage were checked 4 times!!!! no access to the movies on route Cape Town to Luanda and back again..."
Nadelen: "rep said the bag would tranfer on the plane i was on. i had to continue on without it. just hope its at the airport when i leave for lima on the 26 th"
Nadelen: "no clothes for three weeks because my bags were not put on the plane with me. all could of been avoided if permitted to carry on bag as planned. i was able to carry on my bag on other carriers. most inconvenient"
Voordelen: "The foot rest under the seats was very nice"
Nadelen: "bags were lost, I had another flight 36 hours later. I was going to a conference and my suits were in the lost bag, because i was flying to brasil (not my home) on a brasilian passport I was not given any money to purchase clothes for my conference. the flight delayed 2 hours. poor entertainment selection. i will NEVER EVER fly TAAG again!!"
Voordelen: "The foot rest under the seats was very nice"
Nadelen: "when i purchased the tickets excess baggage was 80 USD, when I got to the airport it was 250 USD even though the website said 200 USD. They checked my bags through before i presented a payment receipt, I was not able to pay because I could not afford it. The crew took 2 hours to find my bags and bring them back, I lost all time at the airport (I arrived 3 hours before the flight). was not able to eat, or drink anything before boarding. I made it to the gate 5 minutes before it closed. Food ran out by the time it got to me and the only option was sea food. movie options were old and limited. the plane delayed."
Voordelen: "Comissário, comida e espaço para as.pernas"
Nadelen: "Poltronas e entretenimento defeituosos. Embarque desastroso."
Voordelen: "Overall the planes were neat, spacious and well presented. The staff were decent and did a good job. The food was also good/fair. Overall I would fly with TAAG again except for -->"
Nadelen: "The inflight entertainment wasn't all that great with limited choices available. However...LUANDA Airport and staff were the WORST! On both occasions it was difficult to find a person who could even speak english, the airport is a rip off (the most expensive I've ever experienced), the ground and airport staff were mostly an array of disinterested, impolite, unhelpful, buffoons. I would not want to fly TAAG again in order to avoid any layover in Luanda longer than 2hrs."
Voordelen: "Fast flight after take off"
Nadelen: "There was a delay of about 30 min. Flight too full"
Voordelen: "Excellent meal, generous baggage allowance."
Voordelen: "TAAG - Conforto da aeronave, pontualidade e não estar muito cheia."
Nadelen: "Taag - Pouca simpatia dos comissários de bordo e alimentação servida no voo terrivel."

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