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— Provincie Hainan
18 aug. — 25 aug.1
1 volwassene
do 18/8
do 25/8

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Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen
China EasternGemiddelde score op basis van 6670 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling
Nadelen: "Flight attendant coughing into hand while handling drinks cart. Flight attendant wearing face mask would be less threatening to health of passengers"
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Nadelen: "Flight attendant coughing into hand while handling drinks cart. Flight attendant wearing face mask would be less threatening to health of passengers"
Voordelen: "Very good business class seat I was apprehensive but China Eastern is as good as anyone"
Nadelen: "If the temperature is higher, that would be better."
Voordelen: "Friendly Professionalism Promptness"
Nadelen: "FA’s distributed food but never came back. Also didn’t collect used containers until flight was in decent stage. They were generally unavailable unless you rang the FA button(which I never do)"
Voordelen: "I was able to sit with my other passenger but I had to arrive 4hrs early."
Nadelen: "being able to sit together the first flight since we booked months in advance, my seats were broken both flights in the recline position, and the crew kept getting upset with me for it, we were constantly skipped when crew was asking if anyone wanted water, even during meal."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "When boarding need better arrangements, very unorganized."
Voordelen: "Terrible service wont fly with them again"
Voordelen: "The frights were pretty comfortable. They provided drinks and food in proper time. Crews were very nice."
Nadelen: "I wanted to gave 5 star if only some of my personal items weren’t missing from checked in luggage."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything"
Voordelen: "Newer plane w seatback screen for entertainment. Baggage in Honolulu was delivered quickly. Crew was friendly n attentive."
Nadelen: "Sièges trop étroits impossible de manger si le siège devant est baissé"
Nadelen: "There was a movie playing in Chinese no other entertainment the food didn’t taste good and I’m not a picky eater. Staff members seemed to not like to offer me drinks when they walked around and offered the Chinese person next to me water or tea but didn’t offer me anything this happened 2 times on that short flight"
Voordelen: "The crew are so very warm, helpful and accommodating. I feel like I get good value for me (not very much) money spent on this trip."
Nadelen: "No entertainment system on this 3hr flight... Though the nighttime view over Japan was spectacular so I surely wasn't bored!"
Voordelen: "Flight left 1/2 late leaving me only an hour to make connecting flight in Shanghai. When I explained my plight to flight attended she moved me to a seat in the front of the aircraft to expeadiate my de- planeing. Saved me. From missing my connecting flight which I made with few minutes to spare!"
Nadelen: "The meals on the plane were nasty"
Nadelen: "The change of departure place."
Nadelen: "It was all good"
Voordelen: "businessclass seats good"
Nadelen: "not really busyclassfood"
Voordelen: "Really glad I took advantage of the private car service to and from JFK, it was nice to be picked up in an Escalade. Check in was a breeze. The Air France lounge at JFK was very nice, it was a great way to start our vacation at the airport with some light snacks and champagne. Seats on the plane were very comfortable in business class. Entertainment was a nice mix of Western and Eastern options, theninitial dinner meal was great."
Nadelen: "Fight attendants were just ok, they weren’t rude, but did not go above and beyond to make the flight special, there was constant smell of cigarette smoke, even though the flight was supposed to be non-smoking."
Voordelen: "business class had decent seats, big screen, good selection of movies"
Nadelen: "food"
Voordelen: "It saves so much time getting to Toowoomba. The flight crew are friendly and you get a complimentary snack pack and drinks - unlike so many domestic flights these days. It's rarely full so you can normally get a row to yourself if traveling alone."
Nadelen: "The seats aren't the most comfortable - but no airline really is. It's a small plane so it is extra noisy. If you have noise cancelling headphones, wear them! It will make such a difference."
Voordelen: "There were a number of flights leaving from the same gate within minutes of each other and the staff handled it without a hitch."
Nadelen: "The food was not good, pastry type meat pie and flakey chewy dessert pastry."
Nadelen: "4 comsecutive delays !!!!!"
Nadelen: "Delayed !"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything! The customer service was terrible and cold. Non refundable tickets should state in huge red writing that they are non refundable!!!"
Voordelen: "Food was good"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Safe flight, on time departure and arrival."
Nadelen: "No entertainment system. Seats very uncomfortable for 1st class red eye flight."
Voordelen: "Everything except the man in biusiness who kept getting up and ignoring the flight attendants"
Nadelen: "Nothing. To complain about"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Horrific customer service"
Nadelen: "8 hour delay, no updates. No schedules"
Voordelen: "Seats were comfortable and the selection of in-flight movies was good."
Nadelen: "Staff weren't very friendly. Also required you to unplug your headphones during takeoff and landing which seems unnecessary. The plane also smelled of smoke."
Nadelen: "Flight was late by 2 hrs so I mussed my connection"
Voordelen: "Overall it was a good flight"
Nadelen: "The flight attendant for my area was rude towards me but very friendly to the female passengers sitting next to me."
Nadelen: "Over 3 hour delay. 2 hours spent waiting on the tarmac. They served the food before take-off, which wasn't a good sign."
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Delayed flt"
Nadelen: "May be I could not buy as I was in China. My credit cards did not pass."
Voordelen: "We departed on time, and boarding after we returned back to the airport the 2nd time was efficient."
Nadelen: "The flight had to turn around halfway back - due to "mechanical issues". Arrived home 4 hours late. English language ability of the crew is appalling. They generally don't speak any other than what is in their crew manual..."
Voordelen: "Liked the price!"
Nadelen: "No particular dislikes. Had no real expectations for a China base airline. No frills, all was Ok. Nothing to build any allegiance with the company"
Voordelen: "upgrade for 40usd"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Every thing"
Voordelen: "long delay."
Nadelen: "long delay and bad customer service."
Voordelen: "It flew"
Nadelen: "Flight departure time was wrong in Kayak and flight stood at Xi'an airport for 40 mins + arrived at the satellite terminal in HK which meant a bus. Long wait for bags too"
Voordelen: "Services"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were good."
Nadelen: "No inflight entertainment. The flight path was a little rough with turbulence."
Voordelen: "The food was pretty good. Except for one flight that served a sandwich filled with mayonnaise. The take off and landing from SF to Shanghai was pretty good. I couldn't feel them, so the pilot was excellent."
Nadelen: "Nobody there speaks ENGLISH! It was so bad! And staffs would try to ignore you since they couldn't speak English. I don't know how I got through this flight. But I would not recommend for anyone who has never flown with this airline, and does not speak Chinese. Also, I was constipated when I got to my second flight change bc of the little water that was provided on the plane."
Voordelen: "Got an upgrade to a business class. Very attentive staff."
Voordelen: "Great crew. Meals & ice cream on board. English language newspaper was a nice option."
Nadelen: "Small seats for Americans (we are larger & wider than Asians, in general terms). No TV's on board."
Voordelen: "Same as above"
Voordelen: "That we landed and got off the plane. The crew was friendly."
Nadelen: "Really small seats. Very shaky plane."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything"
Voordelen: "Overall everything handled by Qantas"
Nadelen: "I bought a China eastern flight, and even I got the category of ELITE PLUS, i didnt get any preferential treatmente because the flight was operated by Qantas"

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