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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopst vliegmaand naar België is januari.
  • Vul je favoriete vertrekluchthaven en reisdatums in in het zoekformulier hierboven en bekijk direct de meest actuele vliegdeals voor Xi'an.

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Top airline voor vluchten naar Xi'an Xi An Xianyang

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen
China EasternGemiddelde score op basis van 6669 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling
Nadelen: "Food is too salty, can’t even eat ."
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Nadelen: "Food is too salty, can’t even eat ."
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "Entertainment selection could have been better"
Voordelen: "Great service in business class"
Nadelen: "Boarding seemed to be chaotic !"
Voordelen: "Nothing. It was a horrible experience."
Nadelen: "They could have checked in our bags but didn't. They could have been more courteous. They could have checked us in through to our final destination (Seattle) but didn't. I will never fly China Eastern again."
Nadelen: "No complaints."
Nadelen: "Allow the passenger to watch the video and listen the audio as long as the entertainment system is on. I was asked to take the ear piece out before landing so I couldn’t hear the audio of the end of the movie."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew, fast flight, plenty of overhead storage"
Nadelen: "Better entertainment"
Nadelen: "So hot on the plane and cramped."
Voordelen: "Seats were ok, and movie selection was ok too."
Nadelen: "Please, offer decent food - most of the stuff we tried was not edible!"
Voordelen: "The crew was amazing, the seating was HORRIBLE. It was an extremely long flight seats should have been even a scotch more comfortable with even a teeny bit mote leg room"
Nadelen: "Seats were too crampped."
Nadelen: "OK for the price"
Voordelen: "left on time and arrived on time pretty good seat crew is very nice"
Nadelen: "food is mediocre. plane does not dock at the terminal in Shanghai. I have to walk down the stairs to get to a bus. That's difficult for me because I have some carryon bags and my sense of balance is not very good."
Voordelen: "overall great crew and attentive"
Nadelen: "Sièges trop étroits impossible de manger si le siège devant est baissé"
Nadelen: "Delays"
Voordelen: "No entertainment available No food offered It was a short flight from Shanghai so was a typical experience"
Nadelen: "almost no recline for a 15h flight! could not lift side arm rest."
Nadelen: "Airport construction in Xi'an was horrible. It took nearly an hour to get from the plane to the airport exit."
Voordelen: "the crew were fantastic thank you"
Nadelen: "When checking to see if my flight was still on time before leaving I discovered the flight was canceled. I was not notified or given I new flight. I had to buy a whole new ticket (that was much more expensive then the one I already had) on top of the one I already purchased and now have to attempt to get refunded"
Voordelen: "No much."
Nadelen: "We wanted to upgrade to business class, but were told we could only do it once on board. On board you could only upgrade if you had cash; they didn't take credit cards. There were no snacks and the food served was mediocre at best. Shanghai Pudong Airport is a horrible airport and the day we were there they were not letting anyone out of the airport that has less than 24 hours between flights. We had to sit in that horrible airport with no wifi for 12 hours! Miserable!"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants very attentive, courteous and professional. Even while children were sleeping during meal distribution. We were offered sandwiches for them to eat later. Phone can now be used in airplane mode. USB charger via screen."
Nadelen: "Monitors sometimes turn on. Harder to give rest to eyes when lights turn on all monitors."
Voordelen: "Not a full flight"
Nadelen: "Snack only for meal. Again limited beverages. Spotty service. Rude passenger behind me. Which is not Airlines fault I would not and will not ever recommend this Airlines or Shanghai airport again. Will do all my I can to avoid this experience again"
Nadelen: "4 comsecutive delays !!!!!"
Nadelen: "Delayed !"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats; friendly flight attendants"
Voordelen: "Professional and quick boarding"
Nadelen: "Didn't even get into that"
Voordelen: "Very polite services from crew. The food served are well above US based airlines. Punctual and comfortable. Will fly again."
Nadelen: "On line information checking and updating. No on Line check in services."
Nadelen: "This was by far the worst airline experience I've ever had. This airline almost appears to go out of its way to treat it's customers poorly. The experience starting with check-in is a customer service nightmare."
Voordelen: "The food served it was delicious."
Nadelen: "Nothing to comment."
Voordelen: "Excellent crew."
Nadelen: "Announced that row 60 or above will board first. A good idea to speed up the boarding. But, it was not executed at all. Ground crew were busy texting and doing other things. The quality of sound system is a joke. Should not serve music with that quality. How about a Silent movie in the 20s? That will hide this deficiency."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants attractive"
Nadelen: "The plane was older...need to upgrade Honolulu to Shanghai"
Nadelen: "Checking in for this flight with hundreds of passengers was handled by only 3 China Eastern counters, and these counters weren't even open until about 2 hours before departure, which was barely enough to allow for the 80-minute check-in and the security/immigration screenings afterward. The fight itself was all right, but China Eastern needs much more efficiency on the ground."
Voordelen: "Service on their 777 JFK-PVG is great. CE has an outstanding crew. I just don't understand why other carriers charge 20-70% more for the same business class."
Nadelen: "Some flights out of PVG require you to board the plane from the tarmac using stairs. Uncomfortable during in climate weather. OK a bit picky."
Nadelen: "8 hour delay, no updates. No schedules"
Voordelen: "Generally easy to transfer in Chengdu with China Eastern"
Nadelen: "Delays. 3 hours for first flight. 1 hour for other. Otherwise, all fine."
Voordelen: "it was on time"
Nadelen: "May be I could not buy as I was in China. My credit cards did not pass."
Voordelen: "Nothing everything is bad"
Nadelen: "Bad service poor food not even give you a beer"
Voordelen: "The seats were roomy for economy class."
Nadelen: "The time delay, they fed us our meal before lift off because we were sitting on the plane for hours."
Voordelen: "Ummmm. Nothing?"
Voordelen: "I liked the movies"
Nadelen: "We sat boarded, buckled and not moving for over an hour without any info on why we are not taking off - at the least the crew could have told us there was a delay or said we could move around or let us to go the bathrooms."
Voordelen: "Crew, attentiveness, food, and punctual"
Nadelen: "Maybe more snacks and food choices"
Voordelen: "Nothing specific to like , except cone safely , flat bed ok"
Nadelen: "Food from Bangkok to Shanghai never given , Except water , so bad flight like old truck , Shanghai to New York flight bad experience with food"
Voordelen: "Great crew. Meals & ice cream on board. English language newspaper was a nice option."
Nadelen: "Small seats for Americans (we are larger & wider than Asians, in general terms). No TV's on board."
Voordelen: "Same as above"
Voordelen: "Everything was fine for me! Nothing special but fairly comfortable and no bad delays."
Voordelen: "They didn't lose my luggage."
Nadelen: "I booked a trip for me and my wife to Japan, and a few weeks before we were supposed to leave, China Eastern cancelled the flights we were scheduled to take. I had to call customer service to get us reassigned to new flights. This changed the dates of our trip, which messed up my time off from work, and I had to request more time off. We had 2 flights each way, and at least half of them were delayed. Check-in at the airport was unreasonably slow. Despite that the flights were non-smoking, there were people smoking. I know that coach seats are usually crammed, but these were more crammed than other flights I've been on."
Voordelen: "China is about 20 years behind the rest of Asia when it comes to checking in passengers and security screening. Umbrellas are a threat? Really?"
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