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BRU — Myanmar
3 nov. — 10 nov.1
1 volwassene
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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopste maand om te vliegen naar vanuit Brussel is januari.

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Malaysia AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 1570 beoordelingen
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Good trip

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Good trip

Flew business class. Our luggage was the last to arrive at the belt; 15 minutes after the last bag. Sigh.

Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Please serve food hot. And tell sir hostess to smile. And worst flight. They I Only served one meal for 8 hour flight"
Voordelen: "The lower level cabin attendant did her best to make a better impression than her supervisor. I am grateful to her."
Nadelen: "The purser was not even polite. Was it because she was veiled and I was wearing a cross? I really hope not. The normal economy seats are cramped to an unacceptable level. I will avoid flying MH economy again. Malindo, a low-cost flying the same routes (SGN-KUL and KUL-CMB) I often fly, has a much better level of service than MH, supposedly a full service airline."
Nadelen: "Supper was very average , one slice of pizza , that’s it"
Nadelen: "Food need to be improved"
Voordelen: "Amazing crews"
Nadelen: "Nice seats"
Nadelen: "The selection was rather dated as I travel very frequently I noticed it. Otherwise it would probably be fine for most"
Voordelen: "Boarding was easy even though it started late, it was organized. Once I got on the plane I wasn't waiting a long time to get to my seat because they seated the people sitting in the back of the plane first. There is a huge selection of movies, tv shows, and music."
Nadelen: "They have 2 food options and they're just ok. There wasn't very many drink options either."
Voordelen: "The food"
Nadelen: "I was given a window seat but without a window. I felt I cannot breath. I saw many empty seats around"
Voordelen: "On time"
Nadelen: "Everything. Bad business class food. Old movies. No inflight service."
Voordelen: "The flight was on time."
Nadelen: "Bathrooms could be cleaner."
Voordelen: "There was a hot meal on this 1.5 hour hop from Kota Kinabalu to Kuching"
Nadelen: "The seats on the 737-800 have quite limited legroom"
Voordelen: "Price were amongst the cheapest"
Nadelen: "Terrible cabin cleaness and rude crew members. Nothing matches the Malaysian hospitality promoted."
Voordelen: "the crew was flexible enough to allow change of seat to emergency exit after takeoff. Some of the crew are friendly, but not all."
Nadelen: "the seats. I am 5'9 tall and my knees are touching the seat in front of me. Entertainment system needs to be upgraded. Food is so-so. Overall, MH flights, not just this recent one was just what was expected as the bare minimum."
Voordelen: "The airline better than the budget ariline"
Nadelen: "The agency that booked through not so cooperative and complicated"
Nadelen: "The KUL to DPS leg was on one of the oldest planes I’ve flown. A 737 with no seat back screens. They handed out 2 inch thick “tablets” in Business class, with no touch screen and only a handful of 10 year old movies."
Voordelen: "Amazing plane, latest technology, great customer service, clean bathrooms at all time. It was an excellent experience The seats were so comfortable as well, and the customer service on and off the plane was amazing"
Voordelen: "Amazing plane, latest technology, great customer service, clean bathrooms at all time. It was an experience"
Nadelen: "Nothing not to like. They went above and beyond"
Nadelen: "Answers together with Perth to KL. I understand from other flight individuals that MAL. Flights are always delayed."
Nadelen: "I haven't even made it to my destination yet."
Voordelen: "Excellent crew. Good food. Comfortable seats even in coach."
Voordelen: "Excellent as well!"
Nadelen: "Everything good as well."
Nadelen: "They changed my seat without telling me and the new seat has a faulty video monitor and also a faulty USB port.. no compensation received.. terrible airline"
Voordelen: "Nothing special"
Nadelen: "At least, they let me know the first delay but no further information was given to the 2nd delay. Also, neither the ground not on board staff seemed to be interested in Passagiers. Was a short flight interrupted by diverse visual ads and PRs.."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew. Comfortable and quiet flight"
Nadelen: "Dinner service slow"
Voordelen: "The crew were nice and good entertainment"
Nadelen: "Got delayed in kuala lumpa for nearly 5 hours with Not many updates fir us to know what’s happening then they left my luggage there and still don’t have it 15 hours later"
Voordelen: "Easy and efficient boarding"
Nadelen: "Too hot onboard"
Voordelen: "Overall all was good, except the flight been late."
Nadelen: "The flight was 40 mins late and because of that, I missed my connection from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Your company then offered me and my friend a hotel stay and transportation to and from the hotel., which was good. I appreciated your company taking care of us. However, it is really bothersome to miss an international connection to go home after a long trip."
Voordelen: "NA"
Nadelen: "Delayed of baggage claims for 1 hour, flight retimed/delayed for more than 1hour"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed for more than an hour. We had problem getting the attention of the crew as all of them were just hanging around the galley."
Nadelen: "There wasn't a food preference option when booking through kayak."
Voordelen: "The early arrival, and the service"
Nadelen: "Nothing really"
Voordelen: "Cabin crew, smooth flying"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Food is always the same - soggy noodles and chicken or bland spaghetti and wilted veg with soggy fish. Seats cramped. Wasn't informed of gate change until 30 minutes later. Crew efficient but a little lacking in hospitality department."
Voordelen: "I like their timely service and cleanliness."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "They damaged MY OVER 400 Euro suitcase handle and said that they dont take any responsibility!!!"
Voordelen: "1) Not to squashy and more spacious than I thought. 2) The interior of aircraft seemed reasonably modern and up-to-date rather than old and miserable with stained seats and carpets. 3) the in-flight entertainment was better than I thought"
Nadelen: "I tried the seafood pasta and it was horrible!"
Voordelen: "Movie story"
Nadelen: "Foods"
Voordelen: "I appreciated the free baggage allowance and the staff were nice, but otherwise they were a huge headache to fly."
Nadelen: "They changed the times on BOTH of our flights by HOURS, which resulted in me having to buy a ticket with another airline to ensure we wouldn't miss our connecting international flight. Horribly unreliable, will never fly them again. Honestly airAsia was a better experience than with Malaysia Air"
Voordelen: "Efficient check in"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The staff is great"
Nadelen: "We had to wait very long for take off"
Voordelen: "Nothing much"
Nadelen: "It was freezing on the first flight and although I gave requested for a drink twice this was never brought to me. The Flight attendants were rude and not helpful."
Voordelen: "As always the crew is good and also the food. The seats in economy are not comfortable though."
Nadelen: "Luggage was damaged and the airlines is not responding to my email. Web checking did not work (with an error asking me to contact customer service at the airport) at both departure and arrival flights. I never fly in middle seats but was forced to do so since the staff couldn't give me an aisle seat during check in. I am still waiting for the airlines to contact me about damages."
Voordelen: "Flight was smooth. Cabin crew was courteous. Seat was comfortable."
Nadelen: "More thought should be given to the snack offering as it was heavily sugar laden. Flight was delayed by almost an hour to accommodate 1 family."
Voordelen: "- On Time - Nice to include buns or bread for breakfast - Staffs should be more gracious and engaging."
Nadelen: "- Landing was rough and sudden - Hot drinks only served at the end of meal. It should be served together with meal. - Row 17 was last to be served. Rather hungry especially on transit flight from Singapore - No transit lounge and refreshments"
Voordelen: "Crew was efficient and polite in Business class. Lie flat seats were fantastic and cabin layout was great."
Nadelen: "Lack of movies compared to other carriers. Lack of food choices. Would have thought there be more local cuisine included especially for a flight emanating out of KL. Check-in at KLIA was pretty dismal in terms of the process - simply had no idea where to go even though I was in Business class."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were friendly"
Nadelen: "I got severely sick after having ate in the plane. Only a weird selection of old movies provided. Checkin online bugging. Gates are very far in the airport."
Voordelen: "Much better than Air Asia of course."
Nadelen: "I dont know about the weather condition but I did feel a rough landing. I do feel the standard of the cabin crew deteriorating. Unlike few years back."
Voordelen: "I love flying with MAS"
Nadelen: "I don't like Tax Refund Customs Verification"

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