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Qatar AirwaysGemiddelde score op basis van 10884 beoordelingen
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Embarquation très bien sans perte de temps et professionnel, mon hôtesse ravissante et magnifique sourire Merci Miss

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Embarquation très bien sans perte de temps et professionnel, mon hôtesse ravissante et magnifique sourire Merci Miss

Voordelen: "comfortable seats. Crew was friendly. Food was good."
Nadelen: "cannot think of any. I am Qatar airways fan"
Nadelen: "My flight got canceled but nobody responded from flyus.com"
Nadelen: "Food is served in heated plastic containers. I would request Qatar airways not heat the food in the plastic container."
Nadelen: "Cleaning of bathrooms"
Nadelen: "L'embarquement: pas de passerelle. Accès par bus. Dommage mais on sait que ça peut arriver à Doha. Longue attente dans le bus. Pas de "traitement Business". Température un peu basse pendant la nuit."
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "The crew was amazing and delightful."
Nadelen: "The crew was amazing and delightful but should provide food to kids first before even those special diet or vegetarians."
Voordelen: "The plane was new and spotless, the crew did everything possible to make the flight great. Food service, and Wine and Cocktails were always served with a smiling face and it made you think of flying many years ago. Service cleanliness of the restrooms and staff were top notch"
Nadelen: "Nothing really."
Voordelen: "Embarquement à l'heure, équipage très sympathique. Arrivée à Montréal en avance!"
Nadelen: "Les repas sont corrects mais du potentiel d'amélioration."
Nadelen: "J'étais assis entouré d'enfants qui ont pleuré à tour de role plus de 10hrs sur les 12hrs de vol. Désastreux."
Voordelen: "Crew was not this great on my Flight from Doha to IAD. My pre ordered food was not given on time and they missed it. I was given cold food. The flight attendant ignored to offer Drinks and they didn't give the Custom Forms too. I have to ask everything and THE overall service was awful"
Nadelen: "Flight attendants should care the passengers and provide the best service. Otherwise there is no use paying expensive flight tickets and travelling on Qatar"
Voordelen: "Le plus important dans un vol c'est datterrire à temps nous avons eu un retard de 2h sans aucune justification ni communication du progrès"
Nadelen: "Timely communication sur le status du retard Prendre en considération le long transit de certains passagers et les contraintes d'arriver au milieu de la nuit. Beyrouth"
Voordelen: "Very nice aircraft , crew, and supplies"
Nadelen: "Flight delayed, so missed connecting flight and stuck in Qatar for 13 hours on top of a 22 hour regular flight schedule"
Voordelen: "The crews are awesome"
Voordelen: "Seat was comfortable and leg room was pretty decent in economy class when compared to other airlines"
Nadelen: "Extra leg room, little bigger seats"
Voordelen: "Très bonne compagnie aérienne qui soigne le détail."
Nadelen: "Le steward qui soccupait de notre secteur aurait avoir plus d'entregent et sourire."
Voordelen: "Avion tres confortable, design intérieur et lighting parfait. Equipage et service de très grande qualité."
Nadelen: "Embarquement, mais là cest le ground staff à Beyrouth qui doit s'ameliorer..."
Nadelen: "Our flight was delayed from Hyderabad to Doha and they did not allow us to board the flight as connecting flight from Doha to Dallas would have been left. They did not have seats for next day , the earliest we could go was 2 days later. They did not apologize or compensate for delay."
Voordelen: "Crew à bord très efficace, attentif et serviable. De Grande qualité pour une classe Eco, en fait la première fois que je vois cela comparativement à beaucoup d'autres Airlines compagnies. Siege et place très agréable. Rapport qualité prix très bon."
Voordelen: "L’equiage L’avion Le vol"
Nadelen: "L’avion n’a pas ete nettoye avant notre embarquement"
Voordelen: "Qatar est une super compagnie rien à redire"
Voordelen: "Super compagnie gentille et agréable"
Nadelen: "Les repas"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "i did not like the baggage policy for cabin baggage, where i am not allowed to carry my personal item and a carry on separately."
Voordelen: "In-flight crew was excellent."
Voordelen: "Service was fantastic as usual for me however it seems women are not treated equally service wise as wife on all 4 legs did not get all the things i was afforded. Lighting, pajamas, bed mattress, meal choice queries etc"
Nadelen: "The need to pull out boarding passes multiple times-like 6 times- and having to be screened Twice. To even buy some mouthwash i had to show boarding passes. Ridiculous"
Voordelen: "The groynd services in US and Doha are excellent and quick. The check in process in India is very slow"
Nadelen: "Our first time traveling on Qatar. Will definitely love to travel again if the fares are reasonable."
Voordelen: "The staff wad nice"
Nadelen: "I have requested sea food and I was told that no request was made and they do not serve it any more."
Nadelen: "Peu de nouveaux films"
Voordelen: "Excellent entertainment very friendly crew"
Nadelen: "Food is becoming predictable Qatar Airways"
Nadelen: "Movies are always the same"
Voordelen: "Loved the array of film choices. The food was lovely and the service was fabulous. Lovely warm blankets ."
Nadelen: "nothing"
Voordelen: "Good food"
Nadelen: "Des choices of movies"
Voordelen: "It arrived on Time."
Nadelen: "Entertainment system was broken and had to be restarted a couple of times before It crashed completely. Food sucked."
Nadelen: "All entertainment units were off."
Nadelen: "I did a web checkin for my flight number QR501 Hyderabad to Doha inspire of doing a web checkin I had to wait for 2 hours to get a boarding pass. Reason: There are two queues 1 For people who did a web checkin 2 people who didn’t do a web checkin The Qatar staff at Hyderabad experienced a technical glitch because their only system failed and there was no backup option. There was no apology from any of the staff. No one values the time of the people who chose Qatar making it a very bad experience overall"
Nadelen: "Flight was diverted to Kuwait, due to poor condition for landing in Doha and we loose connection to Bucharest."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "They cancelled my trip"
Voordelen: "Courteous and friendly staff, on the plane and at the airports. Gave advice and directions when asked. Asked about time for food serving and said anytime you want something, come to the galley."
Nadelen: "A chorus of crying infants..."
Voordelen: "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Nadelen: "L’ecran de divertissement ne fonctionnait pas.."
Voordelen: "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Voordelen: "Qatar airlines had the nicest planes I have ever been on, not to mention the most beautiful and clean airport."
Nadelen: "Na"
Voordelen: "They printed all 3 of my boarding passes for my connecting flights when I first checked in, made me worry about less"
Voordelen: "Excellent flight , seats, food"
Nadelen: "No comments"
Voordelen: "Friendly and professional crew"
Nadelen: "All aspects of the travel to be recommended from check in staff, crew member and comfort on board"
Voordelen: "Cabin Air Pressure is amazing"
Voordelen: "comfortable seating..."
Nadelen: "Nice experience ..."
Voordelen: "Flight crew & food"
Nadelen: "Need avoid delay flight, it’s hard to catch connecting flight"
Voordelen: "Crew was good and seats were comfortable."
Voordelen: "Yes"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Amazing flight and service. Would fly Emirates all the time if I could."
Nadelen: "Crew can be more friendly"
Voordelen: "Great crew, good legroom and comfortable seat"
Voordelen: "Seat comfortable"
Voordelen: "crew was attentive and seating was comfortable"
Nadelen: "they could have changed snacks..I had the same pizza when travelled four years back."
Voordelen: "Not really there service are not like before"
Nadelen: "Flight is not clean,I was given non veg food instead of veg saying there is shortage of vegetarian food packs, what if I’m a pure vegetarian? Should I stay hungry? Also they took a very long time to serve the food, be it breakfast, snack or dinner.Each time I ask for something the answer has been always da same ‘’ we are sorry we don’t have that’’ Due to worst possible seat so far I have asked for an extra pillow and as expected they don’t have."
Nadelen: "The check in process took a long time; longer than other carriers. In spite of so many crew members being there at the gate, there were no announcement of the boarding process. It used to be there before. When asked the staff is very politely responds on what is going on but the rest of the passengers do not know what's going on. Wonder why the staff do not follow the seating process by zone as mentioned on the boarding pass."
Voordelen: "Operating mechanisms"
Nadelen: "Inside flight centre required heart ♥ feeling fragrance smell"
Voordelen: "Great crew and comfortable seats"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "The Hyderabad emirates ground staff was very rude and incompetent to perform the job. The airline staff was was not so friendly either"
Voordelen: "Entertainment Comfort"
Nadelen: "Crew are very lazy and not so attentive"
Nadelen: "Delay"
Nadelen: "internet stelt niks voor"
Nadelen: "I could not pick my seat in advance. It wasn’t clear while booking that this was the case with emirates. I could only pick my seat when online check in was allowed."
Nadelen: "The seat was not going back. Food and tea didn't come on time."
Voordelen: "Hospitality"
Nadelen: "Leg room"
Voordelen: "Cabin Crew"
Nadelen: "Asian Meal is not good at all"
Voordelen: "Service."
Voordelen: "Food and crew"
Voordelen: "Personeel is vriendelijk"
Nadelen: "Er was een vertraging van bij 1,5 uur, maar er is niet over gecommuniceerd."
Voordelen: "The service was wonderful"
Voordelen: "The comfort of the flight was unbeatable. The crew was great."
Nadelen: "Lactose free meals were just salmon and potatoes all the time. A bit of creativity is needed. The security check at hyderabad needs to be looked at as we barely made the boarding."
Voordelen: "I like the crew they were so accommodative"
Nadelen: "No comments"
Voordelen: "Overall onboard hospitality"
Nadelen: "The avoidable rush at washrooms etc"
Voordelen: "I like food, hospitality, comfort."
Voordelen: "Flight was good for a shorter range"
Nadelen: "New movies were not available"
Voordelen: "Good welcome and feeling comfort and safe and good lunch"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "crew"
Nadelen: "I am vegetarian , I was not provided with vegetarian food and told that vegetarian food was over and I have to choose bet chicken or fish . I dint eat anything for 14 hours and then ate food again in abu dabi flight ."
Voordelen: "Boarding at Hyderabad was a breeze.. staff is very cooperative and attentive."
Voordelen: "Entertainment and crew service are very good."
Nadelen: "boarding could have started on time."
Nadelen: "not informed flight delay in advance"
Voordelen: "great food, entertainment and comfort On time with great service"
Voordelen: "Flight crew was responsive and courteous."
Nadelen: "Seats are hard. Scrambled eggs were not edible."
Nadelen: "I have used Kayak many times but I am afraid I may not use it anymore. We booked tickets to India from Boston few months ago. We booked for Emirates. But we got the tickets issued through web jet. With the recent travel ban we wanted to reschedule our tickets. And then the whole problem unravelled. We called kayak to reschedule. Kayak team said its not their responsibility and forwarded me to Web jet. We called emirates directly but they said since we booked tickets via Web jet they will be able to help. So we called Web jet and they charged a hefty 250-300$ extra to what Emirates would have charged for difference in pay. They said its basically the processing fee. We were disappointed as the reason for postponing was not in our hands, and the fact that kayak passed the buck to Web jet in dealing with the issue. If we had bought our tickets directly from Emirates the process would have been very smooth."
Nadelen: "Crew hospitality-not attentive as usual. We tried to upgrade (by paying and not using miles) and the staff at the check-in said we cannot as the flight was not full. Surprised by the explanation."
Voordelen: "Service van het personeel is prima. Vriendelijk en attent."
Nadelen: "We moesten ons erg haasten vanwege vertraging van de eerste vlucht. Door ern beladingsfout had de vlucht ook nog erns bijna 3 uren vertraging. En dan blijkt ook nog eens dat onze koffers niet meegenomen zijn."
Voordelen: "Service prima. Eten voldoende. Entertainment ook voldoende keus."
Nadelen: "We vertrokken met vertraging. We konden maar net op tijd het boarden van de volgende vlucht halen."
Voordelen: "I enjoyed the entertainment selection on board, as well as the food. It was quite tasty and fresh."
Nadelen: "The crew were not very responsive to passengers' requests. I wanted to have some water, and called for one of the cabin crew, but they didn't bother to answer."
Voordelen: "Excellent"
Nadelen: "The people at ticket issuing counter is very arrogant. Customs form was not given while issuing ticket and I was sent back to the airline ticketing counter and had to stand back in line for customs."
Voordelen: "All what you think :)"
Nadelen: "The place's we are sitting can be better"
Voordelen: "The food was very good and inflight entertainment was excellent."
Nadelen: "They keep the cabin temperature too warm the entire flight. The seats are too stiff."
Voordelen: "Food portions and selections were great. We got slippers and eye masks for a ten hour red eye flight."
Nadelen: "Prices have gone up"
Voordelen: "Nice flight crew"
Nadelen: "The food"
Voordelen: "Wonderful great service, friendly...relaxed atmosphere, Very enjoyable entertainment. Great airline would use again."
Voordelen: "It was on time"
Nadelen: "The seats are so crammed together and for 11 hour flight it became quite uncomfortable after a few hours"
Nadelen: "The grilled cheese sandwiches. They've been in the menu for a while but my family does not enjoy them at all. Tuna sandwich on another flight was much better. Also lack of entertainment. They allow you to access it, then they turn it off. Is such a tease. Plane left late and kept us in very hot cabin."
Voordelen: "The friendliness and the ease of flying alone."
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats, good food"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "THE bathroom esp at the back of the plan read very dirty. Went floors a d trash that was overflowing."
Voordelen: "Boarding on time. Decent food. Relatively clean aircraft"
Nadelen: "The staff was not great. An issue with a first class customers made them move around economy customers like they ' really not even people but utilities, all that for that one person. If they would have informed and talked with the other customers that would have been fine but being treated like a piece of furniture isn't nice. Plus, continuous strikes in Belgium see a joke, check-in luggages delayed for plenty of airlines. This country doesn't even know what strike mean anymore being so often..."
Nadelen: "The airline lost our luggage and still has not been able to locate it. In this time with all the technology it is quite disappointing that it’s been over a week and still no response. We have conveyed the seriousness of the matter to the Airline but still no response. Very disappointing experience."
Voordelen: "Crew in both flights were friendly. The service boarding etc was great. Flight was very turbulent."
Nadelen: "Passenger next to me wanted water constantly. The passenger on left of me constantly wanted wine. One got very little attention while the other treated like royalty. Unfortunately the African passenger who wanted water went thirsty a lot."
Voordelen: "we ware attisefy for are first time in bisness clas"
Voordelen: "Turkish Airlins is so wonderful, and I really appreciate being treated like a human being at IST (unlike Schipol, De Gaulle, other airports to connect at around Europe)."
Voordelen: "All the staff was polit"
Voordelen: "Free upgrades are great, unfortunately rare."
Voordelen: "Crew and entertainment were above average."
Nadelen: "The loading process was very long and delayed the flight. It was also very warm on the flight...uncomfortably so."
Nadelen: "Passport control"
Voordelen: "it's mostly good"
Nadelen: "the AC during flight from Riyadh to Istanbul is too hot !!!!!!!!!! Why???"
Voordelen: "Safety and service"
Nadelen: "There was no ayran for drinks"
Nadelen: "No entertainment."
Nadelen: "Cleanliness of the aircraft, service of the crew members"
Voordelen: "Excellent price, customer service & we enjoyed it. Thank you."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Service was ok"
Voordelen: "Friendly crew. Good food."
Nadelen: "My flight was cancelled two days in a row. When i tried calling the 800 number call center, it didn't work. When i called the Turkey phone number, the communication was bad. After 3 days of being stranded i went to the Turkish Airlines office and they were not able to help me with a new flight or a refund so that i can purchase another ticket home."
Voordelen: "\"
Nadelen: "The amount of security we had to deal with. I was searched 3 times and they decided to confiscate my laptop since the battery charger was dead."
Voordelen: "Food was very good"
Nadelen: "the smell of the airplain was very bad"
Nadelen: "Fantastic"
Voordelen: "Food is always good."
Nadelen: "They let everyone board at the same time, REALLY??? Eco seats were tiny for a 12 hour flight, miserably uncomfortable."
Voordelen: "The Flight Attendants were really nice."
Nadelen: "You could not control your air conditioning and it was very warm in the front of the plan but cool in the back."
Voordelen: "The crew was friendly. The entertainment package was good."
Nadelen: "The food was terrible. Very dry. Warm at best. The temperature of the cabin was too warm. Passengers were fanning themselves to try to cool down. Water should have been offered more frequently. The crew was noisy as they passed through the aisles, making it difficult to sleep."
Voordelen: "Good overall service"
Nadelen: "The staff could've been more patient"
Voordelen: "on time, good boarding"
Nadelen: "Small space in new planes, water not freely available, limited movie selection, ear plugs are bad"
Voordelen: "Brand new aircraft. Onboard wifi and live TV. Good food. This is one of the routes where Turkish feels need to compete."
Nadelen: "Chaotic boarding procedures in Istanbul airport."
Voordelen: "The food was good, the crew was very professional and friendly."
Nadelen: "The seats are too crammed and there's barely any room in the economy class."
Voordelen: "Standard business seats for short distance. Roomy seats ( business class) . Good service with breakfast."
Nadelen: "No entertainment system in seat"
Voordelen: "Everything on the plane was great."
Nadelen: "The boarding area at the airport was overly crowded and hectic. It was really difficult to move around with two kids and a few bags."
Nadelen: "The seats on the second flight were smaller and we had no flight console (no movies, usb charge..)"
Voordelen: "The flight was comfortable and on time. My congratulations to THY for the management of the situation so well right after the confusion brought about by the coup d'etat attempt in Turkey. Thanks a lot!"
Nadelen: "The Sabiha Gökçen airport in Istanbul is discrageful, and changing flights there is always a horrible experience. But this is not, of course, the fault of THY. The airport is simply too small for the current number of flights."
Voordelen: "very nice flight."
Nadelen: "The vegetarian dish could not be arranged in this case, although it was totally the fault of the third party website"
Voordelen: "The crew was extremely polite and pleasant. We felt welcomed and taken care off."
Nadelen: "It was an old plane and it was not possible to see the tv monitors."
Voordelen: "Service was awesome top to bottom"
Nadelen: "The business class cabin was hot on both flights. That seemed to be a common complaint among the passengers we talked to. The Economy cabin seemed to be set quite a bit cooler."
Voordelen: "The flight was good. The boarding was appalling."
Nadelen: "There were enormous crowds at Sabiha Gökçen airport. The flight connections were late due to bad weather, and I nearly missed my connection to Brussels. There was no information and no help, and the gate was already closed. The people at the ground terminal knew no foreign languages. All they could say was 'I do not know. This is not my responsibility'. Completely disorganised."
Voordelen: "I was able 3 soccer games live during the flight. Food was also very good."
Voordelen: "Boarding was on time and departure as well."
Nadelen: "Entertainment in the whole plain did not work. At arrival we waited about 30 min before exiting the plain."
Voordelen: "enjoyed the entertainment in flight movies, food service was good and the seats were fairly comfortable"
Nadelen: "Took a while to board the plane a lot of standing around it seemed for no reason"
Voordelen: "Good food, comfortable seat."
Nadelen: "Our bag arrived without the walking poles attached to it. So far (more than a week after the flight) we haven't heard from Turkish Airlines anything about our complaint regarding this loss of baggage."
Voordelen: "I got such an amazing deal on this flight that I could barely believe how incredible my experience was. Will DEFINITELY fly Turkish Airlines again!!"
Nadelen: "No problems at all"
Voordelen: "N/A"
Nadelen: "Boarding was very poorly managed. Did not board using zones and kept standing for up to 30-40 mins on the aero bridge."
Voordelen: "comfortable"
Nadelen: "Better comfort and services"
Voordelen: "Flotte très moderne"
Nadelen: "Surbooking à l'embarquement, aucune info, un scandale. Seulement un petit déjeuner (très moyen) servi pour la totalité d’un vol de plus de 6h, quand les autres compagnies servent un vrai repas et une collation Aucune trousse en classe économie, ni un masque, ni une brosse à dents"
Voordelen: "Yes crew was very good"
Nadelen: "To give small size water bottles after having meals and also to add new movies."
Nadelen: "Le racket de cette compagnie commence dès l'enregistrement. Nous étions en famille avec deux enfants. Premier bonheur de devoir payer 63 euros de plus pour éviter d'être disséminés aux 4 coins de l'avion, le système par défaut ayant fait cela !!! Deuxième bonheur l'avion est en fait quasi vide.."
Voordelen: "Les films et le casque confortable . Équipage agréable et avion confortable"
Nadelen: "Nourriture moyenne mais correcte."
Voordelen: "Vol de nuit . Aucun soucis. Transfert des bagages impeccable. Équipage efficace."
Nadelen: "Les couvertures ne sont pas donnes automatiquent ce qui est regrettable pour un vol de nuit où la climatisation est toujours trop froide."
Voordelen: "Surclassement Buisness Class, arrivée à Paris avec 20 minutes d’avance, livraison bagage rapide"
Nadelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "Food and entertainment"
Voordelen: "Cleanness + Friendly"
Nadelen: "Plane is little far way from terminals compare to Emirates flights"
Voordelen: "The USA immigration at Abu Dhabi is an advantage"
Nadelen: "The baggage check-in India, I requested for fragile since I had glass stuff in my luggage but that was not done. The air hostess in the flight from hyd to Abu Dhabi mentioned me that I had to make specific preference for veg meal which I haven’t done for my flight to India neither before."
Voordelen: "Amabilité du personnel et qualité de la nourriture"
Nadelen: "Ma femme voyageant en économique n’avait pas le droit de venir me voir en Business"
Voordelen: "It was on time and got thru us customs in Abu Dhabi"
Nadelen: "Service, seats, food"
Voordelen: "Flight was very comfortable from boarding to landing."
Nadelen: "Food was just very normal and lack variety. Should provide more options."
Voordelen: "Entertainment"
Nadelen: "Food was horrible, seats are too narrow . To kids meal and snacks. My so. Could not able to eat their regular meals and no snacks for him, he was starving."
Nadelen: "I checked in at Hyderabad and the check in staff were more than unprofessional. First they said my carry on bag and laptop bag should be no more than 7 kgs which was wrong. Later when I asked them to show the baggage restrictions, they went back saying it's okay. I had only 1 check in bag and it weight 1 kg more. I thought they would allow it since I had only 1 check in bag but they made me take out that extra kg and check in my carry on as second bag. Finally I asked for an aisle seat and they said the flight was full. But when I boarded the IAD flight I was rather surprised to see quite a few aisle and window seats. So rather than being a great experience, I would say it was a mediocre one because of the Hyderabad staff."
Voordelen: "Confort de l'avion excellent surtout pour les grandes personnes"
Voordelen: "Confort correct. hôtesse à l'écoute"
Nadelen: "Emplacement des jambes un peu juste pour les grandes personnes"
Voordelen: "Le confort , le calme"
Nadelen: "Lied to me about my seat assignment. I was teady to pay for extra leg room bufor they declined and said they assigned extra leg room seat. But later I found that it is Norma seat. Liers"
Voordelen: "Flight was on time, food was average ."
Nadelen: "Crew was bit rude"
Voordelen: "Entertainment system and flight condition"
Nadelen: "The seats never recline. All the 4 leg seats had reclining ossue"
Nadelen: "It's a connecting flight for me and there is a long wait. so, my opinion is better to serve some snacks or food in the flight."
Voordelen: "My flight from hyd to auh was delayed and because if that missed connecting flight from auh to LAX. I am now rerouted auh to JFK to LAX. Right now I am in JFK and ny connecting. Flight is delayed by 1 hr 30 mins."
Nadelen: "Etihad Crew is unprofessional and do not know how to handle passengers when flights are delayed"
Nadelen: "Food is not good, poor quality."
Voordelen: "Good choice of entertainment. Food is better than most of the airlines."
Nadelen: "Boarding experience is horrible. Every time you need to board a bus to get to the terminal in AbuDhabi. Why can't they get more gates for better boarding. Why should we go through another security check as soon as you arrive in AbuDhabi ? I have never seen this any other airport."
Voordelen: "short trip, crew was efficient, food was warm"
Nadelen: "Some times we did not take food from crew, I and my kids are slept. When we woke up kids feeling hungry, they are not provided food"
Voordelen: "Timely updates"
Voordelen: "Après une heure dans l'avion sans climatisation malgré un personnel de bord irréprochable (distribution de boissons) on nous annonce le débarquement, diriger et abandonne dans un terminal malgré un repas offert, pas d'information après renseignement auprès d'un accompagnant de tour operator j'apprend qu'il faut se rendre à la même porte où nous embarqueront avec 4 heures de retard. Un grand merci au personnel de cabine mais le responsable au sol .... Mais en plus de 10 vol Ave Etihad c'est ma seul mauvaise expérience et de plus j'ai payer 200fr pour changer de vol et arriver 4 h 30 plus tôt résultat gagné 30 minutes oups"
Nadelen: "Le personnel de cabine souriant et avenant"
Voordelen: "Immigration at Dubai saved some time."
Nadelen: "Food was not good."
Nadelen: "Food wasn't great. Business class seats didn't stretch."
Nadelen: "Luggage policy, ended up going in line 4 times."
Nadelen: "Le vol était complet et nous nous sommes vu proposés éventuellement un vol AF direct en remplacement. Après notre acceptation, en dernière minute, nous avons finalement embarqué sur ETIHAD. Là fut notre erreur car lors de la correspondance à Abu dhabi nous étions de nouveau surbooké à 23h00 ! malgré nos borading pass. Au bout de 2h de négociation nous avons obtenu une chambre d'hotel de 1h du matin à 6h.... pour reprendre le vol suivant à 8h30.... Aucune indemnisation, ni surclassement, as même un code wifi .... COMPAGNIE A EVITER A TOUT PRIS, c'est du LOW COST et le SAV est CATASTROPHIQUE. Devrait même être interdite de vol depuis PARIS. https://www.tripadvisor.fr/ShowUserReviews-g1-d8729074-r479551359-Etihad_Airways-World.html#"
Nadelen: "All went well"
Voordelen: "good"
Nadelen: "good"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed and the next connecting flight was missed"
Voordelen: "Very cramped seats"
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "entertainment system is old"
Voordelen: "Actually none."
Nadelen: "6hrs late, no reason given for delay. And they offered very limited food. Boarding counter employees are rude with customers."
Voordelen: "Food and entertainment was very good"
Nadelen: "Crew was not that much friendly, 1 or 2 people were excellent. I didn't understand what makes them so serious, not polite and many. It might be reason if they are smile or polite passengers might ask more questions or more extra drinks or food. I don't think that will be case, it will be very long journey many people has remember the flight journey and need to travel back again in same flight."
Voordelen: "Service in the Economy class was a nightmare. The air hostesses do not respond fast, take hours to get a glass of water and sometimes even don't bother to get you what you have asked for."
Nadelen: "When compared to etihad food is better, but when coming to entertainment etihad is way better. When coming to online checkin these guys had some server issues and I don't know how it's possible but some one was able to login to my checkin and ordered a wheelchair for me that was little embarrassing"
Nadelen: "I cancelled my travel plans and there is no refund for my ticket."
Voordelen: "Boarding service at the airports was the only good thing. The staff was good and courteous."
Nadelen: "Entertainment and food was mediocre."
Voordelen: "All flights were on schedule and reached on time. I have got good price with Kayak. In Flight hygiene was good. Food was good."
Voordelen: "Friendly staff"
Nadelen: "Very bad odor, throughout the flight, very limited Choice of entertainment esp new English movies , outdated movies, so so food and drink options, choice of wines sucks"
Voordelen: "Food was good. The lavatories were clean."
Nadelen: "Crew behavior needs to be better. I guess in economy, generally the crew tend to be condescending."
Voordelen: "Basically nothing"
Nadelen: "They should do announcements properly, and the crew attitude is awful."
Voordelen: "Happy"
Nadelen: "All good"
Nadelen: "Extremely bumpy take off and landing. The pilot could do better."
Voordelen: "Punctuality and cleanliness."
Nadelen: "Boarding process at Hyderabad and disembarkation at Visakhapatnam. At both places bus ride was painful."
Voordelen: "we lost our bags"
Nadelen: "we lost our bags"
Voordelen: "Punctuality, cleanliness and the professionalism."
Nadelen: "No comments."
Voordelen: "nothing, they did provide us with refreshments for flight delay."
Nadelen: "everything has to be improved"
Voordelen: "Punctuality, and professional service."
Nadelen: "All good."
Nadelen: "No comments"
Nadelen: "cost of the seats can be reduced or it can be free"
Voordelen: "Professional and on time. 2 best things about Indigo"
Voordelen: "Very new aircraft . On time"
Nadelen: "Very dismal performance.Copilot was missing in the last minute. incorrect baggage weighing scales.had to pay extra. Plane delayed by 4 hours almost missed my international connection. Very very stressful and unprofessional expression especially. Absolutely would not recommend this airline."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed by 15 mins and there was a gate change which was a complete surprise."
Nadelen: "Worst crew. Very arrogant"
Nadelen: "Flight 6E 188 to Chennai supposed to leave at 6.20 AM got cancelled by airliner. Lot of discomforts faced. Indigo should pay me penalties to me by three times the charge."
Nadelen: "I wish Indigo flight get in-flight internet."
Voordelen: "Reached before time!"
Nadelen: "Promises free meal was not provided in lounge- reason cited no mail communication received from indigo"
Nadelen: "Luggage lost. No apologies, no compensation"
Nadelen: "Lost my luggage due to mistake at check in desk"
Voordelen: "Air hostess service and flight timings"
Nadelen: "Announcements should be in local language primarily. Crew was not friendly. No smiles on any of the crew members."
Voordelen: "Overall cleanliness and service"
Nadelen: "Delay"
Voordelen: "Friendly attitude"
Nadelen: "Charging for food or beverages"
Voordelen: "Friendly and helpful flight attendants"
Nadelen: "My seat cushion was flattened but otherwise a nice flight!"
Nadelen: "Nothing to remark"
Nadelen: "Seats do not recline at all. Worst seats I’ve had in an airline."
Nadelen: "When you people send a copy of the E Ticket you place a picture of a fake credit card at the bottom of the page. There were three of us travelling independantly through India and each time we presented the appropiate copy of the E -Ticket they wanted to see the credit card pictured on the ticket. Of course this was impossible because you guys made it up for some unknown reason. If you ever want us to use your service in future you're going to have to stop doing this practice."
Voordelen: "Everything except boarding"
Nadelen: "I am a senior citizen & was issued boarding pass for Gate no 26 in Kolkata. I received a SMS that Gate changed to Gate no 18 & then Gate No 19. I was not only harassed but under stress if the gate is going to change again & I should not miss it."
Nadelen: "We are foreign students and when we purchased our ticket we were not given the option to buy a student price ticket in Kayak or at the indigo counter at the new delhi airport. We were charged 3000rps each for overweight luggage and the staff at the check in counter in Jaipur were really rude about it. After having paid an extra 3000 rps which was almost like buying another flight ticket to new Delhi for just a 35 min flight, our flight was 1 hour delayed!! Definitely we will NEVER fly with indigo again!!!"
Voordelen: "On time and before time"
Voordelen: "People taking care are nice lot"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed"
Nadelen: "Paid twice us much for luggage as the plane ticket. Also asked if we wanted a drink and then charged us. Didn't tell us it cost until had and opened the drink. I understand it's a cheap airline and that happens, but would have appreciated telling us ahead of time. Also couldnt get boarding passes online. Will avoid this airline in the future."
Nadelen: "Delay from in DEL caused a missed connection."
Voordelen: "What a great airline! On time, safe, good service, and really cool brand."
Nadelen: "Limiting the free baggage allowance to 15 kg is quite difficult to meet when you are a foreigner visiting India. The cost for extra weight is very expensive."
Voordelen: "Tried checking in and airline didn’t have my reservation. I had to buy Another ticket to catch flight. Don’t know if it’s Kayak or airline flight. I will be emailing parties for compensation."
Nadelen: "Having to buy another ticket as someone dropped the ball."
Voordelen: "It was delayed by 1 hr. There was also rats and mosquitos in the airport and only one option for food and drink that wasn’t very good. But aside from that once one the flight everything was fine."
Voordelen: "All great !"
Nadelen: "Good"
Voordelen: "Flight was on time."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Time keeping and professional experience"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Staff and service. Efficient travel time."
Nadelen: "Noted a difference in passenger type on this flight. Some were rather demanding for the crew members in that some passengers did not adhere to safety protocols. Staff handled the situation in very professional manner."
Voordelen: "Excellent condition and on time."
Voordelen: "I was seated in Economy area. The seats are very cramped up. Practically no room for movements. In emergency it can be really dangerous"
Nadelen: "Sufficient leg room"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Boarding was a mess, aircraft not ready, waited in the bus. Food service was horribly slow. On row 5, took 45 minutes to get a glass of water. Leading aborted close to runway, took of again before touchdown at Chennai, then turned around and landed safely after 15 minutes. No explanation by the crew."
Voordelen: "Seats are very nice."
Nadelen: "Flight attendants do not have passengers obey flight safety rules. Passengers roam around plane when seat belt light is on. Talk on phone all the way thru take off. Very weak on enforcement of safety requirements."
Voordelen: "Punctually"
Nadelen: "No leg room"
Nadelen: "I missed the flight coz it was preponed. I had to spend 500 extra dollars on scheduling my international flight."
Nadelen: "The chicken Junglee sandwich was stale hard and really dry."

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