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Top airline voor vluchten van Kanton Intle Guangzhou Baiyun naar Brussel-Nationaal

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen
Malaysia AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 1555 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling
Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Please serve food hot. And tell sir hostess to smile. And worst flight. They I Only served one meal for 8 hour flight"
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Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Please serve food hot. And tell sir hostess to smile. And worst flight. They I Only served one meal for 8 hour flight"
Voordelen: "The lower level cabin attendant did her best to make a better impression than her supervisor. I am grateful to her."
Nadelen: "The purser was not even polite. Was it because she was veiled and I was wearing a cross? I really hope not. The normal economy seats are cramped to an unacceptable level. I will avoid flying MH economy again. Malindo, a low-cost flying the same routes (SGN-KUL and KUL-CMB) I often fly, has a much better level of service than MH, supposedly a full service airline."
Voordelen: "Comfort"
Voordelen: "Great seat and crews"
Nadelen: "A330-300 is nice"
Nadelen: "The selection was rather dated as I travel very frequently I noticed it. Otherwise it would probably be fine for most"
Nadelen: "Felt more like a domestic flight than an international"
Nadelen: "very delayed flight in addition slow flying what should have taken 52 minutes ended 1 hour 20 min to add to that poor cabin crew management of Business Class disembarking excruciating slowly added another delay of 20 minutes!"
Nadelen: "Better treatment of luggage. Better business class service. Food was poor."
Voordelen: "Window seat was good for enjoy very wonderful outside view."
Voordelen: "Some staff were good others could not be bothered."
Nadelen: "Nicer staff"
Nadelen: "lost my luggage"
Nadelen: "It was delayed by 15mins due to heavy rain but it was OK as everything else was on point"
Voordelen: "On time"
Nadelen: "No control of children on group tour, allowed to yell and run around. Express Immigration pass not available"
Nadelen: "Seat, food, service"
Voordelen: "Check in was super easy, flight left on time , arrived early baggage was delivered in 10 minutes."
Nadelen: "He is cheating telling normal taxi cant for two adualt and three chalidren to buy taket for double price for min bus or van , that person in charge is laieing and not respecting i hope to take acsing because they are the face of malysia visitor and i think no boday will except cheating even for one ringet . If need any details for the person can contact me."
Nadelen: "All good, short flight"
Voordelen: "The crew was very pleasant and professional. . The food bland but warm. But the seats were microscopic"
Nadelen: "Seats were tiny. My knees pressed to seat in front of me. I’m 73 inches tall"
Voordelen: "Overall all was good, except the flight been late."
Nadelen: "The flight was 40 mins late and because of that, I missed my connection from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Your company then offered me and my friend a hotel stay and transportation to and from the hotel., which was good. I appreciated your company taking care of us. However, it is really bothersome to miss an international connection to go home after a long trip."
Voordelen: "comfort and entertainment"
Nadelen: "Crew"
Voordelen: "Rapid boarding"
Nadelen: "Food was not very nice"
Voordelen: "Attendants were very good"
Nadelen: "12 hrs in the air!!!"
Voordelen: "The regular plane was swapped out for the A380"
Voordelen: "Service, free drinks, decent entertainment selection, and the food was actually a little better than edible, the best airline food Ive ever had (I haven't flown many long haul flights)"
Nadelen: "People don't stop growing at 5'8. There are people taller than that, in fact quite a lot of people are taller than that. So much in this world is made without this consideration in mind. I'm 6'1, I shouldn't have to pay hundreds more just so I have enough legroom. And I don't mean enough to swing my legs about as much as I want, just enough to be comfortable. This isn't essential on short flights, but just seems cruel to taller people on long flights."
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "Lost bags"
Voordelen: "Satay, flatbed."
Nadelen: "No amenities kit, no mattress pad, no champagne, no menu for business class. And the forgot to serve the main course of my travelling partner."
Voordelen: "The crew were friendly although some of the announcement was not clear."
Nadelen: "We had bad experience with the airline because our luggage was not to be found at Langkawi airport and we had make a report. Fortunately about 8 hours later our luggage was sent to our resort which we stayed. (we arrived Langkawi airport around 3pm, we were told by the officer that our luggage will be sent to our resort at 7pm but it came at 11pm instead) The snacks could have been better. Besides the salted peanuts, it would be better to add biscuits or a slice of cake. The orange juice is good but maybe if we are given choice of warm drink (tea or coffee) it would be great."
Nadelen: "There wasn't a food preference option when booking through kayak."
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "Incompetent handling of engine error by both ground and air crew"
Nadelen: "My checked bag did not arrive at my work city of Singapore. It took 2 days to be brought to my hotel despite my being told they would be on the next flight. I arrived back in Denpasar yesterday and, again, my bags are lost and I again I was told they would be on the next flight. I still do not have my bag. Seems to be a pattern with Malaysian Airways and I will avoid them in the future, Also, I left my Ipad plugged in at the Premier Lounge in Denpasar and realized it as I was boarding the plane. The Malaysian Air boarding staff got on radios and appeared to try to help by telling them to put aside for pick up upon my return. Yesterday, The Premiere lounge said they did not have it despite my name, email and phone number being written on the Ipad. Between Malaysian Air and the Lounge and their lack of concern and professionalism it was not a good trip. As One World Emerald member, I steer a lot of business towards these One World Airlines. I expect better treatment."
Voordelen: "Food and hospitality"
Voordelen: "A mediocre flight is better than an awful one? At least we *had* an entertainment unit. And there was a USB outlet so phones/ipads could remain charged throughout the flight."
Nadelen: "Mine was a cramped experience in an old airplane, sadly normal for the industry. Food was bad. Entertainment unit was one of those press-the-screen-and-maybe-10-seconds-later-it'll-react types. Crew wasn't very communicative about what each cart rolling down the isle was for. Not a terrible experience, just not particularly good."
Voordelen: "Everything flowed smoothly."
Nadelen: "It would have been nice to have inflight entertainment within our seatbacks."
Voordelen: "Cabin crew, smooth flying"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Bags didn't arrive at the destination"
Voordelen: "I got there eventually"
Nadelen: "The delay"
Nadelen: "Very uncomfort flight, very bad timing, Food is not good"
Voordelen: "Nothing remarkable"
Nadelen: "Nothing unremarkable"
Voordelen: "Crew seems friendly."
Nadelen: "Business class food is not that good. Menu were not provided so when time to take the order, we have to decide quickly."
Voordelen: "Flight was on time - to the detriment of my late connecting MAS flight from DAR"
Nadelen: "Food was okay but entertainment was non existent"
Voordelen: "Service from the crews"
Nadelen: "On both flights, i did not get the seats i had specifically booked..."
Voordelen: "There was nothing positive about the experience on this flight. With exit row seats had to stow luggage back in overhead holds which meant having to go back on landing, retrieve bag & for get way back to seat. Not Airlines fault but no gantry available on arrival. Up and down runway until available (20min) before we could exit."
Nadelen: "Fact that once again confirmed seating was changed from original booking. Extremely frustrating. Slight delay on take off. Had exit row seats."
Voordelen: "On time departure system works"
Voordelen: "Delicious food"
Nadelen: "No entertainment"
Nadelen: "Got stuck by lots of crying kids."
Voordelen: "The plane was decent. The offering on the IFE was a good mix. Food was ok"
Nadelen: "The IFE froze. I alerted the crew but it took them nearly 1.5 hours to do a reset of the system. I barely managed to watch a movie and only managed that due to the fact that I had my own earphones. They collect their headsets way too early."
Voordelen: "The crew is friendly"
Nadelen: "Check in counter not enough resulting in very very long queue and check in time"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were friendly"
Nadelen: "I got severely sick after having ate in the plane. Only a weird selection of old movies provided. Checkin online bugging. Gates are very far in the airport."
Voordelen: "Flights seat is comfortable"
Nadelen: "Delay and boarding at very last minute."

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