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The bread / bun which you hv served inflight was so chilled instead of warm .or hot. Unable to eat in that conditions. Earlier you hv servefd small bottles of Red Wines on our preference for drinks. But you hv supplied in small plastic tumblers. Otherwise food qualities are OK. No hot towels were supplied to freshen up

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The bread / bun which you hv served inflight was so chilled instead of warm .or hot. Unable to eat in that conditions. Earlier you hv servefd small bottles of Red Wines on our preference for drinks. But you hv supplied in small plastic tumblers. Otherwise food qualities are OK. No hot towels were supplied to freshen up

Le personnel l’accueil parfait

L’accueil le personnel a recommandé

Un voyage adoré, condor, service agréable au bords,

Très bien excellent

Food was very bad.

Voordelen: "Smooth flight, staff very attentive, lots of great new movies to watch from"
Nadelen: "Staff kept reaching past me to shut my window without asking me first. Very rude."
Voordelen: "Crew on airport at baggage is not helpful at Mumbai airport very poor"
Nadelen: "Good Guidance Proper behavior from airport crew"
Nadelen: "The entertainment system did not work properly"
Voordelen: "personnel et atterissage parfait"
Voordelen: "the seats in couch wwere the narrowest we have experienced! Very uncomfortable and difficult to get out of"
Nadelen: "Better seats and the bathrooms were incredibly small. some of the lights did not work"
Voordelen: "Le personnel de bord, l’accueil... Les bons vins, de qualité Le confort.."
Voordelen: "Service was good. Staff was efficient."
Nadelen: "Cabin was overly warm. Sweatie hot."
Voordelen: "Crew was good"
Nadelen: "food"
Voordelen: "TOUT"
Voordelen: "Yes"
Nadelen: "The PA system can be deafining when it interrupted the music. Overall it is just another cattle class now."
Nadelen: "Couvertures sentent le mal lavé. A part cela tres bon voyage."
Nadelen: "My seat was broken, almost 8h with my back straight up. I've advised the team about it but apparently it was no seats available."
Nadelen: "I'm desapointed with first flight with Emirates. Having travelled with various airlines, i was expecting a much better service on board. 15 min waiting on a call for the cabin crew to answer and separately banquets and pillows who stinks."
Voordelen: "L’espace en A380"
Nadelen: "Le repas"
Voordelen: "Le siège et l’espace"
Nadelen: "Le repas"
Nadelen: "Le repas dans le vol dubai-dhaka"
Nadelen: "Il n'y avait pas assez de films en français"
Voordelen: "PARFAIT et à l’HEURE"
Nadelen: "RAS"
Voordelen: "Great food. Had my own row, very comfortable. Kind and helpful crew. Amazing entertainment options."
Voordelen: "Emirates itself was great but using fly Dubai from Dubai to Kabul was awful."
Nadelen: "No flights to Kabul using Fly Dubai when someone books tickets actually for Emirates."
Voordelen: "Personnel agréable."
Nadelen: "Varier les plats quand on fait 4 vols A/R avec la même compagnie. 2h20 de retard. Boeing sur le trajet Dubaï-Singapour pas confortable, sièges défaillants."
Voordelen: "Les films"
Nadelen: "Ne pas récupérer ma valise complètement détruite à l’arrivee Alors que celle ci est neuve"
Voordelen: "Rien de spécial"
Nadelen: "Sachant que n’ois étions en famille en business J’aurai Aimé Un équipage agréable Un divertissement ou cadeau pour les enfants De meilleurs repas ou une meilleure qualité. Et beaucoup de choses à dire"
Nadelen: "They delayed the flight over entertainment system and that caused me to miss my connection"
Voordelen: "L’équipage et le service est excellent"
Nadelen: "Départ en retard mais plus la faute de l’aéroport que de la compagnie aérienne."
Voordelen: "Service et confort"
Voordelen: "Vol. Confort. Equipement ICE"
Nadelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "L’accu, l’hora, enfin tout"
Nadelen: "RAS"
Voordelen: "Très bien"
Nadelen: "Rien à signaler"
Voordelen: "La promptitude et l'accueil"
Nadelen: "Le personnel à bord d'emirate qui ne parle pas français sur un vol dans un francophone"
Voordelen: "The crew and food was great."
Nadelen: "The insect repellant sprayed twice through the cabin was horrible."
Nadelen: "Moins de choix de films et de musique que d’habitude. Repas moins bon que d’habitude."
Voordelen: "The legroom"
Nadelen: "The food was fine but was too late so my son felt as sleep before that."
Voordelen: "De quoi passer le temps en vol grâce au programme de divertissement à bord."
Nadelen: "La correspondance à Dubai où il a fallu rejoindre la porte d’embarquement à l’opposé du terminal dans un délai court."
Voordelen: "Variété des divertissements proposés à bord."
Nadelen: "Des retards au départ de chaque vol de mon trajet. Les sièges en classe économique ne disposent pas de repose-pieds. C’est tout de même une bonne compagnie."
Nadelen: "Les plateaux Repas été moins bon que d’habitude. Le vin blanc n’etait Pas en petites bouteilles individuelles et n’etait Pas frais. Enorme retard de service des plats pour les sièges arrière gauche ce qui n’arrivait jamais auparavant."
Voordelen: "Every thing"
Nadelen: "No comment"
Voordelen: "Tout était parfait"
Voordelen: "Exactitude des vols"
Nadelen: "Repas infecte , pas de choix Personnel pas agréable du tout"
Nadelen: "Accueil personnel Emirates Repas infecte"
Voordelen: "Everything was very nice"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats, enough space for legs, helpful crew, We were offered a voucher to stay in a hotel close to the airport to get a few hours of sleep or relaxation. The voucher included lunch and dinner with good food.."
Nadelen: "I didn't like the long delay to stay in the airport on hard chairs before leaving Cape Town. The delay affected all the other connections with long periods of stay in the airports. The whole flight was rough, being shaken all the time."
Voordelen: "I love it all, flight and crew was excellent"

Couldn’t have been any better. Absolutely Excellent!

Voordelen: "I had a very bad experience on checking in. I went to check in at Beijing Capital airport over 1 hour (about at least 65-70 minutes) earlier than the time of taking off on Nov. 2, However, I wasn’t allowed to check in. The staff said I was late and asked me to spend extra $200 to reschedule my flight. Therefore I had to spend $200 on changing my flight to next day on November 3, which was one day late back to Boston than I expected. That’s too bad and incredible!"
Nadelen: "There are a couple of things need to be improved. First of all, the food were not fresh, especially the salad dish. In mean dish, the beef cooked with too much dark source and tasted salty. Hope you could improve the food quality near future! Secondly, the luggages came out too late. All passengers had waited for their luggages for more than 1hour, which was really too long. Please consider about the concerns! Thanks!"
Nadelen: "perfect flight"
Voordelen: "The flight per se is not too bad. But the transit in Beijing is horrible. A shuttle bus ran almost 20 minutes to get us from landing spot to luggage pick up and waited another 20 min to get our luggage. We almost missed our next flight and the airport staff didn't want to help at all."
Voordelen: "The crew was great!"
Nadelen: "More space"
Voordelen: "Entertainment system"
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "I did not like it."
Nadelen: "Don't offer a flight for an overseas destination that you cannot fly to. my flight was canceled so I did not need this connecting flight and had to wait two months for the ticket money to be fully refunded, after many phone calls."
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Great price, great crew, impressive international flight. Hainan rivals Cathay Pacific, China Air,"
Nadelen: "The domestic flight food was only bearable."
Voordelen: "Very happy with all the services!"
Voordelen: "Le siège très confortable et spacieux, amabilité du personnel, pyjama offert.."
Voordelen: "Nice crew and they spoke English."
Voordelen: "Less waiting times in Beijing airport."
Voordelen: "Everything in regards to Hainan."
Nadelen: "I didnt like that said I had a return seat picked out. THEN went online to see I had no return seat even though one printed on e ticket. Had to call Hainan directly to fix it. Also didnt like that since I bought through I couldn't do 24 hour prior flight online check in. Only allowed to check in at the airport 3 hours prior to flight."
Voordelen: "Service was awesome"
Nadelen: "Inflight entertainment has a limited selection"
Voordelen: "to have transfer personalized service was an excellent service and great relief, because I didn't known the airport, had to pick luggages, then change terminal and check in again. the person walked along with me, all the way. she was kind, caring, and helpful."
Voordelen: "i like tv which has many movies"
Nadelen: "i dont like because i still not take my baggage"
Voordelen: "The food."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed 7 hours. Airplane stopped at an airport 100 miles from my destination. I was several hours late after that unexpected stop & already 8 hours late from the prevvious delay. I won’t take hainan after this."
Voordelen: "service minded because I am tall, so gave me a free exit seat without asking."
Nadelen: "the check-in took 1 hour. Impossible to do online check-in from home. the food is not good and entertainment without subtitles for let's of movies...."
Voordelen: "Special meals were delivered very quickly. Enjoyed all the nature films. Stewardesses were very helpful and spoke enough English to understand."
Voordelen: "nice ride, good service, good seat comfort"
Nadelen: "cannot check in through to Shenzhen. Need to choose seat for 2nd flight only after I arrive in CHongqing"
Voordelen: "Crew of airplane serve with good skills."
Nadelen: "Everything is good except Wuhan Tian He airport the Hai nan airline check in few people need improve the knowledge and also attitute."
Voordelen: "Good movie options"
Nadelen: "Some kind of squabble broke out and it seemed to take the flight attendants a while to settle the people down. The menu said that snacks were available but I never saw any offered. Attendants came around regularly with hot water but no refills for other drinks. My tray table was broken. my food tray slid into my lap because the table wasn't sitting horizontally. Could not check in online, cannot check for 2nd (connecting) flight when checking in for first flight in person in China. As a non Chinese citizen you cannot check in via the kiosk. It's a pain."
Nadelen: "Long trip from the international terminal"
Voordelen: "The service is outstanding."
Nadelen: "All so good"
Nadelen: "Only one member of staff for a lot of people connecting from chongqing. Even though arrived with a lot of time to spare there were many problems and in the end i only made the flight as they delayed it and i sprinted through the airport."
Voordelen: "Everything was clean and well appointed. The air attendants were helpful and friendly. The seat was fine and they provide a nice little back pillow & blanket in economy. The food was tasty and simple which is good for long flights. Not overly salted. I found it to be a satisfying experience in economy."
Nadelen: "All was fine"
Voordelen: "Not a crowded flight so had an extra seat. That was really nice."
Nadelen: "It was all fine."
Nadelen: "Priority to Business is announced but there is no separation with economy and they start loading passengers up right away."
Voordelen: "The crew was attentive and caring. It was a relaxed flight."
Voordelen: "Flight left on time and very pleasant trip."
Nadelen: "Everything was perfect on the flight."
Nadelen: "Delay"
Nadelen: "I was disappointed with the airports in China"
Nadelen: "There was no allowed use of smartphones at all so I was not able to watch my personal movies. Additionally, the Hollywood movies on my in-flight entertainment system provided by Hainan Airlines did not work. When I asked the flight attendant, I was only told that it didn't work."
Voordelen: "om time"
Nadelen: "delay"
Voordelen: "landed in wrong gate because of lax long taxi after landing my seat would not stay lay back, it would sit back up over time. I had to lay back once a while."
Voordelen: "The seat is ok"
Nadelen: "The first flight was canceled with no reason. No one sent me a notice and we had to beg the crew to find us a different airline to fly with. There was dellay in both flights. Will think twice next time before buying a ticket with Hainan Airlines"
Voordelen: "No much to say...chaotic boarding, complaining crew"
Nadelen: "The seatbelt sign was on the entire flight and the crew was upset people needed the bathroom"
Voordelen: "The crew, the crew, the crew... On both of my transpacific flights, I had two female crew members, unfortunately I did not get their names, that were attentive, kind, and did everything they could to make the passengers as comfortable as possible."
Nadelen: "Flights were delayed but I made the connections no proboem."
Voordelen: "It was ok."
Nadelen: "Nothing out of the ordinary"
Nadelen: "If You say the suitcase will go through the connection, make sure it happens. It there are security issues or others, I want to know my suitcase didn't make the flight at the gate or when I arrive Israel. Not to wait one hour for it tom come out Poor boarding system Staff doesn't smile and kind of gives you orders. At least this is the way it feels."
Nadelen: "My seat would not recline, nor would my friends. We had a 3 hour delay, which normally I would not complain about but there was not any communication. After waiting 2 hours on the tarmac, we were informed it was air traffic control that was causing the delay. After another hour we were told it was mechanical issues. Very frustrating."
Nadelen: "Food wasn't that good. The flight crew and amenities were very nice however."
Voordelen: "Staff and crew remained polite and professional in the face of some difficult, older Floridians (Sorry to all of the decent Floridians out there). One young flight attendant made a HUGE effort to turn around their mood. He wasn't very successful, but it was a valiant attempt."
Nadelen: "Boarding was a little stressful, but I think that had more to do with some belligerent, unprepared travelers than the staff and crew."
Voordelen: "Very friendly"
Nadelen: "See above. Delayed flights!!!"
Voordelen: "没有语言障碍,交流方便。服务也不错。"
Voordelen: "Crew were very cooperative but did not know much English."
Nadelen: "We had a screaming child who continuously threw temper tantrums. THe crew were unable to get parents to manage the girls who were about 3 and 5 years of age. A baby you can understand but this girl was old enough to be talked to."
Voordelen: "The plane chosen was good spacious model."
Nadelen: "The choice of food was bad for me because I am a vegetarian. They had dishes with all meat through it. :-("
Voordelen: "The flight itself was fine. People were friendly on the flight and did everything they could to make people comfortable. It was delayed by two hours, which caused problems for the rest of the trip."
Nadelen: "Because of the two hour delay, I was going to miss my next flight. I told the flight attendant about my problem. She said that it would be fine, and they would help me once I landed. That didn't occur."
Voordelen: "Food, comfort and entertainment are good. The stewardess on airplane is also helping people filling the form in the airplane."
Nadelen: "I bought Hainan Airline round trip ticket between ORD and PEK from Kayak. Without flying first Hainan Airline ticket from ORD to PEK on Nov. 24, 2016 because of personal reason, I flew on Nov. 26, 2016 with American Airline instead. When I tried to use Hainan Airline round trip ticket to return US (PEK to ORD), I was refused to check in. I have to pay extra $413 to check in the same flight. Without any notice from Hainan Airline and Kayak, I was very upset with Hainan Airline service. I complain for this issue and call them several times, but there is still no respond from Hainan Airline. It is unfair for me to pay extra $413 air ticket without notice."

La business class n’est pas assez considérer lors de l’embarquement, on paye plus chère pour avoir la priorité, néanmoins des personnes hors business class sont pas passés devant mes enfants et moi…conclusion: travaillé votre service ethiopian airlines!

La business class n’est pas assez considérer lors de l’embarquement, on paye plus chère pour avoir la priorité, néanmoins des personnes hors business class sont pas passés devant mes enfants et moi…conclusion: travaillé votre service ethiopian airlines et considérer les personnes qui payent au prix fort pour voyager tranquillement

La prestation des hôtesses étaient bien. Mais le respect des sièges doit être suivi

Les numéros n'était pas correct nous avons pas plus embarqué et impossible de vous joindre par mailsou téléphone, mais encaissé l'argent aucun soucis😡😡

L’éventail de film auquel on a accès est assez désuet

Dans l’ensemble le service est agréable, mais j’ai surtout déploré le rationnement de l’eau. On est servi dans des sortes de petits gobelets .

Voordelen: "Crew were extremely professional"
Nadelen: "The seats were less comfortable for me"
Voordelen: "Tout ce ok"
Nadelen: "Vraiment ce complet leur service"
Nadelen: "Good crew"
Nadelen: "Chicken was undercooked. No power outlets."
Nadelen: "Crew members paying more attention to the passengers, more option of food, being on time and cleaning after another flight."
Nadelen: "Old aircraft rickety seats"
Voordelen: "seat not comfortable"
Nadelen: "more drinks along the way"
Voordelen: "I appreciated the amount of movies offered as well as its variety. I also liked how often they brought drinks and snacks. The airline crew was very helpful to passengers."
Voordelen: "Crew is friendly."
Nadelen: "The plane is old, tatty and dirty. There is no entertainment. The airport transfer is very very shoddy."
Nadelen: "Language barriers are always hard, i sat next to someone who didn’t speak English well, one of the flight crew sounded irritated instead of understanding."
Voordelen: "crammed seats, meh food first experience with ethiopian, wasn't great"
Voordelen: "It was perfect to me , im in so much pain spiritually and you guys makes me feel home."
Nadelen: "Everything was good"
Voordelen: "The staff was nice and helpful"
Nadelen: "We were so extremely delayed"
Nadelen: "flight was cancelled and i only got to know it after traveling first leg of the tip - then got rerouted for next 36 hrs. Now acceptable for both KAYAK and ET Airline"
Voordelen: "Très bien en général"
Nadelen: "RAS"
Voordelen: "Très bien en général"
Nadelen: "RAS"
Voordelen: "Tout en général"
Nadelen: "Ce serait bien que l'équipage parle Français sur des vols pour Paris"
Voordelen: "the flight"
Nadelen: "extra charge , unable to book meal"
Voordelen: "Staff was pretty helpful and you could mostly get what you needed if you didn't mind going back to the galley for it."
Nadelen: "Boarding was literally unsafe (too many people going down an escalator into too small an area). Terribly bland food. Buttons on the seat rest too easy to push accidentally (for things like the light or to call a flight attendant)."
Voordelen: "Agreablement surprise de la qualite de la compagnie."
Voordelen: "I like the Direct route"
Nadelen: "Long wait time at checkin Only certain employees accepted money for extra baggage fees Long time boarding Most staff were friendly An employee on board with short hair was not nice and her hair wasn’t professional Paid $160 for the extra bag, but it was lost It is still lost!"
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "Always delaying, catastrophic food."
Nadelen: "The whole boarding process was a bit chaotic. I was really called on the plane. I tried to signal for a blanket or some food but there was only 2 cabin crew members."
Voordelen: "The staff was very kind."
Nadelen: "Flight was uncomfortable. They forgot my food and drink. The attendant sneezed on me without covering her mouth, my tv didn't work. The plane was dirty. I asked to be moved up to any of the 10 open seats in business and they said they can't. It was actually one of the worst flights I've ever taken anywhere in my life."
Voordelen: "la prise en charge surtout lors du changement du vol ou j'ai recu la notification"
Nadelen: "les repas qui sont dans la monotonie"
Nadelen: "The entire flight was great!"
Voordelen: "The customer service from crew members"
Nadelen: "The snacks"
Voordelen: "Oui j aime"
Nadelen: "Oui"
Voordelen: "New plane fantastic cabin"
Nadelen: "There was a fight but nothibg to do with the flight crew just some passenger with mental issues"
Voordelen: "Amazingly smooth flight and landing."
Voordelen: "I like that the bulkhead seats (typically where the baby bassinet is placed) have electrical outlets which I used to easily charge my phone; and that there is nice legroom space."
Nadelen: "Economy is a bit tight; the bidding process for Cloud Nine (business class) has reduced the chance of passengers being upgraded for free especially as a means to reward frequent flyers, or help passengers with special needs/accommodations."
Voordelen: "Les facilités accordés lors du transfert à Addis"
Nadelen: "Pas de divertissement pour les enfants"
Voordelen: "L'accueil, la disponibilité du personnel et le vol sont très bien."
Nadelen: "Les vols sont courts, il n'y a donc rien pour divertir les enfants."
Voordelen: "Ethiopian beer, a first for me -- not bad."
Nadelen: "Where is the famous Ethiopian arabica coffee?"
Nadelen: "Did not provide special meal although I called ahead to request it."
Voordelen: "Meal service plentiful. They kept the bathrooms very clean"
Nadelen: "This plane seemed older not as spacious or as clean as planes on Ethiopian I've traveled on before. Horrible film selections, and it's the same coming and going."
Voordelen: "USB plug, nice TV/ entertainment"
Nadelen: "I sent them an email about an issue with my flight but they didn't get back to me"
Voordelen: "Also great experience"
Nadelen: "There was a deley of 3 and a half h"
Voordelen: "L'équipage"
Nadelen: "On été très en retards de Addis à abuja et arrivé à kano il fallais attendre plus d'une heure."
Nadelen: "Crew was not friendly and seemed to ignore my requests. Seat was not comfortable. Food was okay."
Nadelen: "Crew was not friendly and seemed to ignore my requests. Seat was not comfortable. Food was okay."
Voordelen: "Their flight attendants care about people, and overall it's a great airline, except for food."
Nadelen: "Ethiopian Airlines consistently has sub-quality food."
Voordelen: "The crew was accommodating during the flight but spoke very little English and could not help with information on connecting flight."
Nadelen: "We missed our connecting flight due to a delay and the airline would not let us through because we could have made our second flight...."
Voordelen: "Siège tro vieux on dirai qu’on est assis sur une planche de boi"
Nadelen: "Avoir des usb pour dans l’avion"
Voordelen: "Boarding process may have been the best thing possible."
Nadelen: "Customer service could be a whole lot better. Seats very uncomfortable for extended flights."
Nadelen: "J’ai acheté un billet eco premium et j’ai voyagé en eco"
Voordelen: "Nous aimerions si possible qu'il y ai aussi le français en plus de l'anglais et du chinois utilisé dans l'avion."
Voordelen: "拿不到行李,需要等下一班飞机"
Nadelen: "拿不到行李,需要等待下一班飞机"
Nadelen: "L’efficacité"
Nadelen: "Occidental snacks could be great"
Voordelen: "It was cheap"
Nadelen: "The aircraft was super old. The flight was delayed. The transfer at PEK (beijing) airport is horrendous. Never again."
Voordelen: "Personnel serviable et souriant."
Nadelen: "Beaucoup de retard sur le vol (5 heures) sur une escale déjà de 11 heures. Les agents au sol nous informaient très peu et très mal de ce qui se passait. Si ça avait été plus clair, déjà ça aurait été moins pire. De plus, le siège, tablette, la boucle de ceinture, étaient déjà sales au début du vol."
Nadelen: "Luggage lost. Reported at the HK airport. The airport staff told me that no record of my luggage and filed a report for me."
Voordelen: "qu'il serve un repas. avion pas trop rempli alors on a pu s'étendre sur les bancs et dormir"
Nadelen: "ils nous ont servi une sandwich quand c'était en plein milieu de la nuit."
Voordelen: "personnel très gentil et nourriture avec de bon délai entre chaque repas"
Nadelen: "la qualité de la nourriture"
Voordelen: "Good collection of latest movies."
Nadelen: "Cheap flight with no proper in flight services. No beverages served until after Meal was served after 2-3 hours. Was able to ask and get wine. Food was mediocre and breakfast was a cheap sandwich offered in hand. 2 meals in 12 hour flight, Rice with chicken and Noodles with chicken"
Nadelen: "We only had one hour to catch our connecting flight, which was canceled and rescheduled by air China not by customer. Rude!"
Nadelen: "The same thing as above"
Voordelen: "Good land side service (partially because I am Star Gold) and fair on-board service. luggage was delivered faster than expected in beijing."
Nadelen: "Fair Food and Fair beverage... Air China indeed needs to have some western style food. seat is fair to poor condition; too narrow for me even for a economy class (mind you that business class is not much better). and maybe they should learn about something called "entertainment terminal". you stare at a public, plasma TV for 3 hours without change of programs. thanks for the ancient device. that does remind me what flights could be 20+ years ago."
Voordelen: "Friendly flight, nice people"
Nadelen: "Food wasn't good."
Voordelen: "on the plane, Crew in CA are great! Food is delicious! Entertainment is very good!"
Nadelen: "I had a terrible time yesterday when I had to transfer from CA 4120 to CA 429 in Chengdu Shuangliu to Sydney. When I got off at Shuangliu airport From CA 4120 at 23:50pm, there was no airport bus to transfer me from T2 to T1 international Departure at Chengdu Shuangliu. I have to run in the dark nearly 2 km to catch 1:20 am CA 429 to Sydney Australia. Really bad international service in Chengdu Shuangliu!!"
Nadelen: "The flight had 02:30 delay due to a technical problem, when we Arrive the luggage was broken."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "I had to spend two extra nights in Shanghai due to missed flight. I was not informed that departure time was changed to 2 hrs earlier. I was alone at a hotel with no cash and horrible food. For those 2 days, I was unable to get confirmation of my new flight, so I was on an expired visa. I called to find out why I wasn’t informed, and I was told that the email must be in my spam. It was absolutely not in my spam because it was never sent!"
Nadelen: "trop de retard sur les vols"
Voordelen: "On time and great service. Comfortable (with a neck pillow), and good entertainment with recent movies."
Nadelen: "No charging ports on plane and no vegetarian options for meals."
Voordelen: "Great service and plenty of refreshments"
Nadelen: "Long check in lines"
Nadelen: "That's not the first time, last year, we got the same delay (seated in plane for nearly 2h) and this year, for no reason, we had to wait 2h, instead of boarding at 13:30 pm but 15:30. Beside the delayed waiting time, other things were good"
Nadelen: "Flight attendants were rude. Flight was delayed for 4 hours and no explanation was given. Once boarded the plane we didint take off for another 1.5 hours. Worse experience I’ve ever had in my life. I would not recommend this airline to anyone. They charged me extra for extra leg room but allows other people to sit there for free once the flight took off I. Addition they didint allow anyone to upgrade to business class even thought they had seats available"
Voordelen: "Je sais que ce n'est pas Air China mais l'attente dans l'avion avant de partir n'en finissait plus..."
Voordelen: "Aéroport de Wuhan : fonctionnel. Beaucoup de monde à cette période de l'année mais rien à redire."
Voordelen: "Flight crew was attentive"
Nadelen: "Delayed boarding, no personal entertainment and very old seats."
Voordelen: "J'ai aimé le « timing » pour les repas avec le long vol. Pas constamment dérangé. Rien à dire de négatif. Ce que je n'ai pas aimé n'a pas rapport à Air China"
Voordelen: "Retard à Pékin dans le départ, mais ce n'est pas la faute d'Air China"
Voordelen: "Level of Service and the food."
Voordelen: "I think the food served on the flight has improved significantly over the last few years. I've been flying Air China for the past few years and am very impressed by the progress made by Air China. I will continue to be a loyal customer of this airline. Thanks!"
Voordelen: "Les sourires et la courtoisie."
Nadelen: "Retard de 6 heures, bagages égarés, repas moyen,... aucun film récent"
Voordelen: "Vol ponctuel"
Nadelen: "Fauteuil et écran vieux. Qu'on me demande d'éteindre mon téléphone mobile alors qu'il était en mode avion et impossible de discuter avec l'hôtesse qui ne voulait rien savoir. Trop films en chinois."
Voordelen: "Vol ponctuel et confort correct."
Nadelen: "Rien a redire."
Voordelen: "Transit time"
Nadelen: "Food, entertainment"
Voordelen: "Onboard service was great. Very attentive and sincere."
Voordelen: "Personnel attentionné et gentil."
Nadelen: "Sièges inconfortables (mon siège n'était pas rembourré suffisamment donc j'étais assise sur le bois...) Choix de films, de séries télé et de musique très mauvais Nourriture médiocre"
Nadelen: "This was like flying in the 90's. The seats were super small and uncomfortable my TV didn't work and they wouldn't let me use my phone (even on fly mode) and the Beijing international airport didn't have WiFi."
Nadelen: "Wasn't on flight"
Voordelen: "Le prix est très bas"
Nadelen: "Repas infecte, peu de films de qualité.. espace très réduit pour un vol pour lAsie"
Voordelen: "Nice plane"
Nadelen: "Constant and substantial changes to their schedule, Ticketing gave me wrong seat, Flight attendant argued about seating for a Long time and then gave me the seat that I requested. Food was absolutely terrible ! Beijing airport was very dirty and disorganized Will not fly with them again – too many problems."
Nadelen: "Well, the aircraft doesn’t have TV at the back of each seat."
Voordelen: "No hassle check in and boarding."
Nadelen: "Meals were average. Rice meals are better than the noodles. IFE selection for US passengers could be better. No cell allowed after take off."
Nadelen: "Since we missed our flight to LAX, we had to walk up to the immigration office again and asked for a re-book of a flight to LAX. Unfortunately, the next one was in 9 HOURS! Horrible experience at the airport with lackluster WiFi that can't even load simple Facebook messenger. Our loved ones waited at LAX with no updates whatsoever for ~9 hrs."
Voordelen: "Extremely courteous crew"
Nadelen: "Absence of vegetarian food choices"
Nadelen: "We couldn't use out phones, all I wanted to do is listen to music I already have save to my phone. The food was horrible."
Nadelen: "80 minutes delay without explanation."
Voordelen: "Airplane was good"
Nadelen: "Food was not good at all and quality was poor No snacks provided in between meals. Sitting in the plane at tarmac without any reason. No reason to board if crew knew about this in advance. The crew incharge of us did not have proper training to deal with family with small children."

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