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Voordelen: "The 787 is fantastic. First class feels in the economy. The food offering is also first class. Service is amazing."
Nadelen: "Serve the cold soba for all meals. :) Love it."
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Voordelen: "The 787 is fantastic. First class feels in the economy. The food offering is also first class. Service is amazing."
Nadelen: "Serve the cold soba for all meals. :) Love it."
Nadelen: "the seats are not reclined, not comfortable at all"
Voordelen: "Crew was amazing.Premium economy seats were superb. Food was also good."
Voordelen: "Crew was nice"
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Excellent crew!"
Nadelen: "It could have been quieter."
Nadelen: "Retard. Aucune explication ni excuse"
Voordelen: "J'ai réservé et payé mon billet chez Ana : vol exploité par Swiss, dont la qualité est moindre. Impossible de réserver un siège à l'avance. Je ne volerai plus jamais avec Swiss !"
Nadelen: "Les repas étaient franchement mauvais. Brocolis à l'aller et au retour... pas de baguettes sur un vol en joint-venture avec ANA et plein de passagers japonais"
Voordelen: "Avion vétuste et service minimum, pas même un verre d'eau !"
Nadelen: "35 minutes de correspondance entre deux vols, aux deux points opposés de l'aéroport, c'est clairement trop peu,"
Voordelen: "Le repas principal, le choix de films, la route par le nord ( magnifiques paysages de banquise)"
Nadelen: "J'aurais aimé pouvoir prendre connaissance à l'avance des menus à choix. Là il fallait choisir au moment du service"
Voordelen: "Friendly staff and decent size."
Nadelen: "Vancouverites are a bunch of entitled, self-absorbed twats. Not really much ANA can do about that."
Voordelen: "The entertainment options were great, the food was great, the staff was friendly and helpful."
Nadelen: "It took a while for them to serve the first meal and I don't know that there was a need for a second meal. I would have preferred to sleep."
Voordelen: "Food was good"
Nadelen: "Disappointed with some of flight attendants. ANA used to provide best customer service."
Voordelen: "Service, entertainment , drinks, everything! Very good!"
Voordelen: "The whole process from boarding to exit was perfect. The seats, the food the service was great"
Nadelen: "The movie selection is somewhat weak"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "After they told about change my flight to Asiana I finally agreed but I had to walk by myself to Asiana, ANA couldnt at least to make the changes to avoid me long time to stand in line by asiana airlines. I would never recomend ANA"
Voordelen: "Same level of exceptional service on this second leg of my journey. I am looking forward to my next two flights with ANA when i return home."
Voordelen: "Crew was fantastic. Really polite and attentive. Liked that they offered liquids throughout the flight to keep us hydrated. Good experience overall."
Nadelen: "Entertainment - didn't have to many movies I liked. Food was just ok. I enjoyed the soy sauce beef and rice the most."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were incredible!"
Voordelen: "The food and the very friendly and courteous flight attendants."
Voordelen: "Service, staff, and food were all above-average as compared to other companies with whom I've flown"
Nadelen: "Spacing was a little bit cramped, and side-to-side leg-room was so cramped that my neighbor fell asleep, spread his legs and suddenly had no where to escape. Made sleeping difficult/impossible."
Voordelen: "Service was excellent, landed on time, courteous staff and good food. Good selection of movies and programs."
Nadelen: "If the seat reclined a bit more, would be nice."
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "We both - Wife and me - had to pay around 200 USD for TWO Extra Suitcases in spite of both being an ANA Flying Miles Members. Hence What is the uet of these ANA Miles Club (AMC) Membership? Remains an EYE-WASH................................."
Voordelen: "Staff and crew and food!"
Nadelen: "We could not check in online. This was frustrating and we do not know why?"
Nadelen: "Everything. The best I I"
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Nothing. It was perfect. Comfortable, cute stewards"
Voordelen: "The crews on ANA (Flight Attendants) are the hardest working, most polite and service oriented of ANY carrier I can remember. When the cabin lights are ON, the crew is hustling to keep the passengers occupied and chewing. Free Beer, Wine and mixed drinks in Coach! Every Service - Snack, Drinks, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee/Tea, Second and Third rounds of drinks includes a cold towel to wipe your face and hands and most important, trash is collected promptly EVERY single time. WOW. I noticed that Flight Attendants take notes on sleeping passengers for every major meal service, and they take the time to revisit those customers when awake to check they might have wanted to be fed. I also noticed that the crew has special double sided tape to pickup crumbs and spills in the aisles so grime is not tracked into the carpet. Dont be surprized to see a flight attendant cruising the aisle after dinner with a soft cooler full of small vanilla Hagen Daz cups..."
Nadelen: "We flew from Bangkok to Washington Dulles with a connection in Tokyo. Snow in Japan caused crew shifts to max out and ultimately a dramatic change in flight departure. (Guaranteeing a missed connection) This caused multiple downstream challenges. 1. Original flight was scheduled for 00:30. (Half Past Midnight), rescheduled flight was scheduled for 12:30 (Half Past Noon) For Americans unused to a 24 hour clock, this made emails From ANA very difficult to wrap your mind around. Was it a typo? What happens when you miss your connection? (Turns out weather delays do NOT result in accommodations or meals being provided) Rescheduled flight should have been for 1231 with (AM/PM in Parentheses) 2. For passengers who spent their vacation/trip near the equator, the prospect of spending the night in snowbound Tokyo was simply not addressed in the cancellation email. The better option was to stay in your original point of origin and make the connection in one day, but email has NO telephone number for passengers to call to make these arrangements. (We ended up calling a toll California telephone number to be sure we got an English speaking agent) 3. Many SE Asian departing cities have a crazy baggage weight policy that allows for Two bags of 25 Kilos each , but if you have a single bag that weights 32 Kilos, you must pay excess baggage. Although the policy may NOT be specific to ANA, there are hundreds of folks of all nationalities repacking suitcases on the floor of the airport, to try to meet the regulations. As a traveler I understand this, but as an ANA customer it makes no sense, especially when the ticket agent cannot charge the overage to a credit card at the ticket counter. Instead sending you to a different location then waiting for you to return with a receipt. Its a huge scam and ANA can do better communicating the rules to passengers via email or their web site. Nothing starts a long trip off worse than arguments over arcane rules. 4. Changing a return flight arrangement as a result of weather happens at the last moment, but seat assignments apparently could not keep up. I would rather NOT fly than face a center seat in coach for 14 hours. I cannot explain what happened, but repeated attempts at advance check in showed NO assigned seats available, the ticket and gate agents could not improve on this, but BOTH flights ended up having empty seats and in the end we stressed for nothing. ANA must be able to do better, improving their IT systems to make advance seat assignments possible no matter how challenging the problem of "equipment" and other changes in the face of a canceled flight."
Voordelen: "Customer service on ANA was as stellar as always."
Nadelen: "Chairs are uncomfortably small for an international flight. Was fairly surprised since it's such a long flight."
Voordelen: "Nice short flight. Houston is easy to navigate. Staff were friendly."
Nadelen: "They didnt want to board my twins and I early so we blocked the aisle as i got them sorted. I had to sit over the aisle from my children as it was a 2 2 seating but the staff didnt seem to pursue where their mother was even though i was 1 row back. They didn't need me but i thought they should have at least enquired as to where the parent was of 2 11 yr olds. They were also curt trying to rush us off the flight as my daughter was trying to locate a lost item as we arrived. She has limited sight and we need time to get off and to find things.... given she has lost an iPad, and very expensive reading glasses and other things on the trips that span 24 - 36 hrs."
Voordelen: "Ana est loin devant Air France"
Voordelen: "La compagnie est géniale! Rien à dire!"
Voordelen: "Attendants were friendly."
Nadelen: "Flight was late."
Nadelen: "Seats in economy were narrower than Eva Airlines"
Voordelen: "crew was professional and very attentive and beer and wine and ice cream on the flight"
Nadelen: "wish they had more movies choices from the u.s."
Voordelen: "Crew onboard and in Brussels where very nice and efficient."
Nadelen: "Plane was nice and clean but they should upgrade the standard of the food and there movie selection."
Voordelen: "Good communication, food and services"
Nadelen: "None"
Voordelen: "Crews' performance was good."
Nadelen: "Full capacity ! Because of CODE SHARING ? = One Airplane for 2-Airline's Customers."
Voordelen: "Great service"
Nadelen: "Interior show signs of aging"
Voordelen: "Great airline!"
Nadelen: "some of the gates can be long walk"
Voordelen: "Food was good, the crew were kind, nothing less than one expected and nothing more either"
Nadelen: "Not much of a choice when it came to films"
Voordelen: "The problem is not that I missed the flight, as I am currently in my way to my destination. The issue was the poor support, I mean is ok I know I didn't make it, but I don't want to hwar what I already know, tell me what can be done... waited 7 hours for someone available... the phone at the counter is useless"
Nadelen: "What about next time you put more instructions on the counter so that we don't waste hours trying to find a way to contact you..."
Voordelen: "Friendly flight attendants, clean toilets"
Nadelen: "Flight attendant missed our breakfast and when reminded didn't even apologize. old aircraft"
Voordelen: "Ana crew always excelant This round was a little less sweet n outgoing than in used to. But still did there job well."
Nadelen: "Food as with crew as well as movie selection Yoon seemed a touch below the high standards in used to."
Voordelen: "Flight was very good - enjoyed meal and entertainment"
Nadelen: "Should make it clear to passengers ahead of time that flight departs from international terminal (terminal 1) at Shanghai airport (and also that flight is NOT out of Pudong airport, although we were aware of the latter fact ahead of time)."
Voordelen: "Very awesome and polite crew. Exact reason why I chose ANA"
Voordelen: "Very clean plane. Nice and comfortable. Staff was very friendly. Lots of leg room. The seat doesn't till back, but instead the seat slides forward. I wouldnt mind to fly again with ANA. Terrific entertainment system and movies."
Nadelen: "Minor thing is the headset, which doesn't provide the best sound, but it will do. Food options can improve"
Voordelen: "Great flight"
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Excellent plane, accessories. Friendly staff as you expect from ANA. Very comfortable trip."
Voordelen: "I slept most of the way home so didn`t use the entertainment."
Voordelen: "crew was very polite and everything was smooth."
Nadelen: "The flight attendent name Yoka asked me what I want to eat??? But She give my food to someone else, and rold me they do not have it anymore."
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Dagelijkse schoonmaak en installatie van HEPA-filters in de cabine op vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Kobe

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Mondkapjes zijn aan boord verplicht. Deze worden verstrekt op vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Kobe

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Middelste zitplaats niet beschikbaar op vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Kobe

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Testen op antistoffen en testen bij symptomen voor vluchten van Brussel-Nationaal naar Kobe

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