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Vind goedkope vluchten van Maldiven naar Brussel

Vind goedkope vluchten van Maldiven naar Brussel

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Tips voor het vinden van goedkope vliegtickets naar Brussel

  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopst vliegmaand naar Brussel is januari.
  • Vul je favoriete vertrekluchthaven en reisdatums in in het zoekformulier hierboven en bekijk direct de meest actuele vliegdeals voor Brussel.

Veelgestelde vragen - Brussel-vliegtickets boeken

Hoe vindt KAYAK zulke lage prijzen voor vliegtickets naar Brussel?

Hoe kan de vliegticket prijsvoorspellingstool van KAYAK me helpen bij het kiezen van het juiste moment om mijn vliegticket naar Brussel te boeken?

Wat is de KAYAK Mix-functie voor vluchten naar Brussel?

Wat is de "flexibele datums"-functie van KAYAK en wat heb ik hieraan als ik een vlucht zoek naar Brussel?

Top 3 airlines voor vluchten van Maldiven naar Brussel-Nationaal

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

Gemiddelde score op basis van 15.420 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Voordelen: "Crew was good but only one thing I don’t know why before landing 30min crew starting collect blankets and headsets it’s making me so upset!"

Nadelen: "This crew was much better. Smiling, happy and helping."

Voordelen: "?"
Nadelen: "No"

Voordelen: "Crew, food and entertainment."
Nadelen: "Everything went well."

Nadelen: "The food"

Voordelen: "Everything was amazing, I would say best airlines from Male to Dubai. Crew is super amazing as well."

Voordelen: "Great crew, good legroom and comfortable seat"

Voordelen: "The stewardess were lovely."
Nadelen: "The refreshments"

Voordelen: "The crew was awesome, seating is never comfortable for a long flight."
Nadelen: "I do not recall any plane departing the dock on time. All Airlines need to work on boarding quicker and leaving on time."

Voordelen: "Smooth flight"
Nadelen: "I wished I was in business class..."

Voordelen: "Cold meal was nice, standard business class, no amenities. Nice crew, welcome on board."
Nadelen: "The crew was in a constant hurry after. The meal was ok, but no cocktails served. Tablet was not working remotely, it has to be connected to the dock all the time. USB port was also not working, did not charge my phone. I’m glad that we did not buy the business upgrade for his flight before. It would felt wasting all our points. Luckily we were upgraded during check in. Check in was awful, they checked in 4 people in front of us roughly in 20 minutes in MLE. It felt like waiting for forever."

Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Everything was great"
Nadelen: "Emirates service has fallen over the last several years"

Voordelen: "Leg space was better"
Nadelen: "Long line for boarding .its a big flight so you have to add more restrooms"

Nadelen: "I asked for water three times, three different crew members but never got the water during the flight to Dubai, when alighting that's when i asked for the water again from a crew who was manning the business class section and got it."

Voordelen: "The flight"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Emirates is everything we can wish"

Voordelen: "I have checked in by online system was very easy to do check in, crew was excellent taking care of all the passengers service was excellent food very good, entertainment need to download with Russian language also as well"

Voordelen: "Plenty of space"

Voordelen: "The food and the ICE video center"
Nadelen: "The fact the crew lets people stand around in front of you in the Exit row. For what Emirates charges for this added “luxury” it’s ridiculous."

Voordelen: "some new movies"
Nadelen: "Crew was very unprofessional, they need lots of training. Emirates should hire people who can handle english language properly No proper service of food or drinks ... they had all like beer, wines , spirits.. but the crew was not offering anything"

Voordelen: "Service and food"
Nadelen: "My husband had his backpack and a carry on when we checked in at JFK. He was not allowed. From Dubai to Manila, we saw a lot of passengers who had two or more carry on’s. The floors at Dubai airport are dirty."

Voordelen: "Wonderful airline, great movie collection, ended up leaving one of my bags behind in Dubai but they were delivered to my home in one pice"
Nadelen: "The time between flights was so little and with a big airport, literally had to run from one end to the other"

Voordelen: "Good service upon check in and in flight."
Nadelen: "By the time the food cart reaches rear zones , there are not much left to choose from. It should be better managed so all passengers have a chance to pick the food of their choice."

Nadelen: "internet stelt niks voor"

Nadelen: "Delayed and no hotel for an 11 hour layover"

Voordelen: "Left on time. Reached early. Flight crew was friendly. In flight entertainment was good."

Nadelen: "Excess baggage kilo rate is much more expensive than most airlines"

Voordelen: "Not much. The crew were bright and breezy. Ish."
Nadelen: "Emirates has applied EasyJet seat ramming techniques to its A380 business Class product. As a result even the spacious upper deck of an A380 feels cramped. The seat width in business Class is the same as economy so lying on your side to sleep is an impossibility for all but the diminutive or children. It’s hard to justify 4-5 times the economy fare to sit in such cramped ‘pile em high, sell em cheap’ seats. Breakfast served just before landing at LGW was honestly the most revolting meal I’ve ever been served onboard an aircraft, and I’ve flown Monarch. Less scrambled egg than puréed egg slops with gristly undercooked chicken sausages. Ryanair would blush at serving up such lousy fare. Emirates are paring back the ‘overheads’ in business Class and its starting to show. Cheapening the product (in every sense) might work for some but if I’m going to stump up thousands I think I’ll choose an airline that treats me less like self loading cargo in future."

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "They recently started charging unnecessary excess fees for overweight. I traveled from Seattle to Hyderabad via Dubai. I carried my cabin bag from Seattle with weight of 9kgs and purchased few duty free items of 2kgs(2 liquor bottles and1 dates box). They have asked me to pay $150 for excess weight. One passenger traveled from Houston with a bag of 11kgs. Items include 1 laptop documents and tablet. She didn't shop in Dubai. She was allowed in Houston but was charged $100 in Dubai for same weight."

Nadelen: "Hindu Meal was a repeat of the DEL DXB and DXB JFK sectors."

Voordelen: "We liked the excellent crew. They were very curtious and made sure every small request was fullfilled. We met couple of friends on the same flight. And so kids had excellent time during the 14 hour journey. The crew were very sweet to all the kids. Very patient and fullied there numerous requests."

Voordelen: "Emirates advertised for $66 RT tickets from Mali to NYC which I purchased, only to find out by email that two days later that they weren't going to honor my tickets. Hence didn't end up taking the trip."
Nadelen: "Emirates advertised for $66 RT tickets from Mali to NYC which I purchased, only to find out by email that two days later that they weren't going to honor my tickets. Hence didn't end up taking the trip."

Voordelen: "Personeel is vriendelijk"
Nadelen: "Er was een vertraging van bij 1,5 uur, maar er is niet over gecommuniceerd."

Voordelen: "The service was wonderful"

Voordelen: "After my request for vegan was apparently not put through, the crew bent over backward to find food for me. Unfortunately I only got fruit which is not very satisfying. . In addition, a kid was seated behind me and repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly) kicked me in the back and slammed the tray table into my back. The crew found me another seat and were extremely nice about it."
Nadelen: "My request for vegan food was lost - it is hard to feel comfortable for that long of a time period just eating fruit. (This is even after the crew from the previous flight tried to remedy the situation by notifying them.)"

Nadelen: "It was delayed for 8 hours!!!"

Nadelen: "Staff unfriendly on Baghdad flights most of the time"

Voordelen: "Excellent service in flight and nice food"
Nadelen: "NA"

Voordelen: "It's was my favorite traveling"

Voordelen: "Emirates is my carrier of choice, and that's due to their continued service standards, friendliness and rates. This flight was pretty empty so service was even better and I was able to spread myself out. Also, well done to the crew. They continue to maintain high standards."
Nadelen: "This is the first time it's happened to me, but I was scheduled to leave Oslo on Wednesday, but Emirates cancelled my flight and put me on the next one. It would have been alright had they offered some sort of compensation or made it up to me in one way or another, but that was not going to happen. They cancelled and the cost was on me (as per the T's & C's I was told) and that was pretty much that. Here's a hint, it seems like their Scandinavian flights are underperforming and in a cost saving effort, they're randomly cancelling flights. I subsequently found out they did it to someone else in the area causing them to miss two days of a pre-booked vacation. So, if they cancel, it's going to cost you a lot more in a city like Oslo to wait a day - not to mention the costs involved in missing work or vacation, so maybe shop around then. I still like Emirates, but I'm feeling a little burnt after this episode."

Nadelen: "I found out that my payment was not verified as I arrived at the airport and I wasn't informed my email or any kind of way about it. It was a total disaster. Deeply disappointed. Regards"

Voordelen: "Iv only every travelled 1st class before and this time had to travel business. I hadn't realised the drop in standard would be so apparent . The staff are not as professinal , attentive and didn't seem very organised ."
Nadelen: "The food was below any standard iv ever flown and was quite frankly disappointed with it only the stale dry scones but the flight as whole . I voiced my concerns at the time and was apologised to . This however caused me to feel uncomfortabld and out in the spot ."

Voordelen: "Service van het personeel is prima. Vriendelijk en attent."
Nadelen: "We moesten ons erg haasten vanwege vertraging van de eerste vlucht. Door ern beladingsfout had de vlucht ook nog erns bijna 3 uren vertraging. En dan blijkt ook nog eens dat onze koffers niet meegenomen zijn."

Voordelen: "Service prima. Eten voldoende. Entertainment ook voldoende keus."
Nadelen: "We vertrokken met vertraging. We konden maar net op tijd het boarden van de volgende vlucht halen."

Voordelen: "Check-in was efficient and staff were extremely helpful. Flight itself was comfortable, food was actually tasty, and in-flight entertainment was great. Overall an amazing experience compared to US carriers."
Nadelen: "Boarding was a bit disorganized."

Voordelen: "Crew couldn't have been friendlier!"

Voordelen: "I watched movies the entire time."
Nadelen: "I didnt like that i had to sleep on metal chairs at Maldives outside airport. My layover was 11hrs and 35 mins and enirates didnt accommodate me at all during the wait. Not even a meal voucher. Talked to a guy named Ishmael Shinad and he was beyond useless. Wasnt the happiest person on flight."

Voordelen: "Confy"
Nadelen: "19H i guess, window seat's screen was not working"

Nadelen: "Très bien à heure un avions trop propre"

Voordelen: "All what you think :)"
Nadelen: "The place's we are sitting can be better"

Nadelen: "Better food options but that’s for all airlines!"

Voordelen: "comfortable seat, friendly staff"

Nadelen: "Squawking brats the whole 10.5 hours of the trip to IAD."

Voordelen: "Good entertainment system"
Nadelen: "Old plane. Not sparkling clean... bad leg room"

Voordelen: "Friendliest Turkish crew I’ve had."
Nadelen: "Inflight movie selection is fairly dated."

Voordelen: "I didn’t like anything. The plane wasn’t on time for the connecting flight so I lost my transit."
Nadelen: "Flight coordination should be better"

Voordelen: "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. Très en écoute. Excellent ..."

Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Rien"

Voordelen: "Rien"
Nadelen: "Rien"

Voordelen: "All was really good"
Nadelen: "Long lines ( about 40 min) to get into transfer zone at the airport. I guess this is not aircompanu fault, but airport."

Nadelen: "seat cannot recline"

Voordelen: "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes"
Nadelen: "Pas de réseau à l'aéroport Pas de rappel de kiwi pour s'enregistrer"

Voordelen: "Food was especially good."

Nadelen: "Bagage non reçu. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation"

Voordelen: "Liked everything about it new planes good food on time excellent crew"

Voordelen: "Everything- Most enjoyable international flight ever"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "L'organisation."
Nadelen: "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi."

Voordelen: "The friendliness and the ease of flying alone."

Voordelen: "Comfort and service."

Nadelen: "La cuisine est vraiment horrible"

Voordelen: "Same as above"
Nadelen: "Same as above"

Nadelen: "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada."

Voordelen: "Comfortable seats, good food"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "The crew was nice I had good seats"
Nadelen: "The kosher food was bad"

Voordelen: "Good service once on the plain,on the way back they were feeding us with pasta,no meat-horrible.. How ever poor communication before the flight with my service dog."

Voordelen: "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Le personnel a été charmant et compète a l’aerop et pendant le vol !"

Voordelen: "Comfortable seats, good food and in flight entertainmen"
Nadelen: "None"

Voordelen: "Always excellent"

Voordelen: "Tout a été excellent"
Nadelen: "Rien ne m'a déplu"

Voordelen: "First leg (Mia to Instanbul) crew was excellent!"
Nadelen: "second leg (Istanbul to Johannesburg) crew were rude!!!"

Voordelen: "Boarding on time. Decent food. Relatively clean aircraft"
Nadelen: "The staff was not great. An issue with a first class customers made them move around economy customers like they ' really not even people but utilities, all that for that one person. If they would have informed and talked with the other customers that would have been fine but being treated like a piece of furniture isn't nice. Plus, continuous strikes in Belgium see a joke, check-in luggages delayed for plenty of airlines. This country doesn't even know what strike mean anymore being so often..."

Voordelen: "The ground and flight crews were outstanding. Boarding was easy in Houston. I got to see the flight crew handle a medical emergency and saw that they were well prepared, efficient, and concerned. The food and entertainment were fine. I felt like the seat space was better than on British which I often use. I had an empty seat next to me however. I was impressed that the flight crew moved a taller gentleman to a premium (exit) seat to accommodate his extra tall stature. He didn't ask, but they wanted him to be comfortable."
Nadelen: "The airport in Istanbul is pretty manageable. They changed the gate on us twice for the connection, which meant a bit of walking. But the crowd was pretty manageable compared to LHR."

Voordelen: "gentillesse de l'équipage, propreté de l'avion"
Nadelen: "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte"

Voordelen: "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees"

Voordelen: "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons."

Voordelen: "Très pratique"

Nadelen: "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant"

Nadelen: "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant"

Voordelen: "Rien"

Voordelen: "we ware attisefy for are first time in bisness clas"

Voordelen: "on board was good, plane in good condition, good breakfast, attentive personnel"
Nadelen: "After boarding, my traveling companion was forced to deplane and take a later flight, some confusion and his seat had been double-booked"

Nadelen: "Turkish airlines used to be airline offering good food, now you only get sendwich"

Nadelen: "Repas"

Voordelen: "Free upgrades are great, unfortunately rare."

Voordelen: "The flight attendants were helpful and did extra to make the experience more enjoyable. They served with warm and sincere smile. Service and food were good."
Nadelen: "Comfort seats are missed greatly. Boarding area and process should be revised/reviewed for improvement."

Voordelen: "The staff!"
Nadelen: "The turbulence lol"

Voordelen: "Merci à Turkish Airlines"

Nadelen: "++++"

Nadelen: "Off boarding in Abu Dhabi"

Voordelen: "It is good airline"
Nadelen: "The flight was very late, the airline did nothing for the time we were waiting"

Voordelen: "Overall good for economy."
Nadelen: "Nothing really. Perhaps the food."

Voordelen: "The food"
Nadelen: "Extra leg space. Nicer crew. Better airport and boarding experience"

Voordelen: "Good value for money."
Nadelen: "Expensive wifi. Limited entertainment selection."

Voordelen: "Super easy"
Nadelen: "There wasn’t no Harry Potter films"

Nadelen: "As above"

Voordelen: "The crew was very nice"
Nadelen: "Boarding anything in Nepal is a adventure.They change gates on you as you are on the way.Then just sit and wait."

Voordelen: "The food and the in-house entertainment"
Nadelen: "My co passengers."

Voordelen: "Used their larger A380 plane Good boarding and inflight service"

Nadelen: "Ook voor economy is de seating aan de krappe kant."

Nadelen: "Ook voor economy is de seating voor iemand van 1.85m aan de krappe kant."

Voordelen: "Surprised that they have stopped giving the little toiletry packages"

Voordelen: "Fast track"
Nadelen: "Food"

Voordelen: "I like the food they are giving and crew are polite."

Nadelen: "Not happy with Etihad Checkin counter desk at Ho Chi Minh Airport. The person at the baggage drop off desk wasn't helphul at all. Being ignored for 30 minutes. I believe that this person needs to be trained in order to know who needs to be helped first as he worked at that particular counter for people who already Checkin online."

Voordelen: "Staff was polite and curtious"

Voordelen: "Food service and seats"

Voordelen: "Everything was almost perfect."
Nadelen: "Update your movie list."

Voordelen: "Entertainment system and flight condition"
Nadelen: "Rude on board female staff . Not one believed in smiling or using the word please. They all wanted to control the passengers with needless commands and orders"

Voordelen: "Crew exceptionally great ."
Nadelen: "Abu Dhabhi airport."

Nadelen: "The food was not good and our flight attendant was not attentive. He didn’t make the people in front of us put their seats back up for landing. There were no blankets when we requested one."

Voordelen: "You can’t beat the quality of service, seating, and other amenities you arrive fresh even after a 14 hour flight"
Nadelen: "The variety of movies is not that great needs to be improved some series have only one episode which defeats the purpose. While others have more so you cannot watch anything really with series."

Voordelen: "The crew is very friendly and pay attention to details. The layover of < 2 hours is perfect."

Voordelen: "Attention to detail"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Everything was perfect...seats crew food accuracy"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Friendly crew."
Nadelen: "The flight had TOo few restrooms. About 4 for 250 people or so. There was at least a 15 minute wait at almost any given time."

Voordelen: "In time"
Nadelen: "Crew not helpful . Same with food not enough ):"

Voordelen: "All good"
Nadelen: "Plane late"

Voordelen: "A380 is great."
Nadelen: "The food was not so good."

Voordelen: "All crew members were 5 star and so friendly! They checked many times on everyone, coming along with water often."
Nadelen: "The attendant who checked me at Delhi airport informed that the flight to Abu Dbabi to Istanbul was a full flight and therefore the only option was to have a seat in the middle. However, near the end of my flight I went to the bathroom and noticed there were MANY open seats with more than a handful of people that had a whole row to themselves. I wonder where she got her information because what she shared with me was totally false and I am totally appaled. very old on flight - dress warm!"

Voordelen: "The crew was very friendly, greeted us with a smile, and were there to help when needed."
Nadelen: "The food was bad. Requested for Asian Vegetarian Meal on Etihad website but was served the vegetarian option. I also heard a passenger complaining that she requested for a vegetarian food but was given a meal with chicken."

Voordelen: "Service is excellent But movie collection is very small Usually 5 regional Indian movies should be there. But only 1 or 2 regional movies r there No spicy snacks There are only bland snacks"

Voordelen: "The airplane, the staff, the whole service."
Nadelen: "Nothing."

Voordelen: "Goo entertainment options"
Nadelen: "entertainment options shut down too early and when plane is on the ground"

Voordelen: "Lacking in Hosiptality"
Nadelen: "Lacking in Hosiptality"

Voordelen: "On time as scheduled. ground staff were very very polite and efficient ."
Nadelen: "I have flown in Cathay , Singapore , KLM . lufthansa as I go to Calcutta every year for last 25 years . Never had a 16 and half hrs flt with only one full meal . It should be 3 full meals. Both ways had totally unsophisticated cabin crews . Needs education and training . A basic term like scotch on the rocks needed four explanations . No clue about beer whatsoever . OK for Saudia not for gulf countries. Village girls in an uniform."

Voordelen: "Seats where just roomy enough,let's face it,you can always use more room right. Staff was very friendly and attentive . I absolutely loved flying Etihad !"
Nadelen: "I would still like a roomier seat,again though, I think anybody would . I probably should have perchased first class,hmmm, should the whole plane be that comfortable?And not too much more cost . I say that would be wonderful !"

Voordelen: "i have nothing to like in the flight."
Nadelen: "no service you can call ten time if they come one time you lucky.very very roud crew and very discrimination place.also when i was fly los angeles to abu dhabi the guy name muhammad threat me many time for food he made mistake on my food and top on that he was threating me i hope some one in this air line take care of this but i'm not sure any one going to care for this and he was saying he is supervisor."

Voordelen: "Aircraft was good. Food was good. Crew was nice."
Nadelen: "Entertainment system could be better. Ground staff wasn't cooperative. They had arguments with pretty much everyone on weight/size of cabin baggage."

Nadelen: "There was a bad odor of the bathroom, also I asked a blanket from the crew, then after 20 minutes I got it. Also the little rude dealing from the one of the crew. Little islamic programs"

Nadelen: "Food was too salty! Crew needs to be more helpful if passengers are non English speaking; they could show them how to stretch the chair and pull it up while eating. Crew could also ask passengers what kind of movies or entertainment they like and show them how to operate!"

Voordelen: "Crew was really nice, it was clean and prompt."
Nadelen: "More movie selection would be nice"

Voordelen: "I sat in the aisle seat so it was fairly roomy. The movies selection was very good."
Nadelen: "The Air Hostess was fairly rude to one particular passenger. Given that that passenger was fairly aggressive in asking for children kits, and the Air Hostess was doing her best to inform her that she has to give them all to the children first. Unfortunately it was very condescending the way she talked to the said lady. I felt that it could have been handle better. The guy next to me, his On Flight entertainment wasn't working. i felt bad for him."

Voordelen: "In air service"
Nadelen: "leg room and boarding delays"

Voordelen: "Flight was roughly on time. Had purchased extra leg room. Was comfortable"
Nadelen: "Staff was not interested in providing service. Their attitude was more like "I just do my job". Food was appalling and wines too. Entertainment only had stupid movies"

Voordelen: "Only the fare. Which was the cheapest on that day"
Nadelen: "Food Handling of checkin"

Voordelen: "Food and hospitalityu"
Nadelen: "Seating was too narrow"

Voordelen: "leg rooms are good from Chennai to Abu Dhabi and in flight service was good"

Voordelen: "Seats, pillow"
Nadelen: "Food was ok"

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Dagelijkse schoonmaak en installatie van HEPA-filters in de cabine op vluchten van Maldiven naar Brussel

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