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MDZ — België
13 sep. — 20 sep.1
1 volwassene
di 13/9
di 20/9

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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopste maand om te vliegen naar naar België is januari.

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Top airline voor vluchten van Mendoza El Plumerillo naar België

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen
LATAM AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 5950 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Kayak has not issued me a ticket for my second leg. And no one responds to me. Horrible service never again.

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Kayak has not issued me a ticket for my second leg. And no one responds to me. Horrible service never again.

Better forget this airline in the next 12 months

I TRULY liked the boarding process by groups. Even though people kept trying to board when it wasn't their turn, Latam personnel did an AMAZING job forcing them to respect the process. PLEASE keep it up! Same when arriving at destination. Only let people to disembark by rows. It's much more organized and fast. Thank you LATAM for implementing these two processes. I Loved them.

Alaska Airlines was well run. They were also helpful and were positive even though flights had been cancelled. My flight was on time👍

Voordelen: "the most important thing for me is to arrive on time. Everything else is"
Nadelen: "music selection was not good. The crew has to try to wake you to offer you food instead of bypassing you in your eyes are shut. I never got a meal either way."
Voordelen: "Free flight change."
Nadelen: "Meal selection was average."
Nadelen: "Check-in was terrible, the agent checked our suitcase and then found out that we can't take the flight and the suitcase was gone. After waiting 3 hours at Medellin the suitcase was still not found. We left , besides we missed half of our vacation day, and after calling a lot we got the suitcase back in Guatapé. So much trouble for us because the agent was not able to do the check-in properly."
Nadelen: "Vol pas très cher mais pas trop confortable et vraiment low cost sur la partie Nantes-Madrid. Horaire respecté mais confort et repas vraiment très limite surtout sur le vol principal entre Madrid et Sào Paolo. Mais on ne peut pas tout avoir..."
Voordelen: "Fast flight.. no hassles at all"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Crazy early. Boarding pass says gate closes by 1205 (for scheduled 1220 departure). We TOOK OFF (in air) before 1200. We got yelled at because we arrived only 1 hour early — should be 3 hours early for an “international flight”. Luggage very difficult, Must rush, etc. But everything turned out great. Scl is crazy airport — 20 minute wait for gate ramp when we got there (still 20 minutes early, instead of 40! On a 60-minute scheduled flight!). Huge long walk to immigration. Pretty long wait for bags. But it all worked out fine."
Nadelen: "Have a screen to watch movies."
Voordelen: "Seats were fairly comfortable. Almost all seats on planes are tightly crammed together."
Nadelen: "More options of TV shows to watch."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "They force the passengers to tag our bagagge ourself and give wrong directions to do this. And they tried yo force you to pay to change sits."
Nadelen: "With the red eye flight, there were limited food options. Probably what happens normally, but it was a third leg of a journey for us an we were hungry!"
Nadelen: "Delay by an hour"
Voordelen: "Crew was friendly. First class seats fully reclined."
Nadelen: "I have flown LATAM several times recently, and ALL the planes are old. They are showing their age. For the prices LATAM charges, they should modernize their dated planes. Also, the food leaves much to be desired"
Nadelen: "There was no free food."
Nadelen: "Great service, excellent food, very good quality, comfortable, thanks so much for everything. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"
Voordelen: "We like the plane,seats and crew was excellent."
Nadelen: "Not a Latam problem but Congonhas airport is terrible if you have to use the bus to get to your plane. Airport Of Uberlandia is just terrible, small and crowded!!!!!"
Voordelen: "yo tenia comida kosher y no me la dieron"
Nadelen: "Mon siège ne s’inclinait pas"
Voordelen: "Flight on time, nice people"
Nadelen: "Seats uncomfortable we were a party of 2 but got separated seats 10 rows further down fron another one"
Nadelen: "Tout"
Voordelen: "no"
Nadelen: "everthing"
Nadelen: "Smell at shit all the flight. Horrible."
Voordelen: "Perdonnel sympathique."
Nadelen: "Plus de place sur les sieges. Petite collation."
Nadelen: "Muito triste minha bagagem nao apareceu na hora do desembarque viajei na classe executiva essa e a ultima vez"
Nadelen: "the process of boarding no annoucement of gate change"
Voordelen: "The snack was ok."
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed for over one hour and a half and nobody could tell us why"
Voordelen: "excellent avion, neuf. Divertissement à bord de qualité"
Nadelen: "Repas vraiment minimal"
Voordelen: "Great crew and competent pilots! We arrived safe and on time - always a big plus"
Nadelen: "Seats, as in so many planes, were cramped and small for larger people."
Nadelen: "La compagnie a perdu ma valise! Depuis ce temps elle. À pas été retrouvée!!!"
Nadelen: "Delayed more than 4 hours and I couldn’t get to my next connections. And they didn’t give us a good solution and they gaved me wrong advice and at the end they wasn’t successful on assisting any request that you did"
Voordelen: "Servicio de entretenimiento"
Nadelen: "Un vuelo se demoro SIETE VECES mas tiempo, es una tortura estar encerrado siete horas perdiendo el tiempo en un avión PEOR si es que nos dicen que no se puede aterrizar por mal clima y otras aerolíneas si llegan al destino, la verdad ahora si prefiero viajar por LCPeru, Star, AVIANCA, Viva Air porque si no hay diferencia en el servicio pues pago algo menos, no vale la pena seguir trabajando con LATAM"
Voordelen: "The flight was on time"
Nadelen: "Paid for an extra leg-room seat months before the flight. When I checked in days before, I find they have sold that seat to someone else. The schedule of the flight had changed and for that reason (?!?!) my reserved and paid for seat was not carried over!!"
Voordelen: "more space in coach section, between seats"
Nadelen: "less space for legs in seats."
Voordelen: "Personnel were helpful (attractive!)"
Nadelen: "Seats! Outrageously cramped...As a Pilot, I know for a FACT they are not FAA/ICAO safety compliant way!"
Voordelen: "Great short flight and they got us to Santiago early since everyone was at the gate"
Nadelen: "They changed my seat without notice nor great explanation."
Voordelen: "Good attention by the airline solved my problems"
Nadelen: "The flight got changed to departure 1 hour earlier, didn't get any notification as the company who I bought the ticket through didn't give my contact details to the airline. The airline informed them about the change in schedule but the company did not informe me and I almost lost the flight which would have ended with me not arriving to australia until who knows when. I am quite disappointed with this!"
Nadelen: "When I check in, they don't find my booking information. And let me to find out the solution. It's so terrible airline."
Voordelen: "Simple, efficace. à l'heure."
Nadelen: "Rien."
Voordelen: "Le prix et l'efficacité. Le reste était tout à fait accessoire compte tenu de la durée du vol. En conclusion tout était parfait."
Nadelen: "Rien le rapport qualité prix est excellent."
Nadelen: "My original flight was supposed to land at 8:55pm but I was notified that it had been changed to land closer to midnight which was a problem because my hotel closed at midnight. After talking to the customer service agent at the airport he told me the reason my flight had changed was because my original airplane was flying out of another airport and the only way to make the flight that I had booked was to take a cab ride to the other airport. What he didn't explain was that its a 45+ minute drive between the two airports and I only had about 1.5 hours to get my bag, get on the taxi, check in at the other airport, clear security AND customs. Somehow by the grace of god it all came together but it was certainly a harrowing experience, not to mention the $45 I lost in cab fares. I cannot recommend LAN/LATAM."
Voordelen: "Great airline"
Nadelen: "When buying a flight price and the airline on which I fly are the two most important factors.... LAN transferred my flight to AVIANCA and the food was terrible and the flight attendants weren't very friendly in general. The experience was not very enjoyable"
Voordelen: "I prefer being given my own bottle of water and wine, the cup sizes are too small. Food is ok, not great."
Voordelen: "Usb ports in the seats, although the Samsung galaxy note 7 is not allowed to be charged there."
Nadelen: "Have to wait a little longer for the baggage to come out at the airport."
Voordelen: "People at checkin and crew members are super friends and helpful. There where even beverages and snacks included on that relatively short flight. At Dutch Airlines this would be extra, even then Dutch fares are higher. Kudos for Latam."
Nadelen: "It took very long taxiing before takeoff"
Nadelen: "Everything. We booked flights a half year in advance yet they forced a couple of us to upgrade to premium in order to get seats. They then separated one of the couples with premium seating without notice so some other couple could sit next to each other. Their website didn't allow us to use an electronic boarding pass. Its cumbersome and uninformative. Some of the attendants are incredibly rude."

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