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Vind goedkope vluchten vanuit New Mexico naar België

Vind goedkope vluchten vanuit New Mexico naar België

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Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

American Airlines
Gemiddelde score op basis van 45.717 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Nadelen: "No food or beverage service during covid-19"

Voordelen: "The crew was very attentive"
Nadelen: "If the didn’t lose one of my bags on the transfer"

Voordelen: "Everything was great."
Nadelen: "Nothing. It was smooth and efficient."

Voordelen: "My flight attendant always smiled and was very hospitable."
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Nadelen: "Update from the pilot. Stalled for over 20 mins after landing with no update from staff as to the reason why. No entertainment. Sucked."

Voordelen: "Customer service was excellent"
Nadelen: "Great service always"

Voordelen: "Loved getting pretzels and pop. Loved having movie options. Didn’t love the delay."
Nadelen: "If the seat hadn’t broken and delayed our flight by 20 minutes"

Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Everything."

Voordelen: "Seating, nice personnel"
Nadelen: "Long layover in Chicago"

Voordelen: "Crew bemoeide zich op deze korte vlucht met niemand. Bracht wat te drinken rond. Verder niet."

Voordelen: "Not much"
Nadelen: "Seats that worked"

Voordelen: "The announcements were clear and the captain did not mumble! Not sure what happened at the airport but we had issues with ground crew not coming to help park us. The captain made sure we were informed and it didn’t really add to much to our time."

Voordelen: "Flight attendants were excellent. Communication from the flight deck was good as well"

Voordelen: "Leaving on time"
Nadelen: "Snack selection could have been better. Gluten free options."

Voordelen: "The ground personal and flight crews did everything they could do make up for the delays."
Nadelen: "The numerous delays The small aircraft with overhead bins that couldn't handle what I always carry on normal airplanes. The plane didn't have entertainment Missing plug ins that most airplanes have today."

Voordelen: "Comfy seats and legroom in first class"
Nadelen: "Expected more than cookies for food in first class."

Voordelen: "The cabin attendants were mostly cheerful"
Nadelen: "Delays"

Voordelen: "by airlines"
Nadelen: "flying next day trough LAX"

Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "flight was delayed two hours because they couldn't find a single American airlines employee to sign off on some log book.sat on tarmac two hours because no one could sign a piece of paper!!! so obviously we missed our connecting international flight to dublin. called american customer svc, they made us call british airways, british airways said we had to call kayak, kayak said we had to call American. thanks for all the great customer svc. this is why everyone hates flying and all airlines are garbage. then finally in chicago american customer svc desk said they rebooked us on a British airways flight the same night, we traversed (ran) the entire chicago ohare airport only to find out british airways said we were not on that flight, were completely full and we had to go back to american. literally had to leave airport to get on train to go back to american terminal. they swear we are now (the next day) on this aer lingus flight despite our inability since last night to try and check in to that flight because aer lingus website doesnt work, no one answers their customer service number and their ticket counter at airport doesnt open until noon. suffice it to say we are still not on a flight to Dublin, ive missed an entire day of a limited vacation, and i will NEVER fly american again."

Voordelen: "Horrible landing. Also-landed early and srive around for 20 min with no announcement from cockpit"

Nadelen: "3 hours late leaving Dublin, with poor communicstion on the monitors as to gate info. not to mention the lateness."

Voordelen: "Food - What can I say about pretzels except "Okay"?!"

Voordelen: "De stewardessen in t vliegtuig waren erg aardig en hulpvaardig"
Nadelen: "Nieuwe regels waarbij je je koffertje onder je stoel moet plaatsen of extra moet betalen om hem in de ruimte boven je hoofd te mogen plaatsen. Er is wel 5x gevraagd of ik wel zeker wist dat die van mij onder mijn stoel paste!!"

Voordelen: "Nada."
Nadelen: "I have never been treated as poorly as I was by the old biddy that physically took the guitar out of my hands as I was trying to board the plane today. I travel as a professional musician at least once a week and I’ve never been threatened with arrest for having an instrument on my person."

Voordelen: "Crew was friendly and helpful. Boarding process was pretty quick."
Nadelen: "The plane had one of those aggravating screens on the back of every seat. I turned it off AT LEAST EIGHT TIMES and it kept coming back on, first to try to sell me on a credit card offer, then to show me previews of movies I wasn't going to watch on a 5 AM FLIGHT that was lasting 75 MINUTES. I finally tore a page out of the AA magazine and wedged it against the screen so I could actually sleep without it constantly blinking on and disturbing me. Next time, I'm going to smash the screen. If I want it off, leave it off."

Voordelen: "crew friendly"

Voordelen: "Dreamliner plane"
Nadelen: "Terrible service from get go which continued when landing in Melbourne with hopeless Qantas."

Voordelen: "Upgrade"
Nadelen: "No food"

Voordelen: "Smooth takeoff and landing. The seats were comfortable for a 3 hour flight."
Nadelen: "Nothing to complain about. I was satisfied with this flight."

Nadelen: "The information that was given was awful. Why would AA send a broken plane to ABW?"

Voordelen: "Nice people to fly with"
Nadelen: "nothing"

Voordelen: "everything fine"
Nadelen: "having to gate-check our hand luggage"

Voordelen: "Great staff. Arrived very early. Smooth flight ."

Voordelen: "Dat er qua breedte aardig wat ruimte was"
Nadelen: "Dat de gordel eigenlijk net te krap was"

Voordelen: "On time"

Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "short flight herded like cattle. not much about it"

Nadelen: "The information of code share was not I was expected to fly with JAL..."

Voordelen: "Almost on time"
Nadelen: "Boarding process, PA system volume very low at PHX"

Voordelen: "Met expectations. Landed early."
Nadelen: "Seats harder than expected"

Nadelen: "Delayed because of cleaning crew showing up late.... Totally avoidable. Gate crew was not helpful"

Voordelen: "Customer service at American Airlines was amazingly good. They figured out the mess that the third party agent, WEBJET.COM made and fixed it."
Nadelen: "The third party agent,, was horrible. American airlines contacted them several times about canceling the ABQ-ORD flight and they never responded. WEBJET.COM did not put their name on the electronic ticket so I was unaware of who to contact. Finnair was not particularly helpful. They discontinued my chat conversation and didn't have an option to call back so I had to wait for 20 minutes. American Airlines was impressively helpful. They figured out that WEBJET.COM had canceled one leg of our fight and reinstated the flight. American had also contacted WEBJET.COM numerous times and WEBJET.COM had never responded."

Voordelen: "Remodeled plane style"
Nadelen: "Liked it"

Voordelen: "Upgraded to business class and it was wonderful"
Nadelen: "I have no complaints"

Nadelen: "Boarding took forever and I'm a Premium passenger."

Voordelen: "On time, upgraded at Dallas"

Voordelen: "Excellent customer service and great inflight meal."
Nadelen: "Not knowing the cause of the delay."

Nadelen: "Couldn't get my boarding pass. My name was wrong in your system, had to go to American Airlines desk for assistance and the attendant couldn't locate my name. There was a service attendant at the Alaskan airline service desk."

Voordelen: "Boarding was impossible! The line was longer than the jet bridge itself and we had to wait after being called for a 1/2 hour."

Voordelen: "The service was great"
Nadelen: "No TV or WiFi"

Voordelen: "Price line is better not thief like you yu take my money for nothing my husband not traveling your given me fake tickets . bring my money back on my account. am gonna take to court yu fukin beach.yubstolen my money"

Voordelen: "Staff found us two seats together. Food was good."
Nadelen: "Email telling us about pre airport arrival check in and seat selection."

Voordelen: "We arrived safely"
Nadelen: "Late take off with no explanation No on board entertainment Other isle we sat in was even more cramped than the others."

Nadelen: "It turns out that this flight was delayed, so I would have missed my connections. Huge thanks to the gate agent from United who rebooked me to San Francisco and from there to Frankfurt and then Prague."

Voordelen: "crew was great, seating perfect!"

Nadelen: "i ordered a vegetarian meal and didn't get one."

Voordelen: "Sleeping!"
Nadelen: "Did not actually get a Polaris type cabin layout. The plane had not yet been converted."

Voordelen: "Great flight"

Voordelen: "Comfortable. Good entertainment and good service. Crew was nice"
Nadelen: "Missed our flight from Brussels to Zurich. United said we were booked on next flight six hours later. Gave us vouchers and that was it. Went to check in and the carrier said sorry you can’t board United did not book you. The voucher just has prior info and this flight time. So we missed getting on that flight 3 total hours on the phone with United and they did nothing but put us on hold. Thank you to Brussels air who finally after many years and frustration helped us so we could leave. More than 10 hours later than we should have. Horrible experience and we lost a day of vacation and pre paid plans for the evening I will never use kayak again for international flights. As that was part of the problem per United (probably BS but won’t ever risk it again) and will never use United airlines again as their customer service and lack of caring showed that companies true colors. I hope the rest of this dream vacation is better than this nightmare was."

Nadelen: "Bijzonder onvriendelijk personeel. Stuiterende landing."

Nadelen: "45 minute delay due to passenger self-injury, then turned around half-way across the Atlantic due to another passenger medic."

Nadelen: "Wish I could have selected my seat when booking my flight"

Voordelen: "Wonderful uneventful trip!"

Voordelen: "IAD to Brussels Flight is ok, just stuck between 2 guys with BO. Not really the United Airline's fault. But I hope they can atleast put a sign or something."

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Checking was chaotic with non working terminals and insufficient staff Plane was real old (4” scree...even my phone has bigger screen) Onboard drinks were exorbitantly priced (paid 8.99$ for gin and tonic where I got only half can of tonic) Food was ok"

Voordelen: "Very friendly cabin crew made this trip pleasant and entertaining."
Nadelen: "Despite plenty of empty seats, the ground personnel would not consider changing our seat assignment at the gate to allow us to sit together."

Voordelen: "Breakfast"
Nadelen: "Pilots driving waaaay to fast"

Voordelen: "Loved the hindu vegetarian food. Incredibly tasty and I didn't expect it. No delays. All went smoothly."
Nadelen: "Movie selection was weak."

Voordelen: "Amazing"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Very good flight, good service and good night of rest."

Nadelen: "Nothing"

Nadelen: "First, our flight was cancelled and they texted us with an alternative flight leaving a day later, with a 9 hour layover! Um, excuse me? Since this was a weekend trip we would have had to turn around and get back on a flight back to SF a few hours later. I called and they didn't even offer the option to refund the ticket! I finally got us on an alternative flight leaving earlier after waiting for 30 minutes to speak with a supervisor because the person I initially spoke with had no power to do anything to help. We ended up flying Alaska Airlines on the way there and I wish we had originally booked through them because the way back was AWFUL. They wouldn't seat my partner and I together because we were flying Economy class, which they reminded us of repeatedly when I complained. The agents claimed they had no power to do anything because of the computer system which randomly selects your seats. I asked what about people traveling with small children and they didn't seem to have an answer. Oh yeah, that's another thing. As if we got a better deal than with any other airline out there after all the bag fees. The Economy class/the majority of the people flying have no carry on allowance. By the way, when we got on the flight we were able to sit next to each other because the seats next to us weren't even occupied. Ridiculous. Never flying United again. I've been bumped off of flights and had bad experiences before but this was the last straw for me."

Voordelen: "We vertrokken ruim voor schema"
Nadelen: "Niets"

Voordelen: "Quiet and comfortable"
Nadelen: "No movie or tv"

Voordelen: "Enjoyed the stroopwaffels that were handed out as snacks."

Voordelen: "The window seat"

Nadelen: "space between seats!"

Nadelen: "Rude crew- not service oriented"

Voordelen: "Very friendly staff"
Nadelen: "Upset about not being allowed a carry on luggage."

Voordelen: "no problems on flight. complimentary wine."
Nadelen: "seats bit tight for international flight. why do I have to pay more for more leg room"

Voordelen: "Check in was super easy. Seats are tiny. The screens on the backs of the seats are annoying, with nothing worth watching."

Voordelen: "Great crew and flight attendants, kept us informed of everything, very helpful and prompt on all questions and requests. Movie selection was impressive. Boarding was efficient and flight even left early. Surprisingly pleasant experience in economy for a long flight."

Voordelen: "Horrible"
Nadelen: "Everything"

Voordelen: "Flight was on time"
Nadelen: "One extremely tiny bathroom for the whole plain for a 4.5 hours flight. The bathroom line snaked through the plane the entire flight No complementary water or any sort of drink Seats were very uncomfortable I fly a lot and this flight was the worst by far"

Voordelen: "Not u til lDr momie"

Nadelen: "Flight delayed due to weather. Rebooking was a zoo, had to pay for hotel room and worst of all waited over an hour at baggage claim to get our bags back. It's taking us 2 days to get from Albuquerque to Austin."

Voordelen: "1. We booked seats together then when I checked in they had moved my seat and we were no longer sitting together. And then I couldnt get the window seat I had paI'd for :( 2. No boarding announcement and the "gate" was under construction so was a madhouse to board. 3. The crew member put her sweater in my food and pushed the coffee so hard to the person next to me it spilled all over him. To be fair she did apologize for throwing coffee on him. 4. The TV screens were so old you had to push the "touch" screen so your headrest kept moving if the person behind you couldn't decided what to watch... and then hard to watch anything yourself. The food was nasty."
Nadelen: "See above. I didn't like anything, this might have been the worst flight I've ever had to Brussels. I thought I booked a European carrier, but ugh it was actually United. They only care about business class and first class."

Voordelen: "not much"
Nadelen: "Food was awful. earplugs terrible"

Nadelen: "2hrs late"

Nadelen: "Water only"

Voordelen: "Prima vlucht van Honolulu naar LA in moderne Boeing 737-900 van alle gemakken voorzien."

Voordelen: "All the United personnel from gate agents to pilot and crew were very nice and pleasant and friendly. They seemed to take pride in their work."
Nadelen: "I am tall (6' 4") and the seats are still too cramped. Would a 1/2" more really lose millions of dollars per year. Stop treating people like sardines."

Voordelen: "We departed on time and arrived at least half an hour early."
Nadelen: "The seats lacked those tabs on the side of the headrest that fold forward to help hold your head while sleeping and little leg room."

Voordelen: "Good selection of entertainment."

Nadelen: "No outlet to charge my phone"

Nadelen: "- There wasn't space for my bag to go overhead - There were no options for food or entertainment - My seat was very cramped"

Nadelen: "Seats could provide lower-lumbar support."

Nadelen: "See above comments."

Voordelen: "We had nice flight even so the airplain was full."
Nadelen: "Not quite.little bit noisy."

Voordelen: "The plane is very comfortable ."
Nadelen: "The entertainment - not enough movies on Russuian or Hebrew"

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