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Vind goedkope vluchten van Sint-Petersburg naar Brussel


Vind goedkope vluchten van Sint-Petersburg naar Brussel

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Sint-Petersburg (LED)
za 19/6
za 26/6
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€198of minder

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€84of minder

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  • Op zoek naar een goedkope vlucht? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft vluchten voor deze route gevonden voor €84 of minder voor een enkele reis en voor €198 of minder voor een retour.
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  • Het hoogseizoen is in april, mei en juni. De goedkoopste vliegmaand is augustus.

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Wat is de "flexibele datums"-functie van KAYAK en wat heb ik hieraan als ik een vlucht zoek van Sint-Petersburg naar Brussel?

Top 4 airlines voor vluchten van Sint-Petersburg Poelkovo naar Brussel-Nationaal

Scores op basis van KAYAK klantbeoordelingen

Turkish Airlines
Gemiddelde score op basis van 23.152 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

Voordelen: "During this covid days NO ONE in the flight will keep the soccal distance and no one will take the issue serious and the crew did not helpfull"
Nadelen: "You should take this issue very seriously"

Nadelen: "Foddd no gud"

Voordelen: "All what you think :)"
Nadelen: "The place's we are sitting can be better"

Voordelen: "Great new airport. Friendly staff. Traveled with them before and will again. Great rate and 2 bags!"

Voordelen: "service on the flight was very good"
Nadelen: "the airport was very large - had attempted to get help with a phone call before flight and service was very poor.... website was a mess to work with"

Voordelen: "Very comfortable business class. Amazing food prepared on board. Flight crew was very pleasant, helpful and professional. The business class lounge in Istanbul was amazing as well, 2 stories tall with food, drink and entertainment everywhere. Golf simulator, slot cars etc!!!"
Nadelen: "Check in process was more disorganized than most business class ."

Nadelen: "Seats are very comfortable! Very nice flight, crew, entertainment screens are large,"

Nadelen: "The crew isn’t very friendly, they do not know English very much."


Voordelen: "The plane was too hot"
Nadelen: "Plane too hot"

Voordelen: "Everything ok."
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Voordelen: "Very good!!!"

Voordelen: "Service, flight and landing, exceptional!!!"
Nadelen: "No cons..."

Voordelen: "The friendliness and the ease of flying alone."

Voordelen: "The entertainment system (the movies, songs and ext) The food was good."
Nadelen: "The seats MUST be updated."

Voordelen: "The food was excellent fresh and plentiful. The bathrooms were very clean"

Nadelen: "They are not considerate at all . It was a pain till they find Me another flight. The flight won’t take off till the next day And the lay over in Los Angeles is 7hrs . It’s a 2 days flight. They didn’t even try to take the time to find me a sooner flight because there were other upset customers waiting. So disappointed on how poor the help desk at Turkish airline."

Voordelen: "Boarding on time. Decent food. Relatively clean aircraft"
Nadelen: "The staff was not great. An issue with a first class customers made them move around economy customers like they ' really not even people but utilities, all that for that one person. If they would have informed and talked with the other customers that would have been fine but being treated like a piece of furniture isn't nice. Plus, continuous strikes in Belgium see a joke, check-in luggages delayed for plenty of airlines. This country doesn't even know what strike mean anymore being so often..."

Voordelen: "World-class service at a price, convenience of connections, still free seat resevation and decent luggage allowance, two suitcases, for all of which other carriers extort extra payments."
Nadelen: "Little bit quicker tray collection after meal."

Voordelen: "the movies were very nice. the screen was very nice the crew on the flight was nice."
Nadelen: "1. I wish that when I booked the flight it will say there is food on the flight, and that I'll have the option to choose vegetarian meal. 2. I wish the people at the Turkish lounge in I Istanbul would have been nice, and help me, and if not, guide me to a Turkish information to assist me with ordering vegetarian meal for the flight back, and to find something I've lost..."

Voordelen: "we ware attisefy for are first time in bisness clas"

Voordelen: "Free upgrades are great, unfortunately rare."

Voordelen: "I ran late to the flight at 11:30am I arrive just at 10:55am. Of course the check in counter was closed. When I saw the gentleman at the counter opposite the check in, he made his effort to contact his colleague to come all the way back to the check in counter to check my bags and get me on the flight! I saw that they really worked hard to help me! I am extremely grateful and impressed! I will forever LOVE Turkish airlines!"
Nadelen: "Nothing!"

Voordelen: "Turkish airlines have always been perfect for me. This was yet another fulfilling experience with the services, the food and other stuff being extremely satisfying."

Nadelen: "Very hot inside the plane"

Voordelen: "Thoughtful and attetive staff."
Nadelen: "No USB in economy."

Voordelen: "The food and amenities were nice"
Nadelen: "Customer service was bad when checking in, the flight left late from LAX, almost made us miss our flight from IST, my friend's luggage was lost."

Voordelen: "Awesome service, comfy business cabin!"
Nadelen: "Boarding in Istanbul and Tel Aviv was chaotic, no business class boarding. Checking laptop in Istanbul was inconvenient. Lounge Istanbul was awesome however way too crowded to fully take advantage of it. Also should control people and what they takfor food. The lines were long and people would literally pile their plates with massive amounts of food, take it to their seat then leave it. Fix the lockers and add more, they are a wonderful asset but I was not able to take advantage of. Consider limiting access to manage crowds."

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "At the airport communication was very poor and everyone was very unhelpful"

Voordelen: "Entertainment, flight times, price, new plane, good luxury, in between meals food offering"
Nadelen: "Cleanliness of bathrooms, seat room, bumby landing, no involvement from the pilot to the passenger it was like he was too good to speak to passengers and update on weather conditions, welcome greetings, landing details etc. overfilled flights."

Voordelen: "I liked your services but I have 2 things The airplane Wi-Fi like nothing I didn't use it because just for Turkish news what the different !!! N 2 : this plane is not comfortable because the space between the chairs is too tiny of the other airline company But in general it's okay but we are not happy too much Thank you"

Voordelen: "Friendly crew. Good food."

Voordelen: "Food was very good"
Nadelen: "the smell of the airplain was very bad"

Nadelen: "Fantastic"

Nadelen: "Small chairs and no entertainment system"

Nadelen: "Had to cancel due tp safety situation in Turkey (bombings, Dept of State warning). I had flight insurance but Kayak did not refund a dime."

Voordelen: "First class treatment in economy class: high quality inter-personal contacts, socks and eye cover, great drink choices and good food."
Nadelen: "Late arrival in Boston, probably due to time change confusion in Istanbul."

Voordelen: "Good service"
Nadelen: "They need better movies and music"

Voordelen: "The entertainment and food were excellent"
Nadelen: "The boarding process was horribley inefficient. I stood in line in a non air conditioned terminal for over 30 minutes for a security check before boarding."

Voordelen: "Everything on the plane was great."
Nadelen: "The boarding area at the airport was overly crowded and hectic. It was really difficult to move around with two kids and a few bags."

Nadelen: "The seats on the second flight were smaller and we had no flight console (no movies, usb charge..)"

Voordelen: "The flight was comfortable and on time. My congratulations to THY for the management of the situation so well right after the confusion brought about by the coup d'etat attempt in Turkey. Thanks a lot!"
Nadelen: "The Sabiha Gökçen airport in Istanbul is discrageful, and changing flights there is always a horrible experience. But this is not, of course, the fault of THY. The airport is simply too small for the current number of flights."

Voordelen: "It is very bad all flights been cancelled!"
Nadelen: "Didn't like any thing zero bad I wanna come back to the state! I'm was born in 1946 I couldn't stand on my feet any more!"

Voordelen: "very nice flight."
Nadelen: "The vegetarian dish could not be arranged in this case, although it was totally the fault of the third party website"

Voordelen: "Onboard experience very good. Food, entertainment, facilities. Tight seats - per usual."
Nadelen: "Getting boarding passes and checking luggage took two hours. Literally was being dealt with for two hours personally while a couple employees typed and complained to reticket us after airline inexplicably cancelled our reservation on flight home. Until about 30 minutes before departure, no employee had assured us we would get on the plane we paid to be on. Just no concern for the anxiety we were dealing with - and Turkish caused."

Voordelen: "The flight was good. The boarding was appalling."
Nadelen: "There were enormous crowds at Sabiha Gökçen airport. The flight connections were late due to bad weather, and I nearly missed my connection to Brussels. There was no information and no help, and the gate was already closed. The people at the ground terminal knew no foreign languages. All they could say was 'I do not know. This is not my responsibility'. Completely disorganised."

Voordelen: "Love everything... i was actually surprised... The crew was the bes"

Voordelen: "Turkish delight and endless beverage service :)"

Voordelen: "Boarding was on time and departure as well."
Nadelen: "Entertainment in the whole plain did not work. At arrival we waited about 30 min before exiting the plain."

Nadelen: "Enterteiment, movies"

Nadelen: "Give more informations if there is any problem or schedul"

Nadelen: "The temperature in row 8 was incredibly warm, it was making us and our little kids quite uncomfortable and made it hard to fall and stay asleep! Interesting enough the back of the plane felt nice and cool."

Voordelen: "Crew was nice."
Nadelen: "Seat not so comfortable."

Voordelen: "It was ok."

Voordelen: "We had to line up in a very long que when arriving from Zagreb. It took too long."
Nadelen: "The crew was very nice"

Nadelen: "Arranging the connection flight to wait for us, we were only few min late"

Voordelen: "n"
Nadelen: "n"

Voordelen: "That they worked with us to get us on the same day flight with turkish airline."
Nadelen: "They need to better plan with passengers, the plane was late and we would need to spend 1 day in hotel in Warsaw."

Nadelen: "Flight got cancelled in the last minute, information was scarce"

Voordelen: "Crew was amazing.Seats are comfortable.Clean aircraft.Friendly service."

Voordelen: "Crew were Great."
Nadelen: "Warsaw airport repeats Security screening. Redundant, I don’t know all the international airports, but I know there are others who don’t do this."

Nadelen: "Flight delayed more than 2 hours to NY. Not comforting to be told technical difficulties are delaying the flight."

Voordelen: "Pilots did a very good job"
Nadelen: "Entertainment"

Nadelen: "Be prepared, that overhead bins for hand luggage are very small on this plane"

Nadelen: "one hour delete,missed connecting flight,arrived in Katowice 3 hours late,missed transportation to Ostrava."

Voordelen: "On time"
Nadelen: "Baggage destroyed"

Nadelen: "need to move away from stereo type attire and serve the customer"

Nadelen: "- Boarding: was rainy and is quite complicated when you need to take the bus; All the other difficulties were more related to the weather. However, for a ~260 EUR flight, the lack of comfort and basic food were unexpected."

Voordelen: "My fourth experience with LOT in a month. The airline gotta be renamed from LOT to LATE. Also the airport is a complete mess, especially the incredibly long security check lines for transfer passengers."
Nadelen: "Crews are usually polite an professional. Anyway, my complaints refer to the problems with the Chopin airport and the airline/ certainly, not any crews."

Voordelen: "On vote pour le thème magnifique merci beaucoup"

Voordelen: "Nice plane. Crew was great"
Nadelen: "Boarding in Chicago was late and seemed confused; partly because of gat configuration. Not much choice in entertainment"

Nadelen: "flight delayed and no information was being given!"

Voordelen: "Very professional crew ."
Nadelen: "Not applicable"

Nadelen: "The fly was late 50 nim, we have to wait for some people witch come late."

Nadelen: "On Monday, May 21, payment was made for 2 suitcases in the amount of $47. At check in next day we were asked to pay and paid 40 Euro for 2 suitcases. We told them that we already paid, to no avail. We would like to have an explanation. According to LOT luggage policy we should not be paying for 1 suitcase per person at all.."

Voordelen: "Crew was friendly, cabin was as expected. Luggage arrive safely and on time (was a little worried it would not show, because online checkin said I had to pick up luggage and recheck before flight) (Virgin tagged it to go all the way through). So did not gav any issue."
Nadelen: "Flight was one hour late. No food service or entertainment for this flight, but was as expected."

Voordelen: "No way to reschedule if NOT STAYING FOR HOURS IN LINE"

Nadelen: "When we bordered ,they used a bus to bring us to the plane.It was cold and windy outside,so,not comfortable."

Voordelen: "The flight was on time and the crew was great"
Nadelen: "All of my bags got left behind. We landed over 18h ago and there is still no information about them"

Voordelen: "Ik kan eigenlijk niet echt objectief een beoordeling geven want ik werk voor deze maatschappij dus vind uiteraard alles fantastisch (behalve het salaris haha)."
Nadelen: "Niets!"

Voordelen: "excellent landing"
Nadelen: "stewardess surfing on mobile phone too often"

Voordelen: "Nice seats, very friendly staff and amazing service"
Nadelen: "Beef was over cooked. But is a plane so I understand!!"

Voordelen: "Plane is comfortable"
Nadelen: "Crew is not very friendly. Security personnel downright rude"

Nadelen: "very inconviniebt seats"

Voordelen: "Apart from food everything is fine I guess. But personally I won't prefer LOT polish Airlines for the next time."
Nadelen: "The food was worse and what they give in plane to eat that was most worst thing on LOT polish Blanket is very small it's not like other airlines. I would not recommend not recommend. Plus my flight was cancelled at the airport ( Amsterdam) and had to wait in que for 5.5hours to rebook that was horrible experience"

Voordelen: "Got to Warsaw on time. Carrier seems to build in a 10-15 minute buffer for every flight so they stay on time"
Nadelen: "Nothing really"

Voordelen: "The gates were close."
Nadelen: "They loaded us on the bus, then parked us in front of the plane for what seemed like 10 minutes. May have been more/less, but standing there in that stuffy bus made it feel worse than it was. Departure flight was delayed, so my 50 minute layover may have contributed to my bag not being transferred, and lost."

Voordelen: "I have been flying with them for the past 16 years(economy seats), and I have to say that their service,and comfort of overnight flights have improved tremendously! Partially due to the fact that they have 787 Dreamliners now, in which the seats are wider and are reclining more than before, the leg room is bigger, the air quality better. The crew members are very professional,not overly sweet,yet caring and understanding,especially when you are flying with small children.As to those complaining about overcharged luggage- read the rules people! If you go over the maximum limit of 50lb for a check in, let's say 2lb,they won't charge you,but don't expect them to close their eyes when your luggage weighs almost double that!"
Nadelen: "The food is ok, nicely packed, but even if you don't like it they have extra options to purchase for a small price."

Nadelen: "Rude crew, small airplane, zero comfort"

Nadelen: "BROKEN LIGHT! I wish I had some tape or even a bandaid to block that annoying light- did not sleep at all"

Voordelen: "I like everything food and the chaires very comfortable thanks"
Nadelen: "Nothing to complain Everithing is excellent easy flight Thankyou"

Voordelen: "Smooth and easy boarding and deplaning"
Nadelen: "Nothing, short flight"

Voordelen: "Older aircraft had not as narrow seating and was more comfortable."
Nadelen: "Boarding que at Warsaw is a mess."

Voordelen: "everything was so smoothly coordinated from the moment I checked in at the self-check computers through security right on to the boarding gate. LOT staff at destination domestic airport (early morning), displayed outstanding professionality assistance. Boarding was so swiftly executed - I was pleasantly, surprised. What a great experience flying LOT Polish Airlines, domestically. Keep it up, Exceptional!"
Nadelen: "There actually wasn't​ anything in particular that stuck out as a negative during this trip, whatsoever."

Voordelen: "Flowers in the bathrooms."
Nadelen: "Unhelpful crew, bad food, no complimentary wine."

Nadelen: "There was a delay at Warsaw Airport for almost 3 Hours I arrived home 2.00 Am I missed a family wedding that night"

Nadelen: "Professional crew"

Voordelen: "Extra space for leg,good food ,movie,good service."
Nadelen: "I like everythings"

Voordelen: "The whole crew"

Voordelen: "Very friendly"

Voordelen: "yes. It was perfect."

Voordelen: "Not much to say here. It was a short flight, and it went smoothly."
Nadelen: "I’ll say the same thing about almost every flight I have, and this is mostly for the airlines. People might fly more and pay a bit more if you give us more room. Being crammed into a tiny seat with a bunch of strangers is never pleasant. Same in this flight. Nothing terrible, just the usual. Also, to the other passengers, sit down until it’s your turn to exit. What is wrong with you that you can’t sit five more minutes? Be polite and let the people in front of you go first, let them have room to grab their bags instead of having your elbows in their face."

Voordelen: "All was super!"
Nadelen: "All was great!"

Nadelen: "The flight was late by half an hour and I had to pay 60€ because my cabin bag was 2kg heavier than allowed."

Voordelen: "Clean and neat aircraft with nice crew"
Nadelen: "Find a way to serve at lease water. Some crew members were uptight. Need to be friendly"

Voordelen: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."
Nadelen: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."

Nadelen: "The crew might be greeting passengers onboarding."

Nadelen: "Sēdvieta neērta un nepiemērota gulēšanai."

Nadelen: "Nothing in time"

Voordelen: "Arrival in time"
Nadelen: "Compartment for hand luggage was full, no space"

Nadelen: "No information was avSo pick a couple up listen to this device again also right now dictation right now"

Voordelen: "The airplane was brand new. The crew was very friendly"

Nadelen: "no food or water in economy - for a 5 hour flight."

Nadelen: "Baggage was broken and two items inside also broken. Was overcharged for baggage."

Voordelen: "Very nice and comfortable place by Air Baltic. Nice and polite crew."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed"

Voordelen: "Small compliment from Air France was lovely and unexpected"

Voordelen: "Helpful crew"
Nadelen: "Nothing"

Nadelen: "Ок"

Voordelen: "Crews on Air France are outstanding!"
Nadelen: "Baggage was lost and was delivered 2 days later."

Nadelen: "would not check my bag to final destination"

Nadelen: "There was a sceen right before my eyes telling me how much time of the flight was left. Even if I wanted to be unaware of the information I could not because as I mensioned it was right before my eyes. I was aware of almost every minute of this flight....found it hard to let go and just let time pass"

Nadelen: "airBaltic has a terrible luggage policy for musicians. They make you pay extra if you want to bring a musical instrument on board, even a violin which fits easily into the overhead bin. It is honestly discriminatory. Will not be flying with them again."

Voordelen: "Modern airplane"
Nadelen: "Long delay on first flight leg Staff provided little help with transfers, made us run through airport but then decided to close the next flight anyway without the transfer passengers Next flight offered was 9 hours later, only offer was a 10EUR meal voucher - ridiculous"

Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Abigail in MLA (Luqa Intl Malta), one of the sassiest and unhelpful agents I have met. Ask for payment for baggage, does something with my credit card- then tells me I need to go to another desk to pay. So inefficient. This on top of her and her gate buddy screwing around at the desk throwing things at each other. Professionalism is not here. To top it off, the plane sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes and we just about missed our connection. Dirty plane too, gum stains on carpet and dirty seats. Will not fly with these clowns again."

Voordelen: "Short flight"
Nadelen: "They charged me 35 dollars to check in and the reason I did not check in was because their other flight was running late and was not sure I will make to that flight. It took forever to get bags in Riga. In the empty flight the way they were seating people was crazy. I'm lifetime gold with American Airlines so I do fair share flying and can tell you it's not a good Airline."

Nadelen: "flight was delayed, missed connecting flight. new flight they gave me was also delayed, almost missed connecting flight again"

Nadelen: "The passage through Riga airport was terrifying. We arrived from St. Petersburg 6.35 and we left 7.20 to Paris (passengers in transit). We explained at the checkpoint that we had a few minutes, but they controlled us several times until we had to throw several liquid items. In St. Petersburg they had already controlled us, without problems. In short: a sad experience in Riga, which does not speak well of this country: Latvia."

Voordelen: "New planes"
Nadelen: "I wasn’t asked to prepay luggage & it cost me double. That makes me very annoyed."

Voordelen: "Nice crew"
Nadelen: "Please give out water for free"

Voordelen: "Everything was excellent"
Nadelen: "Nothing. All was good"

Nadelen: "We were told upon check in that there was a charge to check in. I have never heard of such rubbish in 43 years of air travel. We were told we could check in online but we only had 4 minute in which to do it. We were charged €150 for 5 people. The check in Sgent was sour faced as well. Once aboard the plane (a nice new aircraft) we found the stewardesses sour faced as well. Overall not impressed by air Baltic!"

Voordelen: "On time boarding and departure. Clean plane and friendly staff."
Nadelen: "Nothing, all was good."

Nadelen: "We had to pay for 3 pieces of luggage, including my hand luggage. It came to about $150 dollars. When i booked the flight, it did not indicate anything about this extra change so be ware of this. The flight itself was quite inexpensive."

Voordelen: "We arrived safely. Bilingual staff."
Nadelen: "The seats are worn and creek with every movement. There is very limited leg room even for someone who is short. When the person in front of you leans back it is impossible to reach your hand baggage or do anything but lay back in your seat. The landing was safe but not at all comfortable."

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "The flight was cancelled, so I did not make to the my connection flight with different carrier. I had to reschedule the flight and stay in the hotel overnight. AirBaltic refused to compensate for my looses due to thair fault, castomer service is very poor, they took refusal position right away. Air Baltic planes are very old and no air conditioning, avoid air Baltic."

Nadelen: "I was flying transit, but I had to go through the check-in in Paris. At the check-in they started to make problems about my carry-on luggage. I had just two flights from the United States behind me and no problems at all and suddenly I can't fly with my carry-on luggage? I didn't like the AirBaltic check-in service."

Voordelen: "Enough said"

Voordelen: "Boarding went well and crew was nice."
Nadelen: "The air conditioning was not working properly on the 3 hour flight which made it a bit sweaty and unfortable. The purchase of a cold beer was a must."

Voordelen: "good"
Nadelen: "good"

Nadelen: "Expensive tickets but no complimentary beverages and snacks for a 2 hour flight, overpriced snacks in the flight cafe. 3H delay!!!! with no understandable explanation in English and no explanation in Latvian from the captain - airBaltic is a Latvian airline! Other airlines use two languages - national and English"

Voordelen: "Brand new aircraft Wider seats as normal Good selection of food"
Nadelen: "We got disembarked from the aircraft for technical reasons, then they towed the same aircraft to the next gate and off we were. Delay almost two hours."

Nadelen: "surprised i had to pay for coffee"

Voordelen: "I was surprised by the professionalism of air Baltic employees. They dressed well."

Voordelen: "It was very easy to print boarding pass."
Nadelen: "The scanners did not accept my boarding pass. 40% of the passengers had to have boarding passes reprinted. It was chaotic."

Nadelen: "Check in staff at Riga airport were rude. Check in Maine issued the same boarding pass twice, so one of us had no boarding pass. Security line was insanely long--30+ minutes! On board you pay for everything, even a glass of water. Tiny seats and the person behind me kept pushing on the back of my seat. Very uncomfortable! Will never fly airbaltic again."

Voordelen: "Friendly crew, tons of meal options, good price."
Nadelen: "Checked in luggage is only 20kg, there's no entertainment in flight."

Nadelen: "After barely making too tight a connection, all food and beverage needed Euros or European credit card. My Visa wouldn't work. Finally after I broke down (blood sugar way too high) the stewardess gave me a glass of water. Never will I use the money grubbing airline again"

Voordelen: "Smooth flight"

Nadelen: "Boarding tool a lot of time. We departed late"

Nadelen: "This airline is borderline budget airline even in business class."

Nadelen: "Flight was late, very little communication, hot and uncomfortable and slow, and everyone missed their connections."

Nadelen: "If we hadn't been delayed for an hour due to issues with late passengers Breakfast was minimal and not very good Entertainment options were limited Some of the crew seemed dismissive of African or African-presenting passengers"

Voordelen: "Crew was friendly, seats were ok"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed for almost 2 hours, there was no explanation, just an apology."

Voordelen: "The flight attendants were wonderful and the movies and space for the kids was great!"

Nadelen: "Overbooked, no room for carry-on luggage"

Nadelen: "There is no entertainment which is ok. You had to pay for everything in flight. Their carry on luggage size allowance is smaller than any airline I’ve ever flown"

Voordelen: "Nothing really"
Nadelen: "Late boarding, had to check the bag, had to wait forever when landed in the plane"

Voordelen: "comfortable leg space"

Nadelen: "Nothing is for free not even a coffee."

Voordelen: "Kindliness of crew"
Nadelen: "Impossibility to by drinks or did with bank cards"

Voordelen: "Good flight overall- staff lovely"
Nadelen: "Limited food choices"

Voordelen: "Great airline"
Nadelen: "Great distance to walk between terminals for transfer"

Voordelen: "it was just perfect, no complain"

Voordelen: "I missed it"
Nadelen: "I missed it"

Nadelen: "Despite the fact that I reserved a window seat, I was assigned a seat in the middle of the center row. They also 'sanitized' the airplane twice after that closed the doors before take off. They walked up and down the aisle with aerosol spray cans. I don't think people should be subject to unknown chemicals in order for the airline to save time on cleaning the cabin before take off."

Voordelen: "We loved the movie."

Voordelen: "They have the funniest and engaging safety video I have ever seen"

Nadelen: "no information on the board about delay and gate change"

Voordelen: "Good value, Staff were polite and helpful. On time."

Voordelen: "Comfortable seats"
Nadelen: "Food was rubbish"

Nadelen: "It was late both going to Prague and coming back. Then on this flight the stewardess tried to tell me that I could not put my bag on the bin on top of my head - she was reserving it for other passengers! Then she realized that her comment might sound racist (so she apologized), then she told me that I could not put my small bag under the chair. Finally I told her that she is certainly looking for a way to get me off the flight to which she answered "I can certainly find something!!!" Cultural sensitivity is needed with these stewardesses who are racist like I don't understand and I was certainly polite!"

Voordelen: "Ok easy flight. Crew were great, really friendly:)"
Nadelen: "Seats to small, food humm? Dubious"

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Flight delayed and waited over an hour at baagage claim .no one to speak to or help. Worker at baggage claim sitting on phone ."

Voordelen: "I was happy to see that I had a huge amount of leg room on both of the flight legs! - Very comfortable"

Voordelen: "Clean and somewhat comfortable"

Nadelen: "Delayed and JFK wasn't ready for us. So more delay"

Nadelen: "Crammed seats, not very clean, took pictures, very dirty."

Voordelen: "They had a funny safety video"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed by an hour. Not only did this mean that I didn't have a chance to rest in Hamburg, it also meant that I had to sprint to get my connecting flight which was on the other side of a huge U shaped airport."

Voordelen: "We are not frequent fliers and I have been reading about legroom problems. Certainly not on Brussels Air. A delight."

Voordelen: "Not too much"
Nadelen: "I'll begin with the order of sequence of all that went wrong: 1. A huge queu while we were waiting for checkin in Rome (waited for more than 30 minutes) 2. The steward didn't agree to take a gymnastics hoop to the aircraft, despite its being super light. By the way, the inbound flight the hoop was taken into the aircraft; 3. We (family of 3) were seated separately, what made a huge stress to our small daughter. 4. There were no AC socket in Brussels airport (there were, but not charging) during transfer. 5. Our baggage was not delivered, which is very unpleasant :("

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed significantly and led to a travel nightmare and us missing an important meeting."

Voordelen: "Nice equip and staff, comfortable and on-time"
Nadelen: "Veg meal requested but not processed."

Nadelen: "Mocarella and tomatoes wrap was not tasty. Tomatoes seemed to be old."

Voordelen: "Flight was delayed and we had to spend time Waiting both in the terminal and the plane. But crew was very nice!"
Nadelen: "Would have been nice to have been given a free snack or some water while waiting. We got a tiny chocolate which was nice but didn't make up for the waiting time"

Voordelen: "Flight was ok"
Nadelen: "The fact that we had to wait on the tarmac for a set of stairs to arrive which lasted quite long."

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "I never flew to Florence because the airline missed my connection and the next flight to Florence was not until nearly twelve hours later, so now I'm on my way to Rome instead. This ruined my rental car and lodging reservations, and I'm now fighting both those agencies because of this botched flight and poor service. Additionally, the plane was ungodly hot. So much so that the crew apologized for our over the PA. Nothing was done to fix it, but it was blamed on the plane only being on auxiliary power while we were parked on the tarmac for the hours. That would've been understandable, but it didn't get better when the jet engines were on, so that excuse turned out to be just so many lies."

Voordelen: "Keep working as this and we always travel with you.Thanks"
Nadelen: "N/A"

Nadelen: "Many passengers with their shoes AND socks removed. Chairs were extremely uncomfortable."

Voordelen: "The seats in the plane were amazing. Maybe older but better than the new ones."
Nadelen: "No infotainment screen"

Voordelen: "The plane was clean, the crew was friendly. Legroom was very good."

Nadelen: "When I got to the airport my airline informed me that it was a standby ticket, which it never told me when booking and I can't believe it wa a standby ticket because it wasn't cheap."

Nadelen: "delay of 20 Min"

Nadelen: "No water/fluid offered -- everything was pay-to-play."

Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "All of it. Missed an event because of their delay. An event I paid for."

Nadelen: "Required to pay even for a soft drink or juice."

Voordelen: "Same as above"
Nadelen: "Same as above"

Nadelen: "Agents could b more organized to help reroute everyone. Instructions were not provided to collect our bags."

Voordelen: "We don't know. Ask our suitcases. They arrived in Venice and we were in Athens."

Nadelen: "I have no words flew not honored and I had to buy a ticket at the airport. Thank you for your service!"

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