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KLMGemiddelde score op basis van 3689 beoordelingen
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Entertainment options are good, food can way better

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Entertainment options are good, food can way better

Vlucht was 1 uur vertraagd. Verder ging alles prima.

Personnel, goede stoel en verbinding op tijd. Gate op Dubai was krap, maar ging ok

Het zitcomfort was ronduit slecht. Personeel was als doorgaans top.

Covid protocol was badly monitored. Coughing people without a mask. Thank you KLM for your ignorance.

Gedoe met teveel passagiers die weigeren een mondkapje op te doen en een kat/muis spel spelen met de bemanning. KLM kwaliteit als vanouds, maar verziekt door dit soort medepassagiers.

Voordelen: "The plane condition."
Nadelen: "The flight attendants could have served some drinks in between the meals. They actually refused to serve something additionally when asked."
Voordelen: "Very nice airplane and pleasant crew"
Voordelen: "Comfort"
Nadelen: "Wifi on klm"
Voordelen: "The crew was very kind"
Voordelen: "Klm's consistantly high standards in everything they do."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "I congratulate the KLM crew!"
Voordelen: "Crew was great, very responsive and hospitable!"
Nadelen: "more lunch choices, especially choices without dairy products."
Voordelen: "Crew helpful. Food good."
Nadelen: "Better range of movies please"
Nadelen: "Don’t be late"
Voordelen: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Nadelen: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Voordelen: "The bed was comfortable. Entertainment selection and large TV screen was good. The KLM crew is amazing, as usual."
Nadelen: "Food quality was not so good."
Voordelen: "Nice staff and no delay"
Nadelen: "Instead of crisps maybe a bit of cheese or crackers"
Voordelen: "Friendly crew, upgraded seat was worthwhile"
Nadelen: "More snacks in between meals,"
Voordelen: "Crew was friendly"
Nadelen: "Passenger who needed wheelchair assistance it took KLM 50 minutes to get him off plane which delayed our boarding. KLM not prepared to handle passengers with needs"
Voordelen: "Good beverage service."
Nadelen: "Over an hour delayj for departure."
Voordelen: "Goede crew en goed eten."
Nadelen: "Comfort van de stoelen"
Nadelen: "Flight cancelled"
Nadelen: "Na lange vetraging uitstappen op het platform en wachten op de bus terwijl il op zijn minst 20 vrije slurfen he geteld"
Voordelen: "The earphones for out two seats only worked intermittently, but the Purser, Lee-Ann handled it professionally and pleasantly. That was the only disappointment in an otherwise pleasant flight"
Nadelen: "The earphones could have worked!"
Voordelen: "absoluut geen klachten"
Nadelen: "Uitermate tevreden!"
Voordelen: "Crew were great, food, entertainment, seat and everything else was great as well."
Nadelen: "Vertraging"
Nadelen: "No reading light in my seat..."
Voordelen: "Entertainment was amazing! They even have four Harry Potter movies! We were told in advance that the flight was going to be delayed, which is really positive. Very friendly personnel."
Nadelen: "Food isn’t that great. Breakfast could be much better."
Voordelen: "Very good service, teh flight attendants made it as pleasant as possible, plane left on time"
Nadelen: "tough to sit on a plane for 9.5 hours"
Voordelen: "Everything OK"
Voordelen: "The seat was spacious and the concept of the evening meal being the lighter option was innovative and well thought out"
Nadelen: "Boarding was chaotic and congested with not much information or order."
Voordelen: "Good flight, very attentive crew."
Voordelen: "Het eten was lekker en er werd genoeg drinken aangeboden. Personeel erg vriendelijk."
Nadelen: "De stoelen van de Boeing 777 in de economy kunnen echt beter. Ik kreeg al snel pijn in m’n onderrug aangevuld met een houten kont. Niet echt fijn voor een vlucht van 16 uur"
Voordelen: "Professional crew. Good boarding."
Nadelen: "No entertainment on board in business. Stale buns - staff unapologetic. Older 737 with uncomfortable seats."
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "N/a"
Nadelen: "The cabin crew was racist! She asked me to move from a seat because she wanted another guy ( obviously from her country ) to take it! Rude and racist."
Nadelen: "The boarding area was total chaos. In order to get to the gate I had to literally fight with the 100s of people who were waiting in the same area. No priority was given to family with children or elite members. Even when we complaint at the personnel we were told that “it was busy”. Usually KLM flight from Venice depart from the first floor where gates are bigger and you get straight with the finger to the airplane. Today it hasn’t been the case .... too poor service for a KLM fight"
Voordelen: "Zijn goed."
Nadelen: "Niet tevreden"
Voordelen: "The time keeping was very good. We left on time and arrived early on both occasion. Good organisation. Excellent service."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Due to lightening bolt strike our pre-Y2K era plane got switched out with a newer plane with modern media delivery at the seats."
Nadelen: "This caused a two hour delay in boarding and another 30 minutes on the JFK T4 tarmac. Same crappy headphones so it wasn’t the"
Voordelen: "Zeer vriendelijk personeel, kindvriendelijk. Stipt vertrek en aankomst"
Nadelen: "Niets"
Voordelen: "Pleasant flight"
Voordelen: "Just great crew."
Nadelen: "Not comfortable at all and will not book KLM again."
Voordelen: "Zelfs op zo'n korte vlucht nog een hapje en een drankje! Top"
Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "Vertraging en bagage niet aangekomen' na 1 dag afgeleverd"
Nadelen: "At some point the luggage was lost. here."
Voordelen: "Er werd een gratis snack aangeboden en wonder boven wonder, was dat een vegetarische snack! :)"
Nadelen: "Het was erg warm in de cabine."
Nadelen: "Lost a piece of luggage between Dublin and Edinburgh"
Voordelen: "Nothing. Lost money on flight"
Nadelen: "Refunding our flight and not stealing our money during the pandemic"
Voordelen: "Great to go through customs in Dublin so the landing at home is easy."
Nadelen: "The airline made people unnecessarily nervous by posting a very early boarding time so people thought they had to jump in line in customs when, in fact, we all had the same departure times and all had plenty of time."
Voordelen: "Fares were competitive. Service excellent. Seating comfortable"
Nadelen: "Food on the plane"
Voordelen: "Crew were very good"
Nadelen: "Could do with some entertainment ie. a film"
Voordelen: "Crew were amazing. The cabin had the new lighting system which was an unexpected bonus, love it."
Nadelen: "Everything was simply perfect"
Voordelen: "The crew was as amazing as they were 9 years ago when I flew Aer Lingus. The plane was very clean and comfortable. The entertainment that we could choose from very good. Something for everyone was provided."
Nadelen: "One thing that I would like to see improved is for the announcements to be spoken slower than they were. The announcements were so quick that I could not understand what was being said. This should be an easy fix so I have no worries ."
Voordelen: "Everything was good except the flight from Dublin to Prague..., I was really thirsty.., and they charged me even for water..!"
Nadelen: "Free drink/ water on the second flight !"
Voordelen: "Pilots were very smooth with the controls, especially on landing unlike Ryanair!"
Voordelen: "Left on time."
Nadelen: "Everything else. Utterly confusing answers to questions."
Nadelen: "No food or even water boarding on time but delayed for no reason"
Nadelen: "We got to gate after standing in the lobby 30 min prior to take off and they wouldn’t let us in gate . We were in the air lingus lounge waiting for the flight and the gate attendant said she called our name on speaker which she did not . We get to gate and they say we are no longer able to board the plane"
Voordelen: "On time (actually early) arrival. Comfortable and easy, all smooth"
Nadelen: "€2.50 for a can of pop."
Voordelen: "Crew was professional and polite. Food was tasty. Good entertainment available."
Nadelen: "Unfortunately, some technical issues prevented us from taking off on time, and we had about an 1 hour and 15 minute delay."
Nadelen: "Delayed as always"
Nadelen: "Dublin airport was very confusing! Inconsistent information about gate and flight details in the monitors - was stressful enough that flight was delayed"
Voordelen: "Excellent accommodations and assistance given by the ticketing agent"
Voordelen: "Professionalism and courtesy!!"
Voordelen: "Professionalism and kind , courteous people!!"
Voordelen: "took off early once they had accounted for everyone, and arrived a little early too."
Nadelen: "While I didn't have to check my bag on the first longer flight, I did have to check it on the connecting flight which delayed me somewhat in getting into the city of London. Not awful, but strange... Free-for-all when boarding, not nearly as organized as it was at JFK."
Nadelen: "We boarded okay but then we had to sit on the plane for over an hour before we actually took off. So arrival into Lyon was late. Also had to buy any food or drink if we wanted anything."
Voordelen: "Good flight with good service."
Voordelen: "The free movies and the food was good."
Nadelen: "The seats are too close together."
Voordelen: "Flight was great! Staff was friendly and attentive, plane was on time as promised! Really a positive experience."
Voordelen: "The air hostess were ok."
Nadelen: "The flight was quick"
Voordelen: "It landed early"
Nadelen: "After dinner, seat belt sign was on for the rest of flight. They didn't want anyone to use the bathroom...for over 4 hours. There was really no turbulence. Basically it seemed to be a reason to not provide service and trap people in their seats. You also had to pay for alcohol. Worst international flight I ever had in terms of customer service"
Voordelen: "Fast efficient boarding. Short flight so no issues."
Voordelen: "Polite crew and on time as scheduled"
Nadelen: "No breakfast offer"
Voordelen: "Entertainment was OK. Ground and air crew were understanding and professional."
Nadelen: "Plane was more than one hour and a half late boarding. During that wait, did not provide any information on expected length of delay. After landing, baggage kept rolling off plane for more than one hour, and my bag didn't arrive. At least three other passengers were in same situation - waited more than one hour for bag, and it didn't arrive after all."
Nadelen: "Paying for coffee??"
Nadelen: "this flight was unnecessarily delayed. it was possible to have an earlier connection"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed over 2 hours. They also lost my luggage. Very poor and rude customer service."
Voordelen: "Seats comfortable, quieter plane than most 767s"
Nadelen: "No entertainment on this plane."
Voordelen: "Please see end of negative comments."
Nadelen: "Four hour delay that started out as a one hour delay, then we were told it would be a two hour delay. Ended as four hours. First mechanical and then fuel spill. Since the delay was so long the hallway lights in gate area seemed pre-set to turn off; so they did turn off, leaving travelers in the waiting area in semi-darkness. On the positive, we were each given 7euro food voucher and closest food vender remained open for us. Ground crew maintained their professionalism and good humor... even when all could see jet fuel leaking out of the fuel truck lines attached to the aircraft and runway/taxi/apron staff scrambling as the fire trucks pulled up. Fuel pooled around the truck and formed a riverlet flowing about forty feet .Yikes! ...but in the end we got home safe!"
Voordelen: "Why are they flight atendants. So nasty"
Voordelen: "Attentive staff, always smiling and helpful, well done air Lingus"
Nadelen: "So little leg room!"
Nadelen: "Lack of leg room, I know it's the safe in economy on all airlines, but it's tough!"
Nadelen: "On the MIA-DUB flight, my headset/entertainment would keep losing sound. On the DUB-BRU: the flight was almost an hour late. They could have at least given free coffee or water to all of us in Economy."
Voordelen: "The flight was delayed by a little over an hour, but the pilot managed to make up some time. Airplane was clean enough and crew was friendly."
Nadelen: "No free coffee"
Voordelen: "The stewards and stewardesses kept a cheery attitude and tried their best to deal with the customer complaints and the constant need of attention of people whose entertainment units didn't work."
Nadelen: "Unfortunately, I was the unlucky one and had the broken tv and remote set for the entirety of the plane. About 1 in every 3 people however were experiencing issues with their video or audio and had to have their sets rebooted multiple times. This was mainly due to it just being a very old plane and the systems not working anymore. As one of the stewardesses said, she can reboot it, but shes not an engineer. It is majorly time for them to update their interiors."
Voordelen: "Amerikaanse douane in Dublin."
Nadelen: "onduidelijkheid over eten en drinken tijdens de vlucht"
Nadelen: "lawaai toilet"
Voordelen: "had trouble getting a ticket in the airport. was not checking a bag so they went out of their way to print one ensuring I did not have to wait in a large bag check line. seats have decent room, tv's had a great selection. food was good during the flight and staff was attentive. top 3 transatlantic flight for me(done around 20)"
Voordelen: "I thought the staff worked very hard and were very friendly."
Nadelen: "Leg room was minimal. I don't think you should allow seats to go back since I inevitably sit behind someone who puts his all the way back and I feel like a pretzel. It seemed like a very expensive ticked to feel like that."
Voordelen: "From the moment I arrived I felt very taken care of. Plenty of seating in lounge, with many of them facing runway. People were friendly and accommodating. Food was average. On aircraft, the staff was outstanding."
Voordelen: "Great crew food was good timely and professional."
Nadelen: "Need headphone adaptors. Airline headphones terrible."
Voordelen: "Clean plane & bathrooms"
Nadelen: "About 45 minute late in take off. The sound system for movie was very distorted almost not usable. I fly several times a year. My first time with Aer Lingus. This was not a good example of your profession"
Nadelen: "Online check in was terrible. Takes 45 minutes to get a hold of a customer service representative"
Nadelen: "Very few works to check-in luggage and felt extremely rushed to get through security and make it to the plane on time. They did not well accommodate other passengers who were trying to check-in in addition to a large > 50 child group with very poor supervision. At times, the children were yelling on the plane and no one asked them to sit down or behave."
Nadelen: "I hate the fact that I was not informed that I needed a transit visa to board the flight from Dublin. The service was poor from the beginning to the end . My ticket reads BA but yet it America and Aer Lingus. Kayak should have made clear from the beginning. I was detained in Ireland. Almost missed my flight"
Voordelen: "Crew members were very friendly."
Nadelen: "It would help to train them on how pour wine without spilling."
Voordelen: "Quick flight. Friendly cabin crew."
Nadelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Legroom was no better than economy class"
Voordelen: "Leg room fantastic"
Voordelen: "Crew was great"
Nadelen: "The way they collect trash in the plane after serving food looked a little primitive. The crew walks around without trash bags and picks up passengers' trash and just stacks them on their arms or on their cart. I have traveled with BA many times in the past 40 yrs, and i don't remember this scene. Either I was not paying attention, or this is the new policy???!!"
Nadelen: "Business class on the 3.5 hour flight was just blocking the middle seat in the front of the plane. No leg room, narrow seats. My husband is 6’4”” with wide shoulders. His legs do not fit and therefore extend into the aisle. Flight attendants were constantly bumping into his shoulders. Very cramped We were not aware of this configuration."
Nadelen: "Plugs to charge devices"
Voordelen: "crew vriendelijk"
Nadelen: "Geen entertainment en slecht voedsel"
Voordelen: "Punctuality!"
Voordelen: "Not a lot. Just that the departure was on time."
Nadelen: "This Business-class seat is a proper rip-off. The only difference from Economy is the in-between seat is not used. No extra leg room whatsoever. Economy from Honolulu to Los Angeles I had more leg room then this one. Unacceptable response from the crew: "that's how it's been the last years"."
Voordelen: "No drinks or snacks for econome class. Its just a 1 hour flight, KLM Does serve on 1 hour flights."
Nadelen: "See above."
Voordelen: "Beenruimte"
Nadelen: "Te laat vertrokken en om vliegveld cirkelen omdat City vol was."
Voordelen: "Niets"
Nadelen: "Grote vertraging, geen uitleg, geen gratis versnapering om het goed temaken"
Nadelen: "Very uncomfortable"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "My flight was delayed and rescheduled 3 to 4 times. Then once flight took off, There were no complementary snacks...not even water."
Nadelen: "All of the above. There should have at least been free water on the flight, given that it was significantly delayed"
Voordelen: "Food servir das ver good. Flights attendants work ver card and seré ver attentive"
Nadelen: "Some bathrooms found have bien a Little3 cleaner"
Nadelen: "Once we got off the plane we had to go through security again and then rush through customs to get to our connecting flight. Customs agents wanted us to have our landing cards filled out before we got there but the crew on flight didn’t give passengers landing cards to fill out prior to landing and customs didn’t even have pens for us to fill our our forms. Super unhelpful and rude. Then our flight was delayed two hours which caused us to miss the train we needed out of the airport to West Jesmond. Thus forcing us to take a cab that was horrifically expensive. Super bummed on heathrow and British airlines. Would not travel through heathrow again."
Voordelen: "The ride was very smooth! Pilot did a great job!"
Nadelen: "The leg room and ovearall size was very small. My husband couldn't fit his knees in ."
Voordelen: "Leg room was decent enough."
Nadelen: "I’m stuck on a plane for hours. Don’t abuse this by trying to charge me for food and drinks. Especially when I can’t bring my own drinks unless bought at extortionate airport prices."
Voordelen: "Doordat wij op het bovendeks zaten konden we meteen boarden. Vriendelijke purser die overal de tijd voor nam."
Nadelen: "Doordat 3 mensen zich niet gemeld hadden, zaten er 4 koffers te veel aan boord. Ga maar met de hand zoeken met 15 Afrikaanse mensen in een A389."
Voordelen: "The crew was outstanding."
Voordelen: "Arrived on time although departure was delayed. Cabin crew was vert friendlyand boarding was fast"
Nadelen: "Would have been nice if the reading material was not so beat up to match the plane's perfect interior, otherwise nothing to fault at all"
Voordelen: "Ontime, no nonsense flight"
Nadelen: "Sadly disappointed that drinks (even soda) are no longer free!"
Voordelen: "Unremarkable short hop that met basic expectations"
Nadelen: "Tight seats No snack or drink service"
Nadelen: "-no communication -I stayed in 17 hours of cues -no hotel or meal vouchers -was not let out of the airport -no hydration in lines - people passed out -no line control, people were cutting and lots of arguments ensued -staff was not knowledgeable, was rude to angry customers -baggage was never returned to me, so I had to buy clothes for my business trip -did not answer phones -website went down -no apology or automatic refund, i had to call to get a manual refund"
Nadelen: "Being late"
Voordelen: "The food on the flight was good and the wheelchair assistance was good too."
Nadelen: "Water costed money and only credit card accepted"
Nadelen: "Entertainment was difficut to navigate and limited"
Nadelen: "There was an agent at the gate in London who went around asking to see everyone's boarding passes. She should have explained the reason for this rather than just walking up to people and asking to see their boarding passes since this doesn't usually happen. She didn't explain why she was doing it until AFTER some of us refused. She explained it was for added security requirements (random checks) because we were travelling to the US."
Voordelen: "Went by quickly and efficiently."
Nadelen: "More music choices would have been nice."
Voordelen: "Organized boarding process."
Nadelen: "I couldn't quite understand if the beverages were free and if they weren't, that seems unfair. Also, even though it was a short flight, a little entertainment/distraction is always appreciated."
Voordelen: "Food and entertainment was good."
Nadelen: "Most of the flight attendants were nice. However, on one flight a couple of them were rude. One made a comment "you are making their job hard". I was sitting across the aisle from my mother who is 80 years old and was getting her entertainment set up since she is technically challenged. I told him that I didn't mean to make his job hard. After that, he then smiled regularly to make up for the comment. Also, one of the flights we had to buy coffee, water, or anything other non-alcohol beverage we wanted to drink. Not sure why on one flight we didn't get free beverage service when all of the other BA flights provided it."
Voordelen: "Service was great - so polite and friendly. And the coffee was worth every penny."
Nadelen: "the luggage fee - Now I understand why the fare was so inexpensive! I'm an American and thus slow :-)"
Voordelen: "Crew were great."
Voordelen: "Efficiente flight"
Nadelen: "No movies"
Voordelen: "The people were nice."
Voordelen: "The Chief Purser came over to apologize. At the end of the flight, the Captain came to me to apologize on behalf of the airline. (Too little, way too late.)"
Nadelen: "I am handicapped and the jetway was broken. British Airways took a bad situation and made it worse! Obviously they had no contingency plans and the gate agents just wan't to avoid any responsibility and started blaming the poor man who had been wheeling me all over the airport. ONLY BRITISH AIRWAYS WAS AT FAULT FOR THIS. Eventually they put me on a lift several gates away and then loaded me onto the platform lift of one of those catering trucks that deliver food to the planes and drove me to my plane. The plane door was shut and they had to bang on the door to have them open it and let me board. As a result, I personally delayed the flight (officially) 28 minutes; in reality about 40 minutes. This was one of the most embarrassing and humiliating experiences of my life; to be loaded on a plane like freight!! Is this how British Airways operates??"
Voordelen: "The staff onboard the flight was friendly."
Nadelen: "There was a last minute gate change that was not announced until boarding was closing, so I had to race across to the other side of the airport to catch the plane. There was no food/drinks provided on the flight."
Voordelen: "I loved the hot towel svc, the food and beverage svc. Flight attendants very attentive."
Voordelen: "On time"
Voordelen: "It was short"
Nadelen: "Lost luggage - no one cared despite it clearly being lost at check in going down a broken bag shute. Plane was late. BA is losing their upmarket appeal trying to compete with cheaper airlines."
Voordelen: "Pre boarding made us 3 hrs late to sorrento Italy"
Voordelen: "Nothing to state on this flight. Just a low cost flight. Minimum service for just a short distance journey."
Nadelen: "Minimum service as usual for a low cost flight."
Nadelen: "Weinig te eten weinig te drinken voor zo'n lange vlucht. Geen geluid op entertainment"
Voordelen: "Quick flight with no issues"
Nadelen: "Little cramped."
Voordelen: "NOTHING: we didn't make it to this flight"
Nadelen: "We didn't make this flight due to fog. Had it waited about 25 minutes before departing (and knowing there were at least 4 passengers on route that were delayed from Paris CDG) we would have made it"
Voordelen: "Cheapest ticket for international flight with two connections. Crew is great and plane is comfortable"
Nadelen: "Even before trip started, there were two changes to schedule and not for the better. On actual trip - flight delayed and caused a missed connection. One suitcase got damaged and one went missing... Overall not the best experience this time :-("
Voordelen: "Flight left and arrived ontime and early both departure and arrival."
Nadelen: "Seats are a bit uncomfortable in economy,"
Voordelen: "The boardin personnel was unbelievably rude..they didnt let us board our very small luggages despite the plane was half empty. When we insisted they started laughing and threathen us of letting us miss our flight,with the attitude ignorants display when they are given a bit of authority"
Nadelen: "Change boarding personnel"
Voordelen: "The check-in, pre-boarding, flight, and arrival were fine. We left a little late, but arrived on time."
Nadelen: "As expected, the seats did not decline and the spacing between rows was tight. It would be nice to have more room and reclining seats, but that is not the style for this airline."
Voordelen: "The cabin crew was very good. The check in process was tough but the representative was nice."
Nadelen: "The boarding representative wasn’t very welcoming and the baggage hold volunteering wasn’t explained fully to passengers, otherwise they’ll volunteer."
Nadelen: "London train cancellations made us late to check in--35 minutes before departure. Easy Jet requires check-in no later than 40 minutes before departure. We were denied boarding and no refund for our two tickets."
Nadelen: "Vertraging"
Nadelen: "Onions"
Voordelen: "Mijn 7 jarige zoon zat in zijn eentje. Bizar dat Easyjet niet automatisch gezinnen bij elkaar zet. Vrouw en dochter op rij 1, zoon en vader op 21 en 22. Echt not nooit zo’n slechte ervaring gehad op een vlucht"
Voordelen: "Nothing!"
Nadelen: "El vuelo se retrasó y teníamos conexión con el tren dos horas después, no dieron opción de nada, simplemente perdimos los pasajes del tren. El personal fue despectivo. No recomiendo para nada ésta aerolínea."
Voordelen: "I like that we left on time!"
Nadelen: "3 hours late and very little information. No refreshments provided."
Voordelen: "easy, no fuss boarding and flight"
Nadelen: "the queuing to have your bags scanned as you board your flight was confusing as there were 3 queues in the same space for flights leaving within 10 minutes of each other. Not a big deal, but someone explaining which queue to those at the back would have been helpful"
Voordelen: "We zijn op tijd vertrokken, het was een vlotte vlucht (3u45)"
Nadelen: "Er zijn geen dingen die ik vervelend vond, al zou ik het als EasyJet Plus lid wel fijn vinden om ook tijdens de vlucht iets van mijn lidmaatschap te merken, zoals bijvoorbeeld een gratis blikje fris, nootjes o.i.d."
Voordelen: "The staff was great."
Nadelen: "Nothing. All good."
Voordelen: "Aardige man die hielp bij aanschaffen van een horloge. Top dat jullie dit zo doen, zo snel en makkelijk feedback vragen. Heeft indruk gemaakt."
Nadelen: "An hour late without excuses and a 50 min wait for the luggage. Ridiculous!"
Voordelen: "Niks. Kost weinig, je krijgt nog veel minder. Toch?"
Nadelen: "De automatische stoeltoewijzing is klantje pesten. Heb je samen geboekt wordt je uit elkaar gehaald. Niet omdat er geen plek is, maar gewoon omdat het kan. Pesterij. Boarden: je word zo snel mogelijk de gate in geveegd en dan mag je daar wachten tot het blijkbaar echt nodig was dat je er was."
Nadelen: "Chaos at EasyJet bag drop with longest queues. Stressed staff losing patience and making things worse - hard to blame them, probably treated as poorly as customers by easyJet. Obn"
Voordelen: "Not much"
Nadelen: "The gates allocated to EasyJet are barracks manned by very unqualified personnel. Flight was delayed by 30 min"
Voordelen: "Easy boarding. I like having to wait in lounge and they tell you which gate to go to board."
Nadelen: "Nothing just know 1 bag only carry on. Pay for anything more. 1 bag means purse daypack etc."
Nadelen: "The flight was absolutely fine, although late. There was no entertainment on board. All food and drinks were for a fee. Crew was great."
Voordelen: "The flight was almost on time."
Nadelen: "We did not like having to pay an extra 16 euros per person for carry on. Other planes allow a carry-on and a personal item. Did not appreciate this last minute extra charge. This should all have been explained when we purchased our tickets. I probably would not fly on EasyJet again for this reason."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Baggage regulations, flight departed an hour after scheduled, flight was rough. I will never book with easyJet again"
Nadelen: "One hour delay"
Voordelen: "On time and very well organized"
Nadelen: "U have to pay for water"
Voordelen: "We had to pay 60$ for our carry on and it probably costed more than our entire ticket. I am so upset and infuriated at the fact that we weren’t warned in advance. The last easy jet flight we took a week ago we didn’t have to pay for our carry on."
Voordelen: "The crew was very responsive and helpful as my wife and I were traveling with our 14th month old daughter."
Nadelen: "The multiple gate change, boarding the plane as there was no gate available and everything required a fee from the minute you booked the flight."
Voordelen: "New plane"
Nadelen: "Almost 2hour delay"
Nadelen: "Veel turbulentie, en vreemd dat ze voetbalsupporters toelaten met blikken bier in de gate"
Voordelen: "The charges for baggage and seat choice is annoying. I understand if you paying dirt cheap (under let’s say ~50 GBP per flight) but if I’m already paying 330 GBP round trip, I should be able to bring a back pack and a carry on suitcase without having to cost extra!"
Nadelen: "Baggage and seating fees. Also, cost for even drinks?"
Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "They just try and steal your money by making you pay for carry on bags at the gate. Seats are very uncomfortable and the cabin crew were very rude. Horrible airline."
Nadelen: "Crew was so slow in doing anything and kept forgetting water when asling for it. Forgot about 3 times."
Voordelen: "Late arrival fog in Geneva"
Nadelen: "Speedy security and short walk to the boarding g area and plane make Southampton my airport of choice"
Voordelen: "vlucht en alles wat daarbij hoort prima"
Nadelen: "jammer dat link van Kayak niet werkte"
Voordelen: "this was the worst EasyJet flight by far"
Nadelen: "They have about a dozen flights that all leave at 7 am, so allow at least 2 hours to get through security. The boarding agent was extremely rude and insisted I had to check my small backpack - which had my laptop in it."
Voordelen: "Flight left Edinburgh on time and arrived on time that’s something that doesn’t happen to often and the crew were really friendly"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The flight itself was quite quick and the staff on board were very nice"
Nadelen: "We boarded really early but the plane hadn’t arrived and we were made to wait in a corridor, we boarded at about 9:30 when we were supposed to depart at 8:55, we departed almosted an hour later than expected (9:45) which made a huge difference and unfortuntely we missed the train from luton and the last tube in London."
Nadelen: "Not enough space in the overhead bins"
Voordelen: "The seat were comfy. The airline has changed big time!"
Nadelen: "They stopped at the gate and made me put my personal bag into my carry on so I was sitting there trying to close my carry on which had a camera, agenda book, wallet etc etc. They should of told me like other airlines to put it in hold but she was so cold. But the ironic thing, while I am doing this I see men carrying a personal item and a carry on and NOT being told to do the same me and another lady was so mad! Worst airline EVER!"
Nadelen: "Ik moest rennen naar de gate omdat de schermen te laat waren. Er waren meer reizigers die onvriendelijk gewezen werden op het feit dat ze “te laat” waren."
Nadelen: "Schiphol is eigenlijk te groot. Alles kost veel tijd. Vlucht was half uur te laat"
Voordelen: "It was very fast and efficent! Staff very helpful and welcoming!"
Nadelen: "There was nothing that i did not like. Staff were great"
Voordelen: "cost is low if you only have one small bag and no other carry on."
Nadelen: "You have to pay quite a bit to check in a second bag, almost $100 bucks. You can only carry on one item. That includes a laptop bag."
Voordelen: "Flight was 30 minutes late, not sure who's fault. Smooth landing"
Nadelen: "Flight was 45mins delayed"
Voordelen: "There was not one thing I liked from the flight, everything was poor"
Nadelen: "From the flight attendance to the plane everything was terrible"
Nadelen: "the ground crew took way too long in loading the bags and thus we were delayed 40 minutes."
Nadelen: "Easyjet behandeld je als vee. Je hebt als passagiers niets te vertellen en als je protesteert beroept het personeel zich op policy. Handbagage is zo'n policy. Elke keer moet je je handbagage achterlaten bij de trap en als je dan in het vliegtuig komt zie je overal lege vakken."
Nadelen: "Being charged £90 when Inhad to change a typo on my boarding card. When I looked at my bc I saw that there was a typo. In the middle name section I had mis typed my name sstor..I finally worked out how to amends it..I corrected it & the next screen charges me £90.."
Voordelen: "the ticket fare is very reasonable."
Nadelen: "flight departure not on time."
Voordelen: "Good experience"
Nadelen: "Not enough seats at gate"

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