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16 aug. — 23 aug.1
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Etihad AirwaysGemiddelde score op basis van 6812 beoordelingen
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The Etihad ground staff didn’t communicate about new flight timings in bengaluru & didn’t escort or help passengers when we are stuck in security. Other airlines took responsibility to escort passengers. The food was good AUH- BLR; AUH- WAS . Others like WAS- AUH & BLR- AUH. Food was horrible. Etihad looting money in name baggage policy. No communication to passengers about cabin baggage policy.

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The Etihad ground staff didn’t communicate about new flight timings in bengaluru & didn’t escort or help passengers when we are stuck in security. Other airlines took responsibility to escort passengers. The food was good AUH- BLR; AUH- WAS . Others like WAS- AUH & BLR- AUH. Food was horrible. Etihad looting money in name baggage policy. No communication to passengers about cabin baggage policy.

Even though I was had been double vaccinated weeks prior; arrived at the airport 5 hours early; had two negative COVID tests, including a PCR test I was forced to pay $225 for at the airport (the free tests do not have the fast result turn-around required by the Sri Lankan government); proof of a ride from the airport and lodging information; I WAS DENIED ENTRY TO MY FIRST FLIGHT. I was told I needed a special email from the government? I was told to email immediately and given a bogus email address? The one man, who was a "supervisor" for Etihad and refused to identify himself, kept berating me and told me explicitly that "you Americans are used to going wherever you like whenever you like BUT IT'S NOT THAT WAY ANYMORE!!!" I was dumbfounded. I should mention that I was unfailingly polite the entire time. I would characterize this employee's behavior towards me as abuse. I did try to call KAYAK for several hours but no response. This same employee kept intercepting me on the snake line and continuously prevented me from approaching the check-in desk. I should add that I was the only person waiting who appeared to not be of SE Asian or Middle Eastern descent as well as the only unaccompanied woman. While I cannot for certain that this had anything to do with the Etihad employee's targeting, I can say. that my experience was truly horrible. After 5 hours of attempting check-in, being prevented from approaching the check-in desk, and being continuously denigrated and lied to, I left the airport in despair. That was only the beginning of my troubles. Many weeks later, I still do not have a refund, or even an exchange, for my wasted ticket. I have spent countless hours on hold with KAYAK and their enterprise is absolutely criminal. I really can not afford to lose the price of my ticket, but I don't know how many more weeks/days/hours I can spend fighting for a refund for a flight I was prevented from boarding for no apparent logical reason? AVOID ETIHAD. AVOID KAYAK!! They have stolen my money and have been absolutely horrid. And if anyone from KAYAK reads this PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY. I am so deeply tired of this. The way you have treated me is so. very. wrong.

Voordelen: "Crew was nice and friendly. Food came in a paper bag but still was good and plenty. The plane was an Airbus-330, it's a smaller plane for shorter routes but the seats were actually more comfortable than the newest Boeing 787-9 they use for long hauls."
Nadelen: "Don't bus the passengers to the plane and make them climb the stairs. It's almost 2020."
Voordelen: "One of the air steward was super friendly and nice. Few others were a little curt sans smiles."
Nadelen: "Good leg room but seats are hard as rock."
Voordelen: "Nothing really."
Nadelen: "Their time."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything."
Nadelen: "Foid is really bad. Need to work in time.1 hours and 15 min lat to fly from lax"
Voordelen: "Flotte très moderne"
Nadelen: "Surbooking à l'embarquement, aucune info, un scandale. Seulement un petit déjeuner (très moyen) servi pour la totalité d’un vol de plus de 6h, quand les autres compagnies servent un vrai repas et une collation Aucune trousse en classe économie, ni un masque, ni une brosse à dents"
Voordelen: "The flight was on time. Food was reasonable."
Nadelen: "A bit more leg-room and there is some scope for improvement in the food. Also, the entertainement could have more south Indian content and also allow to access entertainement for more time."
Nadelen: "Le racket de cette compagnie commence dès l'enregistrement. Nous étions en famille avec deux enfants. Premier bonheur de devoir payer 63 euros de plus pour éviter d'être disséminés aux 4 coins de l'avion, le système par défaut ayant fait cela !!! Deuxième bonheur l'avion est en fait quasi vide.."
Voordelen: "Les films et le casque confortable . Équipage agréable et avion confortable"
Nadelen: "Nourriture moyenne mais correcte."
Voordelen: "Vol de nuit . Aucun soucis. Transfert des bagages impeccable. Équipage efficace."
Nadelen: "Les couvertures ne sont pas donnes automatiquent ce qui est regrettable pour un vol de nuit où la climatisation est toujours trop froide."
Voordelen: "Surclassement Buisness Class, arrivée à Paris avec 20 minutes d’avance, livraison bagage rapide"
Nadelen: "Rien"
Voordelen: "Etihad aircrafts Etihad crew"
Nadelen: "Indian chech in employee"
Voordelen: "Staff were nice"
Nadelen: "Seats didn’t work. Both seats couldn’t recline. Not nice on a 13hr flight! Gluten free meal was very average. Poor entertainment compared to other airlines."
Voordelen: "Amabilité du personnel et qualité de la nourriture"
Nadelen: "Ma femme voyageant en économique n’avait pas le droit de venir me voir en Business"
Nadelen: "No food I ask three time for coffee and tea still not get it Staff so rude I don’t know why staff was rude if you don’t have food let us know not get rude ."
Voordelen: "service"
Nadelen: "meals could be improved"
Voordelen: "Flight was 5hours late, how can it be good!!!"
Nadelen: "Delay"
Voordelen: "The crew were very good and attentive. Fight in both directions was smooth and very comfortable."
Nadelen: "In both directions, check in took forever and I was unable to check in online beforehand. The first flight, I waited 1.5 hr (perhaps that is the general experience from JFK) and in the other direction, at least 1 hr."
Voordelen: "Confort de l'avion excellent surtout pour les grandes personnes"
Voordelen: "Confort correct. hôtesse à l'écoute"
Nadelen: "Emplacement des jambes un peu juste pour les grandes personnes"
Nadelen: "Crews attitudes"
Voordelen: "Le confort , le calme"
Voordelen: "One of the best flights I've ever taken"
Nadelen: "I had to check my hand carry sue to the weight of my bag. When I got my bag from baggage claim I noticed my zippers were opened slightly. When I inspected my bag I noticed that my vapor and my samsung S7 edge were both missing."
Voordelen: "In flight entertainment"
Nadelen: "Air con too cold"
Voordelen: "To be honest, the plane, crew, airport... everything was overall pretty nice."
Nadelen: "My checked luggage got delayed for this first trip, and I had to wait three hours at the airport security."
Nadelen: "Food can be better (and has been in the past). Limited choice in entertainment. Crew could be more polite"
Voordelen: "Good crew, good flight time"
Nadelen: "food choices and entertainment choices. Most of the people book return flight on the same month. If the choice are same in a long haul flight they get bored with entertainment choices."
Voordelen: "Great service, good economy food also, lots of wine. The entertainment package was really good."
Nadelen: "-"
Nadelen: "Nothing. Everything was perfect."
Voordelen: "Getting home"
Nadelen: "only served breakfast shortly after 8am take off .no other meal served.arrived Abu Dhabi 7pm. kept having to ask for drinks."
Voordelen: "All ground staff and flight crew were welcoming , professional and helpful. The seats, trays, and screens were clean. The flight crew kept the restrooms clean, which can be quite a task on long flights. If Etihad is an option in my future travels, I will likely prefer them over other carriers."
Voordelen: "Excellent crew"
Voordelen: "I really hate it bad food and foof poisoned snd blood vomited"
Voordelen: "Après une heure dans l'avion sans climatisation malgré un personnel de bord irréprochable (distribution de boissons) on nous annonce le débarquement, diriger et abandonne dans un terminal malgré un repas offert, pas d'information après renseignement auprès d'un accompagnant de tour operator j'apprend qu'il faut se rendre à la même porte où nous embarqueront avec 4 heures de retard. Un grand merci au personnel de cabine mais le responsable au sol .... Mais en plus de 10 vol Ave Etihad c'est ma seul mauvaise expérience et de plus j'ai payer 200fr pour changer de vol et arriver 4 h 30 plus tôt résultat gagné 30 minutes oups"
Nadelen: "Le personnel de cabine souriant et avenant"
Nadelen: "Le vol était complet et nous nous sommes vu proposés éventuellement un vol AF direct en remplacement. Après notre acceptation, en dernière minute, nous avons finalement embarqué sur ETIHAD. Là fut notre erreur car lors de la correspondance à Abu dhabi nous étions de nouveau surbooké à 23h00 ! malgré nos borading pass. Au bout de 2h de négociation nous avons obtenu une chambre d'hotel de 1h du matin à 6h.... pour reprendre le vol suivant à 8h30.... Aucune indemnisation, ni surclassement, as même un code wifi .... COMPAGNIE A EVITER A TOUT PRIS, c'est du LOW COST et le SAV est CATASTROPHIQUE. Devrait même être interdite de vol depuis PARIS."
Voordelen: "Service. Crew was nice and always with a smile. Great takeoff and landing very smooth. Flight on time."
Nadelen: "Limited movies, food choices ran out."
Nadelen: "No legroom. Inattentive stewards."
Nadelen: "The flight tickets from AUH to LAX were changed in the middle of the flight from HYD to AUH. This caused lot of travel and pain for my in-laws."
Nadelen: "So tight and noise , and i think this kind of chairs not comfortable for long distances, mean while other airline's can provide me the same price maybe little bit more but comfortable and better amenities"
Voordelen: "Bad services over all"
Nadelen: "Lemo services"
Voordelen: "Services n hospitality"
Nadelen: "Washroom maintenance can be better."
Nadelen: "Entertainment didn't work on my seat at all. Crew started becomes delayed in responding to the call button and didn't offer good options as substitute."
Voordelen: "Crew and service"
Nadelen: "Small toilets, tighter seats"
Voordelen: "Everything specialy the crew. But food list was poor. entirtainment is excellent. Seats are cogested . Boarding was good."
Nadelen: "Food."
Nadelen: "my suitcase plastic zipper was opened by someone in the ground staff at IGI Delhi and a few items were stolen. something needs to be done about this because I am sure other passengers are losing a lot more"
Nadelen: "The seat did not reclined. My wife was pregnant 6 months with twins and needed to recline the seat. I think I would reconsider booking with Etihad in the future."
Voordelen: "Timeliness of the flight and communication from the flight deck."
Nadelen: "Particularly on the flight from Abu Dahbi to Washington, D.C., attendants were rude with not only me, but other customers. They were short in their responses, forgot requests multiple times, and didn't make the little bit of extra effort to provide translators in Arabic, ensure an elderly lady next to me had the meal she needed, and secure the food options that we asked for. Our row was told us there were no more chicken meals for example, when we saw an attendant on the other side of the plane offer consistent chicken meals for multiple rows to come. They were just being lazy and didn't even want to ask."
Voordelen: "Flight was roughly on time. Had purchased extra leg room. Was comfortable"
Nadelen: "Staff was not interested in providing service. Their attitude was more like "I just do my job". Food was appalling and wines too. Entertainment only had stupid movies"

Arrivée à Toronto, 2h30 entre l’atterrissage et la sortie de l’aeroport

Pas d'écran dans un vol intercontinental, c'est dommage.

Ok y a su un retard de 25 minutes. À bord, le service était en français, mais la correspondance est uniquement en anglais. C’est à déplorer. Aucun repas, aucune collation servie. La sélection de films est excellente. Pour le reste, tout était très bien. Jacques Lépinay

L'arrogance et le mépris d'Air Canada fasse à plusieurs situations gênantes n'est pas acceptable pour compagnie qui a la prétention de jouer dans la cour des grands.

Vol annulé, aucun suivi , service à la clientèle médiocre

La boufe L’équipage

Leur accueil Leur serviabilité Leur repas Leur attention aux passagers Et surtout leur respect des mesures barrières

Excellent vol et le service sans reproche 🙌

Aucune nourriture, seulement des barres tendres et des crackers.

Voordelen: "Rien de spécial."
Nadelen: "Le confort. Le divertissement."
Voordelen: "Customer service won't answer the phone"
Nadelen: "Customer service could answer the phone"
Nadelen: "Juste une petite boisson! I aurait pû donner un petit déjeuner."
Nadelen: "Délai long, failli manquer notre connexion et nous avions 2:30 entre les 2."
Nadelen: "2,5 hours delayed. Econ seats are tiny with zero legroom."
Voordelen: "Divertissement"
Nadelen: "Prise audio qui ne fonctionnait pas bien Départ retardé"
Nadelen: "More clearly written policy about baggage allowance"
Voordelen: "Crew was amazing .. had two seats for myself"
Nadelen: "Food and entertainment"
Voordelen: "1. Repas de bonne qualité et offrant plusieurs à côtés (salade, pain, brownies, etc.) 2. Films disponibles à bord par le biais de l'écran de divertissement inclus au siège."
Nadelen: "1. Non disponibilité du Wi-Fi à bord de l'avion 2. Avion remplie à pleine capacité et ayant accepté des voyageurs avec plus de deux (2) bagages à main à bord 3. Aucun surclassement offert durant le vol tandis que la famille à côté de moi était malade 4. Ils ont perdus mon bagage à main alors que l'agence de bord m'avait promis de ne pas le perdre lorsque je lui ai demandé. Ils m'ont retiré mon bagage à main puisque ma petite valise que je transportais n'entrait pas sous le siège. L'agence de bord est parti avec mon bagage contentant tous mes médicaments, ma couverture et une partie de mes vêtements et c'est la dernière fois que j'ai vu ma valise. Lorsque je suis arrivé à Bruxelles, mon bagage à main qui fut placé en soute n'était pas à destination et j'ai pleuré toutes les larmes de ma vie."
Voordelen: "Prise en charge par le personnel agréable Je fréquente souvent la compagnie air Canada jusqu’ici tout s’etait Toujours bien passé"
Nadelen: "Au vol aller : problème à l’enregistrement ( soit disant pas d’ave) + bagage soute facturé 50 euros (pour apprendre finalement au retour que je n’aurais Pas du payer) Au vol retour : pas d’enregistrement possible cause de surbooking. On me dit qu’il n’est pas sure que je puisse prendre mon vol pourtantl réservé et payé , on fini par m’imprimer Une carte d’ebarquement Sans siège attribue alors que ma valise est partie en soute. On m’invite à passer en zone d’embarquement Au risque d’y Passer la nuit en attendant le vol suivant le lendemain matin. Départ dans le stress et l’incertitude. La faute à qui ? Kayak ? Air Canada ? Brussels Airlines ? Qui surbooke ses vols pour faire toujours plus d’argent. Au prix du billet c’est une Honte !"
Nadelen: "Pas d’espace pour les jambes."
Voordelen: "How I was treated How I felt was wonderful."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Pas de box office"
Voordelen: "Personnel agréable , air canada est super en général mais éviter ac rouge pour les plus longs vols. Nourriture et service bien."
Nadelen: "Première expérience avec air canada rouge pour l’europe... plus jamais! Les espaces/sièges sont petits, inconfortables. Les gens sont tellement inconfortables qu’ils se promènent (marchent) dans l’avion...Pour un vol de quelques heures cela va mais pas pour un vol de 10 heures ..."
Nadelen: "Aucune place pour les jambes."
Voordelen: "Ils se sont quand même occupé de nous afin Que nous puissions mettre nos bagages à bord et prendre notre vol...... juste à temps...."
Voordelen: "À L'heure et même en avance. Service excellent."
Nadelen: "Divertissement médiocres, repas ordinaire,"
Nadelen: "Manque d'espace flagrant, les genoux accotés sur le siège avant. Encore moins chanceux d'être assis à côté d'un monsieur plutôt enrobé qui prend les deux appui bras... Je crois que l'avion n'a pas été nettoyé entre les deux vols."
Voordelen: "Le personnel est aimable"
Nadelen: "Lors du vol Montreal-Miami les repas ont ete servis trop tard et il n'y avait plus rien à choisir. Il n'y a plus de télé ni de radio pour passer le temps à moins de louer ."
Voordelen: "The passengers, the Brussels airport retail area, 1 of the flight attendants who was polite and welcoming, and the entertainment selections. Finally being connected to Swiss staff."
Nadelen: "The crew was not very welcoming and was borderline rude when I asked any sort of question such as why I was not allowed to wear my headphones prior to take off. I was patient in not wearing them, but could not relaxing into the trip for the 40+ minutes we remained on the ground mostly not moving. I was tired when boarding and fumbled with my documents and was very curtly told to just hand them over. Another time I accidentally mistook headphones the stewardess was handing out for something else. I took a pair and then immediately gave them back with an apology that I didn't realise what they were, but thanked her anyway. This was met with a scowl and a bit of opposition. There was one stewardess that was very nice and accommodating out of the entire crew. On top of this the toilet seat on the plane was broken, so it fell on you when you were trying to go to the bathroom, and the soap dispenser was broken. I didn't dare mention these things to the flight crew though. The plane was late taking off from Montreal, and so was late landing in Brussels. No effort was made to provide connections assistance, or provide directions on where to go to rebook our missed connections. I and all others traveling to Zurich spent the entire morning trying to find anyone from Air Canada to help us rebook our flights. We literally were going from desk to desk between two terminals, and consulting each other as we went to limit the amount of leg work we all had to do. We all had to finally leave the terminal area and go to Swissport and stand in a long slow line. By that time any afternoon flight was already overbooked. So I and a group of other passengers were booked for an evening flight which forced me to book a hotel in Zurich because I couldn't get to where I needed to be that evening. After being rebook, I still tried to get on an earlier flight by going directly to the gate. It was confirmed that there was some extra space available, but they would not switch me to the earlier flight because I had a checked bag that I could not separate me from. Ultimately my bag was lost which made me have to stay awake and in the Zurich airport even longer after I finally arrived going from one lost baggage representative to another, and then waiting in another line to finally fill out paperwork because my bag had never been scanned in Brussels. The Zurich representatives were very polite, helpful, and efficient compared to anyone I encountered in Montreal, or Brussels. I was without my bag for 3.5 days of what was supposed to be a 10 day trip. My trip was reduced to 9 days because I spent an entire day in the Brussels airport and then had to spend the night in Zurich. I arrived in Zurich on Saturday night, and received my bag on Tuesday afternoon. All in all it was not a good experience until I got to Switzerland."
Voordelen: "Embarquement rapide"
Nadelen: "confort de l'avion"
Voordelen: "Mauvaise expérience, une de mes valises détruite et beaucoup de difficulté à avoir un retour suite à p’ Incident et aucune indemnités de votre part, très decu de air Canada ....!"
Nadelen: "Pas avoir mes valises le jour que je suis arrivé au Pérou ....! C’est la primer fois que ça m’arrive ...!"
Voordelen: "Embarquement rapide et bien organisé. Avion propre"
Nadelen: "Nous n avons pas eu réellement de quoi manger pour le Midi. Juste un mini sandwich"
Voordelen: "Flight was delayed 1.7 hours."
Nadelen: "Bathrooms got very messy."
Voordelen: "Liked the entertainment system and the fact that none of my luggage was lost on this trip. (Air Canada is a real pain to deal with on lost luggage.) Vegetarian meal was not gourmet, but good."
Nadelen: "Arrived late so next flight had to be rebooked. They did give us a food ticket though. I would give it an overall good rating (instead of okay) if it had not arrived late."
Nadelen: "Pas de place, pas de nourriture inclus, retards dans les vols, bagage perdu. Un cauchemar!!!!"
Voordelen: "Vol annulé à l'aller, mais Air Canada nous a trouvé une chambre d'hôtel et à payé pour."
Nadelen: "Le seul problème c'est qu'ils ont receduler le vol le lendemain, mais pas la connexion. J'ai donc passé une heure trente au téléphone à tenter de rejoindre quelqu'un pour céduler à nouveau la connexion."
Voordelen: "We had experienced two schedule changes during the last trip. First, our first outbound leg was canceled , and second, our first inbound flight was late. CA customer service was helpful in both cases. We were given alternatives and accommodations . It's upsetting to know we had to make unfortunate changes before/during our trip, it's comforting to know that CA is there to help."
Nadelen: "Last minute schedule change"
Nadelen: "Tres long delais de vol et attente dans l'avion apres l'atterissage"
Nadelen: "Everything was sub-par, the food, entertainment, the crew responsiveness, I asked for two drinks and was told that I could only get one at a time... really? The crew was multilingual, which was great, but also very annoying to have to listen to announcements in 5 different languages. They could use media with standardized messaging and a choice of an appropriate language, but these would make too much sense I guess. This was the tightest coach I've ever flown in, the seat ergonomics was horrible."
Voordelen: "Modern planes, very comfy (Vancouver to Beijing), nice entertainment options, good food"
Nadelen: "super cranky flight attendants who looked and talked to us like we are idiots. Not just my feelings; the rest of my travel group of 7 agrees...."
Voordelen: "Il y a des écrans meme pour des vols courts c’est très pratique. L’avion est confortable"
Voordelen: "I was very pleased with the baggage claim team in Ottawa who took extra steps to ensure that a piece of my carry-on luggage that I forgot on the flight was returned to me safely and packaged with more care than I did for myself!"
Voordelen: "Quick services"
Nadelen: "Entertainer system overload twice - without move the key"
Voordelen: "Rapidité du service"
Nadelen: "IFE Un peu lent et peu de choix récents"
Nadelen: "Retard"
Voordelen: "The end of the trip and delivery of luggage 24 hours after arriving in Vienna"
Nadelen: "Old and partly broken plane, horrible food. 2 officials to immigrate hundreds of people at Brussels. Breakdown of luggage system in Brussels. No luggage at arrival in Vienna."
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "-"
Nadelen: "I can't take the flight and I can't get my money back. It is horrible"
Voordelen: "Very nice flight"
Nadelen: "Flight attendant coughing into hand while handling drinks cart. Flight attendant wearing face mask would be less threatening to health of passengers"
Voordelen: "This was my first time flying with China Eastern and I was very impressed. The plane was clean and comfortable. The crew was nice and it was overall a great experience. I would fly them again and recommend them to others."
Voordelen: "NA"
Nadelen: "NA"
Nadelen: "staffs are rude, unfriendly"
Nadelen: "Sièges trop étroits impossible de manger si le siège devant est baissé"
Nadelen: "Bad food, have been throwing up, feel exhausted, unfriendly staff, not happy at all. Don’t Recommend"
Voordelen: "Getting a poncho to help stay dry as we exited the plane for the shuttle bus."
Nadelen: "Not a lot of room. Also, doesn't anyone use a napkin in Asia?"
Nadelen: "It would be good if the Chinese Eastern Airlines employees worked to improve their spoken English for the sake of those who don't understand Chinese. The airport announces over the speaker system were especially difficult to understand."
Voordelen: "The crew profesionalism"
Voordelen: "Service"
Nadelen: "Wait on the airplane after arrival."
Voordelen: "I was hesitant at first to book through a 3rd party website, there were a lot of variables for me. I’m the kind of person who loves the security of knowing that my plans are concrete. I read so many horror stories of random cancellations and other headaches. As long as you know your dates are set in stone and you don’t have to adjust anything (I had no changes) then I think you’ll be perfectly fine! :)"
Nadelen: "While everything worked out perfectly for me the only draw back for me was just airline logistics, because I purchased through a 3rd party vendor I was unable to check in early. I love having the security of checking in early to avoid the lines and stress at the airport but everything worked out great. I was even able to select which seats I wanted prior to my trip."
Voordelen: "The entertainment was great n the flight attendants were the best. I enjoyed the 14hr flight. I highly recommend China Eastern Airlines. The chow was delicious & the Jasmine tea was super yummy"
Nadelen: "Not Applicable."
Nadelen: "just that the fight was late. otherwise, i would rank between ok and good (short flight). i have flown longer on china eastern on other occasions and in those cases, i would rank between good and excellent."
Nadelen: "Food is too sweet salt."
Voordelen: "They kept us fed and we left on time! I had a bag lost at the beginning of my trip and had it sent back to JFK so it didn't follow me around China and I got it safe and sound."
Nadelen: "4 comsecutive delays !!!!!"
Nadelen: "Delayed !"
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "Boarding time delayed by an hour. Take-off delayed by an additional hour on top of that previous hour. Mediocre food. No usage of ANY electronic device - even in flight mode. Strange. PA announcements contradicted flight attendants messages. They didn't understand. Crew's English was pretty low, but they were nice. Airport in China (immigration) was uugh... I can't."
Voordelen: "very comfortable seat in business class excellent food"
Nadelen: "China Eastern prohibits use of cell phones to access wifi during the flight"
Nadelen: "I bought a round trip ticket online with my current passport number. When I arrived in Shanghai, I was held at the Customs for extra 20 or 30 minutes because the airline provided a passport number I used more than 10 years ago. My luggage was held at Pudong airport quite a few days. Each day, they said something different to me... When it's the time for me to go back, I was held again at PEK, because of the different passport number they kept in their system. Even though I explained to them how I purchased the ticket with my current passport number and I have no idea where the problem happened. They insisted that it was my own fault. My gmail did not work properly in China. I asked them for help by providing me the ticket agent contact info in the States. They said that they did not know. I should go where I bought my ticket. I had to spend hours to contact friends in the States to find the phone number of Then, I made international call to justfly for about hour to have the problem fixed. I did not provide any wrong info when purchasing the ticket. The problem was made between the airline and their agent. They, as professionals, could easily have the problem solved but they blamed the customer for the mistake. I had to spend so much extra time and money to cover their mistake, at the risk of missing my flight. That's the worst experience I ever had for international flight."
Nadelen: "They would not accomidate a flight change after I was delayed in an accident getting to the airport. One desk said there was a seat on the earlier flight and sent me out of the gate area to the front of the airport. When I got there a few minutes later they said no there is no seat. I was upset because I had to wait 6 hours now and go back through security again. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They pertended not to understand. I was persistant and then they siad oh here is a seat on the 1:00 flight. Then he goes do you want window or aisle. If there was no seats whey do I have a choice?"
Voordelen: "Definitely one of the best airline travel experiences of my life."
Nadelen: "The food has room for improvement but was decent."
Voordelen: "The food served it was delicious."
Nadelen: "Nothing to comment."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "very good"
Nadelen: "8 hour delay, no updates. No schedules"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Terrible service, 8 hour delay at the terminal before check in, they wouldn't tell us why our flight was delayed, didn't give us a new time, and we didn't know when the flight would be open to check in since they didn't announce anything or try to help us in any way. No sense of tourism industry, zero English, and ride personnel."
Voordelen: "it was on time"
Nadelen: "Our flight from Beijing to Shanghai was cancelled. We were notified about 8 hours before the flight was to depart, leaving us scrambling to fix the problem. We received no explanation for the cancellation of the flight. China Eastern and Flight Network did very little to help us. They wanted to rebook us on a flight 2 days later than the one that was cancelled. Originally, we were meant to arrive in Chicago Saturday morning, and the flight they planned to switch us to would not arrive until Monday night. Since we have jobs to keep, that wouldn't work for us. We tried to get a refund for the cancelled flight but couldn't seem to find anyone who would help us. We had to pay for a new flight on our own, costing us $1800."
Nadelen: "May be I could not buy as I was in China. My credit cards did not pass."
Voordelen: "Great on board service and very friendly."
Nadelen: "I had a layover in Kunming but was unable to check my bags all the way through to my destination, which was after the second flight. The plane landed 20 minutes late and then I had to go through baggage claim, check-in, get my 2nd boarding pass printed, re-check my bag, do customs, and security during my layover (1 hr 40 min) between flight. It was the most stressful flying experience I have had to date. Ended up running through the airport in Kunming, begging to jump lines in order to make the second flight, and catching the plane 5 minutes before takeoff. Luckily they allowed us to board even though it was so close to time. Very stressful experience."
Voordelen: "The crew was attentive throughout the flight."
Nadelen: "The length of my layover was long, but for the price being significantly cheaper than competing airlines and and in short notice, I can't complain."
Voordelen: "Fantastic service!"
Voordelen: "Plane was clean and fresh. Crew was professional and courteous."
Nadelen: "Both legs of our round trip were several hours late and updates were nonexistent. Missed most of our appointment because of late arrival, then got home after midnight exhausted because of second late flight. Airline is OK - just don't be in a rush."
Voordelen: "upgrade for 40usd"
Nadelen: "Broken chair."
Voordelen: "The seats were roomy for economy class."
Nadelen: "The time delay, they fed us our meal before lift off because we were sitting on the plane for hours."
Nadelen: "I enjoyed the trip from LA to Okinawa, then to China But from Beijing to Shanghai then to USA It was delay and despite I told the staff that my husband is very pro to infection they still put him at last second roll 73 and closed to all little kids some were coughing. There are some area still opened seat. Please don't take me wrong I love the kids but such incident- kids did not put on their seat bell while the airplane were taking off. I had to remind your staff. Some of those parents did sit in between but not paid close attention of their/other kids. Sophia Tse"
Voordelen: "Services"
Voordelen: "Overall is OK"
Nadelen: "Too long wait time at Shanghai"
Voordelen: "No personal entertainment devices - you can't use your phone to read a book or listen to music. back to good old fashion travelling. Make sure you prepare yourself with a book and junk food to cope"
Voordelen: "More food and drink choices More international appeal Free internet"
Nadelen: "Lack of international entertainment"
Nadelen: "TV screen stopped playing after safety guide."
Voordelen: "It was on time! Staff were friendly."
Nadelen: "Outside boarding"
Nadelen: "Long layovers"
Voordelen: "The crew was great and there was a good variety of movies to watch."
Nadelen: "3 of the 4 flights were delayed and the flight from Shanghai home to Toronto was delayed 2.5 hours after we had already boarded so we were stuck on the tarmac which wasn't great."
Voordelen: "Crew attitude"
Nadelen: "Entertainment"
Voordelen: "The airplane was new and the seating was spacious in economy class"
Nadelen: "It is a common theme with Chinese companies. They spend millions on big items and then totally ignore the customer front end. Go into any big shopping center in China and you'll get lost because the signs are not there or not clear enough, elevators are too few and too slow, things are just illogical. Same thing with China Eastern. I have been flying them for over a decade and the company still hasn't managed to invest a fraction of the money the assets cost into customer front end. The online checkin was not possible. The checkin in Frankfurt was almost 2 hours because not enough counters were open. The food in flight was what you think bad airline food is supposed to taste like. The layover in PVG was brief but the transfer was disorganized.. So if you want an efficient flight without any creature comforts and extras for an attractive price I can recommend China Eastern. For anything else look elsewhere..."
Voordelen: "Flight was on time, crews were friendly and helpful, a lot of entertainment choices on the plane, food was not bad."
Nadelen: "Customer service is so hard to reach. Every single time i need to hold for at least half hour before someone answers my call."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything"

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