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Vlucht van Toronto Pearson Internationaal naar Brussel-Nationaal
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Scandinavian AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 5582 beoordelingen
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Petit saut de puce ! Un peu en mode bienvenue à jurassic park

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Petit saut de puce ! Un peu en mode bienvenue à jurassic park

Excellent food.

Everyone boarded and then we sat for well over an hour with occasional updates from crew that the airport was slow loading luggage. It's hard to believe the airline or airport are serious about COVID prevention when they deliberately leave customers in crowded conditions. First international flight I've had where passengers were charged for beer, wine, and even water.

I never flew with SAS before and got to fly all the way from the US and I loved it !!

The staff between IAD and Copenhagen was not friendly

Voordelen: "The Crew was great. Friendly and attentive."
Nadelen: "Very small seat. Had a big person next to me and was quite uncomfortable"
Voordelen: "Professional crew"
Nadelen: "I think for the price I paid for the flight there should at least be a free snack to go with the free drink."
Voordelen: "The flight itself was fine. We had a two-hour delay due to a mechanical issue, but the crew took care of it as quickly as they could."
Nadelen: "It was just a relatively quick, unremarkable flight."
Nadelen: "The baggage fees has to be clearly informed, they have a different fees almost double if u checkin bag from 22hrs of departure, total ripoff. Bundle the baggage fees when you buy ticket."
Voordelen: "Crew was business only."
Nadelen: "More engaged crew. The"
Voordelen: "The crew was very nice and friendly. I was not expecting walking down to the tarmac to board the plane. But flight was uneventful."
Nadelen: "Checking in didn’t open until 2 hours before plane was scheduled to take off. Really? We got to airport early so we could eat dinner. You are depriving the airport of revenue. Not to mention we had to stand there for over an hour. And then just one agent showed up. Terrible service and planning."
Voordelen: "Crew was good. Flight was delayed by incoming flight from Oslo so I was anxious that I might miss my connection in Oslo. Flight attendants announced connection gates for transit which was very helpful."
Nadelen: "Perhaps a little more communication about delayed flights. Even though passengers were asked to let connecting passengers through at disembarking, it was still very difficult. Perhaps back stairs to the plane as well as front would have helped."
Voordelen: "Good crew"
Nadelen: "Premium economy wasn’t as good as others"
Voordelen: "Newer plane with comfortable seat for coach. I liked the two-four-two seating arrangement. The direct flight to my destination was a plus."
Nadelen: "Nothing was negative."
Voordelen: "plane is clean & seats are comfy"
Voordelen: "flight arrived on time"
Nadelen: "The food was poor, ventilation system in the cabin terrible. Smell from bathrooms during the whole flight, both ways. SAS lost our luggage and nobody seams to care about it. They know that there is a problem with luggage transfer on connecting flight, but don't bother to do anything about it. Customer service representative is not able to provide any information, doesn't even understand English well. Nobody answers the phone... At this point, we're still waiting for our bags"
Voordelen: "I slept the whole way through"
Voordelen: "ok"
Nadelen: "ok"
Voordelen: "Le personnel de bord a été très agréable et professionnel. L'embarquement à Stockholm est très bien fait et il n'y a pas de perte de temps."
Nadelen: "Par contre, c'est une seule boisson par personne le reste est payant, les repas sont très moyens et le système de divertissement est très très mauvais. Les contenus sont vieux et l'application est très lente et pa réactive du tout."
Voordelen: "Friendly staff"
Nadelen: "n.a."
Voordelen: "Great crew, on schedule."
Nadelen: "SAS is packing in 200 passengers in their Airbus 321, so no space and seat comfort like 0. Also make sure you have paid for bags, Kayak will sell you tickets that don't include bags.so double check your reservation. If you are stuck with a ticket that doesn't include bags, call SAS an add bags $35 per bag. Do this at least 24 hours before departure.SAS is the only one that can add the bags, kayak is unable to add bags after purchase."
Voordelen: "Crew were pleasant."
Nadelen: "'Fluctuating' baggage fees, no free snacks on a four hour flight, no in-flight entertainment, no wifi, 30 minutes late without updates on monitor due to previous delay."
Voordelen: "There was absolutely nothing I liked."
Nadelen: "We didn't have a flight. Our flight was canceled at the airport. We were told 10-15 minutes after our boarding time that there would be a delay, but we should check back in 45 minutes. So, we never made it to Stockholm to take that flight back home."
Voordelen: "Entertainment options"
Nadelen: "Super hot throughout flight. Had a 9 hour layover and the flight arrived after the gates closed so the only options for 12am-5am were wooden benches in random sketchy areas. Had to wait in line to wait to get in line to finally board the plane The food was two rolls ups three hours apart"
Voordelen: "Plane was quite empty"
Nadelen: "Plane wasn't in the best shape"
Nadelen: "No food, no entertainment"
Voordelen: "The flight crew was courteous and professional. The seats were comfortable."
Nadelen: "The flight came in a little late. However, the plane was nice."
Voordelen: "Awesome seat with great leg room for a tall person. The whole flight went quickly and enjoyed the crew and flight"
Voordelen: "Super"
Nadelen: "Water and beer paying"
Voordelen: "The crew"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed well over an hour. I was unable to check in the night before. I was finally able to check in online the afternoon of the flight, but no seats were left, so had a boarding pass with no seat assignment. Got to the gate and they sent me and about 25 other folks with no seat assignment to wait for a "colleague" who finally appeared after almost everyone else had boarded. I did get a seat, but I was one of the last to board. They ran out of salmon dinners, so the stewardess plopped a chicken dish in front of me--didn't eat since I am vegetarian. The stewardess did give me a free mini bottle of wine, which is normally free on Lufthansa. I am just not all that impressed with SAS. I will try to avoid them in the future."
Voordelen: "Great entertainment in modern plane with good service."
Nadelen: "Having to purchase alcohol is annoying on transatlantic. At least offer a wine or two."
Voordelen: "we landed 20 minutes before schedule"
Voordelen: "Movie selection/Entertainment choices were good. Food was ok. Overhead storage space was adequate."
Nadelen: "Seats are awfully small and legroom is cramped. The crew was standoffish and inattentive. Beverage service is lacking."
Nadelen: "A very dishonest experience. The booking never made it clear that I was not allowed to check my suitcase and I had to pay € 70 extra both coming and going and thereby paid 1 1/2 times more for my suitcase than for my ticket. I am very disappointed to be 'tricked' in this way and consider it a very dishonest business practice."
Voordelen: "The cleanliness"
Nadelen: "I Had checked several times to make sure I had 2 bags included ( standard for US-EU flights) and every time. At the airport I had to pay an extra charge for my second bag which made the flight very expensive and just ruined the whole experience for me"
Voordelen: "New airbus with good entertainment screenset clean"
Nadelen: "Delays on boarding (on departing as well as returning home) Damaged luggage"
Voordelen: "The flight was on time The lounge (SAS) in Copenhagen, but that had nothing to do with the flight"
Nadelen: "Rather indifferent organization in Copenhagen at the gate, and rather rushed service (granted it was only an hour+ flight from Kastrup to Arlanda), I was not even asked for water or tea/coffe when the cart zipped by, maybe because I did not speak Swedish/Danish"
Nadelen: "Staff was not properly trained in flight protocols."
Voordelen: "The crew were very friendly"
Nadelen: "The entertainment System could use an update - more recent movies and TV shows would help."
Nadelen: "There wasn't free food but free coffee."
Voordelen: "Quit a lot space for domestic flight"
Nadelen: "No drinks no food. We pay a lot of money for seat"
Voordelen: "Efficacité dans la prise en charge du retard et du rebooking d'un autre vol."
Nadelen: "Retard + re-booking de notre vol sans explication, ni possibilité de trouver facilement des informations à ce sujet"
Voordelen: "personnel is very courteous."
Nadelen: "cofee is terrible."
Voordelen: "Easy boarding, food equate for economy, entertainment fine. No wine or beer inc,used in economy but not a big deal. Excellent seating if you know what to chose."
Voordelen: "Not enough space to store items."
Voordelen: "The plane was well kept and the entertainment system worked well with enough choice. The crew was average: no problems."
Nadelen: "The (transatlantic) flight was delayed 8 hours and the only compensation received was 175DKK for lunch. Had to stay in the airport over 11 hours due to this delay and had already had a 16 hour layover from the day before. I realize that unexpected delays may occur, particularly in cases where passenger safety is in question, but delays of more than 5 hours cause major inconvenience and I felt stuck in the airport with my bags and having checked out of my hotel room already. Just compensating for lunch is not enough. In the future a partial reimbursement for the flight, access to the priority lounge or a more comfortable facility such as a hotel would provide the passengers with compensation proportional to the inconvenience."
Nadelen: "I missed my flight due to car troubles and has been very difficult in trying to get a refund for my flight. SAS was very unhelpful at the airport I had to go to Delta and purchase and entirely new flight!"
Voordelen: "flight was on time"
Nadelen: "Packed flight. No food available ( even for purchase) in economy"
Voordelen: "I requested a gluten free meal and was happy with it."
Nadelen: "leg room was a bit tight"

Lots of delays and no responsibility for their mistakes.

Flight was great but checkin experience made me never fly with LOT again

Everything. We arrived at our destination with a nearly 3 day delay. That's almost a week from my vacation including the travel from Canada and after the delay in Poland. Staying TWO days in Poland is unacceptable.

It was more then four hours delay!

LOT booked me this flight without my knowledge allowing them to avoid refunding me a flight which they themselves canceled. Low morality in this company

Voordelen: "From Toronto to Warsaw we flew with Air Belgium even though we paid a ticket for Polish Airlines and everything was horrible. We waited an hour without any explanation before boarding and another hour and half after boarding. The seats were very uncomfortable and there was no leg room. Flight from Warsaw to Belgrade was a lot better, however 2 out of my 3 luggages were lost. Crew on both flights were lovely."
Nadelen: "Everything."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew"
Nadelen: "Faster boarding, better food, more adequate announcements on delays"
Nadelen: "Food was almost cold.... I was in the back section of the planet...."
Nadelen: "Give more informations if there is any problem or schedul"
Voordelen: "The crew was great, but my seat wasn’t that comfortable."
Nadelen: "I would probably like them to be on time because I almost missed my connecting flight"
Voordelen: "Crew was very welcoming and helpful"
Nadelen: "Drinks serving could be more frequent. Food serving to have some options. Seats were somewhat not comfortable for tall people as they were lacking head support."
Voordelen: "Informative to the very minimum."
Nadelen: "NEED Leg room. Better air conditioning. It felt like a sardine box for 3 and a half hours."
Nadelen: "Nous avons embarqué à l heure mais ensuite nous avons dus attendre plus de 20min pour attendre la connection de deux passagers"
Voordelen: "Everything went good."
Nadelen: "Movie or general didn't provide closed caption or subtitle for an English language."
Voordelen: "Seat on aisle"
Nadelen: "Not being late for my second flight"
Voordelen: "Seat was ok"
Voordelen: "I am fine with everything"
Voordelen: "That they worked with us to get us on the same day flight with turkish airline."
Nadelen: "They need to better plan with passengers, the plane was late and we would need to spend 1 day in hotel in Warsaw."
Nadelen: "Yes, I agrèe it could be"
Nadelen: "The flight was canceled without notice."
Voordelen: "I liked that all flights were on time"
Voordelen: "Crew and food"
Voordelen: "Je n ai pas réservé ce vol et je ne l ai pas pris!!!! Calmez vous!"
Nadelen: "Quand vous avez un bug corrigez le au lieu de tourner autour du pot!"
Nadelen: "I ordered a special meal but for some reason, I was not on the list. The crew decided that I had not ordered one."
Nadelen: "need to move away from stereo type attire and serve the customer"
Voordelen: "I liked the quality of the food and seat comfort. Crew were nice and worked efficiently."
Nadelen: "The delay. And entertainment. Poor selection and unit got cut off each time there was a turbulence. My unit stopped working and when I checked the other seat unit it was working. Luckily none was sitting there."
Nadelen: "The flight was almost two hours delayed. If my connecting flight were closer, I would have missed it. Otherwise everything was good. The 787 Dreamliner was new and very comfortable."
Voordelen: "The Dreamliner is new and shiny, and the bulkhead seat I happened to get had a lot of leg room."
Nadelen: "The in-flight entertainment monitor was not working half the time, apparently because of some faulty wiring in the joint that connects the monitor to the seat. And guess what, when it does not work, the reading light and passenger assistance do not work either. Morale: only get bulkhead seats if you plan to sleep through most of the flight."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Having to arrive 6 hours later than scheduled"
Voordelen: "Les vols à l’heure, l’ensemble du voyage qui globalement bien déroulé"
Nadelen: "Aucun divertissement en français dans l’avion qui était pourtant neuf et dernier crie. Les films en japonais, bref à revoir."
Voordelen: "Very nice new Dreamlianer , very clear , nice staff friendly and cooperative, food quality good, entertainment list very good , nice flight for very reasonable price , much better then LH"
Nadelen: "No"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were very kind and pleasant. Meal service and entertainment were more substantial than expected."
Nadelen: "Extreme delay supposedly as a result of a lightning strike to the plane. About 9 hours delay and a missed connection. The only compensation given for this dealy was a voucher for a 20 Euro meal at the airport restaurant of my choice. I know planes get hit by lightning on average of once a year, but it typically does not take 3 to 4 hours to inspect and confirm the safety of the plane's electrical system. But perhaps better safe than sorrry!"
Voordelen: "On vote pour le thème magnifique merci beaucoup"
Nadelen: "Delayed flight from Toronto to warsaw by 2 hours, then delayed flight from Warsaw to Rzeszow by 7 hours due to no room on the plane."
Voordelen: "Comfortable, civilized"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats. Professional pilots. Variety of movies."
Nadelen: "Food is junk. Arrogant rude flight attendants. No desire to do their job."
Voordelen: "The food and entertainment"
Nadelen: "I did not like the terrible services!"
Nadelen: "They delayed the departure"
Voordelen: "The flight was on time and the crew was great"
Nadelen: "All of my bags got left behind. We landed over 18h ago and there is still no information about them"
Voordelen: "Agréablement surprise qu'ils aient pris le risque de retarder le vol WAW - KRK pour attendre des passagers, même si du coup nous sommes arrivés quelques minutes plus tard que prévu à destination."
Voordelen: "Du personnel navigant très agréable et à l'écoute. Et un bon point supplémentaire pour le repas (;"
Voordelen: "Cleannesd"
Voordelen: "Lots of movies, food was great and staff was friendly."
Nadelen: "Even though it was a long haul flight, alcohol needed to be purchased separately."
Voordelen: "The transatlantic plane was great."
Nadelen: "No alcohol 2/2 flights delayed"
Voordelen: "Without any note all passengers were required to pay for their baggage, same price either it was 10 or 20 kg. Nobody send any information before about this extra payment!"
Nadelen: "The airport wasn't ready to except foreigners. The personal at customs hardly could communicate in English, always switching to Polish. The custom officer forgot return transfer ticket. So, I had in no time to ask at the check point tofi s my name in the list and give me another tickets. It was very stressful."
Voordelen: "Seats were comfortable and the food wasn't terrible"
Nadelen: "4 hours late with no explanation and terrible updates left us sitting at the gate the whole yimr"
Nadelen: "one of our seats did not work properly (3D) and the crew constantly had to manually adjust the seat. It never would go into a full reclining position. Food was good but they did not serve everything that was listed on the menu. My wife ordered the pancakes with berries for breakfast and they said they did not have any. After they told us they did not have this item, another passenger from Russia sitting in 3A started complaining and they miraculously found the pancakes for this passenger. this leaves a bad impression about the service and not what you expect when you buy a business class ticket."
Voordelen: "I like everything food and the chaires very comfortable thanks"
Nadelen: "Nothing to complain Everithing is excellent easy flight Thankyou"
Voordelen: "The trip was on Boeing 787, good legroom, and decent seat recline, food was ok and the flight was on time given that most transatlantic LOT Polish Airlines flights are delayed."
Nadelen: "The aircraft (B787) was a bit run down. Some of the cabin crew were unprofessional, at at times rude to passengers. No wine/beer offered during the dinner service. They offer "gourmet" cafe on-board for purchase, but one has to go all the way back of the plane to make a purchase, the flight attendants refuse to bring it to the passenger, which I found to be strange."
Nadelen: "Seats aren't comfortable"

Hmm it was ok

The flight crew was very accommodating and the seat was comfortable.

Seat next to me was vacant, so I had more room. Flight from Dublin to Orlando was delayed at start over one hour because the plane had not been serviced or fueled. Staff was very helpful and pleasant. Food was poor and complimentary snack and fluids were minuscule.

I liked that the flight wa exactly on time. Crew were very friendly. Dinner could have been better, served two pastas.

Voordelen: "The crew was amazing!"
Nadelen: "I can't think of a thing"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats!"
Nadelen: "Dublin was difficult off boarding, had to take a bus and multiple multiple steps and escalators. Difficult for people trying to connect in under 90 minutes"
Nadelen: "Forced to board a bus and sit in an empty terminal. Paid for priority boarding but wasn't called for it. Pretty disorganized. Good flight but gate crew needs work."
Nadelen: "They lost all my luggage"
Voordelen: "Crew were amazing. The cabin had the new lighting system which was an unexpected bonus, love it."
Nadelen: "Everything was simply perfect"
Voordelen: "Des infos ont été données par le pilote ou l'équipage"
Nadelen: "Propreté de l'avion Ponctualité à l'atterrissage et au décollage"
Voordelen: "Pilots were very smooth with the controls, especially on landing unlike Ryanair!"
Voordelen: "All good, excellent crew."
Nadelen: "After awhile Seats were a little uncomfortable."
Voordelen: "Left on time."
Nadelen: "Everything else. Utterly confusing answers to questions."
Voordelen: "Crew and food is good...especially out of Dublin.."
Nadelen: "maybe get thicker seat cushion"
Voordelen: "Nothing since I’m still in dublin"
Nadelen: "There was minimum help. Wait actually, in Manchester there was none. No one at the gate until 2:15pm when the flight was already 20mins late! No one updated an incoming flight with passengers needed to make connections."
Nadelen: "No food or even water boarding on time but delayed for no reason"
Nadelen: "Delayed as always"
Voordelen: "fantastic customer service"
Nadelen: "wouldve loved to have been left breakfast while i slept"
Voordelen: "very friendly staff great flight with nice tech made trip fly by"
Voordelen: "The service. Excellent"
Nadelen: "Pay for the food. LOL."
Voordelen: "Average flight to get you where you want to go. air hostess was helpful."
Nadelen: "Forgot my luggage in Toronto. This is the second time with aer Lingus in the past 8 month. Had to pay for my seat and baggage on top of ticket price, was unaware."
Voordelen: "Almost everything"
Nadelen: "The confort of thé seats. Way too tight for a 6 hour flight."
Voordelen: "La rapidité"
Nadelen: "Les repose tête"
Nadelen: "retard conséquent sur l'aller comme sur le retour. Tout est payant à bord."
Voordelen: "The staff is very friendly and helpful."
Nadelen: "No announcements were made over the PA or out loud at any point for boarding, except for the last section."
Voordelen: "La place et le.vol.."
Nadelen: "Humeur du personnel de bord"
Voordelen: "Great selection of entertainment."
Nadelen: "No complimentary free alcoholic drink with your meal on the Aer Lingus Flight."
Nadelen: "I was fine with a 5 hour delay I was fine with my bags not being on the same flight as me I am not fine with finally receiving my bags 24 hours later soaking wet. Everything it dripping. I still have nothing to change into now and there was no compensation offered whatsoever. Never flying with this airline again."
Voordelen: "Fast boarding"
Nadelen: "No food or drinks offered"
Nadelen: "Missed the flight."
Nadelen: "Pas de snacks, tres cher pour mon billet"
Nadelen: "Vol de souvenir dans bagages en soute"
Voordelen: "fauteuils confortables, personnel trés aimable, transit à dublin rapide et bien organisé"
Nadelen: "la nourriture, mais comme pour toutes les compagnies aeriennes"
Nadelen: "Being charged $100 each way for checked baggage, no where on my itenerary did it mention that"
Voordelen: "Vol avec du retard au départ. Mais une volonté à décoller au plus vite pour compenser ce retard. Accueil chaleureux."
Voordelen: "I flew overnight from Toronto, Canada to Dublin and had a relatively pleasant experience. The food and drink trolleys came by quite quickly and frequently, and the food exceeded my expectations. The crew was friendly, for the most part. Boarding certainly could've been smoother... But overall, I'd fly Aer Lingus again for an overseas trip."
Voordelen: "Polite crew and on time as scheduled"
Nadelen: "No breakfast offer"
Voordelen: "Great seats plenty of leg room"
Nadelen: "The food... Yikes"
Voordelen: "Bagages misent en soute gratuitement."
Nadelen: "Pas de traductions des consignes aucun effort des hôtesses vols avec 30min de retard"
Voordelen: "Seats and service was excellent. Flight was on time and very organized."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "they charged me 100 dollars to check a bag - nothing at all about this during my purchase. i am so mad at these guys."
Voordelen: "The destination, the time and direct flight."
Nadelen: "When I got to check in at the airport I found out I had to pay $100 per bag. This was never told to me when booking. I was also made aware that if I had booked my bag when I checked in on line each bag would have been 75$ . Of course I hadn't checked in on line and this was a huge surprise."
Nadelen: "Paying for coffee??"
Voordelen: "Good crew, clean plane, smooth fight. I slept a lot of it, I must have been comfortable."
Nadelen: "I would have liked complimentary coffee"
Voordelen: "The cabin crew was friendly"
Nadelen: "The entertainment selections are extremely limited and poor. Food is mediocre and not even comparable to other international Airlines business class standards"
Voordelen: "the timeliness of the airline in leaving and arriving at the ports, providing meals for the passengers,"
Nadelen: "breakfast was not given to some of us as the air hostesses said that they ran out of food"
Nadelen: "Pas de note pour le divertissement ou les repas car pour les 1er il n y en a pas et pour les second je n ai rien prix ."
Voordelen: "Fast and efficient crew"
Nadelen: "A going-through-the-paces flight and incredibly expensive beer and wine."
Nadelen: "90 minutes stranded on the tarmac with no explanation. Not the way you start a trip. While the fact of being stranded was out of the control of Aer Lingus, communication was not."
Voordelen: "The flight was very smooth, the seats are very comfortable, the service was very good and the food also, except the soda bread . I do not like soda bread. You got yourself a passenger for the future. It will be a pleasure to fly with you again"

Bagages en soute perdus

Bagages en soute perdus

Better communication from airline regarding delay(s) or updates on how to get further information.

Tout était parfait

J’avais réservé un repas cacher et l’hôtesse de l’air m’a dit qu’il n’y avait aucune réservation

Transmission de fausses informations, 2 vols annulés, attente de plus de 3 heures au deal TAP pour obtenir de fausses informations.

48h dans la vue à cause d’un avion cassé

Rien tout était parfait

Les repas

Mauvaise organisation de la gestion des documents COVID

Problèmes multiples lors de l’embarquement Mauvaise organisation de la vérification des documents pour le COVID. Retard.

Le prix de la compagnie est plus cher que les outres

L’attente est beaucoup trop longue et tous les passagers ayant eu une escale avec TAP ont raté l’avion.

Nadelen: "Ils ont perdu mon sac avec ma carte bleue et permis de conduire je ne Peux pas payer mon hôtel je sais pas où dormir"
Voordelen: "Yes, it was comfortable and they r nice."
Nadelen: "Ummmm delayed both flights were delayed, it was annoying"
Voordelen: "6h30 de retard, 0 communication, connexion ratée, toujours dans la queue à Lisbonne pour savoir si on va avoir un hôtel pour ce soir."
Nadelen: "Plus ou moins tout, et au moins donner un repas correct."
Voordelen: "Boarding efficiency although the ... see below. Loved the salmon wrap and cheese 'n' biscuits"
Nadelen: "flight was delayed at check in and on the tarmac - 40 minutes. No explanation for this"
Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "Pas de retard !!!"
Nadelen: "C’est complètement bizarre , on ne peux pas choisir un film pour commencer a regarder. Ils commentent au même temps et c’est vraiment impossible."
Nadelen: "Ok, it's TAP, it's a bargain, but the "breakfast" was a pitiful piece of meat on a stale piece of bread"
Voordelen: "The crew was great."
Nadelen: "My baggage did not get delivered to the final destination, that could have been handled better."
Nadelen: "My luggage was lost for almost 2 weeks."
Voordelen: "On time, very polite."
Voordelen: "The food and crew"
Voordelen: "The flight was very late taking off, but the crew was very helpful organizing assistance upon deplaning"
Nadelen: "The flight should have been on time. I was very nervous about missing our connection, but lucky for us that plane was also very late!"
Voordelen: "Everything was on time"
Nadelen: "Lots of hidden fees, horrible customer service, no flight entertainment available, seats were uncomfortable. Definitely would not recommend"
Nadelen: "Aucun rappel du vol.aucin message d'alerte. Aucun sens commercial. Je ne suis pas montrée à bord. Achat dun nouveau billet. Fini avec la TAP."
Voordelen: "Bon vol bon pilotage plutôt confortable Proposition de boissons"
Nadelen: "La proposition de sandwich Un peu de retard au décollage"
Nadelen: "Départ à l’heure"
Voordelen: "Servicio"
Nadelen: "Proceso para comprar maletas desde que uno compra el pasaje, no me permitió por internet y pague demasiado en él aeropuerto"
Voordelen: "Personnel de bord souriant et au petit soins. Avions propre"
Nadelen: "Embarquement encore une fois chaotique, encore une fois en retard (aller comme retour) et une politique de bagages à main aléatoire. Malgre une taille autorise, impossible de comprendre pourquoi nos valises sont passées en soute plutôt qu'à main par rapport à la valise du voisin. Dommage"
Voordelen: "Not much"
Nadelen: "A modern airplane properly equipped with padded seats and provisioned with quality food. Charging outlets!!"
Voordelen: "Avion propre et moderne Personnel à l'ecoute"
Nadelen: "L'embarquement catastrophique. Personnel peu sympa, j'organise et aucune explication sur le retard."
Voordelen: "Très bonne place attribuées, peu de monde dans l’avion."
Nadelen: "Repas pas top, pas de divertissement si ils ne sont pas télécharger en amont dans l’application."
Voordelen: "Très bonne place attribuées, peu de monde dans l’avion."
Nadelen: "Les repas sont pas top, pas de divertissements si on ne telecharge en avancent ceux de l’application."
Voordelen: "Really spacious, clean and comfortable"
Nadelen: "Good service but not top of the line "go out of their way" service"
Voordelen: "Rien. Nous n'avons pas eu accès à notre vol."
Nadelen: "Nous sommes arrivé 15min avant le décollage et nous nous somme vu refuser l'embarquement. La prise en charge par la suite était catastrophique. Et cela decale toutes nos vacances et engendre des frais supplémentaires."
Voordelen: "La place pour les jambes"
Nadelen: "Nous avions une correspondance à Lisbonne. Le personnel. Le départ sur Paris étant en retard le personnel aurai pu faire sortir en priorité les personnes ayant une correspondance et nous affréteur une navette pour que nous puissions prendre notre vol. Nous n'avons pas pu monter dans l'autre avion."
Nadelen: "Timing of food"
Voordelen: "Le personnel de bord était sympathique."
Nadelen: "Mon repas et celui de certains passagers venait d’une enseigne du lounge de l’aeroport Exki: un but de baguette dur comme pas possible donc je l’ai touché avec de la confiture, du beurre et un muffin pas du tout frais..."
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "-"
Voordelen: "Bien organisé"
Nadelen: "Pas d’ecran Disponible pour regarder des films"
Voordelen: "Petite Collation appréciable"
Nadelen: "Pas de divertissement (écouteur, écran..) pendant 2h25 de voyage"
Nadelen: "J ai du paye 120 euros au guichet d enregistrement pour 1 bagage en soute alors que sur lors de l'achat il m a semble avoir droit a 1 bagage. Mais impossible de retrouver la trace sur mon mail de confirmation. Pouvez-vous vérifier et a l avenir être plus clair sur nos droits ou non aux bagages en soute ainsi que le prix du bagage sur votre site si vous le proposer et le prix au guichet . Cela augmente significativement le prix du billet donc mérite de nous informer clairement et complètement. Merci de votre compréhension et de votre réponse."
Nadelen: "Les agents tap de l’aeroport de Dakar m’ont fait manquer mon vol par non assistance et désinformation totale. Ils n’ont aucun professionnalisme et limite ils t’insultent. Je suis sénégalaise mais je suis très déçue du comportement des agents à l’aéroport de Dakar. La plus grosse déception de ma vie"
Voordelen: "Decent boarding and un-boarding, a small sandwich during the flight"
Nadelen: "Impossible to use a laptop for a 1m80 big guyin the middle seat: seats are soooo narrow"
Nadelen: "Flight#1 was late. I missed the connecting flight to Basel. I have to stay overnight in Brussels and fly VERY early to Basel in the morning."
Nadelen: "It was nice to get a snack but the quality was mediocre."
Voordelen: "everything was fine. nothing specifically wrong or bad."
Nadelen: "had the same food the third time this week. they could do more"

Retard de 3 heures au retour, plus de choix de repas, peux de renseignements ! Et cela a été exactement la même chose au départ, retard de plus de deux heures ! Pas de choix de repas etc etc etc Air Transat = grosse déception x10 et je pense que pour moi c’est réellement terminé à l’avenir, comme je le faisait auparavant! Merci !

Il manque des reposes pieds et les fauteil ne sont pas très confortables

Voordelen: "Le prix et la rapidité d'embarquement."
Nadelen: "Ne pas avoir d'inconnu assis à côté de moi, au vu de la pandémie actuelle."
Voordelen: "Le prix très attractif"
Nadelen: "J'avais oublié qu'il n'y avait pas d'écrans à bord. Pas bcp de places pour bouger."
Voordelen: "On est arrivé 1 h d’avance. Bon pilote. Bel atterrissage. Le personnel sympathique."
Nadelen: "Avoir de la nourriture et une télévision."
Nadelen: "Pas d’espace du tout pour les jambes, ça fait longtemps que je n’ai pas été tasser comme une sardine comme ça . Transat sont pas à veuille de me revoir."
Voordelen: "N/A"
Nadelen: "Nous n'avons même pas pu embarquer et ni être accomodé compte tenu des circonstances ayant eu avec les douanes. Nous avons payé des bagages pour un vol que nous n'avons même pas pu embarqué. Préférablement, nous avons tout simplement fait affaire avec une autre ligne aérienne. Il est impossible de rejoindre qui que ce soit au service à la clientèle pouvant nous aider. Auparavant, j'avais déjà fait affaire avec vous et honnêtement, je préfère payer plus cher avec une autre compagnie et obtenir un bon service."
Voordelen: "Affordable and on time"
Nadelen: "Bizarre cabin crew announcements and chaotic boarding"
Voordelen: "Clean, comfortable, crew very helpful, punctuality...."
Nadelen: "Space to carry-on"
Voordelen: "Le repas était très bon."
Nadelen: "Plus de titres dans le système de divertissement"
Voordelen: "Le repas était bon et le personnel servait de l’eau souvent. L’accès au films gratuits améliore le trajet"
Nadelen: "Les sièges sont très serrés pour les genoux pour les personnes de grande taille. Le prix des bagages de soute trop cher."
Nadelen: "3h de retard à attendre DANS l’avion, puis arriver à destination encore un attente de 45 min avant de pouvoir sortir de l’avion.... sinon, très bien comme vol!!"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats; attentive crew."
Nadelen: "Cabin temperature; too cold."
Voordelen: "Une expérience à tous points terrible. Jamais je ne fairai affaires avec cette entreprise de voleurs. Leur service est nul."
Voordelen: "Quick flight"
Nadelen: "More leg room"
Nadelen: "Fermeture des lumières plus tôt afin de dormir :)"
Nadelen: "Difficulties to going out of the airplane"
Voordelen: "Rien vraiment rien"
Nadelen: "Tout vraiment tout. Repas deguelasse retard de 1h et 20 etc..."
Voordelen: "personnel pro et siège inconfortable"
Nadelen: "l'espace et les sièges moins restreints"
Voordelen: "Ponctualité, professionnalisme de l’équipage, bon service qualité prix, nouveau avion"
Voordelen: "Crew was great, seats could have been better for the fare we paid..."
Nadelen: "The food was not the meal we ordered"
Nadelen: "huge delay"
Nadelen: "Les dossiers de sièges étaient un peu trop fermes dans un avion superbe et impécable. Il n'y avait plus assez de choix de nourriture déjà au milieu de l'avion."
Voordelen: "The crew was amazing. They were super friendly and attentive. Amazing service!"
Voordelen: "Seats were pretty comfortable"
Nadelen: "The food literally gave me food poisoning"
Voordelen: "the entertainment and ease"
Nadelen: "the noise"
Voordelen: "Le personnel était très gentil, drôle..."
Voordelen: "The process to go through security and boarding was smooth and efficient"
Voordelen: "Flow as smooth , attendants were good."
Nadelen: "Boarding was delayed and then we sat about an hour on board waiting to get de-iced. Ended up over 1 1/2 hours late."
Nadelen: "Pas de divertissement individuel. Pas de prisede courant pour recharger son téléphone. Les agents de bord parlent peu le français. Il faut améliorer ça!"
Voordelen: "personnel exceptionnel et repas excellent"
Nadelen: "3 hueres de retard vieux films"
Voordelen: "RAS"
Nadelen: "Atterrissage un peu brutale"
Voordelen: "Le personel"
Voordelen: "The pilot was honest and concerned with the safety of the aircraft. That was most appreciated."
Nadelen: "Flight was 3 hours late. There was no liquor or even a small snack provided. Minimum service by the flight crew. Most disappointed!"
Voordelen: "Le personnel était courtois"
Nadelen: "Pas de film ou d’écran de disponible. rien à grignoter de gratuit"
Nadelen: "Impossible de s’enregistrer d’avance"
Voordelen: "Le service courtois et souriant des agents de bord."
Nadelen: "Absence d’écran de divertissement au dos des sièges. Signal WiFi souvent interrompu (gel de l’application sur iPad). Et surtout absence de prises de courant ou de prises USB pour recharger smartphones et tablettes."
Nadelen: "2 hour delay with very little communication as to why. Plane was way too big for a short domestic flight (boarding and departure took longer than the flight itself). Parked at far end of the airport so 15+ mins walk to arrivals. All around one of the worst flight experiences I’ve had in years!"
Voordelen: "Pas grand chose"
Nadelen: "Attente dans l’avion avant de partir à un haute chaleur"
Voordelen: "The flight was on time"
Nadelen: "The plane noise was loud"
Voordelen: "Excellent crew and good food. All hood. Thanks."
Voordelen: "The flight was brief."
Nadelen: "Cramped, very poor landing, insufficient information as to how to get to the flight with my luggage. I couldn’t find my luggage at the other end."
Voordelen: "L’espace pour les jambes"
Nadelen: "L’option plus ne vaut pas la peine."
Voordelen: "Le Personnel acceuillant d'Air Transat. Les agentes de bord souriante, avenante, gentille et prêtes à auder tous et chacun pour une voyage relaxe et beau. Quelle richesse. À l'allée nous étions avec Aur Canada Rouge, aucune comparaison possible, Air Transat gagne haut la main grâce à cette gentillesse du personnel. Professionnelle et gentille. Merci."
Nadelen: "La pizza collation. C'est moyen les repas à bord."
Nadelen: "My luggage did not arrive on the flight I am greatly indisposed as the hot weather requires frequent change of clothes."
Nadelen: "No chance to change or reschedule flight. No understanding with a bit of compassion the situation."
Voordelen: "Information du # de porte seulement 45 min avant le vol et la porte était éloignée donc nous avons dû courir pour arriver à temps."
Nadelen: "Par moment, très froid et par moment très chaud dans la cabine."
Voordelen: "On time"
Nadelen: "not enough drinks offered during 4 hour flight"
Voordelen: "Meals provided Plane was early quick, smooth flight"
Nadelen: "No personal tvs Plane was old and falling apart in some places (e.g. arm rests) Staff wasn't on the ball (friend ordered vegetarian meal option but was given chicken, asked for water and staff ended up forgetting)"
Voordelen: "Décolage et attérissage bien."
Nadelen: "Aucun divertissement à bord, aucune collation inclus sur un vol de 5h, avion très petit et vieux et équipage parlant seulement anglais."

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