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IAD — België
17 sep. — 24 sep.1
1 volwassene
za 17/9
za 24/9

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Beste tijd om de massa te ontvluchten met een gemiddelde daling in prijs van 4%.
Populairste tijd om te vliegen met een gemiddelde toename in prijs van 32%.
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  • Het hoogseizoen is in januari, februari en december. De goedkoopste maand om te vliegen naar naar België is januari.
  • Een ochtendvlucht is gemiddeld* 29% goedkoper dan een avondvlucht.
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Scandinavian AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 5591 beoordelingen
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Petit saut de puce ! Un peu en mode bienvenue à jurassic park

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Petit saut de puce ! Un peu en mode bienvenue à jurassic park

Voordelen: "The Crew was great. Friendly and attentive."
Nadelen: "Very small seat. Had a big person next to me and was quite uncomfortable"
Voordelen: "Crew was very friendly and helpful. Entertainment had plenty of choices."
Nadelen: "The seats were very hard. It was very uncomfortable sitting that long I’m those seats"
Voordelen: "that there was a water and a blanket on each seat!"
Nadelen: "I thought there was free alcohol on international flights. that you were not allowed to use the given blanket until after take off."
Nadelen: "Noise in aircraft. Transit time between flights was too short."
Voordelen: "N/A"
Nadelen: "I was unable to make it to copenhagen due to missing my connection"
Voordelen: "The airplane was modern and well kept. The crew were attentive and kind."
Nadelen: "Nothing - our flight out was great!"
Voordelen: "Overall, an incredible experience!!!"
Nadelen: "The food was excellent"
Voordelen: "I have used Kayak for years without issue. This time I was flying SAS for the first time. The plane broke and so that was the first huge delay SAS had terrible customer service. They reminded me several times that I was not a preferred customer and that I had bought my ticket through kayak. This is the reason they gave for lack of help. It was frustrating to say the least. I’m not sure how they expect to gain repeat customers if they treat first time customers like that."
Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Everything. Our flight was delayed from our departing city because the plane was leaking water on the floor and they had to send in a special cleaning crew to try to stop it. We were not given the seats we pre picked months before when buying the ticket. The ac was broken for the first half of the flight. Then, we missed our connecting flight because of the first delay. Once we got onto a new connecting flight, it was also delayed and once again, we missed our last connecting flight and are not making it to our final destination today."
Voordelen: "Good crew"
Nadelen: "Premium economy wasn’t as good as others"
Voordelen: "Food was okay. Very smooth landing"
Nadelen: "Crew. One of the flight attendants was unfriendly and short when asked about food options. None of them were approachable."
Nadelen: "Tiny, hard, uncomfortable seats and cramped conditions, just about the worst 8 hours in my life"
Nadelen: "Rude crew, and apparently now you only get one free nonalcoholic drink in Economy for an 8 hour flight."
Voordelen: "Decent movie selection and very smooth landing"
Nadelen: "Surprised that Asian airlines typically havr larger and more comfortable seats. The SAS flight was fully booked and you could feel the cramped-ness of it. Also we weren't given the choice of what to have for our meals and were merely handed our food. Lastly, the flight was very, very uncomfortably warm."
Voordelen: "ok"
Nadelen: "ok"
Voordelen: "The crew is great. Did everything within their abilities to be comfortable"
Nadelen: "The cabin was too warm for the duration of the flight. The movie content wasn't that great. Also, the headphone jack on my seat was temperamental and I lost sound quite a bit. I wish they had more vegetables in their dish"
Voordelen: "The comfort and technology on the aircraft."
Nadelen: "NA"
Voordelen: "Not full. Kind crew."
Nadelen: "No complaints."
Voordelen: "Le personnel de bord a été très agréable et professionnel. L'embarquement à Stockholm est très bien fait et il n'y a pas de perte de temps."
Nadelen: "Par contre, c'est une seule boisson par personne le reste est payant, les repas sont très moyens et le système de divertissement est très très mauvais. Les contenus sont vieux et l'application est très lente et pa réactive du tout."
Voordelen: "I was running late to my flight, and I found the SAS customer service line exceptionally helpful in helping me make the right decisions regarding how best to deal with the risk of missing my flight. In the end, I made my flight in time, but I found customer service critical in making the best decisions regarding my pre-flight transportation. Additionally, the flight was smooth and enjoyable."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The crew was so amazing and friendly!!"
Voordelen: "Friendly staff"
Nadelen: "n.a."
Nadelen: "Crew not very friendly."
Nadelen: "Should at least serve some water"
Voordelen: "Seats are more comfortable than those of many other airlines."
Nadelen: "Normally, I am not picky regarding airline food. In SAS's economy or "Go" class, there is no choice of food. I can think of plenty of dishes that would be appealing to many people. Yet the meal that was served, beef stew, posed a problem as I don't eat red meet. Since many people also do not eat beef due to religious beliefs, I am appalled by SAS's decision to only serve this dish to its economy class passengers. As I ordered my ticket through Kayak, I didn't have the option to request a special diet, nor did I think to do so as airlines generally do not serve serve a beef dish as their one and only."
Voordelen: "Plane was quite empty"
Nadelen: "Plane wasn't in the best shape"
Voordelen: "Good leg room. Tasty meals. A good variety of entertainment options."
Voordelen: "Boarding was easy, I'm a Star Alliance Gold member so was able to get on board first. There were significant delays leaving Dulles and our connection was tight, but SAS held the flight so I give them props for that."
Nadelen: "The crew was grumpy and unhelpful, but I can usually overlook that. What really got me was this: YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR BEER & WINE ON THIS INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT! Never in my 25 years of international travel have I seen this from a mainstream carrier. For this fact alone, I will never fly this airline again. You also have to pay to pick your seats in advance."
Voordelen: "I had a window seat with a view of New York City as we flew North."
Nadelen: "The sound quality of the earphones was so poor that I could not understand most of the dialogue of the film that I watched."
Voordelen: "service was good"
Nadelen: "The plane was full. Sets in economy were very small."
Voordelen: "The entertainment system was very good. The crew were all efficient and courteous, with the exception of one crew member who was rather curt."
Nadelen: "Our plane arrived at IAD late due to a minor mechanical that was repaired at its previous destination. Consequently, we departed IAD almost two hours late, causing us to miss our connection in Copenhagen. Norwegian Air had a flight leaving shortly from Copenhagen to Rome, but the transfer agent told us SAS "does not re-book with Norwegian." Instead we were assigned to two more flights, one to Brussels, and another from Brussels to Rome. We arrived in Rome around 17:00 rather than 10:35 as scheduled, losing a full day of sight-seeing."
Voordelen: "Friendly staff. Good food. Movie/tv options were excellent."
Nadelen: "Didn't like that I had to order vegetarian food option in advance. I would forget to do so before the flight. Despite that, I was still able to eat most of the meal since there was salad, bread and dessert which was filling enough."
Voordelen: "Timely or even earlier arrival. Generally, very good experience"
Nadelen: "NA"
Nadelen: "Delay after delay. Screaming kid"
Nadelen: "In-flight entertainment did not work, veggie meal I ordered was not there, and when I asked if I could have one of the extra business class meals, I was told no. I further asked if I could just have some chips from the snack basket and that was met with a death glare from the female flight attendant. All in all, the flight attendants were rude and unwilling to accept any ownership in the poor conditions of this 9 hour flight."
Voordelen: "Modern plane, great entertainment system"
Nadelen: "Paying for booze, vegetarian breakfast is awful."
Nadelen: "Small and tight seats."
Nadelen: "A very dishonest experience. The booking never made it clear that I was not allowed to check my suitcase and I had to pay € 70 extra both coming and going and thereby paid 1 1/2 times more for my suitcase than for my ticket. I am very disappointed to be 'tricked' in this way and consider it a very dishonest business practice."
Nadelen: "The plane was very old and not maintained well, dirty and not clean from the previous flights"
Voordelen: "The cleanliness"
Nadelen: "I Had checked several times to make sure I had 2 bags included ( standard for US-EU flights) and every time. At the airport I had to pay an extra charge for my second bag which made the flight very expensive and just ruined the whole experience for me"
Voordelen: "Clean, comfortable plane."
Nadelen: "No free alcohol. Limited food options."
Voordelen: "Efficacité dans la prise en charge du retard et du rebooking d'un autre vol."
Nadelen: "Retard + re-booking de notre vol sans explication, ni possibilité de trouver facilement des informations à ce sujet"
Nadelen: "Seats are allowed to recline to far. When you are sitting behind someone who has reclined their seat you have no room"
Voordelen: "Great aircraft, good food, awesome crew, very comfortable seats, the entertainment was really good. Overall super pleased. Hopefully it'll be the same on our return back to DC"
Nadelen: "Unfriendly and rude desk help. Rude and insulting. United was a real disappointment. I will ask my travel agent to be in touch re screw up the economy plus seats. I had to pay extra for what our itinerant said had been booked. Mary, at the desk at C12 in Delles, she wouldn't give me her last name was unbelievably insulting and unhelpful."
Nadelen: "Too much meat in meals."
Voordelen: "Flight was fine, service good, and our seat choice excellent."
Nadelen: "We left an iPad on board in Copenhagen and found that there was no way to inform SAS!"
Nadelen: "No individual seat control of airflow. The plane was very warm and there were no vents at each seat."
Voordelen: "Attendants allowed any standing to ease weary legs as long as it was out of the way."
Voordelen: "I liked the northern lights look after boarding upon introduction of the captain and crew members. Everyone was super personal and uninformed looked great. The best part was when they started boarding from the last row, which is the most logical and efficient way to do it"
Voordelen: "La rapidité du vol"
Nadelen: "Les divertissements sont uniquement en anglais, les sous-titres sont disponibles en anglais pour certains films mais pour certains même pas."
Nadelen: "They forgot our vegetarian meal requests on both flights. Few drinks. Old movies."
Voordelen: "flight was fine."
Nadelen: "very disappointed Iceland Air is charging $95 for 1 piece of luggage. This is making me rethink the "deal" because it added $190 to the cost of the flight."
Voordelen: "Crew and food were amazing."
Nadelen: "It was perfect."
Voordelen: "Superbe avion avec un beau service de divertissement, équipage très gentil et attentionné, offre des cousins et des couverture ce qui est très rare maintenant, il faut les acheter. Si je devais reprendre une compagnie aérienne, je les choisirais sans hésitez."
Nadelen: "offrir une petit collation non payante pour un vol de 5 heures..."
Nadelen: "Eviter les retards"
Nadelen: "Eviter les retatds"
Voordelen: "Cabin crew was very nice."
Nadelen: "No food was served for an international flight. This isn’t a budget airline."
Voordelen: "Seats were very uncomfortable (economy), cabin was smelling urinal, flight was full, just the thought to go to the amazing country kept us (4 of us) encouraged."
Nadelen: "Seat comfort for six (6) hours flight could be better"
Nadelen: "It was so HOT in our original row (13). The woman next to us passed out, no doubt because of how uncomfortably hot it was"
Voordelen: "Crew was friendly."
Nadelen: "During the flight many people (including myself) complained about the very cold temperature setting inside the cabin. Passengers who asked for a second blanket did not get any. Unfortunately, the crew never switched on the heating system in order to make the flight comfortable for most passengers."
Nadelen: "Agents went out of their way so my wife and I could sit together. Thanks so much!"
Voordelen: "Paid extra for legroom, but sadly the seat did not recline much due to being in row at the emergency exit"
Nadelen: "Seats are uncomfortable and better entertainment"
Voordelen: "ease of boarding, the flight left Dulles at the perfect time, after all the crowds were gone"
Voordelen: "I like that they give a pillow and blanket on the plane. I also like that from Dulles to reyjavik they gave us a bottle of water."
Nadelen: "The boarding process is a bit confusing and not well organized compared to other airlines. They should give a bottle of water every flight."
Voordelen: "Appareil moderne. Tranquillité du vol. Nous étions 3 dans la classe Saga.."
Nadelen: "Pas de service en français. Pas de divertissement en français. La bouffe non mangeable. Débarquement par l'arrière de l'avion. Embarquement par bus"
Voordelen: "Embarquement prioritaire. Avión moderne N'étudie acceptable."
Nadelen: "Pas de divertissement en français. Pas de service en français. Retard au départ."
Nadelen: "Flight labeled Economy but actually Economy Light, which meant no baggage. Just Fly didn’tt Show that."
Voordelen: "Avion neuf, confortable et silencieux. Nous sommes partis en retard mais sommes arrivés « presque » à l’heure prėvue."
Nadelen: "La barrière de départ n’a pas été indiquée sur les écrans électroniques, et comme nous nous étions enregistrés en ligne et que nous attendions au salon où les vols ne sont pas annoncés, nous sommes arrivés tard à l’embarquement et avons presque manqué notre vol. À bord, le personnel a fait le nécessaire mais pas plus, service peu chaleureux et minimaliste. Le débarquement s’est fait avec une navette, comme à Mirabel dans le temps, et comme il n’y avait qu’une seule navette à la porte arrière, le processus a êté laborieux."
Nadelen: "Every flight on Icelandair that I had, was delayed. Very slow check in assistance. Ground crew were not friendly nor helpful. They would push and shove anyone in their way, instead of saying “excuse me”. Paying for ONE check in bag should not be $95. Most airlines charge between $20-50 for the first bag. Also no snacks for a long flight."
Nadelen: "the delay starting in DC, followed by more delay on the tarmac in Reykjavik, and followed by long waiting for the bus to get paasengers to the airplane in Reykjavik"
Nadelen: "The seat I was in did not recline and the flight attendant was not able to assist me with moving to another seat. This was terrible considering it was a 7+ hour flight ..."
Voordelen: "It was the fastest route from Washington DC to Helsinki."
Nadelen: "Staff a bit cold (no pun intended). Aircraft are well maintained but old. Business class is not at all on par with the competition. It's called premium economy on every other airline. Outdoor disembarking and boarding in Iceland... Yes, it's true... Even with open gates at the airport. Contrary to the staff, passport control is in Keflavik... With the one hour layover... Expect to be stressed trying to make your connection. No partner airlines means no credit for using this airline. Overall... Unless I'm going to Iceland, I think I'll forego using this airline in the future. Rather be in another carrier's premium economy than their business class."
Nadelen: "Flight was more than one hour late"
Voordelen: "I need a cheap flight and at the time that was my best bet. Didn't have a bad time but next time I will fly direct from the US."
Nadelen: "Seats were so so, leg room was barely substantial. Iceland is expensive even on a layover, thankfully it wasn't very long."
Voordelen: "Not a single movie was offered with captioning for those of us who hate ear buds or with hearing disabilities or who prefer to watch "quietly". Many of these have already been captioned elsewhere at another time so what's with not bringing to captions along?"
Nadelen: "Desk agent asked if we were willing to sit in exit row. We agreed. Seat assignment turned out to be next row forward so we were unable to recline for a 5 hour red-eye."
Voordelen: "Personnel sympa, avion confortable."
Nadelen: "Absence de repas de qualité offerts."
Nadelen: "48h et 27 minutes de retard sur l'horaire prévu."
Nadelen: "5h de retard.... Aucune prise en charge par la compagnie. Si je n'appelle pas, personne ne s'occupe de nous. Retour cauchemardesque!"
Voordelen: "Avion confortable. Personnel correct."
Nadelen: "Qu'ils devancent le vol de 15 minutes; on a failli Le rater. Aussi: piètre qualité de l'offre de nourriture."
Voordelen: "I had no idea that no meal would be served on the flight. Ended up buying a salad that was so so. Not a wide selection. Missed on breakfast altogether on my next fligh. Wasn't asked if I wanted anything. Thought it was only coffee or tea."
Nadelen: "Good options and uncomfortable- no pillow provided or offered. Perhaps I should have asked?"
Voordelen: "Great service and comfort on this flight. Reykjavik airport is not comfortable at the gates--disorganized and nowhere to sit--but that's not Norwegian's fault. Good experience with Norwegian Air!"
Voordelen: "Good entertainment options and device charging."
Nadelen: "No meal. One drink."
Voordelen: "The Icelandair ground staff tried their best to deal with the impossible but the end result was still totally unacceptable. See below for details."
Nadelen: "Incompetent ground operations. Five departure delays and gate changes. 24 hour delay. Communications and customer service disaster."
Voordelen: "Staff on plane."
Nadelen: "Hardest and narrowest seats I've ever experienced. No complementary food served on transatlantic flight and the food offered for sale was unappealing and expensive. There was a problem with staff meeting the arriving plane to open the door and allow passengers to disembark. The wait was 15 minutes for someone to show up on each leg of the trip."
Nadelen: "Too bad that there is no food included in the flights. We bought sandwiches, and they were worth it though :)"
Voordelen: "There is good legroom, and hip room. Crew is very pleasant and react promptly. You have a nice entertainment system - if you remember your headphones."
Nadelen: "No food on a long flight - not even a bag of pretzels. If you forget headphones you have to buy them, whereas other airlines offer them for free."
Voordelen: "The crew were very friendly and helpful. Also our flight from DC arrived late, the connecting flight waited."
Nadelen: "My suitcase did not arrive (which was to be expected as we arrived late), but it did not arrive 24 hours later either. No food was served, not even a small snack. Boarding was slow and it was hard to hear the announcements. (Maybe this is an airport issue)."
Voordelen: "Not too long flight.courteous and polite staff"
Nadelen: "Smaller plane"
Voordelen: "Boarding was organized and efficient. Made sense to do it from the rear of the plane forward, by rows. Flight attnendants courteous and very helpful. Pillow/blanket/multiple non-alcoholic beverage services. Limited but adequate movie/tv selection. I watched all the Icelandair Iceland travel specials instead--highly recommend. We were delayed 20 mins leaving as the incoming flight was late but we made up the time in the air. Minimal/unobtrusive cockpit announcements. Very nice red eye flight."
Voordelen: "I was the first one off the plane"
Nadelen: "The emergency door was in front of my seat. I couldn't sit without my knees hitting it or at an angle which is uncomfortable. I asked the flight attendants if I could I've and they said "no it's a different class". I paid for a seat on your airline and all I wanted was that seat but was given something Waltham was not what I paid for. Also, I had to hold my water bottle and book bc there was no seat back pocket. It was a miserable flight. Especially since the gentleman on the other side of the plane in front of the emerge door was able to move to one of the seats that, "was a different class". I guess just a different class for me??"
Nadelen: "I was surprised that we did not get a meal service, not even a little snack for a long hall, from D.C. to Iceland. The only service we had was the water. I probably won't fly with this airline again....Sorry."
Nadelen: "Reykjavik airport was cramped, with no good food options behind security. Would not bring my stroller to me; they did have (broken) strollers for common use, but I didn't get my stroller until IAD baggage claim (and it was soaking wet). So I had to go through the haul to immigration line with no stroller."
Voordelen: "clean cabin"
Nadelen: "Tiny seats (average sized male here - trust - they are tiny) All food is charged (not a single piece of free food was offered; $8/sandwich) Lost luggage - I've never dealt with airline personnel (in person & over phone) that displayed such a level of apathy. Compensation ceiling: $99. They apologized about the incident as if they were sorry that it was raining that day - not losing 2 pieces of luggage and not having any means to track them. Check-in personnel: They only gave me a single luggage tag for 3 pieces of luggage - they should have given me 3. Would have made tracing lost luggage easier. Employee @ IAD told me that if I didn't show up at the boarding gate 40 minutes prior to boarding that they would remove my luggage from airplane and that I could risk losing flight (wtf?). Icelandair is one of the worst airlines I have ever flown. I highly recommend looking elsewhere. They may offer rates 20% cheaper than other major carriers, but that discount accompanies a steep price. It's an airline run by inexperienced, lackluster, apathetic staff who, frankly, have no business operating an airline. If your options are flying with a major carrier vs Icelandair - and the price difference is a few hundred $: pay the extra money; you'll be glad you did. Icelandair's prices are not low enough to justify all the discomforts and liabilities which accompany them. Look elsewhere. Keep this in mind: I'm a seasoned flyer. This airlines barely ranks one notch up from Ryanair."
Voordelen: "Flight was cheapest option for a family of 6. We had mechanical issues prior to leaving DC and missed our connecting flight. Icelandair did a great job in putting us in a hotel and providing free transportation to and from the airport. Reykjavik is a beautiful city and we made the best of the layover. We plan to come back to Iceland for a longer visit to explore more."
Nadelen: "Next time I would plan for a stop over-- it seemed to run so smoothly that it must of happened often. We lost a day in Paris due to the delay which we were disappointed in and they did nothing for our lost hotel day that was paid for."
Nadelen: "Our flight from Washington DC to Iceland was so late that we lost a day of our vacation and had to spend three hours in line at the airport to get hotel vouchers."
Voordelen: "Comfortable, clean, and affordable! Clever descriptions about the airline and Iceland, which was a great addition to the vibe. Would definitely fly with them again, and recommend. FYI - They save money by not serving meals on the flight, but that's not a loss."
Nadelen: "Loved it."

Tablette de l’avion de marchait pas Valise perdue à l’arrivée

Confort A améliorer : tablette de l’avion qui ne marchait pas

The flight crew was very accommodating and the seat was comfortable.

Overall, a very good experience and a great price! Lovely crew and the food was not bad at all! A few delays but all connections were made and their Passport and customs process was very well done!

Our luggage has been lost. My grandson and I are here at our London hotel with nothing but the clothes we wore. Reports have been filed through the airport LHR, and with Aer Lingus, but no one communicates back. Never again!

It was cancelled -- and everyone involved was unhelpful and rude.

Empty flight was great. The food has improved tremendously. Wish the flight took off later, the time difference and departure and arrival times make it more challenging to sleep on the flight.

Though the staff was very friendly, a nearly 4 hr delay (albeit due to drunken passengers refusing to wear masks, removing said passengers, and waiting for their luggage to be unpacked, and then having plane shut down to conserve fuel, & waiting for weather) is NEVER acceptable. The drunken passengers’ luggage should have stayed on the plane and the plane should have taken off with it. Why should an entire cabinfull of passengers should have to suffer and miss their international connections? The drunken passengers should have been removed and let their luggage catch up to them in a week or so. Upon arrival at Dublin, my daughter has to wait another 10 hours for a new connecting flight and was only offered a food voucher for roughly $9. UNACCEPTABLE

Voordelen: "Quick boarding and departed on time."
Nadelen: "Everything else. Air Lingus is like Ryan Air with an Irish accent. No space, terrible food, very low quality entertainment system with the sound muffled and barely audible."
Nadelen: "Many people missed their connection at Dublin. I had a horrible ~6hr wait. Aer Lingus did nothing to help or compensate."
Voordelen: "Good food"
Nadelen: "We arrived late to Dublin because of weather and we’re going to miss our connection to Leeds so they rerouted us via Manchester but our bags, though tagged “Rush” did not make it on the new flight and we were without them for five days! we still had to get to Leeds so we had to pay for train tickets"
Voordelen: "Crew was very nice"
Nadelen: "When I checked in, I was asked if I would consider taking a United flt instead of aerlingus. I agreed but the flight had already filled up so the woman checking me in offered to seat me at an exit row. However on check in I realized she gave me someone else’s ticket. It was disappointing. My first f"
Voordelen: "Good seats. Friendly crew. They were late serving the breakfast snack, must have not been watching the time, but it made me chuckle."
Nadelen: "The check-in at Washington Dulles was understaffed. Boarding was chaotic."
Voordelen: "Crew was amazing. Polite and friendly."
Nadelen: "Seats were not very comfortable and there wasn’t any room to put things in the space under the tray table. Food was below average."
Voordelen: "Crew were amazing. The cabin had the new lighting system which was an unexpected bonus, love it."
Nadelen: "Everything was simply perfect"
Voordelen: "Des infos ont été données par le pilote ou l'équipage"
Nadelen: "Propreté de l'avion Ponctualité à l'atterrissage et au décollage"
Voordelen: "Pilots were very smooth with the controls, especially on landing unlike Ryanair!"
Nadelen: "Dublin airport - huge lines foe transfers"
Voordelen: "Left on time."
Nadelen: "Everything else. Utterly confusing answers to questions."
Nadelen: "No food or even water boarding on time but delayed for no reason"
Voordelen: "Ontime"
Nadelen: "Food alright"
Nadelen: "Delayed as always"
Voordelen: "Boarding was quick and easy. The flight staff was friendly and efficient"
Nadelen: "Food was not good. The plane arrived late, as a result we missed our connecting flight."
Voordelen: "The ground staff at Heathrow were friendly"
Nadelen: "The old A320 is among the most uncomfortable planes imaginable, but the flight is short"
Nadelen: "This was not a British Airways flight. They should have done a better job of communicating that. I wasn't informed until I tried to check in online 24 hours before my flight."
Voordelen: "Check in was great. On board crew was excellent and very attentive. Many offerings of drinks and food."
Nadelen: "Boarding was chaotic, free for all situation. Signage could have been better at the gate. One of the TV viewers/overhead lights didn’t work for our party. There was a large chatty group of people that were milling around, standing in aisle, talking loudly for much of the flight. I understand that there is only so much the crew could do about that."
Nadelen: "I had a 5 hour delay. I had to cancel the trip"
Voordelen: "Plane, crew"
Nadelen: "Boarding agent took too long to load the plane which caused a delay which ultimately had us miss our connecting flight Didn't like that Aer Lingus didn't wait for us at Dublin when they knew we were going to be a few minutes late"
Voordelen: "Almost everything was good. Friendly crew, easy boarding, safe flight even with lots of air gusts (thanks to the pilots!)."
Nadelen: "Whatever fare Kayak provided was the worst seat (last row next to bathrooms). I wouldn't book through Kayak again and instead would go through the airline directly."
Voordelen: "La rapidité"
Nadelen: "Les repose tête"
Voordelen: "Blankets and earphones provided."
Nadelen: "Couldn’t checkin at British Airways; there needs to be better signage at desk. Flight was delayed and we almost missed connection. Seat would not tilt back."
Voordelen: "1. Friendly staff 2. Good food on the plane"
Nadelen: "The cost of luggage - unfreaking real to have to pay for first suit case when flying overseas and they at a cost of $100 per item!!! Definitely not recommending this airline to my friends unless they are only taking carry-on luggage. The cabin room was more cramped then usual also but it was ok."
Nadelen: "retard conséquent sur l'aller comme sur le retour. Tout est payant à bord."
Voordelen: "La place et le.vol.."
Nadelen: "Humeur du personnel de bord"
Voordelen: "The crew were very professional and courteous"
Nadelen: "No USB ports and no way to plug in one's personal earbuds. Sounds quality on the airline supplied earbuds was horrible. Gave up on the entertainment offerings and watched movies I had stored on my iPad. And really the worst food I've ever had on a flight."
Voordelen: "Fast boarding"
Nadelen: "No food or drinks offered"
Nadelen: "Pas de snacks, tres cher pour mon billet"
Nadelen: "Vol de souvenir dans bagages en soute"
Voordelen: "fauteuils confortables, personnel trés aimable, transit à dublin rapide et bien organisé"
Nadelen: "la nourriture, mais comme pour toutes les compagnies aeriennes"
Voordelen: "Vol avec du retard au départ. Mais une volonté à décoller au plus vite pour compenser ce retard. Accueil chaleureux."
Voordelen: "Polite crew and on time as scheduled"
Nadelen: "No breakfast offer"
Nadelen: "The most uncomfortable plane that I have travelled on. Seat - unbearably uncomfortable. Toilet falling apart, parts of seats falling off."
Voordelen: "Boarding made sense. They boarded the back of the plane first. Kudos for that."
Nadelen: "The seat cushions were nonexistent. Less legroom than a mini backseat and no way to upgrade since I purchased on kayak...unless I was willing to pay $4000 more to get premium coach seats. Will not use kayak again."
Voordelen: "Bagages misent en soute gratuitement."
Nadelen: "Pas de traductions des consignes aucun effort des hôtesses vols avec 30min de retard"
Voordelen: "Seats and service was excellent. Flight was on time and very organized."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "I bought a BA flight because I am oneworld premium member. However, I learnt the flight was operated by Aer Lingus after I bought the ticket and I had no benefits."
Voordelen: "Goo entertainment on Dulles Dublin sector."
Nadelen: "It would help if ba would hilight fact that this is a code share with are linguistic. Seat were unbelievably small and had to walk to ends of earth for both the gate in Dulles and Dublin. No free food or drink on Dublin madrid sector but thankfully not full so I could stretch out. New planes on both sectors."
Voordelen: "Flight made great time! Boeing 757 was disappointing as it felt extremely crowded."
Nadelen: "Flight attendants were not very friendly or helpful (except the one in first class that help us out when needed). Never was asked for additional beverage and no extra with dinner."
Nadelen: "Paying for coffee??"
Voordelen: "check in was efficient."
Nadelen: "purchase of beverages; lack of understanding food schedule"

Bagages en soute perdus

Bagages en soute perdus

The food was not good and I felt that the crew was trying to save on drinks. Serving wine in a medicine cup was very cheap. Thanks

Tout était parfait

J’avais réservé un repas cacher et l’hôtesse de l’air m’a dit qu’il n’y avait aucune réservation

Transmission de fausses informations, 2 vols annulés, attente de plus de 3 heures au deal TAP pour obtenir de fausses informations.

48h dans la vue à cause d’un avion cassé

Rien tout était parfait

Les repas

Excellent staff, polite and very helpful.

Mauvaise organisation de la gestion des documents COVID

Problèmes multiples lors de l’embarquement Mauvaise organisation de la vérification des documents pour le COVID. Retard.

I didn't know anything about TAP Air Portugal but the flight was awesome and far cheaper than any other airline.


Le prix de la compagnie est plus cher que les outres

L’attente est beaucoup trop longue et tous les passagers ayant eu une escale avec TAP ont raté l’avion.

Great airline, took good care of us. Will use again if prices are good. Really enjoyed the 24 hr layover in Lisbon.

Voordelen: "Worst customer service or actually non-existent, rude and ignorant agents. Will never fly with them again."
Nadelen: "TAP should simply shutdown or do a major reform as the airline operates in the last century."
Voordelen: "Smooth flight"
Nadelen: "More food, more water"
Nadelen: "Ils ont perdu mon sac avec ma carte bleue et permis de conduire je ne Peux pas payer mon hôtel je sais pas où dormir"
Voordelen: "The flat bed"
Nadelen: "The Captain made loud announcements waking you up"
Voordelen: "I didn’t like a thing. The crew from the gate all the way to the end was rude and nasty. The crew scanning people to get on the plane were so rude at the beginning it was the worst and I fly for my work and I’ll never fly TAP air Portugal again."
Nadelen: "Train the staff to be nice and pleasant"
Voordelen: "New aircraft had free Wi-Fi and lots of movies. Clean."
Nadelen: "First bag fees of $120 per bag one-way were punitive. Anti-customer policy. Cannot recommend flying with them."
Voordelen: "6h30 de retard, 0 communication, connexion ratée, toujours dans la queue à Lisbonne pour savoir si on va avoir un hôtel pour ce soir."
Nadelen: "Plus ou moins tout, et au moins donner un repas correct."
Voordelen: "Efficient check in and polite crew."
Nadelen: "Too cold on plane"
Voordelen: "seat was very comfortable with good leg room. Crew was very polite"
Nadelen: "coming thru the cabin for garbage pickup more often"
Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "Pas de retard !!!"
Voordelen: "Flight left on time."
Nadelen: "In old section of Lisbon airport, and inadequate space to conduct orderly and efficient boarding Both deplaning and re boarding done via movable ramps and passage to and from exposed to weather (thankfully not raining)."
Nadelen: "C’est complètement bizarre , on ne peux pas choisir un film pour commencer a regarder. Ils commentent au même temps et c’est vraiment impossible."
Voordelen: "Not much"
Nadelen: "The offered an upgrade to bid on. I did and was rewarded one for the 4 of us. It turned out that the seats were exactly like every other seat on the plane in size. They did provide free drinks and a well used towel. When you ask to be paid for an upgrade you should be clear what that really is."
Voordelen: "The flight was smooth, and the crew very friendly."
Nadelen: "The comfort onboard (A320) is not good: not reclining chairs, no entertainment, and horrible snack."
Nadelen: "Probably the most uncomfortable flight I have taken in a very very long time. The ride was smooth but the seat was so terribly uncomfortable. I was in pain on arrival."
Nadelen: "We had to pay $120 for a checked bag because it “weighed too much”. The lady at the check in counter said they were weighing everyone’s at the gate so there was no way to get around it This however was a lie and they were not checking weight and people got on without having to pay the outrageous fee"
Nadelen: "My luggage was lost for almost 2 weeks."
Voordelen: "The only salvation was the entertainment choices. ."
Nadelen: "The planes need to upgrade the seats. When we were served food if the person push their seat back your food tray would flip like two did on our flight. Staff was jaded and sarcastic. I'm glad I had a discounted flight. I'd be angry if I paid full price. Poor staff, seat architecture, and poor food."
Nadelen: "It cold be better if there is no flight delay which put in cause all our plans!..."
Voordelen: "The flight was very late taking off, but the crew was very helpful organizing assistance upon deplaning"
Nadelen: "The flight should have been on time. I was very nervous about missing our connection, but lucky for us that plane was also very late!"
Nadelen: "Aucun rappel du vol.aucin message d'alerte. Aucun sens commercial. Je ne suis pas montrée à bord. Achat dun nouveau billet. Fini avec la TAP."
Voordelen: "Bon vol bon pilotage plutôt confortable Proposition de boissons"
Nadelen: "La proposition de sandwich Un peu de retard au décollage"
Nadelen: "Départ à l’heure"
Voordelen: "Great crew. That’s about it."
Nadelen: "Absolutely horrible business class on the A330-343. Honestly, they should be ashamed of flying this airplane. They have four of these from Singapore Airlines and of course on both flights I was unlucky enough to get stuck with it. The cabin looks horribly outdated, is worn out, and smells."
Voordelen: "Servicio"
Nadelen: "Proceso para comprar maletas desde que uno compra el pasaje, no me permitió por internet y pague demasiado en él aeropuerto"
Voordelen: "Personnel de bord souriant et au petit soins. Avions propre"
Nadelen: "Embarquement encore une fois chaotique, encore une fois en retard (aller comme retour) et une politique de bagages à main aléatoire. Malgre une taille autorise, impossible de comprendre pourquoi nos valises sont passées en soute plutôt qu'à main par rapport à la valise du voisin. Dommage"
Voordelen: "Avion propre et moderne Personnel à l'ecoute"
Nadelen: "L'embarquement catastrophique. Personnel peu sympa, j'organise et aucune explication sur le retard."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Très bonne place attribuées, peu de monde dans l’avion."
Nadelen: "Repas pas top, pas de divertissement si ils ne sont pas télécharger en amont dans l’application."
Voordelen: "Très bonne place attribuées, peu de monde dans l’avion."
Nadelen: "Les repas sont pas top, pas de divertissements si on ne telecharge en avancent ceux de l’application."
Voordelen: "Rien. Nous n'avons pas eu accès à notre vol."
Nadelen: "Nous sommes arrivé 15min avant le décollage et nous nous somme vu refuser l'embarquement. La prise en charge par la suite était catastrophique. Et cela decale toutes nos vacances et engendre des frais supplémentaires."
Voordelen: "La place pour les jambes"
Nadelen: "Nous avions une correspondance à Lisbonne. Le personnel. Le départ sur Paris étant en retard le personnel aurai pu faire sortir en priorité les personnes ayant une correspondance et nous affréteur une navette pour que nous puissions prendre notre vol. Nous n'avons pas pu monter dans l'autre avion."

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